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If your family makes the holidays suck, congrats! You’ve been adopted by my birds. Your dad is a cockatiel and dinner is millet. 

But seriously everyone, I hope your holidays are happy. You, and the support you’ve given this blog mean more than I can express. Thank you so much for being the best followers anyone could ever ask for. Each of you is undeniably awesome and I can’t wait to share 2016 with you. 


My dad likes to make fun of the show because I’m fifteen and I know it’s a kids show but it’s cute and he just walked in so I paused it and he looked at my screen and says, “Are you watching Frozen?” And I say, “What?” And he goes, “That looks like Anna.” And now I’m upset because he’s right.

Translation: ‘Religion’ - 29.11

Text from Isak’s father

Isak! That’s enough! I’ve tried to get ahold of you for days.
I know you’re angry with me and that you probably think I’m a coward for leaving mom, but I couldn’t help her. I hope you’ll understand that one day.
I’m doing the best I can.

(Isak scrolls through all the messages from his father)

Isak replies:

Fine. I’ll join you for the Christmas concert. Bringing my new boyfriend, his name is Even. That’s a boys’ name.

Don’t quite understand if you’re making a joke right now?
It’s very nice if you have a boyfriend, Isak, I really want to meet him, but you know how mom is, she gets stressed easily.

(Isak starting to type a reply)


(He puts the phone down without sending)

Sana: Hey.

Isak: Hey.

Sana: Forgot about the essay?

Isak: Yep.

Sana: Did you see the link that I sent you?

Isak: Um, no? What was is?

Sana: It was just a link to an article.

Isak: Okay, what’s it about?

Sana: Just about some research about…evolution. And homosexuality.

(Isak looks at Sana, then continues to work on his computer)

Sana: I was just thinking about that discussion we had a while back, and uh, I rarely get things wrong, but it turns out I was wrong. In that discussion. Because homosexuality has been a..well, had a natural function in evolution. And there’s…lots of new and interesting research about it. So uh…I was wrong.

Isak: What..about Islam, then? Anything new and interesting to report, or is it still the same?

Sana: Islam says what it always say: That all people in this world are equal and that no person should experience people talking behind their back, that no offence should be made against them, that they should not be judged, or made into a laughingstock. So if you hear anybody use religion to legitimise their hate, then don’t listen to them. Because hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear.

Teacher (off screen)
We’ll start the class by you handing in your essays to my email.

Sorry guys, I’m at work so I don’t have a lot of time; i know that some of the sentences might sound a bit weird.


EDIT Also one thing.. In the translation, I use the word boyfriend, but in Norwegian we use this word ‘kjæreste’ (meaning: loved one/dearest) and it’s a gender neutral term for a lover. That’s why Isak’s being extra snarky by emphasising that Even is a boys’ name, when writing to his dad.

I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus

Bucky Barnes x Single Mother Reader

Plot: When your son finds out the truth about Santa, you’re worried the magic of Christmas has been ruined. Bucky takes it in his hands to amend this.

Warnings: CHRISTMAS FLUFFF so sweet it’ll make your teeth rot, Children are assholes, but Buck is a doll💕, language (because it’s me, obviously), I guess like .2 seconds of angst? pietro x reader that you’ll miss if you blink

A/N: This really got away from me. I hope it makes up for the heart-wrenching angst from yesterday lol Dad!Bucky is the best Bucky and StepDad!Bucky makes my heart melt!  Piet is Pietro’s kid (obviously) cuz Reader apparently has got it bad for blue-eyed bad boys (I blame you, @sergeantjamesbarnes107th )  If you don’t like Pietro, just pretend it isn’t him lol (GIFS are not mine, they’re never mine lol)

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“Children are assholes.” You announce as you walk into the compound common room, cradling your little boy in your arms.  When you’re greeted by looks of pure confusion, you elaborate.  “Who the hell tells a six-year-old that Santa isn’t real?  Just who is that evil?”  You hiss as you feel Piet slump against your shoulder, a tale-tell sign that all his wailing has worn him out.  When his breathing evened out, you hand Wada her sleeping nephew.  You set up a makeshift bed for him on the couch before setting him against the pillows and blankets.  “Carl.  Carl Evans is that evil.”  You grunt.

