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as a nonbinary person whenever someone in ah is struggling to come up with pronouns for a non-gendered character or smth, my fave thing is when michael just calmly says “it’s they” like its the most obvious thing in the world. it just makes me feel safe. its a nice feeling


“Hawaii - The Pace of Formation” is a window into the creation of an island. The Kilauea Volcano’s continued flow of lava into the ocean is one of the few places in the world to provide a front row seat of an island’s formation. The Big Island is literally changing before your eyes. This vast island contains 8 out of 13 different climate zones in the world, each with unique ecosystems, making the Big Island one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world. To showcase its diversity, we wanted to slow things down and let its beauty speak for itself. Enjoy!
Visit all the locations in this video for yourself in this unique 8k 360 video experience:
Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of this adventure:
Filmed by
Aaron Mendez
Brian Hawkins
Chaz Curry
Matt Givot
Thank you to our lava guides for making this possible and keeping us safe.
John Tarson - Epic Lava
Warren Fintz - Eppix Adventures
Moku Nui Lava Tours -
Filming Locations
Kamokuna lava ocean entry in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Rainbow Falls, Hilo
Mauna Kea Observatory
Waipio Valley
South Point
Pololu Valley
Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens
Nahiwa Point


Last night I said my shahadah and it was the single most important thing I have ever done in my existence. I am now a Muslimah and it feels so good.

I know I have so much more to learn though, and I will keep learning until the day I die, Inshallah. I know Islam will better my life, my character, and help me help others and make more of a positive difference in this world.


He’s just a friend…

A friend who makes me laugh like there is no tomorrow
A friend who causes butterflies
A friend whose hugs I never want to get out of
A friend who makes me feel nervous
A friend who has the most beautiful eyes in the world
A friend who whispers sweet words

hell yeah, he’s just a friend

—  Just a friend

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I don't know how to start this off so... first off all... thank you. a couple days ago I submitted the prompt 'becoming the worlds most powerful person by accident'. and when i saw you make a story with it and people loving it. it reminded myself that i still had some creativity left in me (because I nearly had given up on writing all together) so thank you. for still making me belive I can keep writing (awsome story on the prompt btw)

Wow! And I’m so glad! That prompt was absolutely wonderful! I absolutely believe you should continue to write because I need to see more of your stories and ideas!

Yes hi hello people who’ve been following me for a while know that I like to randomly love on my mutuals, and this day is as good of an opportunity as christmas or new years eve, really. My birthday isn’t until wednesday, but I’m the most impatient person in the world, so we’ll just say it’s close enough. This isn’t a follow forever, I just want to shoutout to some people I regularly talk to or interact with or those who just brighten my day in general. 

We’ll start with @mccallofthewild, because Preston is my birthday-twin and I love him dearly. I won’t wish you a happy birthday yet because you know, bad luck, so we’ll save that for wednesday. You’re incredible, you always make me happy and I couldn’t be more thankful to call you my friend after all these years.

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Major shoutout to my wife and light of my life @ashesriising / @chernobylbombshell. You’ve made me life better, I’m so happy to know you and talk to you so much and basically, one day, I’ll marry you for real okay. Writing with you is such a blessing and I hope you know how important you are to me. Even if I can’t stand people, I always want to talk to you.

Beck, @lxthologica / @warlccked. You know you’re one of my very, very best friends and how dearly I love you. Nalex never fails to fuck me up, and you never fail to make me happy. You’re such an exceptional person who is such an important part of my life and I really don’t know what things were like before we met. You’re incredible, I love you, and I hope I can always make you feel as good as you deserve.

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@unendiing. Jax my love. We’ve really gone through a lot of shit, but I’m so happy to have you back in my life. You are amazing, I love talking to you, I love writing with you. You’re really one of a kind.

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@nevermorningstar Nic you’ve been around when I first started writing Noah, I remember you posting something along the line of ‘Can we be Noah’s angels?’ or something like that. Ever since you’ve been such a big part of my tumblr experience and I wouldn’t want to miss you for anything in the world. I love you. 

@rationedwell. Do you know how awesome you are? I always smile when we talk and when I see you on the dash, you’re such a positive force and I’m so happy to know you. You’re amazing.

