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How they react to you using Chopsticks for the first time - BTS


 He would smile innocently at you, stifling back a laugh at how uncoordinated your fingers were as you helplessly flung different pieces of food onto the plate as you couldn’t grasp the utensils properly, until he would soon give up, placing the piece of food between his fingers, cupping his other hand beneath it as he leant over and started to feed you himself. 

“Jagi, you use them like thi- no Jagi like- you know what, stabbing them into the plate is just as effective, so just keep doing that…ugh, I can’t watch this anymore, just open your mouth and chew.” 

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He would just stare at you as if you just offended himself as well as his entire family, his face deadpan, even though on the inside he would be majorly keen to teach you properly if it meant he could be closer to you. 

“It’s not that hard as you’re making it seem Y/N. You’re picking up noodles with 2 wooden sticks balanced between your fingers, not stabbing a steak with a toothpick." 

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You would continue denying his offers to help you, persisting the illusion that you would master the technique as if it were counting to 10. But 5 minutes later, with the food flung halfway across the room and little remaining on your plate, he would ask you a final time, smirking a little as you gave in, then laughing his head off as he leaned closer towards you, eager to teach you the master of the chopsticks. 

“Will you just let me teach you this once? It was funny to start off with, but now it’s just getting sad.”

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He would grab your hands, intertwining his fingers with yours as he tried placing the sticks in the right position, staring at you as you slowly managed to figure it out, soon forgetting the main reason why you were even using chopsticks, secretly using this technique as an excuse to be close to you. Especially since he can hold your hand easily too. But if you showed any sign of improvement, he would immediately deny it, desperate to buy more time for holding your hands. 

“Hey I can do it now!…That means you can let go of my fingers now Jimin..“ 

"No you haven’t Y/N. Don’t you know? You have to hold 2 pairs of chopsticks in both hands. So lemme just grab your hand, and we’ll start learning more. Psh, silly girl.

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Jin being Jin, he would smile sheepishly as he smoothly made an excuse to hold your hand in his, completely forgetting that he was teaching you something, while smiling like a child on Christmas. Even if you were flinging the food he made, he would diminish that and any commentary you made on the development of your techniques and just focus entirely on the fact you were holding hands. 

"We’re holding hands. Can you believe that? We’re holding hands." 

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Jungkook would stare at your sharp movements, slightly flinching if you were to flick the stick a certain way or drop them accidentally. He would try to interject to offer help, but would soon close his mouth as he watched you silently curse to yourself, afraid that he would be your next victim in your careless throwing chopstick fight you were having with your hands, smiling nervously as he would try not to get in the path of the flying utensils. 

“Y/N do you want some he- um okay then.. Oh do you want me to- oh okay there goes that stick. Are you sur- you know what, you seem to kind of know what you’re doing, I’ll let you handle it from here.” 

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His mannerisms would be similar to Yoongi’s, with his facial expression not altering from deadpan as he would sigh from time to time. He would get so fed up with you flinging your chopsticks across the room, by you trying to pick up pieces of food that didn’t even need to be handled by chopsticks, that he would purposely drag you to a food stand where you had to handle the food with your bare hands, and not attempt to stab the food with the sticks, humouring you by taunting your incapability of not being able to grasp the utensils, with you retaliating that he was being hypocritical claiming that people don’t label him as ‘God of Destruction’ for nothing.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this to yourself, since you don’t even need chopsticks to eat a burger, Y/N. Stop embarrassing yourself woman and just use your hands.”

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