“Y/N? You’ve lost me.  Who is Carl Evans?”  Steve asks after pausing the movie everyone had been watching before you had been paged by the daycare downstairs.

“Some ten-year-old twerp who thought it would be a good idea to tell my angel that Santa isn’t real.  He’s been crying for the better part of an hour.”  You sighed, brushing some hair out of your boy’s face.  “Christmas is always hard enough as it is, he’s the only kid in the daycare who doesn’t have two parents.  I’ve been doing this alone since his father died, but now it’s been completely ruined.”

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“I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Reading, PA. It was the most magical fun childhood. We had grape arbours and we would make jam with my mom. My dad would go to work and he’d come home. He’d clean out stalls and fix split-row fences.”

Holiday AUs

- the “My refrigerator pie melted on the way to your house and I’m so embarrassed what the fuck should I do with- did you just make it into a fancy fucking desert” AU

- the “The plan is that we take leftovers and see who can make them the most edible/appetizing for dinner since the oven repairman still hasn’t shown up” AU

- the “The snow storm has gotten so bad that the repairman is staying for dinner, and DAMN they’re hot” AU

- the “Mom and dad this is my partner, I just realized how much they’re like my father, oh my god I’m dating my father, what the fuck is happening, this is some fucking Freudian shit” AU

- the “I’m sorry that we ran out of coffee, honey, the snow has made it impossible to get to the grocery store, are you really not going to talk to me at all, TALK TO ME, PLEASE” AU

- the “So, you got me an amazing present and I didn’t get you anything because I didn’t know that we were doing presents because you’re just a close friend (who I happen to be in love with) and, oh, this is supposed to be a declaration of love, oh well in that case, come to the bedroom, I’ve got a great last minute gift idea” AU

- the “I bought you the perfect gift but I didn’t realize that you’d be opening it in front of your entire extended family and it’s definitely not something you should open in front of your little nieces” AU

- the “I didn’t realize you’re family used so much mistletoe, it’s like I’m walKING THROUGH A FUCKING MINEFIELD” AU

As always, tag me if you use them, because I love to read them (even if they’re not one of my usual ships)!

During my last visit in England I went to the carol service in my old school with my dad, godfather and brother. It was the one of the most nostalgic experiences in my life! I love christmas carols, it was a magical moment for me. To make it 28592753 times more nostalgic my old music teacher and classmate were there!!  I didn’t know they would come and I was really excited to see them! 

I really miss my time in that school, it was the first time I was a boarder and I learnt so much and made great friends.

Being gender non-conforming during the holidays:

Today my mom handed out Christmas pajamas for my family to unwrap.

For the first year ever, I got the same PJ’s as my dad and step-brother instead of the “women’s” ones my mom and sister got.

Little things.

Little things make a difference.

Merry Christmas

Tord didn’t know much about Christmas, since his ‘real’ family hadn’t allowed him to celebrate it and all of his other foster families had never kept him long enough to celebrate it with him, making 2016 his first ever Christmas, and with his dads.
He recognised most of the things Patryck had set up, baubles and tinsel on the tree, a wreath on the front door and a string of L.E.D lights around the telly, but there was also a small, green plant hanging in the doorway from the living room to the kitchen that he couldn’t place the name of.
He hadn’t even noticed it at first, but then Patryck caught Paul in the doorway and slyly pointed up to the plant, Tord turned away to dramatically gag as they kissed but secretly thought it was sweet and giggled behind his hands.
“Don’t think you’re getting out of a kiss too, Tordy pop.” Patryck scooped him up into his arms and pressed sloppy kisses all over his cheeks and nose, Tord could smell cheap lager on his breath but it didn’t bother him like it used to, Patryck was just a festive drinker.
“Papa no!” He cried and held his arms out to Paul, hoping he’d save him from being assaulted with kisses.
Paul took him and instead began nuzzling his scratchy beard on him.
“Noooo!” He laughed harder and Patryck did too as he watched his two favourite boys.
“’s what happens when you get caught under the mistletoe, my little candy cane.” Patryck slurred and stumbled a little and Paul took away his glass of lager and replaced it with himself, letting Patryck’s arms wrap around his torso and envelop him in a tight, warm hug.
“Merry Christmas, Tord.” Paul smiled.
“Merry Christmas, daddy!” Tord smiled back.
“Yeah, m'rry crimble.” Patryck pet his hair, and Tord let himself curl up into Paul’s chest, he didn’t have to worry about not being happy again.

