making terrible edits and life choices

but dirk as a vocaloid cover artist though

no im not kidding i think about this Alot it’s even a lowkey youtuber!dirkjake au

okay so he probably starts out as a fucking weeb like the rest of us–getting into the evils series, all the classics like kokoro+keisk, go google it, i can take off my panties, popipo–everything because if dirk is good at anything it’s ‘absorbing’ okay his mind is a literal sponge

anyway imagine he’s this bored college freshman browsing the interwebs on one of his older laptops and… finds some of his old audio files

they make him cringe

because dirk strider is a perfectionist and that shitty preteen pronunciation is grossly unacceptable, (especially after he’s taken like four+ years of japanese) so he digs through his things, pulls out an old mic that bro got for him, and gets to work on re-recording

(atm his youtube channel is mainly casual mech and program reviews–really he hardly has 30 subscribers he posts erratically if at all)

he edits and tweaks the audio until he’s satisfied–and mildly embarrassed about the amount of meticulous effort that goes into said revamped audio files.

… he has a damn thesis due in several weeks what the hell was he doing–

so, dirk tweaks his logo a bit, his internet persona/face claim is already a gas mask, so dirk decides to focus on that–he covers something Very popular he covers fucking pon pon pon in perfect Japanese to boot, right??

and uploads a video–probably ironically at first

then he gets 500 subscribers in under a night

it’s not so ‘ironic’ anymore then.

he covers romeo and cinderella and gains 2k–and.. well, after that dirk decides to run with this. he tries out a schedule of uploading maybe once a week–he covers the evillious chronicles. the demand is so high that he switches up to uploading twice a week (he’s at the top of his class, finishes shit early–he’s got so much free time on his hands these days its ridiculous+its only like four-ish hours out of his day with editing??) 

he gets up to 100k. 

youtube mails him The Plaque ™ dirk realizes that he’s in this shit for the long haul. and gives in and finally starts doing english covers. –he cannot believe one of his career choices is for his voice to be the primary source of scree for weeby vocaloid fans on youtube

how did he end up here??? why??? and why couldn’t he have picked something that would’ve made that cute/super popular british youtuber who reviews movies notice him???? 

because dirk strider makes terrible life choices–that’s why.

Fistbumps Verse- Handsprings and Aerials (Pt. 1) cont.; Revelations and Confessions

Um. So. I got a bunch of people asking me for a continuation, and even though this was originally supposed to be just a oneshot, I sort of wrote one anyways? And now it’s going to be a series of oneshots/scenes/snippets? And I’ve already started calling it the Fistbump Verse in my head? And it’s probably going to be an Identities Known AU combined with an Established Relationship AU for the entire show, with this fic being pre-series? Um. Yeah. Oops. Yes I make terrible life choices somebody stop me now. :P

Disclaimer: I don’t own, etc etc etc. Enjoy the fic, and feel free to leave a comment telling me what was good and what was terrible! :)

Edit 10-31-15: I added in a couple paragraphs, fiddled with Marinette’s reaction a bit, and tried to make it a tad more realistic.  Hope it sounds better now!

Fisbumps Verse part one | part one cont. | part two | oneshot

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