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Meet the Bards: Beat Breakerz Brigade

3B, standing for Beat Breakerz Brigade, is an up and coming co-ed pop idol group that debuted only last month with their first ever showcase, consisting of  Kiki, Ziyo, Rahf, Mae, Lex, and Lili, and founded by their leader Waltz who had his own solo idol background behind him that was able to make this all possible thanks to the tireless support from his fanbase that cheered him on all the way. These seven members, each with their own stories to tell, all coming together with only two common goals. To bring the most epic performances that can be heard from around the world and to get everyone dancing once that beat drops! 3B, breaking the beat down as the music starts!

Find them at @waltzconcerto and at the Spring Fever Music Festival at the Cat’s Meow (Goblet 12/55) Sunday, March 5!

I love that Martin’s the kind of guy who’d you’d be chilling having coffee with and out of nowhere would suddenly want to play that game where you make silly faces at each other until one of you cracks up laughing. While he inevitably wins, with you dying and wiping tears from your eyes, he’d sneak his hand under the table, stroking the inside of your thigh slowly, and right as he’s at the point of touching your sweet spot, he pauses, and just looks at you like it’s the most innocent thing in the world 🔥😥🔥


“It’s the end of the world, Clarke,” Riley says, leaning against the door of Clarke’s room, eyes intent. “We should make the most of it.” At one time, Clarke would have blushed, thrilled because he’d been her grade school crush, but now Clarke just nods. / “I intend to,” she says and, “Excuse me,” as she squeezes past Riley. Bellamy’s waiting for her in the control room and Clarke drops down next to him, their knees brushing. Bellamy passes her a final list of tallied supplies and smiles at her.

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Headcanon that once someone was able to make Anxiety laugh like really hard and Prince thinking that it was the cutest and most wonderful thing in the world wanting to make Anxiety laugh again.


The cute quote from every cliche thing ever. “I heard you laugh and realized I wanted to hear that sound for the rest of my life.”

Because face it. Prince is cliche af.

So we know the spirits of Duel Monsters are real and they all reside in this parallel spirit world. And like when Pegasus was making the first cards he was inspired by the actual Egyptian depictions of monsters which obviously existed.

But like. Most of the cards were created by people other than Pegasus and not based on anything. And yet they have spirits too.

So my question is, when one designs a card, are they somehow able to see into the spirit world and take glimpses of its inhabitants (and I’m not talking about Pegasus or Judai or any special person just plain regular people working and making cards), or do the monsters that were created magically appear out of nowhere in the spirit world?

“I’ll see you again.” (part 13)

Originally posted by ohmygarlands

Summary: A Credence Barebone imagine (Credence x Reader)

Note: This is the 13th part to this imagine so make sure you check out the others! I hope you like and reblog it. There also will most likely be a grammar mistake so bare with me. Anyway… I hope you enjoy! Also how have I written 13 of these things!?!

Date published: February 20, 2017

Warnings: mentions of abuse, and WAY too much cuteness to handle

Year: 1926

Part: thirteen of ?


You spent that whole week gently getting Credence back into the world. You didn’t want to rush anything, so you took small steps. You started with him coming to get the mail with you. He hadn’t even stepped out of your apartment since the night he first came.
You took it really slow. You opened the door and you both stood in front of the doorway, staring out into the hallway. Credence had a dead kind of stare. His eyes had dark circles under them. His heart pounded inside of his chest. His breathing was heavy and shallow. He started to shake and you noticed black matter start to float around you both. You looked at him with worried eyes. You gently grabbed his hand and he suddenly came out of his trance. He looked at you beside him, eyes were filled with tears. “Let’s try tomorrow.” You said, nodding at him, hoping to make him feel better. “No-” He whispered. “I have to do this.” He didn’t want to disappoint you. He had to be strong, for you. He didn’t want to be a burden to you and he couldn’t be the reason you didn’t see your family for Christmas.

“Are you sure?” You asked, sweetly. His head nodded fast. “Okay.” You said, squeezing his hand tighter. You both stared back into the hall and took a deep breath. “Are you ready?” He nodded in response. You took a small step forward, leading him out of you’re apartment. He didn’t move, he stood stiff. You looked back at him, still holding his hand. “Okay, let’s do this tomorrow.” You said, walking back into your apartment. Credence suddenly walked in front of you, making you stop.“No, I can do this.” He said. He seemed so sure of himself, you couldn’t help but smile. “Okay.” You nodded, turning back to the hallway. Credence walked with you, still a little hesitant. You walked slowly down the hall, to the stairs. You walked down them slowly. You never rushed him, or pulled him to make him walk faster. You had to let him do it at his own pace.

