making them all hot and much older would be interesting and sassy

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Can you give us the lowdown on the altered backgrounds and personalities if everyone in your reverse realm au? Like what about the villains too? Also why are their elemental powers switched?

First off, I’d like to say “Wow, I’m super psyched that people are interested in RR!” (no, seriously– I can’t say that enough ;u;)
Secondly, I’m gonna admit that I was struggling to figure out how exactly to answer this ask because to explain everything would make for a really long answer and I know when I see long text posts I breeze right by…

With that said, let me start out by sort of explaining what RR actually is: the “Reverse Realm” is the name given to one of the 16 realms in Ninjago. Unlike a lot of the realms we see in the show, the Reverse Realm is more like a parallel universe. Certain events happen differently than canon but the main storyline is the same. Some notable differences include: different elements, Wu being the one to go evil, Morro not dying until the events of season 5, Nia is the older sibling, they went back for echo, ect. Small discrepancies that have a greater effect on the story as time wears on.

As far as the personalities of the characters, this is where its kind of confusing(?)– the personalities of each character is the same as their canon counterparts but their demeanor is reflective of their Element and circumstances (this goes for most of the characters at least).

Notable differences in characters~

-Total dad. Like, ok, he was never evil so he’s just been dad all his adult life. He knows how to deal with all the emotional stuff (which is good because the reverse ninja are very emotional pff) and give the Good Dad Talks™.

-Angsty still, but has the Love™ from his Garmadad. He raised Morro as his own.
-Would die for Lloyd.

-Still a good bean, but not quite as mature as canon. He hasn’t gone through much trauma so he can be a bit selfish and self-pitying sometimes.
-Actually needs super thick glasses that he hates.

-He has a lot of self-confidence and embraces his artsy heritage. He loves song and dance even though he’d rather be a ninja. He doesn’t put himself down or hold himself to super high standards like Cole does. “Try your best and be happy with that.” is his perspective.

-Tortured Soul™. Take Jay and give him the burden of knowing people’s thoughts and emotions all his life. As a child, he was “the weird kid” who would stare off blankly into the distance and say random crap like “why do you do this to me…” to nobody. He’s still Jay just constantly stressed and a lot more sensitive (both physically and mentally).
-Worries about the outcome of everything. This is due to the fact he can sort of see into the future– but only what’s most likely based on current events and past precedents (basically like Saphire from Steven Universe? just not as accurate).
-Would die for Nia

-Oh boy. He is a good boy ok, but he basically hates himself. He blames himself for everything and feels totally undeserving of anyone’s love. He hates the fact that he hurts so many people around him; the people he loves. It’s not on purpose, of course, but his toxic powers are hard to control so he ends up burning/poisening his teammates sometimes (nothing too serious, but it makes Xayn upset).
-Because of this, he can have a tendency to be a bit cold/distant if he cares a lot about someone.

-Still cocky and cringy in the best way possible. However he’s a lot more emotional than Kai and cries a lot. Like a LOT. Cries when he’s sad, angry, happy, in pain, ect. He brushes it off saying it has to do with his Element and it’s just his powers acting up.
-Overall a softer, smaller, emotional version of Kai.
-Would also die for Lloyd.

-Big Buff Lady™
-“Shut up, we both know I could bench you.”
-Mom Friend™
-Take Nya and make her the older one who’s actually allowed to be in charge.
-Makes decisions more easily than Nya.
-Sometimes she forgets to look out for herself since she’s so focused on making sure her team has everything they need.
-A little more hot headed, she is Fire after all.
-Would die for Kye.

-he has his own answer already

-Sweet and sassy just like canon. She has her own body tho as I have mentioned previously. She is actually stored on a removable disk-type thing and can be moved from Xayn’s head to her body and back easily. Just hit eject!
-Does a good job of taking care of Xayn and helping him to love himself. She’s there for him when he’s at his worst times.

Dareth and his family-

-Lloyd’s best friend.
-He went through all of elementary school with Lloyd and still stayed friends with him after his “Tea of Tomorrow Incident”. He occasionally visits the ninja during their downtime.
-He sees all the ninja as older siblings since has none of his own.

-Bully to Lloyd (and pretty much everyone) during his childhood.
-Not very important to the story but I thought I’d mention him anyway.

-The Royal Blacksmiths are actually a hip hop group.
-This man amazing ok
-he has a lightning bolt earring and wears a black camo headband.
-he still put a lot of pressure on Kole when he was a child to be a great dancer/singer.
-Still rocks that mustach 👌

Ed and Edna-
-Rich Actors
-That kind of rich where you’re so rich you look like you live under a bridge.
-Basically spend all their time doing weird crap like hanging an obstacle course from their tall ceilings or collecting art from Cliff.

Cliff Gordon-
-Walker’s biological father. He gave him to Ed and Edna in hopes he’ll grow up kind like them and have a good life.
-Actual Hipster
-Lives in a scrap yard because “it’s secluded but not as mainstream as a cabin in the woods”.
-Makes money selling scrap but “the true glory is in the art”.
-Basically Dean from The Iron Giant.

Ray and Maya-
-The same? Just elements swapped.
-Maya is more aggressive than Ray I guess… That fire power does it to ya.
-Would also die for Kye
-Would also die for Nia

Pythor and the Serpentine-
-This would probably be best explained in a post about Lloyd’s story…

Chen and Clouse-
-Chen is so over it ok. Basically, take Chen and Clouse’s demeanors and switch them. Clouse is a total butt-kiss and overly excited to serve Chen’s every whim.
Chen: “Oh my god Clouse just stop. Your mouth runs and runs… Open and close all day long– you go on and on about nothing!!”
Clouse: “Oh, yes right away master, I apologize… Would you like me to stop now? Or later? I can stop now if you’d like but I can also stop later or at a predetermined time if you so choose…”

-Kinda chubby
-Ships everything
-Ships herself with Kye but secretly
-Is a real soft sweetheart but taught to be tough and unfeeling by her father.
-Was always nice to Clouse
-Runs the restaurant post S4
-Would go down with all of her ships and you cannot convince her they’re not canon.

-Pretty much the same just sassier.

Krux and Acronix-

-Always bitter
-Thinks he knows everything
-Tries but can’t
-He did sacrifice himself for the good of everyone else do I guess that’s some redemption points…

-He’s all talk tbh. He’s like the lame wannabe version of canon Ronin.
-If he met canon Ronin, he’d be his shadow and idolize him. (PFFF I JUST REALIZED HE’D BECOME THE SHADOW OF RONIN IM DYING)
-Would die for no one.

-Only wants to play mom when it’s convenient.
-Garmadon pays her to stay away.

-Like Nadakhan but female
-For some reason that’s scarier
-Looking for her lost fiance Delaren who happens to look like Kye

Well this is already well over 1k words so I’m gonna have to end it :0 I hope this feeds your curiousity despite the info being so minimal :U

Ooooooh boy!

So, if anyone knows me and/or follows me, then you know that I’ve talked about an AU where Atemu is stuck spending his summer on a ranch in Montana with his uncle and his uncle’s friends, who includes the grandson of one of them, Yugi. And Yugi is hot as all get out.

Well, here is the fanfic for it.

I blame all of you who supported me on tumblr. Also, I blame you, Colonel, because you are a terrible influence on me (jk, you know you’re a great influence)

Summery: Atemu’s summer plans are ruined when his father decides he should spend his last summer vacation before college on some ranch out in the middle of nowhere. However, luckily, or unluckily, there’s a cute rancher named Yugi who is going to make this boring summer very interesting…

Warning: Atemu is trans male in this, (He also looks different from Yugi in this, and wears glasses), Puzzleshipping, slow burn (?), probably some second hand embarrassment, the author not taking himself or his story seriously… ect.

And thank you to @atemina-rubygibb for the title suggestions!

On with the fic!

Sweet Home Domino

Chapter One

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My submission for the wolfstar introvert prompt: Internet Crush

Huge thanks to @nachodiablo and @mirgaxus for the beta and the support!

Summary: Remus and Sirius both write self-insert fics in the same fandom. One day Sirius asks to borrow Remus’s OC for his new fic. What could he possibly be planning, and what is the mystery pairing he promised to introduce?

Read it here or on AO3

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|| WIZARDINGBIAS - where your fave bands live in hakho’s hogwarts au ||

Character Profiles
GOT7′s Mark’s Profile

Mark Bennet Tuan, born to Juliet Bennet and the mysterious ‘Papa Tuan’ as everyone refers to, grew up in L.A., and has two known siblings so far, one of them being a very famous Quidditch player for the American national team.

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This may be triggering so it's okay if you guys say no but: 'Abused!/Animal Hybrid! With Yoongi,Kookie Tae or Jin' along the lines of meeting their mate for the first time after a horrible past with their last so called mate? (She liked him and lied about being their mate since they didn't know anything about mates so just went with it) they feel all warm and fuzzy yet scared at the same time? Thanks in advance !! There really isn't enough Animal Hybrid Aus out there :< ♡♡♡

tw: abuse mentions

Originally posted by sugutie

shelter /// jungkook

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Angel - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Angel

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 2,694

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean and Reader are together but nobody knows. When Castiel catches them in a rather intimate moment secrets are revealed. What is going to happen?

