making this gave me cancer

insult generator
  • Aries: overflowing trashcan
  • Taurus: crazy cabbage head fuck
  • Gemini: first slice of bread
  • Cancer: rotten avocado
  • Leo: leftover bowl of cereal
  • Virgo: crap coated mailbox flag
  • Libra: dusty banana peel
  • Scorpio: moist towelette
  • Sagittarius: broken curtain rod
  • Capricorn: absolute fucking walnut
  • Aquarius: wilted flower petal
  • Pisces: lonely piece of toilet paper

anonymous asked:

That last ask talking down to you about how you're a pretty white girl and how that would automatically make you fit in honestly gave me fucking cancer.

I know. Ive never fit in. They dont even know me. It proves how shallow they are, exactly which is my point. They judge the concept of fitting in by external factors and i judge it by personality and internal factors