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This is gonna be long, it’s two stories. More of a “fuck business owners”.

So I lost my job this week. My shitty bussing job there I was making far less than minimum wage.
Why was I fired? I misread the schedule sent out the the beginning of the week and missed, for the first time ever, a scheduled shift. When the supervisor called, I was three hours out of town. I dealt with it professionally, offered to talk to the owners, affirmed that it was my mistake and that I was taking steps to ensure it wasn’t one I repeated.

Later that day I get a single text from the owner, saying that since I missed the shift, they were firing me. He claims they have had problems with me before, though they haven’t, unless they’re counting an order mix up in my second or third week while I was still learning policies, when they tried to get me to come in but I didn’t have a phone (and I informed my supervisor of this but it was ignored), or when on an insanely windy day on the boardwalk when a cup with water on the counter was blown off onto the receipt machine. I’ve always proven myself to be a hard working and humble worker but apparently missing one shift was enough to fire me even though they can’t afford to fire anyone.

Things like how I’ve been vocal about how they underpay us (I managed to get all the bussers a 5% tip increase, which I was insanely proud of, and went from making $40 for a 6 hour shift to making upwards of 50-60 a night), and the fact that on nights where it’s particularly loud and crowded I have a hard time keeping up because I’m disabled, make me think theres a chance they could have been looking to fire me for some reason.

I tried to start a conversation with the owner about how I was already working to ensure I didn’t make the same mistakes again etc etc, but I haven’t heard hide or hair from anyone. I have one more $250 bill to make this summer before I’ll be back to having a secure on campus food service job.

Though, it’s not as bad as how I was fired(?) from a certain Massachusetts based creamery franchise. I tell them well in advance that because of school breaks I would be out of state for a month or so. My request for the time off is approved, they’re all super understanding of how being a student means having to travel and go home. I come back, ready to get back into the swing of things. A week or two goes by and I’m not scheduled… but wait nobody is scheduled for my store. I talk to another employee about it and they say “oh, the store is closed for the season and won’t be open till may, since it’s the secondary location.”. Meaning it won’t be open again till I’ve left the state for the summer. Nobody told me this, because there was apparently a staff meeting in the middle of that break about how it was closing. Because they gave me zero notice that I would be loosing my job, I wasn’t able to find a new one for three or four months and all my loan bills had to be taken on by my parents, which to this day I feel sick thinking about.

Nobody from the store ever contacted me again. I even saw my boss at a college event and he just wouldn’t acknowledge me. To my understanding I am still officially on their payroll.

TLDR: I got fired for missing one shift by accident, and in the past I lost my job because they just stopped talking to me.