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“I think what’s different for us is that…WE have found the love again for figure skating and that’s nothing against our past team, they brought it out of us in the first place but we needed a different path to connect and we LOVE going into the rink every day and we found that again and that feels so great for us. So, hopefully you see that difference out there on the ice, on the competitive ice there’s a lot of pressure so that might not show through as clear in this atmosphere. But we feel it in our souls and for us when we leave this sport, I mean it’s those memories that we’re gonna take with us so I’d say that…pretty fortunate to have 3 runs at it…this one just feels a bit more personal.

– Scott

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What did you think of this episode (the non-Tom parts)? Do you feel Lizzington is making a (visible) comeback?

I really, really enjoyed it. 5x8 was the culmination of a surprisingly entertaining season so far (at least for me) and actually made me feel many emotions that I thought season 4 had just completely erased. I’ll disregard the Tom bits because that’s a whole other discussion but the episode as a whole provided a fantastic dramatic build-up that I was certain they weren’t even capable of achieving anymore. It brought just about everything from humor to heartbreak, and the music choices especially were impeccable. To go from an absurdly mellow Crosby, Stills & Nash song (anyone else got Reservoir Dogs/Stuck in the Middle with You torture vibes during that?) to the Disturbed cover of Sound of Silence (a version I had listened to countless times but never with my heart racing like it did) was quite a trip, to say the least, and a damn good one at that. Red staying in the car because he can’t bear the idea of seeing Lizzie die again, to the team getting there just in time, to the look exchanged between Red and Harold to Dembe holding Red’s hand to that final flatlining noise (heavy content sigh) - the entire montage was just incredibly well done and had me on the edge of my seat.

As for the ship, I think it was a great Lizzington episode long before those final minutes (incandescent, anyone?). The fact that he saves a man he hates twice for Lizzie’s sake, the fact that once he enters the apartment he only has eyes for her, the fact that he carries her outside, the fact that he is so very close to breaking and the fact that I’ve never seen a face as relieved as his when she finally wakes up - all of those moments exist for a reason. I never thought Lizzington was over but I’m also not naive - certain plot points are still looming, after all, and it’ll be interesting to see how they (re)solve them - but for me the bottom line is this: judging by the final scene, Red spent ten (10) months waiting by her side, reading her poetry and taking care of Agnes. And if that isn’t a testament to his unconditional love and devotion for her, then i don’t know what is.

How can we liven this blog up?

We have 8.6k followers yet we feel stagnant or that our followers are inactive-
Our posts get a lot less notes these days and I don’t think it’s just because of the ‘Best Stuff First’ feature…

I know we’re kind of a dinosaur of a blog, old and semi-dusty, but what can we do to liven it up again like it used to be.
We admit to not being super active in the past months, but recently we’ve been getting back on track.

What do you guys want to see or for us to do? Should suggestions/requests come back? Should we try to make an NCTzen virtual sleepover again? Just put more stuff out? Have more interactive stories and in general times/games? Should we use queue bc of timezones when we post most people are sleeping?
In the end, we’re all just looking for a fun time and to share our works and fangirl over the boys, but we feel lonely… So let’s do it together!

Comment whatever you’d like here
Questions are welcome too

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remember that old vlog where david caught todd and corinna going into the room together haha they’ve come full circle

will zabbie make a comeback next?

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Uuuuuuggh your art is my LIFE. I love your style with everything in my being?? And you also introduced me to things I never knew I needed like KevDan and Platonic KevGwen... so in short you're like my favorite person.

oh my gosh, thank you??? you’re super kind, anon! ♥
my current goal in life is to take kevin, in all his one-shot joke character glory, and make him at least as popular at the main cast. or at least popular enough to make a comeback in s3. he was born to be a star, dude.


Now that I think about it, this comeback is so clever? They mentioned that this comeback marks the end of Seventeen as “boys” and that this comeback reflects on all that they’ve done up until this point, and from the M/V, we can clearly see that from the props from Al1 teasers, as well as the references to the scenes they’ve done from the music videos leading up to this comeback.

The fact that this comeback is called CLAP means its the end of an “act” and they’re giving a round of applause for the end of their “play” which is Seventeen as boys from debut up till now.

I can’t wait to see what kind of image/sound they will give up in future comebacks, but for now I’ll enjoy this colorful era :’)