making this gifset made me miss them


get to know me (3/10} favorite musicians ☰ panic! at the disco

In this little number we’re graced by two displays of character, we’ve got the gunslinger extraordinaire walking contradictions. And I for one can see no blood from the hearts and the wrists you allegedly slit. And I for one won’t stand for this if this scene were a parish you’d all be condemned.


it was just like a movie
it was just like a song
my God, this reminds me
of when we were young


Calling all Linstead fans! Things may be heading in an unfortunate way with our beloved otp, but that shouldn’t mean we can’t appreciate their special relationship, and what made us fall in love with them. The week will begin on July 17th and end on July 23rd with these themes:

  • Day 1: July 17th - a quote that reminds you of them (can be from a movie, another tv show, a book, etc.) 
  • Day 2: July 18th - why they are endgame in your eyes (even if it’s not canon)
  • Day 3: July 19th - favorite moment(s) of physical touch
  • Day 4: July 20th - favorite season(s)
  • Day 5: July 21st - favorite happy moment(s) or au
  • Day 6: July 22nd - what you will miss about them the most
    *bonus: Make a text post about how you fell love with linstead, and how they positively affected your life. Tag friends you made along the way to do this as well.
  • Day 7: July 23rd - free choice 

The official tag for the appreciation week will be #linsteadaw17, be sure to also use the #cpdedit tag as well for all your gifsets, edits, fanvids, picspams, fics; it’s all inclusive! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me! Lastly, please reblog this post and help spread the word.
And a special thanks to @lindsayshalsteads for giving me the extra push to make this week.

Have fun everyone, and remember they will always be in our hearts. 

Okay but making these two gifsets made me think of a ColdFlash soulmates!AU where individuals have the last words their soulmates say to them written somewhere on their body.

One where Len and Barry aren’t together but there is an attraction, they both know it but neither of them do anything about it. 

Len knowing he isn’t coming back from his trip through time because of it. Barry not thinking too much about it because it’s such a common phrase but he can’t help but miss the other and he doesn’t understand why.

Barry putting the pieces together when Ray tells him he’s dead.

Guysss I’m so happy! My best friend gave me permission to install photoshop in her laptop and I finally made my first gifset in months. I really missed making them 😭


All of Vice’s color palletes in KOF 98 UM FE
Specially made for vice-s-assistant for being a super rad and kind dude and gifting me this game on steam
(All gifs made by Myself)
(I made other gifs but need to figure out how to make tumblr not fuck them up)

Edit: added the 2 colors I missed on accident, thx to badoorsnk for pointing it out


CS + Underrated Moments 

Requested by Anonymous.

It took me a while to pick my 10 underrated moments, but I finally came up with a dignified list. I’ll now explain my choices from left to right, up to down.

1) I know that this moment is a pretty famous one with the “be a part of something” speech, but if I’m looking at what Hook said from the prospective of today, I think we underrated back then how much he truly knew her and knew that there was something else there. It was only spotted by him and she didn’t even try to hide it. This is not Emma and Hook of season 4! This is the end of season 2 we are talking about.

2) This moment is much more significant than just giving Hook the bean so he could open the portal. He is asking for her to trust him there. Trusting him with an object that would bring her back to her son. Sounds familiar somehow? Remember the compass? Back on the beanstalk Hook asked to see the compass, but she rushed to hide it away after he took a glance on it. Here she is giving him the bean right after he did the same for her. This was a symbol of trust between them that was really underrated in my opinion. Look at Emma’s face here, it says to him that she trusts him with the most important thing for her.

3) This one I picked mainly thanks to Jen because just after 3x01 aired she twitted that this is an CS underrated scene. And she is right. This is the first time they have been in silence next to each other, yet feeling completely comfortable. Which for me indicated a very high level of closeness. And again, this is 3x01 we are talking about!

4) This moment for me has completely missed the radar (maybe because back then we were already focused on the kiss we are getting a week later). But seriously, that immediate look that she gives him said it all. He was the person she looked up to in a time of trouble, the one she trusted there, the one that could save the day, the one that she wanted to share her concern with. 

5) Maybe it was because of the way they were filming it, but the hand grab was really underrated for me. We already talked about how hands are significant for CS and on this scene Hook grab her hand and she is pulling it away and yet he takes it once more. This is what Hook does and it really represents their relationship in general. He doesn’t give up. With this grasp he was saying to her that he is there and he is with her and even if she’ll get scared and pull away he will not give up on her and stay beside her.

6) I think this moment was a little underrated because of that incredible scene at Granny’s on this episode, but I really think that was really important. The way I see it when Emma is entering with the joke, this is her way of saying Hook she has missed him. There were maybe a few days even between the time he left her parents place all gloomy until this moment and he was probably avoiding her during this time. Then she enters the room and tries to bond with him in the way they did before because she missed him and his jokes and his flirts.

7) This moment is for me the most underrated scene maybe on the show. I posted about it in the past but it was like a year ago already. I just remember that I felt we don’t appreciate enough the plural Hook was using here, when everything that happened was completely Emma’s fault basically. I was amazed back then by the way he was together with her on this, especially after he tried to warn her about it and to make her leave the place. Between all the incredible moments of the season 3 finale this was maybe the most underrated one and ironically maybe the most important one for their relationship.