@imagining-eddsworld bc ily and crimble

honestly i am LIVING!!!!! i had a massive day at work then came home and started putting up christmas decorations then did yard work and cleaned up the yard and pool area then put up some of our christmas lights then went for a swim in the pool for the first time in like….!!! so long!!!! and the lights were on and the water was ridiculously warm and the palm tree was g l o w i n g from the moonlight or whatever and mum and dad were laughing in the kitchen and i could hear my brother making music from his room bc his balcony hangs over the top of the pool and oh my GOD honestly… i love summer…. and smithers was watching me in the pool bc he hates water so he came nowhere near but was watching from the deck and omg.. honestly!!!! summer!!!!!! i love it!!!! i am thriving!!

I’ve just read one of the very first (or maybe the first) script used for the movie The Lion The Wicth and the Wardrobe and there are so many goods stuff in there I need to share it with you:

Edmund rushing to hug his mum at the train station is the cutest thing ever.

Edmund making Lucy laugh and bringing her biscuits to cheer her up !

The Pevensies mother was supposed to be named Miriam (it later changed for Helen).

This is after Edmund came back from Narnia the first time. FORESHADOW !

Susan being funny and making Peter smile.

Peter and Susan being the Dad and Mum as usual.

Lil’ Edmund being concerned for his family.

Susan and Mrs. Beaver being BFF.

Father Christmas and Lucy talking about Edmund’s gift.

Susan trying Narnian clothes for the first time.

Edmund finally being done with Jadis.

The Pevensies sharing a fun moment with Aslan.

I think this is my favorite !!! 

The Pevensies being at Cair Pavarel (I so needed that scene).

Edmund and Lucy being adults and still making fun of Susan.

Merry Pitchmas!

@princessxkaidence I was your pitchmas santa and i wote you a little (Not little at all) bechloe fic. I hope you like it and have a great day!

Holidays With The Beales

“Rough day?” Chloe said as Beca unpacked her laptop bag, back to her best friend who was sprawled out on her bed, scrolling on her phone.

“My dad called again, asking if I was coming for Christmas with him and Sheila again this year.” She began setting her laptop back up, taking her headphones out of her bag and placing them beside it before turning to finally face chloe.

“And?” Chloe moved over, leaving a Beca sized gap for the woman to crawl into, making herself at home in the gingers arms.

“I told him what I did last year. That I already have plans. Then he bitched at me about how family is important and that I’m always welcome there bla bla bla.” Beca let out a long sigh, pulling Chloe’s arm around her waist and playing with long fingers as they cuddled.

Chloe waited a few moments before responding, letting her friend calm down a little before suggesting something new. “You know, you could always come with me instead of staying here alone. My parents wouldn’t mind at all.” It was quiet, barely above a whisper, but Chloe stayed hopeful as she waited for Becas response, her other hand combing gently through brown locks.

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under the mistletoe with bts
  • me : err soo should we keep the tradition?
  • bts :
  • me : oh you. always making me blush like that. come here you *kisses bts*
  • mom : *sighs* just let her be son... nothing can cure her thirst for korean boybands.
  • me : finally you understand me mom. Ilysm!! anyway, meet my husBANDS, namjoon, seokjin, minyoongi-
  • dad : hoseok, jimin, taehyung and jungkook. *sighs* for God's sake thats the twentieth time this hour. I think I unpurposely memorized their names in just three hours. you shud be a teacher. a history teacher.
Alec Lightwood Christmas Imagine: Miracle Night


Summary: Reader wants make cookies and Alec offers help even though he has never been nice to reader. They have good time and end up watching movies, which will lead them to something even better.