A/N: I know I said I was gonna have Safe Pt. 3 up today but there was a slight change of plans so I am uploading this today instead.

“So get this-” Sam started speaking and you looked up from your book to him “-People have started dying under mysterious circumstances in a small town next to… Seattle” he said, narrowing his eyes as he looked at the screen of his computer.

“Yeah and?” Dean raised an eyebrow, expecting more than just that from his brother.

You dared glance at Dean as he spoke and of course he caught your eyes on him. He turned his head to look at you and winked with a smirk. You stifled a giggle while putting a hand in front of your mouth. You tried looking back at Sam but you couldn’t avert your eyes from the older Winchester. You never could.

No matter how many times before you had tried to do so you always found yourself captivated by him. His forest green eyes always managed to make your heart flutter and that smile of his made the butterflies dance like crazy in your stomach. You could not deny how you felt about him, not after five years of being hunting buds with him and Sam. You were in love with the green-eyed hunter and although that was a luxury no hunter could afford in their lives you could not ignore it either. The man himself was amazing. Sure, he had his flaws but who didn’t? Aside from being a stubborn ass and a total jerk he was… Dean. Selfless, kind and always willing to help. Not to mention how good looking he was. Nobody could ever deny that, just like you could not.

You’ve had a crush on him ever since you met him and you soon caught yourself falling harder for him. Your feelings developed over the time, especially when you got to see his softer side. the side of himself that he never showed to the others.

And soon you were unable to hide how you felt about him. He did flirt with you in the beginning, a lot, but then he, even, started acting differently. His hand lingering over you whenever he touched you. His hugs lasted a little longer than needed, especially when he had to save you from some hunt. His eyes would linger on your form longer than they should and you had caught him more than plenty of times looking at you when he thought that you didn’t notice him. His smiles towards you became more soft and warm than flirtatious like they used to be. And, then, there was that small glimmer in his eyes whenever he looked at you that you had never seen before.

Needless to say one night, and after lots of drinks, with just you and him at the motel (Sam was in the library at that time) he confessed everything. It was impossible for you to believe it yet… you did. He looked so sincere that it was hard not to believe him. So you confessed to him that you felt the same way. Obviously it was just as hard for him to believe it but he was more than happy to know that you reciprocated his feelings. You formed a relationship just at that time and were happy with each other.

You didn’t say anything though, not to Sam or Cas or anyone else for that matter. You wanted to have the right opportunity to tell them, anyway. Sam was Dean’s brother and Castiel was like a brother to you as well. He always took good care of you. So both you and Dean wanted to wait for the right time to come. Keeping it a secret was fun anyway, and sneaking around to see each other was hell of a lot more.

You bit your lip to keep yourself from laughing - or attacking Dean with kisses - as he kept making suggestive faces that Sam, luckily, took no notice of. You kicked him under the table and saw a huge grin spread on his lips. A satisfied one at that. He bit his lip and winked at you and you internally groaned.

Why did you even fall in love with this jerk in the first place you had no idea now.

Or, well, maybe you did but who cared.

Your head snapped to Sam’s direction when he spoke up “Well there is no connection to the victims. No apparent one, anyway. They all have different backgrounds, completely different personalities and there is no obvious pattern in their deaths” he said and you frowned deeply.

You got up from your seat and made your way to Sam’s side. You sat on the empty seat next to him and in between Dean and him. You leaned closer to Sam to look at the computer screen. Dean did the same, bringing his chair close to yours, your shoulders touching, maybe to have a better view on the screen…

Obviously not.

You felt a hand rest on your knee and glancing at Dean you got your answer as to who’s hand that was (Not that there was any doubt anyway). The smirk on Dean’s face was impossible to hide especially when at the contact you jumped.

“So what makes you think that it’s our kind of gig?” Dean’s rough voice was heard. It sounded so calm and collected as if nothing was going on. And was completely the opposite of how you felt right now.

His hand moved higher to your thigh but you stopped him from going further. You caught his hand and held it tightly to keep him from moving, your fingers digging into his skin for sure. That only seemed to make Dean more satisfied though as the smirk only got bigger.

“Well the condition that all the corpses were found in is what’s interesting” Sam said but you had a hard time paying attention to what he was saying.

Dean was rubbing his thumb over your thigh and you literally felt going crazy at the feeling he was giving you right now. Goosebumps were created all over your skin and you felt a shiver run down your spine.

“Hmh” you felt Dean’s low rumbling, which sounding more like a cat purring, on your back as his chest was pressed to you. You took in a breath, trying to collect yourself, but it came in as shaky and it gave away - to Dean at least - what you were feeling right now.

“And what could that be?” Dean low and rough voice was heard right next to your ear, his hot breath fanning over your cheek.

“Well- ” Sam spoke “-all corpses that were found were distorted and had a look of pure horror on their faces. All of them”

“Like in the movie, right?” you asked almost breathlessly.

“Yeah like in The Ring.” he mumbled, eyes scanning over the screen.

“Well-” Dean spoke and you took in a sharp inhale as he squeezed your thigh “-Don’t know about you but I would have a hell lot of fun if I got to kick that bitches, Samara’s, ass” you could literally hear the smirk in his voice but you knew that it was not about what he was saying but what he was doing. What he was doing to you.

“We’ll see. I-” Sam said and suddenly got up, pushing his chair and gritting your teeth you removed Dean’s hand from your thigh, not wanting Sam to see anything “-am going to go for some more research. There’s a new library nearby. See ya” he said in a hurry, grabbing his jacket and the Impala keys that were nearby and walked towards the door.

Once he exited you let out a small sigh of relief and taking in a breath you ran a hand through your hair. Your head snapped to Dean’s direction when his laughter were heard and you glared at him.

“Seriously Dean?” you snapped at him looking with a furious look.

“You- you should have seen your face!” he laughed out loudly “Priceless!” he clapped his hands and laughed more.

You growled, frustrated (mostly after what he had just done to you) surely angry at how much he was enjoying this.

“You fucking tease” you grumbled under your breath.

Dean stopped laughing and opened his mouth to speak, probably to say something sassy considering the smirk on his face, but he only let out a sharp breath as you sat on his lap, legs on either side of his waist, and took firm hold of the hem of his plaid shirt. You didn’t say anything, you just crushed your lips to his and Dean, obviously, was quick to kiss back. You heard him let out a low growl of pleasure and then gasp when you moved on his lap. You took the opportunity to shove your tongue in his mouth, something he did not expect. Your tongue explored his mouth first and battled with his for dominance, this time you managed to win the battle and you smirked into the kiss.

“Damn” he breathed out as soon as you pushed him away from the kiss.

His eyes roamed your face and you could feel the sides of your mouth lift into a smirk as you took in the expression on his face. You finally understood what he meant by what he had previously said. This was what he had done previously to you.

“Bedroom. Now.” you all-but-commanded and he was fast to obey.

He took firm hold of your thighs, your legs wrapped around his waist, and lifted you with ease. He licked his lips as he looked intensely at you and wrapping your arms around his neck you kissed his lips. You moved your lips from there to his jaw and then neck, quickly finding his soft spot and biting softly. He groaned and and tightened his hold on your legs.

You soon entered his bedroom and you felt him throw you on the bed, him on top of you. He smirked at you before diving in to close the gap between you, his lips crashed to yours. His hands roamed your figure and they quickly made their way under your shirt, swiftly managing to remove it from you. He looked down at you with a pleased smile and you giggled at the smile on his face.

“Somebody’s eager, huh?” you raised a playful eyebrow and he only growled in response.

He leaned in to kiss you again, your lips moving in sink, as your hands made their way to his back. You slowly managed to remove his plaid shirt and he pulled away to take of his other shirt. He didn’t miss a beat to lean back in, though, and started attacking your neck with kisses. He licked and bit and you were sure that there was going to be a good bruise left there for you to cover the following day.

You moaned in pleasure and arched your hips forward to meet his, earning a growl from the older hunter. Dean’s hands moved to your jeans and yours made their way to the waistline of his until-
“What are you doing?!” came out in an almost shriek the voice of… Castiel?

Your eyes snapped open and his eyes did the same. You pushed Dean away and turned your head to look at Castiel standing on the doorway with a horrified look on his face.

“Cas, oh hey” you said with a nervous smile.

“Cas, man. I’ve told you a thousand times. Knock!” Dean said with an exasperated look on his face.

“What were you doing?!” Castiel repeated, completely ignoring what Dean said, glaring daggers at Dean.

“Man” Dean sigh frustrated, running a hand down his face.

“Dean?!” Castiel demanded.

“Look, man. Sorry we haven’t told you anything but (Y/n) and I-” Dean started speaking only to be cut off by Castiel.

