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am I the only one overwhelmed by the fact that harry & louis grew up less than two hours away from each other? that of all the musicians & tour dates in the world they went to the same concert on the same night for the same musician? & they were both put through over hundreds of thousands of people & out of everyone that got sent away they make up 2 of 5 boys put together & became one of the biggest and most successful music groups in history what kind of creepy ass fated lovers bullshit is this

i’m currently crying… in an uncool way… they’re literally soulmates :’(

The Virus (Extended)

***Logs of the late Admiral Elfre”

Personal log 1. I got accepted into the coalition military only as a simple deck serf my main duties are cleaning the vents of vermin that somehow make it onto the ships and breed. I also run messages, it’s good exercise but most of the officers don’t even look at me, I’ll show them I’ll make admiral in not time.

Personal Log 6. After helping engineer Lopya with the engine after being stuck in dead space for nearly a week I was promoted to bridge officer, I mainly work the coms console but it is a step in the right direction, i cant wait. 

Personal Log 8. One of our explorer ships has found a new planet, this one is apparently unique and has all our scientists really excited. Not sure how it is unique because I always thought every world in the galaxy was unique but apparently this is one is special. My colleagues are talking about nothing else I might actually keep an eye on the com traffic to see what the fuss is about.

Personal Log 9. Well I read some of the com messages ( I know I’m not supposed to but curiosity got the better of me) and this new world everyone is going crazy over is apparently the only world which can truly be classified as a “Dead World”  But life is not only surviving apparently its thriving. They think their might be intelligent life there, even if the air is toxic and the plant life poisonous and Maker only knows what the animal life is like. I shudder to think of what could survive there.

Personal log 13. The explorer team has gone missing, they were researching a new animal that lived in huge hives and it is believed the creatures may have discovered them. Not sure how I thought they were using this new cloaking technology that makes them invisible? Could these creatures see through it?

Personal Log 14. Workload today was insane, more com traffic than ever, our fleet is being redirected. But on the bright side if I make a good impression the captain might put me on course for deck officer level 2? I can only hope.

Personal Log 16. I’m not sure if this is good or not but our fleet has been chosen to search for that research team that went missing, why we should when we are an explorer fleet not a military fleet. I mean, we only have  handful of actual soldiers on each ship, but then orders are orders.

Personal Log 17. I think I may have made a mistake, the captain wanted a coms officer to go and record to rescue and like an idiot I said I’d do it before I truly thought about it. I’m going to a “Dead world” to find people. I want to live long enough to have wife’s and spawns I don’t want to to go somewhere where i might die. Well I can’t back out now, at least Major Jesa gave me a handgun to use in  case.

Personal Log 18. We landed on the planet at the researchers last known location, we found their base, it was hidden inside one of the hills over looking a herd of fluffy animals that made off “Bahhhh” sounds as they saw us. They were not hostile luckily, we assumed they were prey animals, wee went off to complete our mission. We found one of the trackers the researchers use sot hey don’t get lost, it was badly broken so the log could not be accessed, we bagged it kept on.

Personal Log 19 The nights here are cold, really cold. We set up air tight tents so we did not have to sleep in our suits and even with the heaters we were all shivering. Private Getr joked this was worse than the time he fought against some snow like monsters on a world going through an ice age. i could tell he was not joking, i hate this place.

Personal Log 20. Private Getr’s suit was split yesterday, some plant that has spikes cut his suit and he died in moments, he never had a chance to even seal the split. A pair of his comrades volunteer to take him back to the shuttle and off they go, we are three men down. 

Personal Log 21. The rain, so much rain, I mean it’s not unusual for water to fall from the sky but this is just crazy, we all agree not to out today.

Personal Log 22. We saw the natives, or at least what we think are the most dominant natives here. There were three of them, small and running around in one of the fields playing I think, is that playing or were they fighting for dominance? they were quite small and talked to each other in odd clicking noises. Then the older appeared, far larger than their young, they appeared out of the trees not far from us, then one of them started sniffing the air, no way could they smell us could they? We quickly left before we were discovered. But not before we saw the Hive, it was larger than any city I have seen, how many of these creatures were there.