Word count: 1947

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“By the angel! This is nightmare!” I muttered under my breath as I opened another shelf, but there was no flour. 

I moved to the last one, praying to find it there. As I opened it, I smiled to myself and took out the pocket with flour.

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What Are You Doing?//Pack & L.D.//

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“What are you doing?”

Pairing(s):Pack x Child!Reader, Liam x Younger!Sister!Reader

Requested? Yes (not on CoTW)

Request: Could you do a child!reader and pack Christmas imagine where they take the reader to see/ take a picture with Santa and the pack finds Y/N peeking under the Christmas tree looking at the presents? -Anon

Word Count: 1,183

A/N: I have 0 regrets for the length.

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Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or good normal day if you don’t celebrate anything-

If you’re reading this me and my new army bomb keychain (thx dad) are sending you love, luck, and all the good vibes (✿◠‿◠)

I know the holidays can be awkward, weird, and hard, even though being surrounded by family and loved ones is supposed to make you feel warm and happy, sometimes that isn’t always the case.

This holiday season I am grateful for the overwhelming and sometimes undeserving amount of love i receive from the people in my life and consider myself very lucky.

I know that not everyone has that luxury though, so to everyone who’s having a difficult time right now I am here for you if you need me- please be patient with yourself and love yourself in the best way you can.

Sending you allllll my love from the bottom of my heart-


Caught ; Draco Malfoy


“Fred-” you groaned, glancing at the piece of parchment on top of the table, “I’m trying to-”

“IT’S CHRISTMAS!” He exclaimed. “It’s obviously not the time to do your-”

“It’s exactly the right time to do my homework,” you glared at him. “Unlike you, Fred, I want to do something that can contribute good things to our world- a joke shop surely isn’t one!”

“Opening a joke shop is not a bad thing,” George piped in, who had just entered the common room. “We’ll make a lot of galleons!”

“We’ll buy Ron and Charlie and Ginny and Per-”

NO PERCY,” George quickly added.

No Percy, mom, dad and Bill Butterbeers!” Fred corrected, and George cheered lightly. “Do you want some too?”

“I can buy myself a Butterbeer, thank you very much,” you rolled your (E/C) eyes, once again glancing at the halfway-done piece of parchment before you. “If you don’t mind-”

“Speaking of Butterbeers-” Fred smirked at George, “Would you like to go to-”


“Come on, (Y/N)!” George pleaded. “It’ll be fun if you go with us… I’ll buy you something at Honeydukes.”


“She would never give in, George,” Fred mumbled. “She’s too busy with her homework to even care about her best friends.”

“I do care about you guys,” you muttered, glaring at Fred. “Fred, you do know we’re not allowed to go to Hogsmeade.”

“Since when do you obey the rules?” George raised his left brow, earning a loud groan coming from you. “If I’m not mistaken, you forced us to go to Hogsmeade with you a few months ago to buy… what was it, Freddie?”

“Just to buy this purple candy at Honeydukes,” continued Fred. “We need that (Y/N) back.”

“Do you guys even care about your O.W.Ls?”

“I don’t know, Georgie,” Fred stared at you as George snickered. “I always believe our futures lie outside the world of academic achievement.” 

“Suit yourselves,” you focused back on your parchment. “Snape want this back first thing after Christmas.”

“Maybe we should apparate…”

“You can’t apparate on Hogwarts grounds, idiot,” snarled Fred. “Do you even pay any attention in class?”

“Excuse me, I’m very good in Divination, mind you,” George glared at him.

“That’s because you created all the bad tragedies!” Fred scoffed. “You will die in a shark-cage in the muggle-world? Really, George?”