“You were just about to have intercourse with my sister?!” he all-but-shouted, his eyes narrowed dangerously at Dean. Until of course they widened at the realization of what he had just said.

“What?” you breathed out.

Castiel shook his head and looked down “Wear your clothes, I need to talk with you. Especially you” he said and pointed a finger on Dean, lips pursed and eyes narrowed.

You quickly got dressed and both stood in front of Castiel. Dean crossed his arms over his chest but shifted uncomfortably under Castiel’s look.

“Cas, what did you just say?” you asked, voice soft “I’m- I’m your sister?”

He looked from Dean to you and his gaze immediately softened. He let out a sigh and looked down at his feet “Yes” he breathed out “You- you were an angel created in heaven during the same period of time I was. We were basically created together which made our bond even stronger. However when things started going wrong on heaven I told you to come to Earth with me in fear that something was going to happen to you. To make sure, though, I erased your memories so you would think you were human.” he said with an apologetic look in his eyes.

“So… that means that I’m an angel?” you asked with a smile and he nodded “And you’re my brother? I have a brother?” you asked again in disbelief.

“Many, in fact, but yes anyway” he smiled softly and you let out a chuckle, quickly closing the gap with him and wrapping your arms around him.

You pulled away and saw that his eyes were focused on something else behind you - someone else in fact.

“Uh Cas-” you started speaking, glancing between him and your boyfriend, but Castiel cut you off.

“(Y/n), can you please leave us alone for a while?” he asked, voice stern and eyes focused on Dean all the time.

“I uh-” you let out a sigh “Yeah, sure”

You glanced at Dean reluctantly and exited the room, closing the door behind you.

“Look Cas-” Dean started speaking only to be cut off by Castiel taking hold of the hem of his shirt and lifting him, slamming him against the wall.

“Whoa whoa hey, Cas, no man. No. Listen man. Just hear me out” Dean tried to calm him down.

“No, you hear me out Dean Winchester” Castiel said gritting his teeth, the fierce look in his eyes made Dean shudder. There were a few times that he had to see this look directed at him, many more directed at others, but every time he felt himself shudder in the most unpleasant way.

That is my sister” he pointed to the way you had left from “And if you so much as dare to do something that will hurt her then be sure that I’m not going to let it go by”

“Cas, you know I wouldn’t” Dean chocked out “Her and I are together, Cas. We are together and I- you know how I feel about her. I would never hurt her”

“I know how you feel about her, I always have but if you so much as do anything to harm her or anything not proper then, as you would say, I’m going to hunt down your ass and make sure you pay for it in the most painful way.” he said with narrowed eyes, glaring at him.

He let go of Dean and the hunter stumbled back as he tried to gain his balance.

“Cas, she’s a grown woman” Dean tried to reason him only for Castiel to narrow his eyes at him.

“That does not mean anything Dean. You-” he pointed a finger at him “-are not going to make her do anything she doesn’t want to, you hear me?”

“Fine fine” Dean raised his hands in fake surrender “Not that she didn’t want it anyway” he mumbled under his breath.

“Listen, I care about her Cas. A lot.” Dean cleared his throat “I would never hurt her or force her into anything. I will just do my best to make her happy. I know that I don’t deserve her and honestly I don’t know how I got so lucky but- know that I will do all that I can to not screw this up”

Castiel was reluctant but finally let a smile rest on his face, and gave Dean a small nod.

“I know that you will take care of her Dean.” he said putting a hand on his shoulder and Dean smiled as well.

“Just like I hope you know that I’m going to throw you back in the pit if something happens to her” Castiel said with a smile and Dean let out a chuckle.

“I know, Cas. I know”

Through a feminist lens: Disney Channel's "K.C. Undercover"

In case you were wondering, the reason why you probably haven’t heard of K.C. Undercover is because it’s the newest show on…Disney Channel. Why, you may ask, am I reviewing a show on Disney Channel? Do I - dare I say it - watch Disney Channel?! In one word, yes. It’s a problem. But that’s a conversation for another day.

I’ve taken a particular interest in K.C. due to it being not only a show with a female lead who (literally) kicks butt, but also the only Disney show centered on a family of color since Wizards of Waverly Place and the only Disney show centered on a black family since That’s So Raven. Though the pilot hasn’t officially aired, I was able to watch it early on the Watch Disney app (yep, I have that on my iPhone; no shame). So, without further ado, here are some of my thoughts on the K.C. pilot.

Yes, that’s Zendaya. If you haven’t listened to her debut album, DO IT.

Black representation

To my surprise, K.C. isn’t riddled with stereotypes about black families (unlike every Tyler Perry comedy). The family is upper-middle-class, made up of two employed parents, a mother and father, both accountants; an older daughter; and a younger son - in other words, pretty much like every other (cough cough white) family on Disney Channel. Well, except that they’re secretly spies. NBD. Most of all, I’m happy that the predominantly privileged, white producers over at Disney Channel didn’t try to incorporate their strange interpretation of “urban slang” into the script.

K.C., the daughter, attends a predominantly white high school, but that hasn’t been dealt with explicitly yet. In the first episode, the only POC outside of her family with whom she has prolonged interaction is a rival black male teen spy. They find themselves instantly attracted to each other, which makes me wonder if Disney decided to choose a black character for K.C.’s first love interest in order to further diversify the cast, or if they assumed that of course a black girl would be attracted to a black guy. In any case, black women on TV are often romantically paired with white men (Annalise and Sam in How to Get Away with Murder, Olivia and Fitz in Scandal, etc.), and it’s great to see Disney creating black characters outside of K.C.’s immediate family.

This is the rival spy. Sadly, we probably won’t see too much more of him.

Feminism & gender stereotypes

K.C.’s parents invite her to join their spy missions because she’s a frickin’ genius. Actually, though. She’s a perfect student, does robotics for fun, and apparently fitted her family’s house with solar panels. The fact that Disney made K.C. a girl in STEM is the coolest thing ever, IMO; if anyone needs an extra push into math and science, it’s the preteen girls watching Disney Channel.

Oh, and did I mention that K.C. is a black belt in karate? The show opens with an epic showdown between her and an adult spy dude, and obviously she kicks his ass…in a sexy evening gown and heels, no less.

Basically, K.C. is Disney Channel’s best female role model: brave, super good at math, physically tough, and hella assertive.

Whoops, time to run - gotta go be a supermodelsuperspy. 

On the other hand, K.C.’s best friend Marisa is her polar opposite: a super party girl who does badly in school and cares only about boys and clothes. (This isn’t a surprise; Disney Channel is riddled with girls like this.) The show’s heteronormativity issues start with Marisa, who tries desperately to get K.C. to act more like a stereotypical girl. When K.C. finally decides to attend a school dance (secretly because she needs to spy on the hot teen spy dude), Marisa grabs a bunch of dresses and cries, “It’s a girl!”, as if a) girls need to be interested in feminine pursuits like fashion, and b) ONLY girls can get excited for dressing up. However, K.C. basically rolls her eyes at this reaction, encouraging the audience to do the same.

Nerdy vs. popular

Traditionally, Disney Channel has treated academically-motivated kids with disdain. If a character studies hard and gets stellar grades, they’re usually ridiculed by their peers (see Farkle and his nerd buddies in Girl Meets World, Ravi in Jessie, and Kevin Covais’ character on Good Luck Charlie, just to name a few examples). Fortunately, Disney flips the script in K.C. - even though K.C. can be socially awkward like most Disney nerds, she gains confidence in herself and learns how to embrace her inner goddess, attracting her crush, making the “popular” girls jealous with her beauty, and breaking into an impressive tango routine at the school dance.

Yep, this what Disney Channel nerds usually look like. Nice sweater, bro.

Marisa, the kind of character who we’re supposed to look up to on Disney Channel shows, instead comes across as pretty silly. (Disney REALLY wants make this idea blatantly clear for viewers, even giving Marisa the line, “Studying: bad. Partying: good!”) The one issue I have with the show’s portrayal of Marisa is what I call “slut-shaming lite”: even though you never see her even kissing a guy, and nobody directly calls her out for her boy obsession, it’s obvious that we’re not supposed to take her too seriously. In one scene, she comes into a room with a guy for some “alone time,” and once she sees K.C. and the other teen spy in the room, she leaves to give them privacy, prompting the spy dude to joke that Marisa must not be very good at school. Why, spy dude? Are girls not allowed to party and be smart, huh?!

Weight & disability

When K.C. is in the school cafeteria, she sits next to a fat girl in a wheelchair who’s sitting alone, assuming that the girl is probably lonely. Suddenly, a bunch of the “popular” girls storm in and sit with the girl, who had been reserving their seats, and the girl starts bitching out K.C. for stereotyping people with disabilities. In one fell swoop, Disney Channel tackles the pervasive assumptions that kids who are fat and/or have a disability are outcasts and that all people with disabilities are “nice.” Even though typecasting the overweight girl as the brassy/sassy fat chick - popularized in contemporary film by Rebel Wilson & Melissa McCarthy - was a little disappointing, the show’s representation (and humanization!) of people with disabilities made my heart swell three sizes (too late for a Christmas reference?).


