making these is so much fun

I think self-inserts in fanfic, or just any fictional writing or even art in general, are a really nice idea.

I know people get iffy about it, but I just think it’s kind of sweet to see people writing themselves, especially if they get to meet their favourite characters from videogames and such.

And, hey, writers have been doing it for years and years. Dante basically wrote this huge book about him meeting all his favourite mythological and religious characters, and even Stephen King put himself into one of his own books.

Writing or drawing should make you happy. It should cheer you up, to create something and mold so many characters. And anything which encourages people to get involved, and be enthusastic about creating stories should be encouraged!

Alright, @missingparentheses.  I’ll play along and answer in a single word, whether they seem to make any sense or not.

Where is your phone? Couch

Your hair? Silver

Your dad? Mustache

Your other half? Work

Your favorite food? Sweet

Your dream last night? Lake

Your favorite drink? Chai

Fear? Potential

Favorite shoes? Strappy

Favorite way to relax? Music (same, MP!)

Your mood? Anticipatory

Your love? Intense

Where were you last night? Rehearsal

Something that you aren’t? Opinionless

Muffins? Apple

Wishlist item? Piano

Where you grew up? Quiet

Last thing you did? Nails

What are you wearing? Pajamas

Something you hate? Ignorance

Your pets? Paws

Life? Growth

Regrets? Lessons

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I want to see a mitzy and ven baby!

If They Had A Kid Meme - Mitzy and @watchdog-ven

  • Name: Trella (It is a Spanish name for Star)
  • Gender: Female
  • General appearance: She has Ven’s eye color and star pupil, but her eye is sparklier than normal like Mitzy’s. She is shorter than average as well.  
  • Personality: She is kindhearted, always willing to help someone in need regardless of whether or not it will cause a problem for herself. She doesn’t believe in violence and refuses to harm anyone or anything. However, she will not hesitate to take action against someone if she thinks it is necessary. Usually pinning them down until they are calm or other people can arrive to help. Friendly and optimistic, she is always looking on the bright side and wishing strangers a nice day. But if someone pushes her too far, she has a fierce temper. She snaps and completely goes off on someone, insulting and belittling them harshly. When she is finished, she doesn’t even feel bad because she is sure that they must have deserved it. Energetic and upbeat, she loves to explore the outdoors and doesn’t mind getting dirty. Nighttime is her absolute favorite time to explore, especially when the stars litter the sky. Not much scares her and she has a high pain tolerance because of how often she ends up injured because of her clumsiness.
  • Special Talents: She is a talented artist and is constantly drawing. These drawings range from small doodles on napkins to full fledge sketches in her sketchbook. Trella also loves to paint outdoor scenery with watercolors. Her favorite scenes to paint are grassy meadows dotted with flowers and filled with animals. She also has a special connection to nature, finding even the most intimidating creatures to be adorable. She often brings animals into the house because of this. Animals that usually end up staying for a while because of her animal-loving family… Although she is strong, she is incredibly clumsy and constantly hurts herself accidentally. But she is stronger than she looks, able to pin down larger animals and people when necessary.
  • Who they like better: Mitzy
  • Who they take after more: Ven
  • Personal headcanon: She constantly looks messy because of the abundance of band-aids on her arms and legs, the baggy and patch-covered clothes she is fond of, and her tendency to go exploring outside. Not to mention, she has the bad habit of forgetting to tie her shoelaces. Despite constantly forgetting to tie her shoes, she never forgets to grab Miss Fuzzynoodle when she goes somewhere. Miss Fuzzynoodle is her stuffed dog and absolute best friend. Given to Trella at birth, she always has her toy with her.
  • Face Claim: None

Phillips and pops sketches. :)