Personal Log 23. Finally some other sign of the research team, an tent, only one but it’s a sign. We call inside but there is no answer, we slowly make our way inside and find what we feared we would.  A body, His skin was the same as privates Getr’s when his suit split, he was holding a note though all it said was. “Run!”

Personal Log 27. Well I’m glad that’s over with and i can get back to my life, that world is now off limits to everyone now and is under strict quarantine level 10. The first planet to get that level. They even named it Kila, apparently it means death in one of languages spoken in the coalition.   

Personal Log 30. Since my mission to Kila I have gain more responsibility and just yesterday they are giving me my own ship!! It’s only a snall support ship with a few hundred crew but I’m excited. Captain Elfre, i like the sound of that.

Captains Log 36. I’M BORED!!!! This support ship gets almost no mission, all we do is patrol and help the larger ships move into formation, I want a bigger ship!!!! Or at least something to break the boredom.

Captains Log 38. A whole quarantine fleet went missing a couple of days ago, I instantly knew which one before i even heard the planets name, it was Kila. By the Maker have they made it off the that planet? More fleet are being directed and we are on standby if we are needed. I have a feeling we will be.

Captains Log 40. We are needed, the fleet is heading to the quarantine Kila zone.

Captains Log 41. The quarantine is breached the creatures have built ships and a lot of them, these hive ships were scanned and found our own technology on board. They are using our warp drives, did they figure out of they were built? How? Are these things sentient? We take up position to bar their path and we simply stare at each other, we send message after message to try and open a dialog but there is no response. Then over all our coms, a noise like screaming, is that Getr? Are they in my head? Only one word is truly heard. Hooman, our enemy has a name.  The Admiral orders us to open fire and we unleash our weapons upon them, huge pulse cannons and missiles with enough yield to scorch a planet. Nearly all miss. How could they miss and those that hit seemed to only cause minimal damage. Wait are..their ships healing themselves? We scramble to reload and open fire again but the Hoomans fore first, we don’t recognize what kind of weapons they are using but they cut right through our armor, the flagship goes down having been hit by three separate enemy ships. The other captains are screaming orders or trying to regain some kind of control, I shout over the coms that I cam taking command and order the retreat. The war against the Hoomans, has begun.

Captains Log 50. The Hoomans are spreading and spreading fast, every engagement is the same, they break into real space, our coms go haywire and our fleet gets wiped out. We need a different strategy.

Captains Log 54. I have been given command of a new battleship, it is to be the new flagship of a invasion force into Hooman space. Our scientist have theorized that the Hoomans work on a hive mind command structure and if we wipe out the their main hive world Kila the rest will fall into chaos. I don’t know how they can know that as to my mind no Hooman has been captured alive or dead. But I am eager to go on the offensive for once.

Captains Log 55. Our first victory!!! We engaged the Hoomans on the edge of their space and wiped them out, we left the planet as we needed to save our resources for the homeworld but it felt good to drop a few nukes down there. We can do this, we can win!!

Captains Log 57. The Hoomans never seem to run out of ships, we have assembled the largest fleet in the galaxy and that has got their attention, their advance into our space has halted. I have their complete attention, and that terrifies me.

Captains Log 58. We lost half our ships in the last battle and the flagship is heavily damaged we have taken refuge in an asteroid belt to make repairs but the Hoomans are looking for us. They always know where to find us, they always know.

Captains Log 60. I can only engage the Homans one more time before I have to retreat and i am nowhere near their homeworld of Kila, they always seem to have more ships. The last engagement were boarded by them, I have seen every kind of species in the galaxy and we are all different, some are fast, some are strong, some are smart and so on. But never have I seen a race like them. They only have two arms and two legs which is the lowest number of any rce and it seems to work to their advantage. I saw on the security cameras our soldiers fight them in hand to hand and the Hoomans just danced around them. They moved like water and hit like avalanches, our new directive was never to engage them in close combat, you’d never win. Not that shooting them seems to work either, my bridge was breached by them and i shot one in the head with my pistol and it barley flinched, if it wasn’t for a guard with a blaster i would have been dead. Sadly that moment of saving my life cost him his own, he was hit my one of their weapons and his whole body evaporated. Not sure what is a worse way to die, being touched by one of these things or shot. This invasion is over, I’m ordering the retreat.