Aaaaaand that’s it. Usually I wouldn’t recommend Disney Channel shows to anyone (seriously), but so far, K.C. Undercover is pretty entertaining, and it’s exactly what the current white-washed Disney Channel needs. I’m not sure if the show will have staying power, since the writing and plot aren’t spectacular, but honestly, as long as it outlasts goddamn Dog with a Blog, I’ll be happy.

P.S. The (awesome) theme song for the show should drop on January 15. You can check out a preview of it in the show’s promo.

Exo: Variety is Variety

Part 2       Part 3

(Request from Jay)

“Weekly Idol!” yelled the two hosts with the usual gesture.  You watch from the sidelines waiting for your cue.  I can’t believe I’m finally here.

“Today, we’re going to continue our program where we have not just one guest but two.  In case you don’t know, a lot of fans are very interested in how idols act around people of the opposite gender.  Therefore, the producers got together and decided that for the next two months we are going to be one girl group and one boy group coming in together.  Won’t that be interesting?”  Hyung-Don began.

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Milex AU. No warnings. Very long. For letmewelcomeonstage, florakinesis

and my-name-is-blurry–face


The big bang

“It’s just a second!”

Matt takes the big sleeve of Alex’s stripped hoodie and tugs it for him to follow. The way between high heels and dirty converses is complicated; you aren’t completely aware yet, and you are already stepping on someone, and you have the tall blonde spitting soda between complains about how you fucking lanky kid stepped on her foot.

“Why? What for?” Alex is bumping against shoulders and tripping over some unknown feet, he is careful not to drop his coke cup, though. It would be such a tragedy…

“Do you remember that tall lad from the other high? The one near the hills?” Matt nearly shouts into Alex’s right ear, then he rises his head from the crowd, chasing.

“The one with the ugly uniform?” Alex mutters, knitting his brows. His voice is husky from shouting and drinking too much iced coke. Mostly iced coke.

“Yeah!” laughs Matt whilst making an empty space for them to walk through. “He is here”

Alex knits his brows once again, confused as he does not know how that even concerns him. He uses a little pause from their little and agitated trip to give a big gulp from his now third red cup of iced coke and looks around; it smells like pig, the music is loud, there are couples nearly having sex and some other dudes doing weird stuff with chips and soda. It was a fucking school dance, no one was allowed to drink alcohol yet.

Alex sighs.

They stop walking when Matt approaches a girl with pixie cut and pretty much a pixie face. Button nose, big eyes and all.

“I’ve got him a companion” Matt takes Alex’s wrist, bringing him closer to the girl and him and he does nothing but trigger Alex’s nerves. “So he will not be left alone”

Something on Alex’s head clicks, forcing a gasp, a deadly look and a rather strong nudge directed to Matts right side. Matt bursts out into cynic laughter and stands next to the girl. “Ah, Alex, is just for tonight! You will get along with him very quickly!”

Alex sends a quick glance over the tall, skinny boy, and he feels him doing the same. Matt puts his hands on the girl’s shoulders, she turns to her friend smiling widely “Ah, Mi, you’ll get along with him! He looks nice and oh! I forgot!” she gives Alex her hand for him to shake it and he does so, all confused “I’m Breana, Matt’s… friend”

Matt mouths a “not for long” and winks, making the other boy roll his eyes. She continues “It’s just tonight, yeah?”

The loud music gets even louder when the three of them look towards the silent guy waiting for an answer. He rolls his eyes, fixes his long fringe and sips from his own cup. Then, in a very smooth voice, he mutters:

“He looks like a prick”

There is a gap of silence and then a laugh from Matt. Alex’s cheeks turn red and he gets over the anxiety and nervousness he has to answer to the insult with a high pitched “I heard you!”

Very smart, but not smart enough.

The skinny guy gives him the back and looks over his shoulder, in a presumptuous gesture and flashes a grin at him. “That was my plan”

“He is nice” Matt adds, sweat running from his forehead; It is getting really hot there “It is just how his face falls” Alex prefers not to speak anymore so he just kind of… scatters himself in one of the nearest seats and folds his arms in front of his chest.

“Awh, just look at him! Please, Miles!” Breana pleads, making her best puppy face along with Matt “We just want to dance, you know how many times we get to see each other? Like j-!”

“FINE. FINE, get going, damn it! I´ll take care of the deer” Miles states, making both Matt and Breana laugh and hurriedly run to the dancefloor.

Alex observes him slightly annoyed and a bit amused. He eyes him with up and down, careful not to be caught doing so, but he fails, because the next thing in his vision is a pair of very long and thin legs approaching him and hears a very smooth voice saying “What are you staring at, kid?” to which he, in a very smart display of cockiness, replays “Nothing, you have nothing interesting”

Miles sits next to him, and Alex feels proud of himself for being so sassy, oh god, it was painful to see.

“Name’s Miles, by the way, looks like I have to be your babysitter for the night” Miles speaks loudly due to the lack of silence of the big room and Alex rolls his eyes as he drinks coke. The song ends and now there is a loud bass line and some guitars. Alex bounces both of his legs and bites his nails.

“I’m fifteen, not five” he says.

“…What do you mean you are older than me?”

“How old?”

“A year”

Alex chuckles “So who’s gonna babysit who?”

Miles opens his mouth to complain but Alex is faster than him and closes his eyes as he screams the lyrics of the song that is now playing. He jumps from the seat and runs towards the crowd, suddenly not giving a shit about anything and just swaying his hips whilst being swallowed by the jumping and yelling group of over excited teenagers.

Miles just stares at him, not in a way you’d look at something weird or upsetting. He knits his brows, eyeing everything with eyes half lidded, and sighs as he takes a sip of the coke Alex left behind to go dance like a monkey with the people. He can’t really blame the kid for being so jumpy all of a sudden if the song is actually that catchy…

And cold, you are so cold, you are so cold, you are so cooooold!” They all sing, not even a single person is not having a good time screaming to the top of their lungs. The riff of the song comes up and Alex does a flip-thing that makes him look directly towards Miles, his face turning red and blue and pink and yellow as the flashing lights hit him.

When Alex smiles and waves at him then makes a gesture for him to go with them…

…Something clicks on Miles’ head. Something explodes there, and here, and he smirks unconsciously. Miles has to make a decision here: throwing all his cool and see what could happen, or just bury himself further on the seat.

“Ah fuck it”

And that’s how it all starts.


The blessed

Miles bedroom is always warm no matter what. And when it’s all cloudy and cold outside, even more.

Alex is asleep face upward and stretched on the bed whilst Miles is on the computer. It has been cloudy almost all afternoon but not even a raindrop has fallen. That’s kind of rude, to be honest. However they don’t care about going outside too much; it is exam season and the tiny part of free time they have is expended sleeping.

Miles never complains, though.

When Alex breathes, the bed creaks slightly and the sound results oddly relaxing to Miles. It’s good, he supposes, the thin light of the lamp, the snores, the creak… and it could have kept like that if it weren’t for a sudden tingle, some meows and a chocked groan followed by a coughing fit.

Miles turns to see Alex with wide eyes, sitting and with a kitty on his lap.

“Did Bell woke you up?” Miles says grinning, enjoying the sight of Alex all red and surprised.

“Yeah she did, the little rascal”

Miles chuckles “Why did you coughed though?”

Alex’s sleepy gaze locks up with Miles’ and he smiles “She tripped over my fuckin’ chest and I…” he gestures to illustrate himself “I kind of inhaled her fur? I don’t know…” he smiles at the kitty, making silly faces and lying on the bed again.

Miles laughs and goes back to work. “Bell’s a little naughty girl, aint ya?” Alex purrs, whilst playing with the cat.

“Naughty” repeats Miles “it sounds weird when you say it”


“I dunno”

They both are in silence now, focused on homework and the cat, respectively.

Minutes after, Alex laughs and mutters “She licked her paw and then he patted my nose”

“So?” Miles doesn’t even look at him, immersed on the little screen trying to beat that boss ass.

“Dunno…” Alex answers “can we go outside?”

“If you want”

They both walk the stairs and go out the house, Alex with Bell on his shoulder, and when they aren’t even completely on the sidewalk, the first raindrop falls on the tip of Alex’s nose, making Bell jump and run inside again.

“What does this mean?” he asks Miles, surprised, and the other lad just shrugs

“Bell blessed you” and they look at each other “perhaps”

And they spend the afternoon looking the rain falling from the porch of Miles’ house.







“Are you fuckin mad? Jones won!”

They both sit on the bench of the park in front of Alex’s high, Miles pulls out his cellphone and looks for the complete video of the fight.

“Okay let’s see. If Jones won, you have to dye your hair green for a week, if Matt won, I have to do it”

“But pink”

Miles nods “Pink will be”

They shake hands and Miles presses play.

Minutes after, Alex has to go with him looking for a Manic Panic green dye.



