making the females later

✧ ——— under the read more are 107 textured gif icons lindsey morgan requested by anon. none of these gifs were made by me, i just cropped & edited them all, so shoutout to the creators ! like or reblog if you plan on using these pls. * blood tw, guns tw, torture tw

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Finishing School Series Aesthetic - Sophronia Angelina Temminnick

“Lady Linette was prone to saying that if Sophronia had any major weakness,
it was her unswerving l o y a l t y. To which Sophronia always responded that she intended to prove that was a strength.”

  • fans: make captain america bi/pan!
  • fans: have more female superheroes with real stories!
  • fans: more asian,latino,and black heroes!
  • marvel: lmao hail hydra bitch

end-of  asked:

would u mind sharing ur thoughts on sexism in sjm books? particularly tog series, cause i got that vibe throughout but i can't articulate it smh

*this took me two days to properly respond to and everything is a mess but below the cut are my very scattered thoughts on the messiness that is the sexism/white feminism of throne of glass

At the surface of the series, Throne of Glass is a feminist story featuring a young girl who is as comfortable with her appearance as she is with her sword, makes friendships with other female characters, and later moves on the become a queen. But that’s all the surface, and the feminism this series prides itself on is more of a disguise than anything.

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How to Know

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: mention of sex not rlly tho

Prompt: hey! Can you do a Drabble where the reader is a new edition the avengers(she’s the team manager) and she likes Bucky but she doesn’t know that he likes her? Thanks so much!! Get it done whenever you can:)

Notes: Hey guys here’s a little request that someone send me it so thanks for that. MY CO-OWNER NEEDS YALL TO SEND HER REQUEST (if u read supernatural or doctor who that’s her speciality but she’s also willing to do marvel). Other then that here’s the request hope u enjoy and have a great and safe day. (Ps I’ll Add gifs later)

Persona: female (I tried to make it for both genders as possible sorry.)

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This is so surreal.

The last time I saw two amazing, well-written queer female characters finally kiss/make love, it was instantly tainted seconds later by devastation. I haven’t been able to watch that scene since I first saw it on march 3rd, because it’s just paired with pain. 

The Wayhaught kiss in the barn wasn’t even a love scene. But it brought similar tenderness, and desperation, and love. Definitely a sort of intimacy that I’ve rarely seen in w/w representation. I just keep watching it over and over, and am still completely stunned that I can keep this moment? I get to watch this. My w/w ship kissed, and nothing bad happened, and I can watch that scene without feeling sick? Forever? Even if something bad happens to Nicole or Waverly later on, that scene will never = sadness. 

I kept watching that scene over, and wondering why it felt so strange. And it was really only then that I realised just how unknowingly deep the effect the 1OO has had on me… It literally felt foreign to me, to see two women kissing and not associate it with pain, or fear. 

… idk..fucked up. so fucked up. That is literally conditioning. That is basically the entire premise of the 1930′s Hays code. Pair homosexual acts with negative consequences = associating homosexuality with badness. I can’t believe The 1OO has made me SHOCKED that I can actually sit through a w/w intimate scene, and come out the other side emotionally intact.