making the last three ones was heart wrenching

The boys in: a slasher movie! (in which everyone dies)

so here’s something a little, uh, different…

Noctis: Noctis is making a run for it when the murderer snatches up Prompto and he’s forced to go back for him. He attempts to face off with the murderer one last time and manages to mortally wound him, but not without sustaining serious injuries. Dragging his broken body out of the killer’s hideout, Noctis makes it as far as the road before succumbing to his wounds.

Prompto: Almost makes it out with Noctis but at the last second the killer grabs him. Since Prompto is the nicest one he obviously needs to have the most heart wrenching death. Noctis goes back to try and help and finds Prompto on the floor bleeding out from his neck, struggling to breathe as blood bubbles up from his throat and trickles from the corners of his mouth.

Gladio: Gladio would go down first. He dies in a heroic attempt to fight off the killer while the other three boys try to get away. He manages to get a good stab in there, but of course, the bad guy is never truly dead the first time. As Gladio backs away from the seemingly lifeless body, the killer quickly gets up and stabs him in the chest. Realizing that wouldn’t be enough, the killer continues to stab him over and over until Gladio’s torso is reduced to nothing but bloody shreds.

Ignis: The character that should survive out of sheer resourcefulness and ability but ends up dying anyway. Ignis is the one who dies the most gruesome death. The murderer cuts him up into well sized pieces, starting from his feet and going up so he’d be forced to stay awake until he either passes out from pain or is decapitated. He’s the Recipeh now.

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Hey I was just wondering why you said you wish you hadn't picked up boo? Just out of interest

Because for me, it was honestly just a huge disappointment. 

For starters, in comparison to the Last Olympian, it was a total joke. I mean the entire Last Olympian book was basically one never ending fight - It was intense, heart wrenching, everything flowed together nicely, and when there wasn’t fighting, everyone was getting character development. While in Blood of Olympus, the ‘final fight to end all fights that would make Kronos look like a joke’ was what?? Two pages long?? And only three of the seven fought Gaea?

Then of course, four of the main characters basically became side characters. I mean you can argue all you want that because Percy and Annabeth had already fought Kronos that they didn’t need to fight Gaea or because that they had just left Tartarus that they needed a break but they were still part of the prophecy and part of the seven. And Gaea should have been defeated, by the seven. Not just Leo, Jason and Piper. And don’t even get me started on Hazel and Frank, where there was no possible way to justify them getting shoved to the side.

Then I could go on about all of the plot holes. Remember Frank’s stick that literally his entire life was tied around and could be burnt up within seconds? Remember the huge choice Percy would have to make that would affect the wait of the world as we very know it? Remember that Hazel came back from the dead and with the Doors of Death being shut, shouldn’t that cause complications for her? Yeah, me neither.

Or maybe I could go on about how Percy became a joke of his former self and pretty much became comic relief for that entire book. Or how Leo’s and Calypso’s characters were drastically changed just so that they could end up as a couple.

I’m going to just cut myself off there because I could legitimately go on for days, but yeah, I wish I had never picked up boo and saved myself the disappointment.

Who are the Masters of the Sphere Music Hall?

Chapter 95 showed us Ciel confronting his guilt in the form of people from his past.  Ciel’s guilt has been a bit of an undercurrent in this manga.  Something from his days in the cult still hangs on his conscience, and the unresolved issues of his own guilt and shame wind through his story, coming to the surface most prominently in the Green Witch arc.

So I wonder, for the sake of narrative simplicity, if Masters Polaris, Canopus, Sirius, and Vega will be revealed to be characters we already know?  Why not ratchet up the drama and bring back some people from Ciel’s past to test him emotionally?  It probably would have more emotional punch than us meeting four brand new people…  Besides, the manga has already toyed with the idea of bringing people back to life for years now.  Why not make it people Ciel already has emotional attachments to so he can face these issues directly?  Chapter 95 foreshadowed this nicely.

So, with all that in mind, who could these masters be?  I guess I’ll start with the most obvious ones and leave Master Sirius for last, since I’m kind of at a loss for that one….

Master Canopus

Master Canopus’ room is Spartan, with not much in the way of clues.  However, the bucket of (presumably) bloody bandages and the bandage laying on the bed does bring to mind one bandage-wearing character we’ve seen before…

Kelvin was the only(?) person whose life was directly taken by Ciel.  He also was one of the few villains (or perhaps the only villain…) who seemed able to rattle Ciel on such a deep psychological level.  How would it affect Ciel if he came back to life?  Kelvin’s effect on Ciel is so unique and so delightfully creepy that I think no other villain can hold a candle to him.

Master Vega

Master Vega’s room is luxurious, feminine, and has a little bit of a duality to it: two vanities, two stuffed animals on the bed.  Maybe this person has two sides to their personality.  Maybe they were once defined by another person, like their (unborn) child, for example–

Master Vega could be Madame Red, and that would be a lot of emotional baggage for Ciel to sort through.  In fact, he already metaphorically confronted her in Chapter 95, so why not face her for real this time around?