“Hey Mi”


Miles and Alex are on another party; this time a more intimate and indie party.  It is inside someone’s house near Miles’ school, and they are there because Breana invited them. Nobody cares about their age, there is booze to give and take and loud speakers everywhere playing some Justice Moment hit.

Alex’s hair had grew over his ears and Miles has an earring and they are nearly lying completely on the red sofa of the living room, surrounded by people they don’t even know but they don’t care about it, just Miles, Alex, Nick and Matt. Breanna with her friends and Jamie slipping between the legs of some pretty bird he just found.

“Wanna hear a joke?” Alex is clearly fucking wasted, even though he hardly drank two cans of shitty beer.


“Okay this one goes…” he burps and straightens himself “okay what’s the di… what’s the difference between a blonde and a mosquito?” he swallows his beer and throws the can.

“… I don’t know” Miles feels dizzy and just buries himself further on the settee; When he gets drunk he is the kind of drunk that gets annoyed and silent and just want to go home or flip shit up. Maybe both.

“One stops sucking when you slap it!”

“Oh my god” That’s the only thing Miles can say in an angry tone before a short and very fucking mad blonde destroys the shit out of Alex’s face in a catastrophic slap that makes everyone around turn to see what happened.


Her fault

“What the Fuck?!”

Miles sits next to Matt on the cafeteria’s table at lunch time. Nick and Alex sit across them and Jamie is still serving himself food.

“Mum did” that’s the only thing Miles can say about the situation.

“You asked your mum to move schools for what reason?” Nick laughs.

“I didn’t ask her to do it! It was Miss Turner’s fault! She told my mum about this school and she made me move!”

Alex remains silent the whole conversation, concentrated on his cheesecake and avoiding any contact with Miles.

But Miles do notice, he notices the permanent little grin on his face.


Inside Joke

Matt heads up to Alex and Miles whom are sitting on a bench cross legged and facing each other. Between them, there is big bag of gum, candies and chewing gum and other sweets they sure as hell stole the night before, on Halloween.

“Aren’t you guys a little old for candies?” Mutters Matt, smirking.

Alex giggles as he rests his head on his palm, elbow on his knee “there is no age for candies, mate”

“Candies are forever” Alex exclaims on a happy tone

“Candies are forever!” Yells Miles, in response, rising his fist and giggling.

Matt looks at Miles, then at the bag and at Alex “okay what the fuck are you guys on?” he digs his hand on the bag, taking a fistful of sweets “Are these drugs?”

Miles makes a gesture, inviting Matt to give a taste to one of them, so he does.

Alex smirks “I don’t think you get the idea of what a candy is”

Miles uncrosses his legs and sits straight, facing forward. “What are candies for then?”

“Not for stealing them” Miles snarls, a little pissed ad the childish and kind of weird attitude of the two boys.

“That’s what the old lady said!”

There’s is an obnoxious laugh from Alex and matt decides to just leave the pair of losers alone, not before grabbing the bunch of candies: whatever they were taking, he wants some.



Fist, punch, kick and run. Fist, kick, moan and blood.

Alex’s jaw hangs open after noticing his blood scattering on the floor and running from his nose and into his mouth. He says nothing and starts running toward Miles who struggles with himself; he can’t find balance over his own feet.

And there they are, fighting. Fucking fighting.

And the best fucking part is that… they don’t even remember why it started, but it’s too late to stop and think about. They are too busy trying to make each other ear their fists.

They roll on the grass, and Miles scratches his hip on the process, nearly screaming for the pain and despair and anger and Alex sits on top of him when they stop, abruptly hitting him with all the strength he has.

“FUCK OFF!!” yells Miles, followed by a string of muttered curses and a groan of pure anger. He pulls the, now very long, hair of his friend and manages to escape from behind him,   now he is on top, still pulling and tugging at his hair.

Alex doesn’t even try to mutter a single word. Instead he focuses on trying to stop him from ripping off his hair from the scalp. The brunette digs his nails on the pale wrist over his head, breathing heavily and feeling himself sweat. It is ridiculous, Alex thinks, how stupidly impulsive Miles is when drunk and angry. Miles pulls harder making Alex hiss and try to scape but he knows that any sudden movement would be catastrophic for him or his hair’s integrity.

“She owe you nothin’…” He mutters, with gritted teeth and eyes closed shut, nails still hurting the pale wrist. He continues, all out of breath, feeling the anger burning his chest “Let me go, mate, you are not being yourself”

And, oh man, how right he is. And Miles slaps him to shut him up.

“Shut THE FUCK UP” Miles spits, but this time Alex reacts quickly and with a rock solid fist, he hits him square in the jaw. Miles stumps with his own feet and falls to the ground, that’s the exact moment in which the ugly and blurry memory of exactly what happened before, in that shitty party they went together. It was ridiculous, really. Just the thought of it makes Alex’s blood boil.

Long story short, there was this one bird Miles have been eyeing since a long time, from school. She was at the party, and obviously, drunk beyond repair. She did her moves, making everything so puzzled for Miles, everything being hints, subtle smiles, constant babbling and toothy grins…

But she did not meant to do that. She was wasted. And the moment of the revelation came, when Miles tried to get physical contact in one of the dark corners of the place, but oh man, bad news.

She refused, and he tried to get her to do it. A friend of hers ran towards him and Alex had to put himself in danger to get his ass out, safe and sound. But we’ve said it already, Miles is a strange kind of drunk…

However, Miles started yelling, yelling leads to arguing, ad arguing to fighting.

And okay, you could easily deduce the rest of the story.

Alex feels the jolts of the rage beginning to burn on his cheeks. Miles is fucking scattered on the grass of the park, completely destroyed and lying face down. His shirt is dirty and full of stains of something that neither of them identifies, but the shorter one doesn’t give less of a shit about everything. He is just so mad at Miles, dear God! Everything is just exploding inside of him, everything is burning, his sweat is sticking to his skin and it feels so uncomfortable.

Alex then, screams.


Alex yells again then, desperate, and nothing in particular. He grabs his hair, walking in circles now that he’s standing. He ponders the option of hitting Miles once again, but what good would that make?

Finally, Alex just opts for sitting on the grass and recover his breath.

However, he loses it again at the sound of something.

A sob.

“Are you kidding…?” Mutters Alex, eyes wide open, legs slowly bending. He looks like a scared deer.

He isn’t ready for this. Sure, Miles and he had fought before but never as rough and as angry as this one encounter was, and they were never alone. There was always Matt, and Jamie to act as mediators and prevent them from killing each other but it wasn’t a big deal; they always reconciled after a word of two. But something in the air is just… wrong.

Another sob and then there is despair and confusion.

“I’m so sorry”


“I’m sorry, Alex”

The way Miles reincorporates from lying face down on the grass to a sitting position facing Alex is nearly creepy, but no one can really blame him; drunk and hurt is no joke. The older lad cannot see his face, though, because Miles manages to hide it through a thick curtain of fringe.

Alex tries to voice some kind of answer but he chokes on his own ideas, as usual. Miles rises his hand up to his chin as scratches it, before moving it up to his forehead and finally revealing his red, bloody face. Alex nearly has a heart attack.

“Oh, Miles…” Alex murmurs “D-don’t be…”

Miles crosses his legs and rubs his hands against his face, resting the elbows on his knees. Alex looks at him, expectant, he digs his fingers on the dirt to prevent himself from biting his dirty nails, feeling a hole starting to slowly consume his insides.

The wind rises a few dried leaves and the dark night gets colder when Miles decides is time to finally articulate some words.

Alex wishes he did not.

With a lot of visible struggle, and a very husky voice, he mutters “ ‘ave you ever… like-” Alex looks at him “ ’ave you ever felt alone even though you are surrounded by people?” and then he shuts up, biting his lower lip and gazing down.

Time stops.

Ale swears his breath is abruptly sucked from his lungs; a cold wave replacing the heat in matter of just brief moments, it feels like his chest and abdomen are made out of paper and a hand is placed on the very center of if, scrunching it and clenching it and it all happens so fast… he only manages to let out a strangled “Yes…”

Miles, then, all dazed, wipes his nose with the back of the hand and closes his eyes, head spinning. A tear runs across his face faster than he’d think it would do. It was clearly a tear he was forcing himself to retain for a lot of time, perhaps. Alex chokes at the sight of it.

“Stop cryin’” He mutters “Don’t…” continues babbling, baffled, perturbed, every tiny bit of range leaving his still body and leaving instead a path of coldness and weakness. With shaky limbs, he reaches for Miles’ hand. His hearth, however, does a flip when he gets the sensation of Miles’ slim fingers wrapping themselves around his own and squeezing them with all the strength he has at the moment.

“Are you real?”

The older brunette opens his eyes wide and lowers his head so the fringe covers his watering eyes. He feels so bad, and blames his ridiculously hyper sensitive empathy towards every person he has a thick bound with. However, this exact situation aches more than anything he could think of, of anything he felt before, so, due to the lack of experience of this sort of thing, he does not know what the fuck he has to fucking do.