“Unlike you, Fred, I’m not single,” George said. “I’m not the one who sleeps alone every night.”


“At least I’m not the one who flirts with everyone!”


I never flirt-”


They stared at you for a few minutes before bursting out laughing, clutching their stomachs, leaving you bewildered and annoyed by their sudden action.




“She shouted at us-”

“She had enough-”

“I’m going to the library-”

“See, Fred?” George turned to look at you properly. “She’ve changed. She never cared to go to a library before.”

“I’m just-”

“And she’s giving us the O.W.Ls bullshit again,” George shook his head. “She definitely changed.”

Merlin, George-” Fred started, staring at you longingly, “It’s because of a boy…”


“Yes…” George stared at you admiringly. “It’s because of a boy… Oh, Freddie, I’m so proud!”

“I’m proud too, George-” Fred wiped out a fake tear, “Our friend is growing up!”

“You guys are ridiculous.”

“Who is it?” Fred blinked at you innocently, followed by George.

“None of your busine-”


A figure had appeared in the burning fire, its whitey hair obliviously visible in the flames. Fred yelped and ran behind the sofa, crouching beside it as he stared at the fire, followed by George, who left you alone, in front of the fire, who was face palming yourself in frustration. 

“Bloody hell, Fred-”

Merlin, George-”

Draco, I told you I can’t meet you here,” you breathed, once the figure went out from the blazing fire, revealing Draco Malfoy, the boy who you’ve been dating since the past few months.

“DRACO MALFOY!” Fred gushed, staring at you horridly. “YOU’RE DATING A MALFOY!”

“FOR MERLIN’S SAKE, (Y/N)-” George looked at you as though afraid of you, “DRACO MALFOY!”

Draco looked at the twins awkwardly and back at you, “Bad time?”

Bad time.”

“Honestly, George-” Fred whispered slowly to George, but loud enough for Draco to hear. “I thought it would be Cormac. He’s already bad enough.”

“Draco’s badder.”


“Is she joking?” Fred kept on whispering. “She’s going nuts!”

“We can hear you guys, you know,” you rolled your eyes. “Listen-”

“This explained everything, (Y/N),” Fred cut you off. “We’re your best friends… You should tell us about Draco before anything else.”


“A Malfoy!” George exclaimed suddenly. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

“Guys-” you took a deep breath, “I’ve been dating Draco since the past few months and I… I want you guys to accept him.”

“Accept him?” Fred scoffed. “Are you losing your mind? There’s no way I’m going to accept a Malfoy!”

“I’m not that bad!” Draco glared at him, intertwining his hand with yours. “If you’re really (Y/N)’s best friends, you should’ve accept whoever she likes.”

“I’m so sorry,” you stared at them. “But I like Draco and… I’m really sorry for keeping this thing from the both of you- but I knew you would hate him.”

“We don’t hate him, no,” Fred glanced at his twin. “I’m… I’m just lost for words.”

“We don’t expect such thing from you, (Y/N),” George continued. “I think… I think we should go, Fred.”

“No, guys, listen-”

“You should rest,” Fred suggested, not looking at you. “We’ll hear you out tomorrow.”

You and Draco stared at each other while they went up the stone stairs towards the boys’ dormitory, unmistakably stunned and lost for words. You never expected this kind of reaction from the twins.

This wouldn’t happen if you send your owl to Draco regarding the change of time and place to meet earlier. This wouldn’t happen if you agree to go to Hogsmeade with the twins.

“I’m sorry they said those things about you… I’m-”

“Don’t be sorry,” he kissed your forehead slowly, pulling you into a hug as you snuggled into his chest. “We’ll figure this out later.”

“I’m scared they’ll hate me,” you bit your lips, tears forming in your eyes. “They’re my best friends ever since I met them in the train.”

“I know,” he whispered, pulling you closer. “And they wouldn’t. They love you like their own sister and I know they will never hurt you in any way.”

“Would you stay with me if they leave me alone?”

“I would stay with you regardless,” he kept on whispering, kissing the top of your head slowly.



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