making this brought me joy


a little taako

this is a callout post for @wrongnote

  • makes me laugh at school
  • makes me laugh at work
  • is legitimately the funniest person I’ve ever met
  • Is Perpetually Drunk
  • goes to New York on random whims
  • Kinkshames™
  • is three feet tall but still volunteers to be my bodyguard
  • Never types in lowercase
  • has to sit on boosterseats
  • is the literal best I love Rilie you guys
Where can I even being to explain the pride I feel for Bangtan? I am proud to be their fan, to be able to witness their growth, to be a part of their HYYH. They continuously surprise me, make me so incredibly happy, fill me with joy, and have brought countless other things that would have been impossible without them. In short, I love them with all of my heart; I hope they are as proud of themselves as we all are. Thank you, Bangtan, and we cannot wait to see what the future will bring. This is only the beginning.

It’s been one year today that one of my heroes passed away. It was one of the most shocking and crushing moments of my young life. It’s still really hard to believe that you’re no longer here. To make us laugh. To make us smile. I’ll never forget the joy you brought me as I grew up, Mork and Mindy, Flubber, Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire: you changed my life throughout my childhood. You are missed, forever you will be missed. But never forgotten…