making that a legitimate tag

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I would make a legitimate sacrificial offering if (a) tumblr mobile had a blacklist function or at the very least (b) people meticulously tagged every rm post. My eyes too have been burned -_-

i also dont see what the deal is with isco tbh?

Year 2017: Blacklist isn’t available on tumblr mobile but the humanity has seen Pluto’s surface. Most of my mutuals are very good at tagging and that helps my sanity so much so thank you guys.

And well, I can appreciate him as a player this season bc he was great but he has been ugly to Atleti in the past, so byeeeee

stop calling ships you personally don’t like abusive 2k16

barofnothingham  asked:

I'm honestly starting to get sick of this fandom. It's barely been a month since the show aired and there's SO much hate and discourse every two fucking days, to the point i'm scared of posting fanart for it because anyone could be targeted next

i’m sorry you’re feeling so anxious about this bab. honestly? don’t ever let fear keep you from creating and bettering yourself. and don’t let tumblr ruin Voltron for you. i’ve been in fandoms/associated w people that ended up ruining shows for me. don’t let that happen to you. yes, listen to calm and constructive criticism, but don’t succumb to others’ anger. if someone/content legitimately upsets you and makes you anxious? unfollow them. block tags. block people and posts. you are large and in charge when it come to the media you consume and have on your dash. make your tumblr a better space for you and surround yourself with positivity, not negativity. it gets a lot better when you do that, trust me. i hope you feel better.

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Hey do you mind putting a trigger warning on your posts containing the word garbage? I had a horrible a incident involving a garbage truck once

Hello! You are obviously here to make fun of triggers, and my response to people legitimately requesting me to tag terms that MULTIPLE PEOPLE have informed me is abelist, which I happily obliged to do on my own terms! It would be appreciated if you kindly fucked off with your petty, shitty attitude! Thanks!!!! :33