You got down to the small lobby where the mail boxes were. You walked over to yours and got the small key out of your pocket to unlock it. You tried to pull your hand out of Credence’s, but he held it tighter so you couldn’t. You looked up at him and gave him a small smile. You proceeded to unlock the box with one hand. There were a few letters in the box. You reached in and pulled them out. Then you shut the small door and locked it.

After two flights of stairs you were at your door. You pushed it open and walked in together. You put the letters on the counter, then turned to stand in front of Credence. Still holding his hand, you looked up at him with a proud look on your face. “I’m so proud of you, Credence.” You said, smiling up at him. His eyes met yours for a second then went back to his feet, where they usually were. “Hey.” You said softly. “What’s wrong? You did great.” You moved the hand that wasn’t holding his, to his cheek. He pulled away from you and walked across the room. “How am I going to get on a train if I can barely get the mail?” He embarrassedly mumbled. You watched him from afar, his back facing you. You could feel tears starting to burn in your eyes. “You can’t rush yourself. Things like this take time.” You started to walk over to him. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You did great.” You said so kindly, Credence felt a small glimmer of hope form inside of him. He wasn’t used to kind, encouraging words.
You walked over and wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head on his back. You hugged him tight and said, “You’re doing great.– Okay?” You looked up at him from behind. You saw him nod his head slightly, wiping away tears. You felt his hands cover yours. They were cold and shaking, but they held yours tight.

The next day you decided to do the same thing. You walked down together to get the mail. He was less hesitant this time and walked a little faster. He still squeezed your hand the whole time, but you didn’t mind.
You did this for about a week and every time Credence was less afraid. You still held hands, and you started to wonder if he was doing it because it gave him comfort or if he just liked holding your hand. Either way you loved it.

“Do you want to try getting the mail by yourself today?” You asked him, one morning, during breakfast. Credence froze, and looked up at you. You knew he could do it. He was making so much progress and you knew he could handle it. “You can do it, Credence. I know you can.” You said, encouragingly. “What if someone is down there?” He asked, with worry in his voice. Once before there had been someone in the lobby, getting their mail too. Credence hadn’t had interaction with anyone but you, since the incident in the subway station. There was a middle aged woman with short, dark hair getting her mail. Credence froze when you both got to the end of the stairs and saw the lady. He squeezed your hands so tightly, you didn’t know what was going on, then you noticed the lady. In some strange way she reminded you of Mary Lou and you knew Credence felt the same way. “Credence.” You said, calmly. “It’s okay.”
The room began to shake a little and black matter began form around you. “Credence, shhhh.” You said, with slight fear in your voice. He couldn’t have another incident. You stepped in front of Credence, grabbing his other hand. You held them tightly and rubbed the top of his hands with your thumbs. “Shhhhh.” You said, and the room began to stop shaking and the Obscurus began to calm down.
“Did we just have an earth quake?” The woman said, worriedly. “I-I think so.” You said, stepping in front of Credence, hiding him from the woman.

You both sat at the kitchen table, thinking about that afternoon. “If someone’s down there, you just turn around and come back.” You told him. “But I know you can do it.” You said, standing up, taking your plate to the sink.
You heard Credence speak quietly, behind you, “H-How do you know?” You turned and smiled your sweet smile at him. “Because you’re strong and brave and I believe in you.” You said, taking his plate from in front of him.
He sat there, silently for a few minutes. “Th-Thank you, (Y/N).” You looked back and smiled at him, as you rinsed a plate. “Really. No one has ever believed in me before.” He said, quietly.
You finished the last dish and walked over to him. You placed your hand on his cheek. He leaned into your touch and closed his eyes. He then leaned forward into you, wrapping his arms around you. You hugged his head that rested against your chest. He listened to your heart as he hugged you. He loved the beating of your heart against his ears. Just the thought that you were real and alive made him happy.
You stroked his hair and leaned your head down, pressing your lips on his head. “I love you, Credence.” You said, resting your cheek on the top of his head. You could feel his face forming a smile then he said, “I love you, (Y/N).”

