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“I lost everything, but I gained something else in return:  A strange guy I’ve fallen in with.  It’s said that ‘birds of a feather…’   I felt that he was a fellow human being, like, he didn’t have any guarantee of living…  and…  That’s right.  I needed something new anyway.”   Hasegawa Taizou

-Min Yoongi (So far away // 160815)


a little taako


uncharted challenge  [1/5] heartwarming moments 

- You’re saying that you were attacked by pirates…after you found the coffin of Sir Francis Drake? Is that right? Yeah, that’s pretty much it, yeah.

Bullshit. Language… Crap. Alright so keep going!

Thank You

Hey guys. This is a post about all the people that have inspired me and I’m just so thankful for them bringing happiness to my life. There are many more people I have not mentioned, but you guys are still in my heart. It made last year worth it, despite being diagnosed with depression, the discovery of Undertale has made my life so much better and despite the conflict in the fandom, I’m still blessed to be a part it. 

My younger sister for supporting me in everything I ever made @animenoyaoichan

Toby Fox for creating Undertale

@loverofpiggies the first person that has gotten me into AUs. Aftertale, CPAU, Fresh, Error, and Gloomverse.

@hiimtryingtounderfell  and @unofficial-underfell 

You guys only increased my love of Underfell with your comics. I love you both.

@askfriskandcompany and @man-who-speaks-in-hands

Both of your blogs inspired me greatly in so many of my stories and headcanons. You guys are amazing.

@bittybones-au You made me create a whole new story so thank you very much.

@shiroba-seragaki Your art is so cute and I just can’t get enough.

@sansfulpuns Your audios, art, and streams have motivated me in ways you can’t imagine. You became my headcanon voice for sans and I just can’t stress enough how amazing you are. Thank you for helping me make so many new friends in the streams and making every single day brighter for me.

@ammazolie Your art is unique and a guilty pleasure of mines. Your YanYans are awesome. Thank you also for allowing me to use Brassberry Bitty in this blog.

@foreverafterall You are a huge inspiration Faa. I absolutely love your characters and their stories. Undercoat, UnderShade, Undermotivated, Undernet characters, and many others. I just love everything you made.

@nyehtish I have fallen in love with all your characters and art and stories for them. Starting with Pine and then all the way to Boss and his men. I adore them. 

@fontsandsins Don’t even get me started. I followed Fonty for a long time from my main blog when they posted my guilty pleasure of skelepreg then made so many characters that interacted with nyehtish characters and I just adored them. I was so happy when I won an Eemre bitty in a raffle. Hopefully you will allow me to answer asks in this blog. I still have high respect for the original creators. Also don’t get me started on how much I love Ben and Noa’s blog.

@skelepreg You have no idea how happy I am for your existence Skelly. You brought my guilty pleasures to life and have inspired me greatly with all your cute family fluff contents. This blog will include quite a bit of pregnancy fluff in the future and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I adore your style. Also, still adoring the side blogs, especially the poly papys.

@theshyestpotato Another wonderful artist that brought my guilty pleasures to life. Whether it was art or fanfics, you have made very happy.

@flargahblargh Thanks for the nice sin, wonderful audios, and wonderful content. You are an awesome person.

@smallsans Apart from my guilty pleasures being realized in here, I adored your art and style. Your font family side blog is wonderful with such unique stories that you can’t find anywhere. Thanks for the inspiration and for making my days brighter Kisa.

@askmercyseries Amazing blog, amazing art, amazing everything. 

@ask-drunk-chara I have laughed and cried with your blog. You are wonderful and thank you for bringing joy to my life.

@sinfulseeds From your art, audios, and content I want to say thank you. You have made my life brighter and you are just incredible.

@walkingmelonsaaa All Your Beautiful Art has inspired and motivated me in my own works.

@eli-sin-g Beautiful sinful art and comics. So much inspiration. Keep it up.

 @reyindee Ever since I seen Elemental Tale, I have loved your art, style, stories, and at your age you have such an amazing talent. Beautiful work.

@nsfwshamecave UnderLust is amazing. You are amazing. I love your style and stories. Thank you for making my days better.

@m4dh4ttey266 Your art is wonderful and inspiring. I adore you.

@undertalepeasant Ania, you are amazing and funny. I love your voice acting and how you react to many situations. You are very great indeed.

