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Tyler Seguin - Balloons and Notes

Team: Dallas Stars

Requested: Yes: Can I please request a Tyler Seguin imagine where the reader is his gf but is really insecure about their relationship because of all the hate she gets on social media and his dating history, so Tyler does something cute and fluffy to prove that she’s got nothing to be insecure about? :) btw, love your imagines so please keep doing them. <3

Edited: Yes

Word count: 772

Summary: You’re getting hate and he makes you feel better

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I learned how to make things move in photoshop! It’s not much but it’s got me excited. :D

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Anonymous requested: Yourdating michael. And you get punished for what ever reason( you can make on up one) but your punishment is you have to grind on each boys legs with out coming. And if you come before you got to michael you get punished even more. And can you make the end with a fluffy michael where he slowly makes love to you in the bath

A/N: Woah, this is long! Sorry if this is shit, it’s my first smut in a while! Hope you like it! Requests are open!!!

Dating Michael Clifford had its advantages, including late night pizza dates, getting to pick what colour he dyed his hair next and sex, whenever and wherever you wanted. However, there were some disadvantages when it came to the latter; Michael had set some rules and punishments. Simple enough, you thought, when he first gave them to you. However, as your relationship progressed, and the tours got longer, the easier it was for you to forget about them. His rules were 1) no touching yourself without his permission 2) the boys couldn’t look at you in that way and you couldn’t look at them in that way, too He used air quotations for those 3) you always had to ask permission to wear something that would turn him on and your punishments would be decided whenever you broke a rule.

When the boys invited you both out for dinner one night, you were thrilled! You had recently bought a pretty black dress that you were dying to wear. Even though it was something small, you felt like being fancy and went all out – black on black. With your tight-fitting, smooth dress, you wore black heels  and winged your eyeliner to perfection.

Michael had been out all day, and suggested meeting you and Luke at the restaurant as he was the closest to you and offered to pick you up. You did the finishing touches to your hair and went to call Luke.

When you opened the door, his eyes went wide as he scanned your body, inhaling, deeply.

“You ok, Luke? Do you want some water?” He cleared his throat, shaking out of his daze.

“N-no, I’m fine, let’s go” he stumbled over his feet as he walked down the path to his car, making you giggle. The entire car ride Luke kept shooting glances at you, sometimes your cleavage, sometimes your legs, either way he would wipe his clammy hands on his ripped jeans and tighten his grip on the steering wheel, willing himself to look ahead.

When you pulled up outside the restaurant he nearly fell over himself getting out of the car and rushing to your door to help you out. You laughed and took his outstretched hand, letting him guide you into the building. You spotted the others on the opposite side of the room, and they all stared you up and down before remembering their manners.  

“Hi guys!” you smiled, taking a seat next to Michael, across from Calum and Ashton. Calum stuttered out a ‘hi’ while Ash merely waved, still awestruck by your attire. You glanced at Michael who was staring at you the same way.

“What’s wrong with you all tonight?” you laughed, looking at each boys face. Calum cleared his throat,

“Oh, nothing, sorry” you heard a thud and saw Ashton flinch, glaring at Calum for kicking him, presumably.

“Yeah, we’re all fine, right boys?” he looked at Luke who nodded.

“Alright, lets order!”

By the time everyone’s food had arrived, they were all stuck in conversation. Michael took his opportunity.

“What do you think you’re wearing?” he growled, lowly into your ear.

“My new dress, is there a problem?” you asked, blinking up at him, innocently, finally connecting the dots.

“A problem?! What was rule 3? Ask permission before wearing something that would make me, you know” he gestured to his crotch. “You can only think of your grandmother for so long”. You chuckled at his desperation. “You think this is funny?”

“Well, a little…”

“Alright, we’ll see how funny you find all this later when you get your punishment.” He said, smugly, before returning to his dinner.

The whole evening the only thing you could think of was what your punishment would be. Would it be fun? Difficult? Painful, even? You would just have to wait.

When the check finally arrived, Michael insisted driving you home alone, making Calum share a ride with Luke and Ashton.