Credence went upstairs and changed out of his blue and white striped pajamas, that you had you had gotten him a few days ago. The whole time he got ready his stomach was flipping from his nerves. As he combed through his black hair his eyes started to fade into white. The mirror started to shake on the wall. The room filled with Obscurus particles. He tried hard to contain it and to keep it under control. He felt the tile under his feet start to crack, then he finally started to calm down. He was breathing heavy and his eyes went back to their original dark iris. He turned on the water and leaned over, splashing cold water on his face. Then he noticed that a few floor tiles were slightly cracked from the pressure of the Obscurus. He bent down and felt the cracks with his shaking hand. What was he going to do? He felt awful for ruining your floor. You were for sure going to be upset and probably throw him out of the house and forget all about him. At these thoughts his eyes started to fill with tears. He stood up and quickly moved the small bath mat over the cracked tiles. He had to hide them, he couldn’t tell you and upset you. He took a second and gathered himself, then left the bathroom and went downstairs.

You were cleaning up the apartment when you saw him coming down the stairs, all ready and dressed. You stood up straight and nodded at him. He gave you a small nod back. “Are ready?” You asked him. “Remember if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.”
“I want to.” He said, thinking in his mind ‘I have to.’
You gave him a smile that gave him a little more hope then he had before. “Okay.” You said, walking towards the door. You opened it slowly. “If someone’s down there and you don’t feel comfortable, just turn right back.” You told him and he nodded. You handed him the small key. He lifted his hand and held the key. You didn’t let go. All you could think about was if you were rushing him. Maybe you should just stay home from going to see your family. Things had changed so much from just a few weeks ago and you had to be able adjust. Even if that meant not seeing your family this Christmas. You were okay with that. You had to be there for Credence. You cared about him more than anything in the entire world. You wanted to tell him all of this, but you didn’t know how.

You reached up your other hand and placed it on his. Your other hand still held the key, but you quickly wrapped both around his scarred hand. You looked up at him with tears in your eyes. You didn’t know what to say to describe what you were feeling. You just looked up at him with so much love, you felt like you could explode. You sighed and let go of his hand, giving him the key. Credence looked down at you with tears forming in his eyes. He felt what you wanted to say in the way you held his hand. His lips slightly curved, giving a small, sweet smile.

He stood in the doorway, looking out into the hall, the same way he has all week. But it was different. You weren’t standing there beside him, holding his hand. He missed that. He turned back to see you standing with one arm around your waist and the other resting under your chin. You smiled as tears continued to stay in your eyes. He gave you a more confident look and turned back to the hallway. He took a small step and closed the door, not looking back again.

You paced your apartment, worried that something might happen. You didn’t feel the apartment shake so you figured that was a good sign. Five minutes passed and he still wasn’t up. You began to really start worrying, then you heard the door knob start to turn. You felt happiness start to burst through your chest. The door started to open and there he was. Credence. Standing in the doorway, holding the mail. You gave him the biggest smile as tears fell from your eyes. Something came over you and you started to run. You ran into him, jumping up into his arms. You wrapped your arms around his neck and squeezed him so tight. He was taken back by your action, but then wrapped his arms around your waist and squeezed you just as tight. Your legs wrapped around him as Credence held you off the ground. “I’m so proud of you!” You whispered in his ear. If only you could have seen Credence’s smile.

That night you laid on the couch under your blanket thinking about that hug. Credence laid in your bed thinking about the same thing. You both fell asleep with small smiles on your faces. But it didn’t last long for Credence. That’s when the nightmares started.

To be continued…


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42. Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?

I do! I think we actually have more than one, and for me this is not just a romantic term. A soul-mate can be a good friend, or a mentor, or your father. To me it’s people who get you, who are on the same energetic wave length, people who understand your soul without the need to use many words. A soul mate can also be someone who twists your world upside down and will make you question everything you thought you knew. And finally, I think we’re our own soul-mates :) the most special soul connection we have in our lives is to find out about and get to know our own soul <3 thanks for the nice question, lovely, I appreciate it! <3

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What would make Allen smile? And what would he do that makes Tyki smile (and laugh)? >w<

Allen always finds amusement in cheating trash people out of their money. But what makes him genuinely smile are small gestures of underlying affection (because balantly being told “I love you” makes him incredibly flustered): holding hands (especially his left one), a tender caress, a soft but meaningful kiss, a playful tousle of hair - any sort of gentle reminder that he’s loved and wanted.

Tyki is laughing most when he watches Black Allen set the world on fire and sow chaos and destruction. But the genuine ones are when Allen is working hard on something that he’s really passionate about and it radiates on him how much he likes it - like clowning around to make people laugh. Tyki used to be indifferent towards clowns but once he saw Allen doing his magic he really can’t help that smile creeping up.