Captains Log 62. 2 months, that was all the time I bought while invading their space and once more they are on the offensive, consuming world after world and terraforming it so only they can live there. Trillions are now dead and how much further will they spread before they burn themselves out.

Captains Log 65. Our leaders are panicking, the surviving races are merging all their resources in some attempt to turn this tide. Our pleas of surrender and mercy go unanswered except for the usual response of the com screaming. But on some lighter note I go promoted to Admiral, my life long goal was achieved only because my predecessor shot himself when his homeworld was consumed by the Hoomans, his mate and youngling did not make it of world in time. They now expect me to win this war for them, I don’t know if I can but I am going to try.

Admirals Log 1, My first engagement as an Admiral with the race known as Hooman has ended in our utter defeat, we exited hyperspace right on top of them and they reacted as if they knew we were coming. Are these creatures just super fast or can they see the future? We retreated to Elixal Prime but my few remaining ships will not be enough to hold them off for long. I have already began evacuation but there are not enough ships, they will be here soon,

Admirals Log 5, Elixal Prime is lost, the moment the first of their hive ships arrived we had to abandon any hope of rescuing the population. I can only imagine what horrors they will face. We heard their screams over the com as we left.

Admirals Log 13. I have implemented a scorched earth policy, any world we cannot protect or have to retreat from is scorched to make sure they can’t use it. It will slow them at least.

Admirals Log.16 It did not stop or slow them, in fact it made terraforming the planet for themselves easier so we have abandoned that tactic.

Admirals Log 22. They are spreading faster now, faster than we can track them its like a damn has broken and their entire race is now searching for new worlds to consume. Do they eat their worlds? Is that why they are expanding? for food?

Admirals log 29 the Hoomans have conquered half the galaxy and there are too few of the surviving races with the ships to even try and stop them. Some are talking about surrender. How could we? These creatures are so deadly that even one setting foot on a planet spells disaster as if their whole body was made to house millions of viruses. My old friend was touched by one once, I’ll never forget what happened to him. His skin burned and fell off he bled form every part of his body, his screams, they still haunt me.

Admirals Log 40. Me and the other admirals have agreed that this war cannot be won, we have but one hope, all the survivors of the coalition have gathered in one system. There are only 50 billion left out of a population of thousands of trillions. But our scientists have built a war winning weapon, a huge beam cannon that can destroy fleets. It is very experimental as if uses the power oft he sun to fire. The plan is to use it to defend against the Hoomans in this system indefinitely, let them have the galaxy surely they will let us have one small system?

Admirals Log 50. I was wrong about the Hoomans letting us live here, because here they are, but there is only one hive ship just sitting there watching us. My ship is placed directly opposite it, Im sure i can take on one ship but I know, that silently out there, his friends are watching. Once more our coms go nuts, i turn it off, i have had enough of listening to the sounds of my comrades die over and over again. I open fire and before the munitions hit the Hooman hive ship turns and enters hyperspace. He’ll be back.

Admirals Log 60. The Hoomans are back and it seems they have brought their entire fleet with them, My fleet has over 5000 ships of varying classes and the new solar cannon we built. Just a little closer, i oder the cannon to fire and millions of miles behind my fleet the solar cannon unleashes the power of the sun at the Hoomans. Then…wait? No this is not possible the Hooman fleet is moving and a new kind of ship is taking the lead…it’s huge almost the size of a moon and it is moving to intercept the beam. The solar cannons beam hits the new hive ship but…it does not do what they said it would. It is supposed to destroy the ship then the beam jumps tot the nearest ship and destroys that one and so on. But the ship is…is…absorbing it? the light is dancing around the hive ship and then suddenly fires from the tip, oh no it’s heading for one of the planets! It hit the planet the solar cannon was orbiting and it erupts and breaks apart. 20 billion souls all gone in an instant. Screaming I order to open fire, all 5000 ships unleash our firepower at the Hoomans, with so many ships and so many targets it’s hard to miss. The battle last only an hour. 