There’s definitely some unresolved issues between the two of them.  Madame Red loved Ciel and yet tried to end his life.  She betrayed his trust, lied to him, and kept a dire secret from him.  And yet, she was Ciel’s last ties to Rachel’s side of the familiy.

Their relationship is complex to say the least.

Master Polaris

I raised the question the other night that the presence of all the knives in Master Polaris’ room might mean that Master Polaris is Dagger.  But, the more I thought about how angry this person seems, the more I thought it could be Joker.  (Who does use a knife on occasion.)  Joker was killed during a confrontation with Ciel; Dagger was killed by the servants.  Both might harbor resentment against Ciel, but I could more easily see Joker tearing up the walls of his bedroom with a knife trying to escape and exact his revenge against Ciel…

….and Ciel already met him in his dreamscape in Chapter 95, too…

I think there’s some unresolved issues there, for sure.  I’ll take Dagger as a runner-up, though.

Oh, and what would that mean for Snake for Joker to finally have been “found?”  There’s a narrative thread I wish would be tied up already….

Master Sirius

Yep, Master Sirius’ bed does resemble Ciel’s (and by extension, Vincent’s and Rachel’s bed.)  Look at the headboard especially:

All right then….I will admit that I hope Master Sirius is revealed to be Vincent.  I know, I know, we got the whole, “but his bones burned to ash” bit from Undertaker, but how often are we misdirected in this manga only to be surprised by something coming from out of the blue?  We’ve seen this before, as we should with any good mystery–we’re led to either believe or disbelieve a certain “fact” based on our prior knowledge, and then we are presented with new information that resides outside the grasp of our previously-held beliefs.  The result is a shocking reveal.

To wit:

–Assumption: Madame Red had the medical knowledge to be Jack the Ripper, but also had an alibi.  Surprise!–there were two killers, and one was a shinigami, whom we didn’t know existed in this universe until it was revealed to us after the fact.

–Assumption: Bizarre Dolls can’t pass for humans.  Surprise!–without our knowledge, Undertaker advanced his techniques so Agares could pass for one.

–Assumption: It was the miasma that poisoned Ciel in the forest.  Surprise!–mustard gas exists in this universe now, even though we had very little reason to suspect technological reason.  (That was decades ahead of its real-life counterpart, making it even harder to see coming in the manga.)

I think the takeaway from all of this is that we can’t trust things like Vincent’s body is just ash–because that’s exactly what Yana wants us to believe.  Surprise reveals coming out of left field are common in this manga, and the plot advances rely on new information which breaks already-established rules or assumptions.  Therefore, I see no reason why Vincent can’t be alive, despite the supposed state of his body.

Besides all that, what could possibly threaten Ciel’s reason for existing, his call to arms, and shake him down to his very (spoken for) soul than for at least one of his parents to be alive?

Nothing else could be so nihilistic, so cruel, so fatalistic, so bittersweetly tragic than Ciel’s signing his soul away to a demon to avenge parents who could be brought back to life.   It would make the contract be all for naught, thus rendering the last three years of struggle, death, and angst completely meaningless for a character who defines himself by the events of the past three years.  It would be a battle on a existential level–more dramatic and heart-wrenching than a noisy, empty world war would be.

This, to me, is the best move a villain could make against Ciel.

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A few days ago I read this entire blog in one sitting and I must say it is one of the most entertaining things I've ever stumbled across. I finished season three last night and now there is a bit of an empty void in my soul where new episodes used to be and I don't know how to cope. What's going to happen next? Will they ever make a season four? So many questions. In the meantime, I think I will reread this blog again, thank you very much for creating it

That’s some serious commitment, to read this whole blog at once! Thanks:) 

And trust me, I know the feeling. I saw a post about being in a fandom where the show is over and for one heart wrenching second, thought it was about MFMM. Spoiler: it was about Downton and I felt really silly. 

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Guide to ruining lives. By Peter Wentz, age 35

 1.     Be part of an incredibly successful and much loved band with three of your closest friends. The life ruining has now begun.

2.      Write some of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching lyrics in the last ten years. They will never get away from you now. Tour a lot so you can ruin lives on a nightly basis,

3.      Smile. Big, genuine, heart-melting smiles will ruin lives forever. They’ll never recover.

4.      Have the odd fashion faux-pas. Is this from the dress up box or is it haute couture? Keep them guessing.

5.      Give out positive, life affirming advice. This one is actually very important and makes a lot of people’s days better.

6.      Become a Meme Lord and take over the internet. There’s nowhere to hide now.

7.      Be a really great dad. Those ovaries won’t stand a chance when they see you’re how caring and nurturing you are. Kaboom.

8.      Take your shirt off any given opportunity. What even is a shirt?

9.      Lift. If your smile doesn’t knock them out, your biceps will.

10.   Be a sweetheart.

Life ruining complete. (Part 1/?)

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