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Hello! After I read about petersonian english alphabet, I was wondering who can make reform like that and how?

It’s not possible, for the reasons I laid out here. This spelling reform is a phonetic reform, which means that even if there is no standard, people will be spelling things how they pronounce it. The result is it will, of necessity, fragment the Englishes of the world, which are otherwise unified by a funky, irregular orthography. Also, based on the way power works, I don’t think it would be easy to stick to the ideal of no spelling standard. Ultimately one or two standards would emerge because the dialect groups they’re attached to are the most powerful. And, of course, lost in all this is the world’s literature—both English language and works in translation—which would all need to be respelled (but in using which standard!). It’d be a mess. Only if some slightly new dialect emerges in some place where someone can make the new spelling the de facto of that region would it work—but then only for that region. The truth is I think we’re stuck, for ill or ought, with English’s kooky orthography.

Nerd: Something to be proud of

I believe my first Vlogbrother’s video was 51 Jokes, in the summer of 2009. I was immediately curious, and after going though their recent videos I determined I had to see them all. I had a flip phone, with a tiny screen, and internet access. I spent 3 days watching, on that phone, hundreds of videos that spanned two and half years of their lives. I woke up and did nothing but sleep, eat, and watch their videos. I was addicted.

I felt that they had so many interests similar to my own. They valued education and being smart. They loved reading, science fiction, fantasy, and video games. They cared about sustainability. They wore glasses. They were funny. They were caring. They wanted to make the world a better place and they wanted me to help them.

That is how I felt as a teenager who had spent most of his life feeling ashamed for being a “nerd”. I tried to escape it by not wearing my glasses, playing baseball, acting like I didn’t know anything about Star Wars, and turning my graded test over when I got an “A” so no one would know I was smart. There were two adults out in the world that were happy, successful, and married, and it wasn’t in spite of being a nerd; that had nothing to do with it. They were nerds and there was nothing wrong with it, in fact, it was something to be proud of.

So I watched all their videos. For seven years I have kept up with their videos and various other things that have put out in the world. I have submitted art. I have answered questions. I made friends with other Nerdfighters. There was even a period of time when I was a a forum admin on the Ning. I learned about sustainability. My love of reading resurfaced. I learned how the world does suck, but not as bad as everyone thinks, and there was a way to decrease that suck. 

I now am 24 years old. I am engaged. I have a degree in architecture. I work at an architecture firm that specializes in sustainable design. To my friends I know more about and love Star Wars more than anyone they have ever met. I read almost everyday. I love my life. I love who I am. 

The Vlogbrothers and the Nerdfighter community didn’t save my life, but they made it easier. They allowed me to accept who I was and embrace it. 

(via Geoffrey C)


Sorry everyone.

I know this probably comes as no surprise, and most of you will just unfollow, and that makes sense given the lack of activity.
When I started this blog I had high hopes for Pokémon GO, and where it would take the world! I believed it would be an outlet of growth, friendship, and unity.

I stopped playing it about a couple months ago.
The app was rushed, it wasn’t ready, but the Pokémon company pushed hard for its release, and its utter failure in the beginning only foretold of its prolonged progress for the future.
The newest update seemed exciting, but ultimately it came too late for me to really enjoy it.

What don’t I like? Is it the inaccessibility to Suburban or Rural players, or maybe just the fact that it took too long to get to this point? I’m not sure.

As for you all, my amazing Valor Grunts, I’m sorry if this blog meant something to you. It meant something to me too. At this point, I don’t even want to keep it, accept that there’s so many followers and I’ve been so concerned with disappointing you all. I hope you’ll enjoy another person’s blog in my absence.

I’m keeping it up until tomorrow morning (the next 13-14 hours) if you’d like to come say goodbye.

I hope those of you still playing never forget the joys of catching Pokémon! Never be ashamed to pursue the dream of becoming a Pokémon Master!

-This has been Valor Admin Sofy, saying goodbye for the last time

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Are you okay today, ma'am?

omg you called me ma'am that’s the thing that makes me cringe the most in this entire world

you guys have to understand, as old as i am, i have never fully grown up so calling me ma'am adds like 5 years onto my life.

But I’m ok I guess


remember when u used to have me pose for u so u could draw certain things

i still do this !! with everyone !!!! i make my girlfriend pose all the time it’s the most handy thing in the world !!! sometimes when we have guests over if i’m drawing they usually end up having to pose or do some weird face for me