So, for a good three seconds, he just stares at the mess that has become of the both of them; Alex takes a dip in the gap of silence between quiet sobs and a cricket noise on the distance. Miles looks tiny, and Alex reminds himself ‘oh, he’s drunk’ but that only makes things worse: it means that’s how Miles truly feels.

Alex then, all dazed, babbles “I am”

There is a particularly loud whimper from Miles and a sob, more and more tears running down his face, falling on his swollen lip and washing away the dirt and dried blood. Alex has an urge to grab his hand and wipe his salty tears with his own thumbs, to make him stand and hug him and he feels so confused because he never ever had felt before such an urge. Alex then, experiments the familiar tickling on his cheeks as the heavy, pulsing knot on his throat appears.

Knitting his brows, Alex lets himself cry.

“This is gettin’ ridiculous” he mutters, covering his eyes with the right forearm and tilting his head back, facing the night sky “Come on, you ‘ave to get a shower”

Alex might seem okay as he walks with Miles over his shoulders, the taller one laughing his ass off about whatever the alcohol is making him feel, but deep inside, his hearth hammers.

“You are so, so stupid, I’m never lettin’ you drink ever again”



When laying on the roof of the apartment building Miles lives, every problem seems far away; as if the stress from school, previous fights, familiar issues and the constant anxiety Alex suffers is just sucked out of their lives. So they try to go there every chance they get.

“You sure your mum won’t get mad at us for sleepin’ ‘ere?” Alex inquires, folded arms resting over the edge of the roof. The cold wind of the late afternoon hitting his face and moving his –now shorter- hair.

“Yeah, as long as we ‘ead inside as soon as the sun rises. Y’know, the guard does inspection every third day and tomorrow’s one of those days”

“Ah” and they shut up for a moment before a Miles says “Well, we have it all ready, let’s get dinner!”

When Alex turns to see him, he is lying cross legged on a mess made out of cushions, pillows and duvets on the floor of the roof. Over the covers and next to the soft bed thing there’s a lot of chocolate and some candies and behind Miles stands his phone attached to a handy speaker the size of a small shoe box. Alex sits next to him.

“Tonight’s gonna be full moon” he says casually as he lays on his palms and takes a bit of his bar. Miles takes a minute to put a song on his phone before answering, quite distracted “Yeah, lucky us that I’ve garlic and that wood stick for emergencies…”

Alex lowers himself and rests his weight over his forearms. Then he rises an eyebrow “Those are vampires, you idiot”

Miles switches his gaze from the phone to Alex and back, taking another tiny bite of his own bar. “I don’t give a fuck”

Alex rolls his eyes at him.

Finally, seconds after, the night finally dyes the Sky blue and the stars start shining above, and with that, the cold intensifies. The older brunette shifts until he’s covered nose-length with the cover and takes a minute to appreciate the sky above him and ponder his life and what’s he doing at the moment. Alex wonders if he has homework to do, or places to be on the next days… or if he has some chore undone back in home… he comes to the resolution that he’s free but the cringe sensation on his chest he just had seconds ago is not leaving. Is not leaving and he is starting to feel annoyed. Suddenly, Alex kicks the duvet so harshly off of his body it makes Miles jump in surprise.

“Shit, Al. You okay?” Miles looks a little worried at him. “What is it?”

Alex takes a deep breath “Nothin’…”

Miles is having none of that “… the usual?”

Alex bites his lips and nods. Miles expression softens as he pulls him closer and wraps an arm around his shoulders.

“Aw, man. Try not to think about… well… stuff” he laughs, patting his shoulder “ I brought your ‘ere cause you told me you feel like your head is less heavy and that” he smiles at Alex.

Alex stares.

“So, let’s try to enjoy the moment, shall we?”

Oh no.

Oh no.

There is something on his voice, it could be whatever. Blame the night, or the light or that fucking song on the background. Could be the smell of chocolate, or the smile on his face. It could be whatever. Anything. The idea of finding whatever thing that pulled the trigger to the sensation is quickly suppressed and promptly switched for a wave of new thoughts all popping at the same time on Alex’s disheveled head. His eyes can’t focus on something concrete, instead he looks at the ground, then at the side but never at Miles, as if suddenly, Miles were a light impossible of looking directly.

“Yeah” he mutters, and then closes his lips again and starts sucking on them anxiously as he and Miles bot go back to a lying position next to the other.

“Mi?” Alex calls, almost not recognizing himself saying those two letters because the very moment feels less and less real by every exhalation. “What is your worst habit?”

Miles chuckles and sighs.

“I dunno, let me think”

Alex swallows and focus on the sky.

“…I think… I think mine is dancing naked or something to do with no wearin’ any clothes” he says with a side smile, folding his arms under his head and closing his eyes as the breeze rises. Alex silently cusses.

Miles adds “What do you think is your weirdest habit?”

Alex shifts until he is facing Miles whilst lying on his side and he feels the air of his lungs being sucked out as he catches the image, the context of the situation, the missing pieces and the drumming of his insides as his face begins to burn just when he fixes his eyes on Miles. It feels like everything is working at maximum capacity, making it hard to breathe. It all happens in a second.

Then, suddenly, Miles turns to face him too, and their eyes lock for a moment. Miles stops smiling and Alex feels weird. They stare at each other for about a minute before Alex finally closes his eyes, and in a low voice, starts babbling:

“Not sleeping on my sides”

Miles knits his brows at the answer.


Alex is more asleep than awake now, so he is just slurring words. “Don’t like to listen to my ‘eart on my ears for nothin’ at night… You know, when y’ press your ear against something… you can hear the beat and I don’t like listenin’ to it when I know is not good…”

Miles takes a moment to process that, then, he mutters next to Alex’s face.

“But you are sleeping onto your sides now…?”

By the moment Miles realizes what had just happened, Alex is completely asleep.


Scratched Knees

“Oi! Al, you little shit” Matt curses under his breath as he almost trips and falls face first on the sand of the beach. All thanks to Alex’s skills to steal the ball. It’s a holiday and it’s hotter than usual, so the boys organize a trip to beach and there they are, playing soccer on the sand. Alex then, running toward the goal, trips and falls with his own feet, earning a point to his team and sand on his swimsuit. Matt puts both hands on his waist and says:

“Okay now, let’s just get some rest, Jamie’s gettin’ red as a shrimp!”

They laugh and Alex approaches one of the two cars where he has his stuff and starts looking for his phone. Once he finds it he focuses on his sand covered legs.

“Damn it” He mutters, patting his thighs to get rid of the sand on them. Miles approaches him.

“Found my glasses!” he says, and points at himself with both thumbs when Alex looks at him.

“Can I call you Lennon now?” He asks, scrunching his nose and half closing his eyes because of the sun creeping from Miles direction. Miles snickers.

“You can call me anything you want, love”

They get silent for a moment.

Miles looks away and then at Alex again; he looks at the reddening skin on his neck and bites his lip, already feeling the thrilling sensation on his stomach. Miles slowly rises his hand and slaps the sun burnt skin on Alex neck rough enough to make him yelp and almost drop his phone, feeling the sting on the hurt place.

“OW YOU…!” but he is left open mouthed as Miles is giggling and running away from him.

Alex drops his phone back on the car and runs too. He yells “I’m gonna get you, you bastard!”

“As if!” Miles shouts back, gaining speed. “Race you to the dock!”

Ales smiles at the invitation and Miles gets lowers his pace to make Alex get with him. Once they are at the same point of the beach, Miles draws a line in front of them with a stick and writes ‘Start’ above the line.

“Okay, the first one to get to the dock wins”

“What’s the price?” Asks Alex, a little concerned about his breathing as he notices the distance between the start and the old wood dock. Miles adjusts his round specs on top of his nose and makes a funny face at Alex.

“You’ll know”

Alex takes a hint of the old Miles. The one he knew several months ago in that shitty party. His presumptuous style and his mod-ish clothes too tight for his own liking, his thick accent, his cat-like mouth… When he realizes what is happening, Miles has already yelled ‘Now!’

Alex runs behind Miles with his hearth pounding hardly against his chest. Suddenly he feels hyper aware of his own breathing and starts running unconsciously, focusing entirely on stopping Miles from winning so he does. He grabs onto Miles’ shorts and lowers them a little as they run almost at the same speed and distance. Miles laughs loudly and slaps Alex’s hand out of his body whilst he tries to make him stumble by pushing him to the side and behind him. Miles takes none of that and plays as dirty as he is playing, pulling Alex to make him fall ass first on the sand but however that does not work and end up with both of them on the floor wriggling and trying to recover to get on the dang dock before the other.

Alex screams laughing his ass off when Miles gains speed and trips with a rock a few meters from him, and there Miles moans quietly for the pain on his knee. Alex laughs become more and more sweet, starting off as obnoxious, more air than actual laugh, and they end up being so childlike… Miles does not resist the urge to go back and help Alex get up from the sand just to hear more of that hearth melting laugh.