Admiral’s log , We’ve lost, our final stand began an hour ago, 3 thousand ships gone, in an hour!!! How could such a race even exist? I sit here reading reports of what their world is like, no wonder they turned out like they did out of all the worlds in the galaxy this one has to be the most hostile one. I’m not going down without a fight though.

Admiral Efre grabbed his rifle and locked his log in the hopes that it might be found by someone who could read it and remember the struggle the galaxy went through. Perhaps in a couple of millennia when the Hoomans have died out. The Hoomans were cutting through the door now, his soldiers all got to their feet and readied their rifles. The pride he felt for them, even in their final moments they were defiant, even though there was nothing and no one left to save.

The door blasts open and we open fire, like before the Hoomans shrug off our shots like they were pebbles, a few go down but it doesnt stop the others. The run into us and…and? They’re not killing us By the Maker they want us alive! Are they going to eat us? One grabs me with its gloved hand and forces me to my knees alongside my soldiers and another enters like the others of it’s kind inside a sealed suit. It lowers itself to look me in the eye and raising a visor to show it’s face.

They’re disgusting, their faces…the proportions are all wrong and only two eyes? How could they see so well with only two eyes? The nose is pitiful in size I can only imagine how strong it was. And the skin, it looks wet like oil, is it acid?

Finally it speaks and the words put the chill of death into me.

“We were only trying to say hello”

Air travel should be one of the most amazing achievements in human history. But now, jokes about airline human rights violations have replaced jokes about airline food, and that’s only the beginning. From underpaid TSA agents rolling their eyes at your every word to overbooked flights to the kind of minuscule leg room that forces your knees into your torso, flying is a hassle from start to finish.

Fortunately, there’s a whole world of consumer goods designed to make air travel feel slightly less heinous.

What could be more essential than a smartphone on a 14-hour transatlantic flight? A smartphone filled with hooch, that’s what. This i-facsimile can hold up to five shots of booze, so you can enjoy your flight with the utmost discretion. It also includes a collapsible shot glass, meaning making friends with the person next to you is going to get a whole lot easier. Get the iFlask for $21.95.

10 Ways To Make Air Travel Suck Just A Little Bit Less

If we put our life and our identity into things that fade away, we will fade away also.

Whatever we cling to in this world will burn in the presence of Almighty God. Whatever we find security in other than God will turn out to be a sinking sand rather than standing ground. Our life is a vapor that will vanish one day and to stand before God naked and without help is a terrifying position to take in. 

The things of this world will not help you pay for your entrance in the Kingdom of God because the only way you and i can enter is through His Son. To give up your life and to cling to Him is the most important decision you will make, for your destination is determined by your decision.

You are not what you have but who you have. When you have Jesus, you have everything and sometimes people choose to take what is lesser than having so much greater. May we not put our identity to which will burn one day but cling to the One who will eternally be with us and save us from a life of no purpose.

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I think too often people use "British" instead of "English" and forget that just because Scotland Wales and Ireland are white countries doesn't mean that the English didnt also invade them and wipe out their cultures and torture r*pe and murder them if they didnt comply. I know they're white and that makes them fair game but they had cultures too and entire languages were lost to the English wiping them out to assimilate them.

my english teacher warned me this would happen one day

Not all british people are english but all english people are british and no matter how this came to pass they still oppress other countries in the name of the united kingdom not just england, so. And I’m pretty sure a lot of the  most recent imperialist fuckery y’all have graced our world with was done under democratic governments elected by all of you not just the english.

Also this: 

Mod A.

