making the dorkiest faces possible just for you

Imagine Chris freaking out after you get injured on set.

Chris sat in the corner on his phone as quietly and as non-distractive as possible while you and Sebastian worked with the body doubles and Max, the stunt coordinator. The same stunt coordinator that told Captain America to either “sit in the corner with your mouth shut and your hands to yourself” or “wait in your trailer until we’re done”; Chris chose the former.

The two of you had the reputation of being extremely disruptive and distracted when together, it was like a nightmare for most directors and stunt coordinators; it didn’t help that the two of you were married now. The only reason you were constantly being casted as co-stars was because of the chemistry and connection you and Chris effortlessly produced; it was absolute magic that no director could recreate with two strangers. Sure, it was a little annoying and slightly exhausting to repeatedly tell the two of you to concentrate but at the end of the day, the two of you would always execute the job to perfection with maximum effort; it made up for the fits of laughter and pranks you’d pull on each other and the rest of the cast.

Speaking of the rest of the cast, everyone had finished their rehearsals for the day and were now either resting in their trailers or back at the hotel. Your loving husband, however, was giving up his much needed down time to shower you with moral support. It was the same in every movie you were in together, he stayed behind for you and you stayed behind for him; the perks of being with someone in the same industry.

Though moral support wasn’t the only reason he was staying behind- especially while you were working on a MCU movie- he was more than a little worried about you getting hurt. You’d gotten hurt before just sliding across a row of tables being the adorable clumsy dork you were, and now that you were working on a fight sequence, with Sebastian of all people- the guy who wasn’t good at pulling his punches- Chris thought it’d be better if he stayed and watched. Sebastian accidentally punched Chris once- a matter that was easily dropped- but God help Sebastian if he accidentally punched you.

Now that you thought about it, Chris probably wasn’t the best person to have around considering he was the person to distract you about eighty percent of the time. It was no wonder Max gave him the ultimatum he did. You just hope the two of you had enough self-control to finish the rehearsal without your usual shenanigans; you really didn’t want to take a hit or get injured even before the filming started.

Chris looked up from his phone and watched you and Sebastian follow Max’s instructions to the tee. It was the key to staying unharmed while performing your own stunts, something you had decided to take more seriously after your last injury; the bruise on your hip lasted for at least a week. Chris smiled proudly when he saw you nail the sequence, his wife was one badass and he felt the need to say it out loud completely forgetting the instructions Max had left him with.

“My wife’s a badass,” Chris whooped just as you were about to duck Sebastian’s punch, distracting you for a split second and causing you to fall out of the rhythm. “Oh, shit!” He scrambled to his feet and ran over when Sebastian’s fist clipped your jaw, sending you on your ass.

“Oh my God,” Sebastian gasped and quickly rushed to your side, dropping to his knees. “Y/N, I am so so so sorry.” He rambled as his hands hovered over you, unsure if he should help you up or leave you alone considering he just punched you in the face.

“Ow,” you half chuckled, half whimpered as you rubbed your jaw.

“Y/N,” Chris ran and dropped to his knees, sliding across the mat to you. “Oh my God, that’s-” He covered his mouth with his hand, looking slightly horrified at what his little whoop did. “Fuck, that’s my bad. I’m so sorry, I completely forgot that-” He looked up at Max and Max shook his head at him with furrowed brows. “I am so sorry,” he held his hands up in surrender.

“Don’t apologize to me,” Max beckoned his head at you. “Your wife is the one who just took a hit from a two hundred pound man.” Chris and Sebastian both winced at that. “I’ll go get you some ice, Y/N.” He said and you nodded with a grateful smile.

“I am so sorry,” Sebastian said again and you chuckled softly, shaking your head because it wasn’t his fault. “I honestly didn’t mean to hit you, I’ve been trying to pull my punches and I thought that we’ve been doing-”

“Seb, it’s fine,” you laughed. “It really doesn’t hurt that much,” you lied because it stung like a bitch. “Plus it’s not your fault, it’s mine and-” you shot Chris a dirty look and he chuckled. “My stupid dork of a husband. If this is about me getting the last Snickers bar yesterday, man up and punch me yourself. Don’t get your best friend to do it for you,” you joked and the two men laughed.

“I’m so sorry,” Chris gently caressed your face in his hands. “I didn’t think, I was just watching you be this crazy badass and I kind of felt the need to tell people you’re my wife but everyone already knows that and-” He cut his rambling short with a soft chuckle, “I’m really sorry, sweetheart.”

“Prove it,” you bit playfully.

“In front of Seb?” Chris whispered with widened eyes. “Can’t we just wait-” You cut him off with a shake of your head and he heaved a sigh. “Fine,” he released your face and rose to his feet. Sebastian watched Chris with a raised brow whereas you just pressed your lips together to suppress your laughter. “This is the last time I stay behind with you,” he told you, trying not to smile as he got into position.

“Just do it,” you chuckled.

“Under the sea,
Under the sea,
Darling it’s better,
Down where it’s wetter,
Take it from me.” Chris sang as he did his own choreographed dance that never once failed to make you laugh. It was possibly the dorkiest thing he could ever do and you were always the only one to witness it, but now Sebastian was too.

“Oh my God,” Sebastian laughed.

“Up on the shore they work all day,
Out in the sun they slave away,
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the seaaaa.” He finished and bowed as you and Sebastian clapped, laughing hysterically. Yes, it was embarrassing but he loved you enough to do things like that. “Are we square now?” He asked when he helped you to your feet.

“Depends,” you shrugged, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“On what?” He narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“If this bruises,” you smirked, “I’m going to need you to perform ‘Be Our Guest’.”