“Oh, I’m fine, by the way, thanks for asking” Miles blurts out, more joking than actually being mad. The sun is melting away in the horizon, taking a dip in the water and dying everything of golden and pinky colors. The light of the sun reflects on them and makes Alex skin glow. He is lying on his stomach trying to muffle his giggles and rolls over to see Miles. Alex tries to maintain a serious face as he babbles with difficulty something about how funny Miles’ face looked when he tripped, and the taller one just blushes telling him to shut up. Everything seems to be alright until Miles finds Alex staring intensely at his face, making eye contact almost instantly and for Miles it feels like something had just pinched inside his chest and a lightning stroke is expanding through it, as intense as it feels, and as fast as it comes it fades away, leaving Miles cheeks burning and his legs trembling.

He snaps out of it in order to walk with Alex to the dock at slow pace.

Miles remembers that one time he got his ear pierced. He had to bite a pencil and then he cursed so loud the girl that pierced him had to slap his leg and Matt and Alex laughed their asses off in front of him, or that one time they tried skating and Alex broke his tooth… everything was just too funny to just let those moment go away and disappear on his mind. By the time he realizes that he and Alex are already on the verge of the dock.

“This smells like fish” Alex comments, sitting on the edge and letting his legs hanging.

Miles takes a moment to sit and answers after “That’s because people tend to fish ‘ere”

“Well I’ve never seen a single fish in ‘ere” Miles rests on his elbows and lets Alex keep going “Maybe they fished them all” he finishes, extending his hand and closing it, making it appear as if it was some kind of trap.

“Don’t be stupid Alex!” Miles giggles “That’s impossible. The sea’s so big science people know more about fuckin’ Mars than the sea depts.”

The face Alex makes is by far, the funniest Miles had ever seen.

“fuckin’ ‘ell, who am I”

Miles slaps Alex on his thigh “Oh shut up! No need to have a mental breakdown over it. Read some books, get strong, and prepare yourself for more facts about the sea and that. Like me… I’m a manly man… plenty of books and a can of beer a day… and that” he babbles, eventually lying on his back whilst talking, his round specs firmly in place.

“Miles what the fuck are yo…-“He interrupts himself mid-sentence and sighs “What re we even…-“

“Shut up, just come here. It’s getting dark” Invites Miles.

Half an hour later, the sun is completely gone and the moon is shining above them. Besides that, the only source of light is the light of Miles phone over Alex’s belly.

“Miles, have you ever been like… looking in front of the mirror and be like who’s that, that’s not me…?”

Miles look at Alex, still with his glasses on and his gaze wanders over his perfectly lined nose and neat but yet not fully defined jawline and thinks of the fantastic continuation they make in order to give him such a precious facial structure. He nods.

“… Remember when we fought that one time? You ‘ad your hair so long I could braid it” Miles murmurs after a while. Alex shuffles a little.

“Yeah. It was horrible”

“I know. I think you broke my heart”

Alex frowns.

“Your heart?

Miles quickly stutters “my head”

“Oh. I guess I did, yeah”

“It was very strange. I remember everything being so confusing…” Miles rises his hands to the sky and stretches his fingers “I had this bird and then you punched me and then I did and then I cried and you cried and that fucking cricked just got on my nerves and suddenly everything was just so funny to me…”

Alex listens quietly and breathes slowly as he remembers everything very vividly.

“Thank you for being there, I guess”

Alex turns his face towards Miles.

“Thank you.” He smiles “I really needed a prick to fight with” the both laugh.

“I think I really needed a little hippie kid to get on my nerves sometimes…”

Miles takes the liberty to take Alex’s right hand with both his own, both of them stop breathing.

“Remember that one time when my mum made me move to your school? I secretly got the butterflies because your school was always so cool and did the best events and that shit”

“Not for me, then?”

“Obviously, for you too!” Miles laughs, squeezing his hand and smiling.

“Oh my god!” Alex blurts out “WHEN I DYED MY HAIR GREEN!”

“WHEN YOU DYED YOUR HAIR GREEN HOLY SHIT!” Miles let’s out a fit of giggles and difficultly tries to continue “the face Alexa made when she saw you was so epic! And you’re mum! And Jamie holy fuck!”

By the time, Alex is sitting again and Miles is lying on his back laughing like an idiot, tears forming in his eyes from the laughter.

Alex feels the same sensation of everything speeding up inside him and outside the time gets slower. Miles wriggles trying to calm himself down and keep his cool even though is Alex the one he’s talking with. But Alex feels disappointed when he stops laughing.

“Man… I wish this lasted forever, y’know”


“This… feeling. Emotion, whatever” Miles answers, getting a little serious.

Alex nods “What are you talking about?”

Miles hurriedly straightens himself and takes off his sunglasses, placing them on his head. Hi bites his lips and looks above, then to the sides, and down to the water.

“That feeling I get when we are together… it is hard to describe when there’s people nearby”

They fall silent for a moment before Alex talks again “… well… you can tell me what you feel. As if I’m not ‘ere”

Miles looks at him, cautious. The shuts his eyes and takes a minute to breathe like that.

“I feel like I’m shining. Like everybody is looking at me. I feel like… I’m hanging with the coolest person on the world, and I’m doing the coolest stuff. And talking about the sickest things and just feeling good. And sometimes when I look at you my heart does a floppy thing, but it feels right…”

They shut up for a few seconds.

Alex slowly reacts by putting his cold palm on Miles’ bare chest and feeling his heart, effectively, drumming inside his ribs like crazy.

“You are… feeling fine right now?”

“Oh, Al… I feel as if I were high!” Miles laughs, exhausted by the nerves of Alex’s hand on his chest.

Alex feels strange in a kind of way that only the ones who are in his situation are capable of feeling. His body is comfortably numb and shaky, his head is light, and he feels hot in all the right places and everything is just so warm.

“Yeah, I feel the same, ha” he says, like it was totally normal.

For the hundredth time, they get silent. Nothing happening on the outside but on the inside it was a wild party of sensations and thoughts and jolts and lightnings and beats and drums…

“Did we just…?” Miles starts, making a gesture with his palm.

“We did” Answers Alex.


And as awkward as it is, that’s how it ends. Minutes go by, the flesh breeze of the sea wetting their toes, the moon looking beautiful and the stars shinning. A drunk Matt screaming at the distance.

“We should get going…” mutters Miles, starting to get up. Alex silently agrees.

“Wait” he says

When Miles turns around, first thing he sees is Alex’s face smiling and his hands getting closer to his shoulders.

Alex kisses him.

“Race you back!”

And said that, Alex starts running away from him.

Miles grins and laughs, running too.

“That was cheating!”

“You are too slow!!…”




I don’t know why I’m crying

Good night

WHAT! No, it’s neither insane or bad or stupid!

I really think that sounds good, i actually need to thank you. And sorry not even sorry for more longass ranting ahead. NO i love this so much you don’t know. 

True that they would never be interested in being Gods and never can be (that’s why you may think this is crazy) but when we talk about roles alone, I think in canon their characters fit.

Vegeta is the “creator” to me. His creation game is strong. Of course we don’t talk about him as an evil killer/destroyer of planets. 

He created his opportunities in battle, created all his techniques, created his fights, created his fate, created his self-image, created his life. What he had was a big zero and he went from there, creating everything, from bad to good. He even create his opponents (ALL the big bads) Nothing is given to him. He had this readiness and activeness at wanting to prove himself, finding, learning new things and opening new doors.  He actively rebelled against Frieza without a cause, actively searched for freedom. He worked by himself to be better. He actively searched for Goku, went out of his way to [be better than] Goku, and sought others’ (notably Bulma’s) help when needed himself. In the end, he proved himself to be a responsibility taker, an able and fitting leader, a good father and “older brother”.  I believe if he was given the rights and responsibility to “create” he would do it well enough with help. Creating lives and planets? Definitely plausible. He loved the new life on Earth now.  

What’s more, who wouldn’t like to see  a smart, crazy, fun-loving, hilariously sarcastic nerd full of passion and cute quirks and awkwardness with a cold, cool, “badass” exterior as a God? I imagine he would make a 9000% better, more capable, more interesting God of Creation than those Kais. Look at him loudly criticizing them both old and young.

Goku on the other hand, is the “destroyer” to me. Similarly, we don’t talk about him as a gentle hero, the creator of human happiness and great battles. With Goku it is difficult for me to describe it, but hear me out. 