“You’ve been bad – you’ve broken two rules” Michael’s face was stern as he faced the road.

“Two? What other rule?” you were confused

“Rule number 2. The boys can’t look at in you in ‘romancey’ way and you can’t look back”

“But, I didn’t look at anyone but you ‘in that way’” you explained, using air quotes.

“Yeah, but the guys were staring at you like you were naked or something”

“But that’s not my fault! Why should I get a punishment for something I didn’t do?”

“Yes it is – you wore that dress, breaking rule 3, and make them go all googly eyes at you”

“But – “You were about the question his logic when he put his hand on your thigh.

“If you keep arguing with me you’ll get more of a punishment.” You stopped talking and the car ride was silent.

When you got back to the house, you saw the boys were inside. Michael took your hand and led you inside.

“Luke, if you want to go first” he gestured to your bedroom. Luke’s eyes lit up as he walked into your shared bedroom. You looked up at Michael, confused, waiting for an explanation. He took you into your room where Luke was lounging in a chair.

“Ok, what the hell is happening?!” you pulled your hand out of Michael’s.

“Oh man, you haven’t told her yet?” Luke laughed.

“This is your punishment” Michael pointed at Luke.

“What’s he going to do?”

“Him? Nothing, but you need to do something for him. Well, on him.” Luke chuckled again, patting his upper thigh. The penny dropped. You had only rode Michael’s thigh once or twice, but needless to say you both enjoyed it.

“Oh, ok…” you didn’t really see this as much of a punishment – as much as you loved Michael, Luke was extremely attractive.  

“But there’s a rule” Michael and his rules… “If you cum before you get to me – you’ll be punished more” You blushed at his bluntness but nodded, regardless. “I’ll leave you guys to it” he left the room and it was just you and Luke.

“Hey” you smiled, shyly.

“Hey” he smiled back. “So, are you gonna do something?” Luke chuckled.

“Yeah, right” you walked over to him.

“I think Michael would want you to strip, just to make it more of a punishment” Luke smirked. You felt your cheeks heat up at his forwardness. You slipped the sleeves of your dress of your shoulders and shimmied it down your body. Luke inhaled deeply, making you double glad you decided to wear matching underwear. You flicked off your shoes and walked over to him. You sat yourself on his lap and his hands went to your waist.

You began to move your hips slowly at first, but began to enjoy the friction that was caused by the rough denim through the thin material of your underwear.

“Woah, babe, your so wet! I guess you like me” you let out a breathy chuckle as you sped up your movements, with the help of Luke. You thrust your hips against him more, causing there to be more friction. You squeezed your eyes closed as a familiar feeling began to form in the pit of your stomach. You gripped his shoulders in anticipation. Suddenly your movements were brought to an abrupt halt. You opened your eyes, looking at him, disappointedly.

“But Lukey, I was so close” he sighed,

“I know, but remember what Michael said? Beside you need to save your energy for the rest of ‘em” Luke gently sat you down next to him in the seat and sat on the edge of your bed on the other side of the room.

“Rest of them? You don’t mean – “Luke cut you off,

“Cal? You can come in now!” he smirked over at you. Calum opened the door and eyed you up, eagerly.

“How was it?” Cal asked, taking a seat next to you.

“Hot as fuck, mate” Luke breathed, placing a hand over his crotch the cover his obvious boner. Calum chuckled,

“Well come on, baby, let’s get it started!”

“Don’t call her baby!” you heard Michael shout from outside, making you smile. ‘Baby’ was his nickname for you.  You moved onto Calum’s lap and he stared up at you in awe, taking your body in. He let out a shaky breath as you began to grind your hips into his leg. You had a new-found confidence and decided to take dominance. You placed both your hands on his shoulders pushing him back slightly so he could see you better. The friction you felt earlier returned better than ever as you thrust your hips faster and harder. You heard a stifled moan from behind you and could only guess that Luke had decided to do something about his boner.  

“Holy shit babe, keep going” Calum was obviously just as close as you were. The knot in your stomach was growing so much you let out a moan from trying to hold it in. You heard Cal moan beneath you and you stopped moving your hips.