8) I chose this moment because I actually see it as the real moment that gave us the new Emma of season 4. So yes, she decided to ask Hook out and actually take a shot at having a life, but the morning after was when she showed that this was a steady state. It was the moment that showed how sure Emma was of her decision, how “that was it” for her, no more games but a start of a serious relationship.  

9) I choose this moment because we usually tend to focus on the “Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you” moment (and who can blame us). But right here was the moment that Hook have revealed his secret he has concealed from Emma. And maybe the most important thing is that he is doing it in front of her parents. In “Unforgiven” he was so afraid of what Emma would think of him that he hide it. And now after she assured him it wouldn’t change anything between them he was able to say what it was. But at the same time we can now see that losing Emma was the only thing he was terrified of, he didn’t have a problem taking responsibility of his own past doing in front of everybody as long as he knows that she will stay by his side.

10) When this moment aired at the beginning of the season 4 finale I could immediately imagine the parallel gifset to 4x12 with the fairies, but then the episode continued and we had so many incredible moments, that this one kinda became insignificant and it really should receive the credit it deserves. Because the thing is that this moment in the story is very different from the moment they brought back the fairies. Back then that was the issue. Hook and Belle have worked on it for weeks and it was something that Emma knew was at high importance to him. But here it was a different situation. Here they needed the apprentice to help them stop Rumple. All of them were at great danger. And yet, in between all the chaos Emma had found the time to think of Hook’s feelings and comfort him in that difficult time. I didn’t put that in this gifset, but that little look she gave him right after the apprentice came out was just too adorable. It was like she was saying, it o.k my love, it’s behind you, there is no reason to feel guilty any longer.

O.K, so these are the moments I chose. I would like to know what you guys think of them and also if you think I missed some important moments, please send me an ask about it :)

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full CS + Quote list made so far

Full “CS + word” list made so far

anonymous asked:

what do you make of the ob article today?

After I reassembled my skull, I tried to figure out why in the world anyone thought this was a good idea, but I find myself thinking that a LOT with Orphan Black. My guess is that this was their attempt to get in front of a looming PR disaster. Now they’ve gone and created one 3 days before a premiere in a new time slot after a show with significant audience crossover and a steady drop in ratings.

The usual answers didn’t sound any better coming from Tat’s mouth. If they were at all confident that it was the best possible storytelling choice, they would have committed to Delphine’s death last season, taken their lumps, and gone on with it. Instead they created a cliffhanger, baited fans for a year, then turned around and told us to go fuck ourselves for caring.

When your most creative, engaged fans lose interest, you’re not making good decisions. LGBT fans were instrumental in raising the profile of this show, and a lot of them are done. I miss seeing lighthearted tweets between @geekspiralling and Graeme Manson, discussion about themes on CCBC, gifsets that aren’t incredibly sad, and ambitious fan-driven projects like OBSpec.

It will go on for another season or four, people will watch, Tat will win more Candies. But for me, an essential part of the show is gone. Engagement like that requires an emotional connection, and it’s just not there anymore. Articles like this don’t help. So that’s what I make of it.

EDIT: Oh, and fuck Graeme for that nudity comment. I think people made their feelings about that as a storyline quite clear WHEN YOU WROTE IT FOR COSIMA AND SHAY. 

Okay tumblr tribe, lets see what you can do...

So this week my dash has shown me that lots of my favourite people and shiniest stars in this tumblr tribe are having a rough time at the moment. And when I was talking to the wonderful majesticlolipop a wonderful idea struck me…

What I think we could do, is start sending out positive vibes to show the universe not to be such a massive dickbag, and to remind each other that despite the toxic people and sucky health and rubbish life circumstances, there is a whole tribe of people who love you and want only good things for you.

So to get this karma train going, I’m gonna suggest the tag #sherlolly karma train - lets send some love to all the lovely people who need it. 

asphodelheart - I love you and your fics and your gifsets so much. You are so important to me.

writingwife83 - I just read the sound of music fic again and it gave me such a big smile

sherlockian87 - have you seen this nail polish called “Mollycoddled” - I already loved it but your fic made it doubly special for me

ditsypersephone (who won’t tag, please someone tag them for me) - your fluff has been making me smile all day and I hope it helped fight your anxiety as much as it did mine

majesticlolipop - you have inspired me here, I reckon the universe is gonna be stunned by all the good vibes we collect. 

If I missed anyone please please let me know, or add them yourself. And lets all join the sherlolly karma train and send these good vibes out there…

Im so happy that the Merlin fandom is stronger than ever

That people are still creating beautiful new things whether its art, fanfic, gifsets or spotting parallels in scenes Ive watched a million times but made me see them differently AND ALL THE MERTHUR Im just so happy that its not the end, we never got an ending, we’re left waiting with Merlin,  so we’re carrying on the story and I can honestly say its the best fandom to be a part of, hands down.  Everyone is so sweet and funny and talented and intelligent and have the most epic tags that often leave me either laughing or crying and I am just making this ugly text post because even though I miss Merlin, I REALLY MISS MERLIN, knowing something new is just around the corner on Tumblr is the best feeling ever.