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Wait, so what does it mean? (re: TLFM being bought at Cannes Festival)

It’s a pretty complicated meaning but to bottomline it is; Cannes Festival is the most prestigious film festival in the world and there’s a section of it called ‘Marché du Film’ where film makers can promote their on going (in the making) films to international producers (aka buyers) but not a lot of them can get it easily. You have to convince said buyers when you meet them (to sum it up it’s really hard to get your film bought by an international audience). TLFM is bought by an Italian company which basically ensures the genre/storyline/etc will fit the country’s audience perfectly. It also ensures that the filmmaker has a predistribution sale to help them pick up some money when the film is out. 

grimer makes a friend by petting its face because that is how you do it in the social world

@dailydergduo hi hello thank u for following i’ve never drawn Jangmo-o before in my life

I know that most of the fandom likes to gripe about Kija becoming Gija in the official translation, and other names to a lesser extent, but the part of the translation that I’m the least happy with so far is that it seems like they deliberately tried to avoid having Jaeha talk about beauty. For example, what the scanlation translated as “taking away someone’s freedom is the ugliest thing one can do in this world” became “depriving someone of their freedom is the most despicable act imaginable,” and “having my fate decided for me from the time I was born goes against my views of beauty” became “submitting to some fate that was foisted onto me when I was born goes against everything that appeals to me.” (And yes, it’s true I don’t know enough Japanese to compare it to the original, but I also remember the anime’s translation mentioning beauty/ugliness more prominently). 

The translation in the official version doesn’t really change the meaning in these specific contexts, but Jaeha’s conflation of goodness and worth with beauty is an important aspect of his character…which doesn’t become apparent until much later in the manga, not fully until the flashback chapter “Fly.” And it’s understandable that the translator wouldn’t have read so far ahead, but I wonder what other subtleties will be lost because of that. Will Zeno still refer to himself by his own name? After all, we don’t learn the reason for that until chapter 104…

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rose would absolutely be that one kid who makes everyone shiver with her monologues. She played a villian one time and no one has been the same since, completely calm and serene before and after performance but while she’s onstage it’s like the whole world has dimmed around her. Vriska is so fucking bitter. Dunno if she’d be able to sing tho, that seems like a stretch

its been my longtime stance that none of the strilondes can sing a fucking note to save their lives, so rose most definitely sounds atrocious, but you best believe that she got up there and played Julius Caesar better than the man himself did and no one walked out of the theater the same person

all seriousness aside vriska is terrible at playing villains, she’s too campy and she pulls out this vaudevillain bullshit improv whenever there’s a gap in the script. she does a fantastic antihero however

Just a reminder that kpop, as lovely and amazing as it is, is not the most important thing. There is a lot going on in the world that you should at least make yourselves aware of. There is nothing wrong with using kpop as an escape, of course. But you should not completely ignore things.
History has a tendency to repeat itself. Especially when people don’t want to educate themselves on things because they are “sad”.
Y'all gotta remember that those kpop artists travel to countries where bad things have happened lately. Just be more socially aware guys.

mileycyrus: I ❤️ all these people soooo mucho! Stoked my friend @blakesheltonis so happy (AND didn’t win HA jk) & thank you @gwenstefani for making my buddy smile! You ROCK! @adamlevine we’re the worlds most unexpected besties and I wouldn’t trade my time in the big red chair next to you for anything! can’t wait to do it again next season (can’t wait to bug z 💩 outta you)…… AND @aliciakeys YOU already know how I feel about chuuuuu big sis! Life brings people together in crazy ways & I couldn’t be happier that it brought me to you! 4L! 💙🌊 Send me some of your winnnnin good vibes and I’ll hold it down in Voice town! 💙❤️💛💚💜 Thank you @nbcthevoice for introducing me to such amazing people / artists! Can’t wait to be back #TeamMileySeason13 @iamjhud LETS DO THIS! Welcome to The Voice fam!!!!

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Hi there! I am writting a book and I don't know what time period to place it in. The book is fantasy and is before the time of technology. There are mythical creatures in the book including dragons, syrins, etc. There are kings, queens, knights, castles, and other things simmlar to that. Also, I don't want my female characters to wear dresses the entire story.

Hi anon!

Okay, so the cool thing about fantasy is that you get to make the rules! Obviously as far as what is generally known, there is not actually a “time period” where dragons, sirens, etc ever existed in this world, so placing a “time period” is not precisely necessary for this particular story.

Most fantasy stories as we know them are loosely based on medieval times, which is a real known time period, so that is the first place I would suggest to look for inspiration as far as time period. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep any of the time’s rules or history or cultural names. It is merely a source of inspiration, and unlike many sources of inspiration you can steal things from it because history isn’t copyrighted.