In contrast to Vegeta, I feel everything non-fighting is given/taught/come to Goku without him readily seeking or creating it : good parents and grandpa, an accidental bump on the head that killed his evil Saiyan ego and would enable him to be a martial artist like no other, good friends, good family, good teachers, good rivals, good training, good everything as well as god-given talents. The thing is, he was never attached to all this enough to care and stay still with them, despite appreciating them and having the ability to make them better. If he had to destroy lives, i bet he’d be just like “k” when he see fit. All he really seek is fighting and power to stand against strong opponents. In fighting, He would destroy his opponent thoroughly by “destroying” his ego aka limit, then move on to the next. I feel he’s just like Beerus minus the hot temper: The childlike chaotic goodness, the appetite, the fighting genius, the mischievousness …The sense of responsibility is also quite lacking in him. He’s so carefree he needs to be yelled at, to be taken care of, to be grounded. He would make a good if not better God of Destruction and Whis - the master, knew it. At least we can trust him not to destroy planets out of entertainment and carelessness. And let’s not forget that even canonically, he’s the best person one would come to when  bad things - that a guy like Vegeta may create - got out of hand. 

Also, the thought of powers that could destroy galaxies coupled with a cool, airheaded lukewarmness, welcoming everyone but not to be attached to anyone inside a warm, happy-go-lucky, smiling gentleman makes Goku the God of Destruction sound more than scary  :o 

Goku and Vegeta’s fighting power is also a factor . The Kaioshins are gods of creation, i guess that’s why their power is JUST enough and nothing to Beerus, who is all about power as well as fighting skills. All the same, Vegeta’s power is JUST enough and limited once he had settled down. Whereas Goku’s is apparently limitless, and DAT OBSESSION with fighting. 

Honestly the more i think about it the more interesting and FITTING this notion gets. Why doesn’t anyone write an AU fanfic about these two gods already. I’m getting giddy imagining the fights, the bickering, the balance they should keep, the Goku sassiness, the stars and dirty fireworks and ballet dance lessons Vegeta can create :D :D :D 


Today’s outfit, Day 804 [actually yesterday but I was too frazzled/exhausted last night to form thoughts]

After spending a day and a half agonizing about whether to dress up or not, we decided to just go for it and we were the only ones dressed up but it was ok because everyone loved it! (lots of compliments from audience and theatre staff, lots of people asking to take photos of/with us, and as previously mentioned the cast members we met were really excited to see us!)
(P.S. my Yitzhak is sophlf428 who just started using tumblr and you should go follow her!)

As for the show itself….I guess I’ll start out by saying that I cried more during it than any other show ever, and everyone else around me was crying too. The crowd was awesome (aside from the really tall really drunk guy directly in front of me who wouldn’t stop moving around in his seat, waving his arms, clapping, standing up at inappropriate times, and just generally being super distracting and blocking my view) and overall it was a really intense and emotional communal experience. As I saw another review say previously- no one was there just because they’d heard it was the current hot Broadway ticket and wanted to check it out, everyone knew exactly what they were getting into and were just as freaked out about it as I was. This was now my third time seeing the show (the other 2 had been with Neil Patrick Harris) but we kept joking in advance that this time it was the “real” Hedwig, and that’s honestly what it felt like. NPH was great as well in his own way, but his performance felt more like a performance, where JCM’s Hedwig literally feels like an actual person standing in front of you telling you her life story.
On one hand, you’d never guess that JCM is 51 years old since his Hedwig looks and sounds just like she did in the movie 14 years ago, but on the other hand, like with Alan’s reprisal as the Cabaret Emcee at 49 after originally playing the role while in his 20s, there’s definitely something different and interesting about Hedwig being that much older and still in the same place, and JCM uses that to his advantage. JCM’s new Hedwig is more weary, jaded, and appropriately angry/empty inside as a result of how her life is turned out as opposed to NPH’s, who seemed to deflect most of her tragedy into being a huge diva. JCM’s delivery is harsher, her comments are meaner, she’s more aggressive towards the audience (sexually as well as just plain angry), and you get the feeling at several points that she doesn’t want to be there. (Like, even just look at the difference between the eyes- NPH looks sad and exhausted, Andrew Rannells looks sassy but also a little sad, Michael C Hall looks angry and menacing, and JCM just looks dead inside)
While NPH flew around the stage jumping and dancing and scaling the walls, JCM is much more cautious and reserved. For example, there was one scene where NPH is standing on top of the car and then jumps down onto the hood in a single impressive bound, but JCM sits on the roof, slides part of the way down the windshield and gets stuck, makes an exasperated face at the audience, and then pushes herself the rest of the way down.
Like, overall I’d say NPH’s Hedwig and JCM’s Hedwig are not the same person, but JCM’s new Hedwig is a present day version of the Hedwig that was in the movie, with that much more time having passed (but telling the same story without it being a sequel), if that makes sense? Unfortunately I can’t speak to Andrew Rannells and Michael C Hall as I haven’t seen them perform, but I’d be interested to hear an analysis on them as well! I will say though, while no one can beat JCM’s Hedwig, I liked NPH’s Tommy better because he seemed to be more of a hyperbolic asshole, while again, JCM’s felt more like a real person…which was interesting in its own way, but not quite as entertaining.
Side note: I couldn’t help noticing that JCM’s wig was both closer to the original design and overall more attractive than what the others had, and I can’t help thinking that was a strategic choice from the start? Another cute thing is that the others had open handprints on the butt of their jumpsuit, but JCM’s had devil horn “rock on” hands.
JCM also fumbled several lines, either tripping up in the middle of a word and starting over, or veering off on some tangent and then a “Wait, what was I talking about?” with a several second pause before continuing with the script. Whether this was an intentional character choice or just a side effect of it only being his second day on the job, it totally worked….because in reality, you know Hedwig would forget some of her lines and be kind of a drunk mess and get so caught up in yelling at people that she’d forget what she was talking about, right?
I think it also adds another unspoken dynamic to the relationship between Hedwig and Yitzhak for JCM to be 51 while Lena Hall is 34, it makes it feel like there’s more of a story there? (By comparison, NPH is 41, Andrew Rannells is 36, and Michael C Hall is 43) There was definitely a more noticeable relationship dynamic between these two- more physicality, more sexual tension, more defensiveness, and a whole new part of the show in which Hedwig steals Yitzhak’s phone and yells at him for having dating apps on it.

I know I’m doing a lot of specific analysis here but I honestly don’t even know how to sum up the experience as a whole…it was really surreal to have one of my all time favorite movies actually happening live in front of me, and I’m not sure it has fully registered in my brain yet that it actually happened. (plus all the cute stage door shenanigans that I already covered last night) I’m already making plans to possibly go again on JCM’s closing night because I am embarrassing and terrible and UGH.

Bottom line though: AMAZING. 20 out of 10, must see. If you love the movie, go. If you saw the show already with one of the previous leads, go again. (in case it wasn’t obvious from the above essay, I found it more interesting seeing what changed from NPH to JCM rather than how JCM held up to his own previous portrayal, so I’m really glad I got to experience both.) Just everyone go see it, it’s 100% worth it.

'Firsts' Larry Stylinson Rec List

All fics are rated explicit and are A03 works.

So Happy New Years guys! Thought id share another rec list of one of my favourite tags (don’t even feel guilty) so i hope you enjoy!

Check out my High School AU rec if you’re interested:)

Any requests? Ask is always open:)

i’ve been in love with love (and the idea of something binding us together) by louisniall

Louis doesn’t pay much attention through dinner, but he does feel Harry pick up his hand and play with his fingers while their mummies drink dark-red liquid from their cups and giggle quite a lot. 
Maybe Louis should be weirded out that this boy his touching his hand, tugging on each of his fingers slowly rubbing his own chubby fingers over them, but it’s somehow soothing and he doesn’t realise that Gemma is watching the whole ordeal until she taps him on the shoulder. 
“That means he likes you,” she states matter-of-factly. “He likes fingers a lot. We don’t know why." 
Harry rubs Louis’ fingers until they fall asleep and Louis’ mum wraps him up in her arms and takes him home. He misses the feeling immediately.

or the another one of those fics that goes through louis and harry’s lives as best friends and then lovers.

Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes 

They couldn’t be more different if they tried. Louis Tomlinson is 17 years old and in his last year of the most prestigious private school in Doncaster. Everyone who attends his school knows him thanks to his incredibly rich family, sassy attitude and gorgeous girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. If there’s one thing that completely annoys him, it’s that there is a poor community college right across the street.

Harry Styles is 19 years old, and (once again) in his last year of college. He goes to community college in Doncaster. He never shows up to classes and if he actually bothers to, he’s either high or drunk; sometimes both. His skin is littered with tattoos and if there’s one thing he absolutely hates, it’s the snobby students attending the private school right across from his.

Or a sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.

time slows down whenever you’re around

harry and louis were each other’s first loves. after breaking up right before high school started, they drifted apart and met different people, but somehow fate brought them back together again and they reconciled as friends. however, fate wasn’t quite finished with them yet.


american high school au. in which louis plays football, harry works in a flower shop, and everyone ships larry.

I met you when I was a teen but then you were one as well 

"Back then, success wasn’t counted in performances but in the sound of Harry’s laughter. Not much had changed in a year, really. Louis is still utterly and ridiculously gone for Harry. ”

Or the canon fic about Harry and Louis’ 2011 ski trip featuring unhealthy amounts of fluff, failed attempts at skiing and their first time.

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