“I guess you liked me” you giggled, looking down at the wet patch in Calum’s jeans.

“You could say that!” he smiled, getting up, kissing your cheek as he took a seat next to Luke, who had had an equally enjoyable time this time round as well.

“Ash? You can come in” you called, standing for him. He closed the door behind him, eyes raking over your body before he sat down, awaiting, eagerly.

You were getting used to the routine, and sat on his leg. Ashton’s hands landed at your ass, squeezing slightly. You smirked down at him and began to move. Almost instantly Ashton was helping you move, guiding you at a fast pace. You gripped onto his shoulders as he moved you.

“Good girl, just like that” he encouraged, as your head lolled forward. You were nearing your high and you knew what Ash was trying to do but it felt too good to stop.

“A-Ash” you couldn’t form words at this point. You were right about to hit your high when he stopped, breaking the speed you had. You sighed, disappointedly.

“I know, but I figured you and Michael would do something later if you were good. And you were, wasn’t she lads?” Ash looked over at Luke and Calum who nodded, eagerly.  Ash smiled up at you, “If it’s any consolation, I was having a good time, too” he pecked your cheek and set you down next to him.

“Eh, I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow?” you looked from boy to boy, suddenly becoming painfully aware of what actually just happened. They nodded, heading for the door. “Oh, and is it ok if we never ever speak of this again? Like ever?” the boys chuckled.

“No problem” Luke smiled, as he, Calum and Ashton left your bedroom. You heard them talking to Michael and then the front door closed. Michael walked in and smiled at you.

“So, you were very good, I hear” he sat next to you, pulling you into his side. You nodded. “Have you learnt not to break any more rules?” you nodded your head enthusiastically, making him chuckle. “Okay then, I think a reward is in order” he got up and went into your bathroom. You followed him in and saw him running a bath.

“Yay!” you cheered, making him laugh.

“Take these off and get in, I’ll be in in moment” he kissed your forehead before going back into your bedroom. You dimmed the lights and threw your hair up into a messy bun. Taking off your underwear, you slid into the hot water, sighing contently.

Michael walked into the room a few minutes later with towels. He put them on the rack and slid his remaining cloths off, joining you. He pulled you onto him and began massaging your sides and stomach. He kissed down the back of your neck, moving around to the side. You moved around to face him.

“I haven’t given you much attention tonight, babe” you said, sadly, drawing small shapes into his bare chest.

“We can make up for that” he smirked, flipping you over so he was on top of you.

“Careful!” you warned as the water sloshed around in the tub. “Smooth” you joked, making you both laugh.

“Sorry – I’ll be gentle” he smiled as he kissed your lips. You happily returned the kiss, slowly snaking your legs around his, hinting that you wanted action.  Michael smiled into the kiss,

“I’ll speed up a bit” he returned to kissing you, while lining himself up with your entrance. Slowly he pushed in, making you moan. You began to move your hips forward as he thrust in and out, developing a comfortable pace. He began to kiss down your neck, leaving hickeys as he went.

“Mikey, please, just move faster” you moaned. He obliged, speeding up his thrusts, making you gasp slightly.

“Shit, baby, I’m close” he moaned, his eyes, squeezing shut.

“Oh God, me too” your hands grasped at his shoulders as you felt your high come on. From a mix of Michael and all the teasing you’d had, your orgasm rocked through your body harder than you’d ever experienced. You dug your nails into Michael’s shoulder, dragging them down his back.

“Fuck” he breathed, as he hit his high at the same time. You tried suppressing your screams, but it wasn’t working. You grabbed Michaels face and kissed him deeply, moaning into the kiss. You felt his thrusts become sloppy as he came down from his high with you. He flopped down beside you, regaining his breath.

“Holy shit that was good” you chuckled, as he nodded eagerly. He kissed your forehead.

“You were great, babe”

“So were you” you smirked up at him. He looked at the bathroom floor before a light blush covered his cheeks. “What?”

“I guess we weren’t as gentle as planed” he gestured at the floor that was covered in water. You laughed,

“Just don’t expect me to clean it up”