Another fun thing about fantasy stories is that you can make up your own time lines and time periods as far as how your own kingdoms and countries have developed. Think about any well known fantasy series- a good example is Tolkien, who developed languages and history for Middle Earth that was impressively extensive. (I’m not saying you have to create your own languages and such to be a great writer, but merely expressing the limitlessness of creating a fantasy setting.)

High Fantasy Tropes

Tolkien’s Worldbuilding

To be completely honest, high fantasy is quite possibly my all time favorite genre, but it’s also one of the most difficult to write… because of how much of it is up to you. In your magical world, there are less rules to adhere to, but because of that it sometimes feels like there is a lot less guidelines, and sometimes it’s nice to have a little hand holding. One thing that I personally like to do for my fantasy stories in particular is to keep a “lore journal.” In this journal I keep track of my countries, their governments, cultures, races/beings that inhabit, etc. When you’re designing a wide, wide world, it sometimes feels overwhelming!

I talked a little more about worldbuilding in a few previous asks. (x)(x)

As for the little detail about women not having to wear dresses in your world… nifty! That’s a great example of breaking away from the expected medieval/fantasy setting and adapting it to your needs. And it’s logical- after all, dresses simply aren’t practical for physical activities sometimes. They were mostly designed in the first place for ceremony, decoration, and showing off how well off or beautiful you are.

A basic look at how women’s clothing has developed in the  past few hundred years alone

In summary… it’s okay to take inspiration from other sources, stories, time periods, etc, but there is no need to box yourself in. The typical tropes and cultures of high fantasy and medieval time periods is a great place to start, but if something doesn’t work for you, you have every right to change it to something that does.

Have fun! Fantasy is fun! Funtasy!


I feel like the choice whether or not to include homophobia in your fantasy world is more complicated than people make it seem. Like, yeah, you can absolutely see when it’s made by a hetero who can’t imagine a world without homophobia, but I have a problem with absolutely removing it as well. I want to deal with real life issues in fantasy, especially in roleplaying. I want to be able to play a character who deals with the same things I do in real life. And for that to be possible, the same issues have to exist there. Another facet of it is the fact that I genuinely want to have some form of LGBT community exist within most of my worlds (at least the more optimistic ones), and for that to exist there needs to be SOMETHING for these people to band together around. For example, in my pirate-focused setting Arthybia, the pirates are almost exclusively LGBT because they have formed a community around that escape from local prejudices and the freedom they get by being state-sanctioned renegades. It just rubs me the wrong way when the inclusion of real-life oppression in a fantasy world is painted as always being bad worldbuilding. I think the problem isn’t so much about the inclusion of these things as it is about it being used as an argument for not allowing LGBT characters to exist and flourish.

people who are making fun of the face time thing don’t realise the whole show is based on heightened reality that’s possible but would never actually happen in the real world. Dollhouse that all of us loved and no one made fun of? That’s one of the most out there things on the show that could never actually happen. This whole A thing wouldn’t happen. No one in their right mind would spend that much time and energy and money for fun or revenge.


While you may not know it, you are the reason why Shawols want to be better people.
You are the reason behind our smiles and laughters.
You paved the way for friendships; for passionate people to come together to try and make something good out of this world.
You make the world a better place to live in because of the comfort you give through your songs, your love for your fans, and most of all your love for this brotherhood.

May we meet again and again & may we be happy together for a long time!

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could i ask for some monoma x pony frondship headcanons ?

some headcanons of my favorite friendship in the bnha universe!!