@jakei95 Where do I begin? Your animation, creativity, talent, art, Cross sans, and just everything is heavenly. I am so inspired by everything you have made and I keep re-watching and rereading your comics and episodes. Take your time, I’m a beginner in animation and I know it takes time, patience, and a lot of love. Cross will most definitely appear on this blog. Whether he can be available for RPs is up to your consent. Tambien hablo espanol si lo prefieres de esa manera. Saludos y sigue haciendo lo que amas. 

@jokublog Oh Joku, do I love you? Yes I do. Your art is amazing, DreamTale is amazing, you are an incredible person. My love for Dream and Nightmare is huge. I sent an ask asking if I can roleplay/ answer asks as your characters according to my fan stories, but I will only do so with your permission. I also ship Nightmare with my oc Dream Catcher, but it is nothing canon unless you allow it. Hablo espanol si prefieres ese lenguaje. You are one of the greatest inspirations in my life. Just thank you for all you have done.

@comyet Creator of Ink, one of my favorite sanses in history. I bow down to you. You are an amazing inspiration for me and my crazy mind. I shall follow your rules and I hope you like my take on an alternate Ink.

@little-noko and @azraeltree You two are amazing artists and creative storytellers. I love your art and characters so much.

@missladytale and @sugartalesans You girls are amazing and have made me very happy with your art and stories. Sugar sans and Melon are just the sweetest characters and their kids too. Thank you both for everything you have done.

@lazyartz Thank you for your wonderful art and adorable shimejis. They litter my screen every now and then.

@weezy-pup Adorable art. I love your characters and just everything. Thank you for making me smile.

@camilaart Your art and animations have brought joy and emotions to me. Te mereces muchos premios y muchas cosas buenas. You deserve a lot of awards and many good things. Thank you for the inspirations. Gracias por la inspiracion. Good luck on everything you make. Glitchtale is amazing.

@furgemancs and @miyako47 Thank you for AsylumTale and a great comic to go with it. Amazing art both of you. You guys are worderful.

@sorumegane13 Thank you for Medi and for a lot of wonderful art. I absolutely love you.

@butterapplego From Sai, to Eve, to Spell and all your other amazing characters interacting with Faa’s, I have fallen in love with your art and blog. Thank you for filling my life with smiles.

@miya-sheep Your art is awesome. You have inspired me in so many ways. Thank you so very much.

@extreme-op-wuff and @golzy  GZtale and SonaTale are amazing and original. Thank you for getting me addicted guys. I adore both of your cool art styles. 

@nekophy Thank you for the adorable and cute art and your permission to use Goth here. You are a wonderful person and I love you.

@7goodangel Thank you so much for creating Paper Jam and BlueScreen as well as allowing me to use them on this blog. I hope you like my version of Paper Jam. Your art is super awesome and so are you.

@blogthegreatrouge Boy I just love everything about her. From her multiple creative and inspiring AUs, you have made me a happy pile of shipping trash. Your art is gorgeous and I smile at every update. I shall bow down to you.

 @stuffedart Cute chubby art to warm up my heart. Thank you very much for that.

@nagisaheichou Guilty pleasures have been achieved once again thanks to you, Nagisa. You really inspire me in everything. Beautiful art.

@fluffy-bumblebutt Lots of love to your art, your characters, and everything. You are a grand inspiration.

@superyoumna I bow down to your art and animation. You fuel my desires to improve.

@alainaprana, @shypurple, @renrink, @rainbowchibbit, @angexci, @outertale, @nebulawords, @barasans, @shutupadachi, and all my friends from streams. 

Thank you for existing guys. I love you all so much. This is @animesbiggestfan and thank you for the happiness.

Recovery Day #1463

Of course I’m heavier today - I had a lot of salt at the restaurant yesterday, and the physical weight of food I ate would’ve been quite heavy, and having just come off the pill having decide to scrap that plan, I’m on my period. So obviously that stupid number is higher this week than it was last week. It means nothing. I may be half a stone heavier than when we moved in 6 months ago, but it means nothing.
Today is about self care. Sleep, Pokemon, strength exercises, stretches, oitnb, no meat athlete radio in the sunshine, playing with the pigs, eating chocolate, watching films, relaxing.
Today I will not count calories. I will not beat myself up for making choices that have brought me joy. I will not obsess about meaniningless numbers.

a-twilight-princess  asked:

Your Powerpuff Stone Ocean Girls picture is giving me so much LIFE rn!! I can't believe I never saw that before but now that I have I'm officially living!! Bless you 💜

AAAA IM SO GLAD!! ToT i actually sketched that pic out ages ago and someone said something nasty abt the WIP and i got discouraged.. knowing it brought you joy makes me really happy, thank you so much for telling me!!you are 2 sweet.. ♥♥

op-i  asked:

I really have to say I've followed you forever, like FOREVER. I actually think you were the very first sterek/teen wolf blog I've followed. I loved teen wolf before it became a trash show and honestly the tumblr sterek community was a huge reason why I even watched season 4(I stopped after that) but in honor of the 6 years teen wolf's been around I want to say thanks for everything. You do such beautiful art and have a beautiful love for sterek too. I just love this blog a lot so thank you ❤️😊

I can’t, even begin to properly explain, how much this means to me, my dear. Honestly, I wish I could come back and draw sterek again for this fandom, but I can’t. The fact that it brought you joy makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something good when I first started this blog. And I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. I’m going through a rough patch right now in life, but I can honestly say that reading this made my night a thousand times better than what it originally felt like. <3

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Proxima: Part 2

Summary: In the end I did nothing. Coward that I was. I spent my last few hours on earth alone. Practice for the rest of my life.

Could I call her the one who got away when I never had her in the first place?

I was transfixed by the drabble Proxima by @papofglencoe and I started wondering- how did Peeta get to that lonely planet? This is the result. Many thanks to papofglencoe for letting me jump into her world and her input and beta reading.

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Use that pink, squishy thing inside your skull and imagine Thominho where
  • They both go to the same private schools throughout elementary until high school
  • Minho wears glasses but he looks hella fine and cool in them
  • He and Thomas hate each other’s guts and are always competing against each other: who has the best grades and test scores, who ran the fastest in track, who won the position of class president
  • There are two feuding groups at school, Minho’s Group and Thomas’s Group, where students take sides and they scorn and dislike each other
  • Thomas and Minho actually share a secret: what they do at school is just a coverup, they don’t actually hate each other
  • Ever since they were little they’ve always liked each other but disguised it by competing against each other and their crushes on each other become known between them later in middle school and over time it became more serious
  • They confessed to each after their middle school graduation and their competitiveness showed still because they both tried to outdo and see how flustered they can make the other with their confession
  • When they officially started dating, they decided to keep it a secret since everyone believed they hated each other and were rivals, and it seemed like a fun and dangerous game that of course Minho initiated by saying something like, “Let’s see how long we can keep our little secret from these suckers”
  • Minho always tries to make Thomas flustered by discreetly groping his ass and whispering and hinting dirty things when they’re ‘arguing’ in front of the other students
  • After school when they get home to Minho’s house, Thomas always gets revenge in the bedroom from the teasing things Minho has done to him at school
  • One day poor Chuck stumbles upon Minho and Thomas making out on one of the library’s tables and everything he believed in about how the two hated each other and were rivals crumbles and of course he is sworn into silence by them well mostly by Thomas, Minho doesn’t mind by now if the whole school finds out, and he’d be like “I bet they’ll put this in the school papers with a title like, ‘School’s greatest rivals actually lovers?!?! DECEPTION AND SECRECY! SCANDALOUS FRONT PAGE NEWS!’ (Lol im not sure how newspaper titles work)
  • Hmmm, I think that’s all the pink, squishy thing in my skull can think of rn. Until then my little ducklings~

I just stepped out of a shower so hot, it hurt to wrap myself in a towel, but it was nice, you know, since I couldn’t wrap myself in his arms.

I brushed my teeth twice tonight to rid myself of the taste he left in my mouth, but it didn’t work because I don’t think they make toothpaste that can replace the taste of joy.

He brought me happiness and he brought me sorrow. Today, the pain finally overwhelmed the goodness I saw in his eyes when he looked in mine, so please, tell me how to escape a boy I could never hate.

—  I can’t handle him anymore. I’m done. ((c.n.p)) thesoulpages
Where can I even being to explain the pride I feel for Bangtan? I am proud to be their fan, to be able to witness their growth, to be a part of their HYYH. They continuously surprise me, make me so incredibly happy, fill me with joy, and have brought countless other things that would have been impossible without them. In short, I love them with all of my heart; I hope they are as proud of themselves as we all are. Thank you, Bangtan, and we cannot wait to see what the future will bring. This is only the beginning.

It’s been one year today that one of my heroes passed away. It was one of the most shocking and crushing moments of my young life. It’s still really hard to believe that you’re no longer here. To make us laugh. To make us smile. I’ll never forget the joy you brought me as I grew up, Mork and Mindy, Flubber, Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire: you changed my life throughout my childhood. You are missed, forever you will be missed. But never forgotten…