  • Monoma spends some time during the weekend helping Pony to improve her Japanese
  • Pony likes to compliment Monoma on everything because she thinks he’s the smartest and most amazing person in the world
  • it makes Monoma cry sometimes
  • Monoma likes to comb and braid Pony’s hair when he’s nervous or anxious because he finds it relaxing
  • when Pony says a word wrong and he corrects her she becomes really flustered so he panics and has to reassure that it’s okay
  • Pony always wants to team up with Monoma during their hero classes
  • if they ever have to pair up she raises her hand and says “I pick Monoma!!” and he’s so embarrassed and so happy he has a hard time trying to act cool about it
  • Pony texts Monoma all the time asking him what do certain words mean
  • “Pony is 4am why do you feel the need to know what does ‘acetaminophen’ mean”
  • Monoma thinks Pony’s tail is supercute but doesn’t know if that’s an acceptable thought so he never brings it up
  • sometimes Pony is embarrassed of speaking in class and Monoma gets so defensive
  • is not like anyone is going to make fun of her he’s just too empathetic when it comes to her
  • when Monoma gets mad and frustrated about anything and starts walking from one side of the room to the other while blabbering Pony just holds his hands
  • that makes him stop immediately 
  • when Tsuburaba starts talking to Pony in class Monoma throws him stuff then pretends he didn’t
  • “you threw me a rubber” “no I didn’t” “it has your name on it” 
  • Pony likes hugging Monoma a lot because he’s surprisingly warm and always smells good
  • she has to be careful with the horns
  • Monoma always buys apples with his lunch so he can give them to her
  • he’s always worried about if she’s eating well or getting enough sleep
  • when the cold season comes Monoma’s protective instincts activate
  • if Pony sneezes he’s right next to her offering her his jacket, his scarf and also mittens he bought for her just in case
  • “why do girls have to wear short skirts in winter they are all gonna freeze and die”

okay but that scene in the aos season 4 finale where Robbie and Daisy are in the room were Mack and Yo-Yo are in the framework and they have a little chat about hell and then Robbie looks up at her and does that half-smile thing and says, “Well, I’m here now. That’s good.” and Daisy smiles back at him the same way and agrees, “That is good”

Then, at the end, where he’s about to step through the portal but turns back to look at her and does a little smile and nod and she nods back!!! And then he makes her promise to take care of his brother and she agrees! His brother who is the most important person in the world to him I’m hoping season 4 will bring Robbie back and he and Daisy will have more moments like that because my heart literally burst with the cuteness of it all

A funny idea came into my head about Jack running into his Uncle Jack in jail and I thought, Paul McCartney would be perfect to play him…. 
I didn’t know if it would be possible for me to drum up enough courage to ask him, even though he’s the sweetest man in the world, and certainly the most talented. But I just did it. 
Paul’s a great actor. Clearly the guy is not lacking in the talent department. If I changed something up in the scene, he’d change something up in the scene. He’d make stuff up. He was amazing.

Johnny Depp on Paul McCartney in Dead Man Tells No Tales 

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Do you have any Snake headcanons?

- a lesson they learned in their childhood

Snake sadly learned that people found his appearance to be strange and even frightening. He knows people judge him.

- a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning

He still believes there is some place he belongs in the world, and he has been able to make friends. Those friends make life, and all of its struggles, worth getting up.

- a fear

Snake is afraid of being alone. He knows that he doesn’t fit in with most people, but he still seeks out companionship.

- a strength

He’s a good person who cares deeply for those he calls his friends.

- how they think others perceive them

He feels that people see him as a freak and an outsider.

- how they perceive themselves

Sadly, he sees himself similar to the way he thinks others see him. He thinks he is a freak who doesn’t have a place he belongs.

- whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person

He knows he’s not a bad person but he’s not sure he’s what you call good or decent.

- a temptation / proclivity they have

Snake often willfully ignores issues an discrepancies of those he cares for. He’d rather be ignorant than question too much. He fears the truth at times.

- an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable)

Although he’s quite shy, he could secure a place on an Animal Planet program.

- how they waste time

He wastes time by catching rodents for his snakes’ dinner.

anonymous asked:

I can't see any person that i love more than Yoongi. It's kinda sad bc i look at my life and feels like i don't have any friends or i just don't have anybody in general but i'm okay with that, even knowing is sad. So, yeah, he's the person i love the most in this world. Everything about him is comfortable(?) you know the way he talks, the way he walks, his thoughts and visions of the world. Idk makes me feel like someone in this world can fully understand me. I dont feel like i'm empty

I don’t think it’s sad… If it makes you feel any better, i don’t have anyone either. I really just have bangtan to really connect with. I totally understand.