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i love solarpunk but everything i see is,,, super inaccessible to me and it sucks

i cant read those long books people reccomend bc autism, i cant garden due to general fatigue problems, i cant join some group about this bc theres nothing around here, i cant MAKE some group because im a mentally disabled bich…

Are there any solarpunk things i can do that. take little to no effort to make and maintain? This question mainly goes out to spoonie solarpunks bc i dont trust what non-spoonies say is low-effort

This is for @mistlethace who was wondering where a Lotor moan compilation is. Hope this is good enough! Some of the sounds I didn’t include because they were either too low or they were drowned out by other noises.

His laugh isn’t a moan but it was so good that I had to include it.

To make navigation a little easier, and because this blog is full of so much Stuff, I’ve gone back and added the tag “that’s a fact” to every original Fact. Now if you check out the blog and search for “that’s a fact” you’ll only get the 110 SpockFacts that have been posted so far, no reblogs, no cats, no asks, nothing but pure, sweet, fictional fact.

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I'm kind of sad that Misha has never spoken openly about his sexuality. Makes me think he's embarrassed or ashamed of it.. which makes me think he thinks it's something to be embarrassed or ashamed of.. which makes me think he's a little bit of a hypocrite for championing gay rights (etc). I know he's obviously more straight than gay (since he's been with his girlfriend/wife since he was 16 and has kids and stuff) so maybe he thinks there's nothing to say, but still.. it does make me kinda sad.

Okay, I’m gonna stop ya right there on the “more straight than gay.” That’s BS. Someone does not stop being bisexual because they are in a relationship. That has nothing to do with it and that’s bisexual erasure and it’s stupid.

We don’t get to dictate other people’s journeys or assume things about how comfortable they are. That’s beyond uncool and get close to outing someone through coercion or against their will and it ain’t fun. 

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*psst* agender!Percy and transboy!Annabeth headcanons?? Please???

okay anon i’m sorry for this, i promise you i’ll blog about trans boy annabeth sometime because i have an extremely extensive au for him developed and a fic in the works but in the meantime i got sidetracked because i read this the wrong way and i got very attached to it this way so i went with it….. agender annabeth and trans boy percy

  • percy transitioned very young because when you have a mom like sally you can do things like that
  • he’s not out to a whole lot of people and it’s definitely not common knowledge that he’s trans
  • people who know include sally, paul, grover, calypso, rachel, hazel, and frank and some people might have Suspicions but for the most part it isn’t freely discussed and very few people know and percy likes it that way
  • he’s wanted to come out to annabeth for a long time, but it just never seemed like the right time, and then they grow so far apart the year before the war that it’s really not the right time, and then they’re dating and he swears he’s going to but then he disappears and wakes up on the other side of the country, so. and then there’s another war and it’s just. complicated.
  • it’s not that he’s expecting her to take it badly, it’s just that it’s hard for him to talk about and he’s never really had to do it before. but it gradually becomes a more and more important issue as their relationship gets more serious and more physical and. anyway.
  • he eventually comes out after the end of the second war, like #classic style like set aside time and sit down and have a discussion
  • she’s of course very supportive and accepting. she doesn’t pretend to understand and she doesn’t really understand, but she is respectful
  • a n y w a y
  • their relationship progresses and time passes and then one night when it’s kinda late and they’re just chillin he’s sitting on the couch and she comes up behind him and says really quietly “like…. how did you… know? like i know… i know you explained it but like. how can you…. tell? what does it feel like?”
  • he can tell she’s starting this conversation for a different reason than all the other conversations they’ve had about his gender and she’s very hesitant to bring it up but he pretty much guesses she’s asking for herself and she doesn’t deny it
  • he’s very patient and very honest, and they talk for hours
  • she doesn’t reveal a whole lot about what’s going on in her head, she just kind of asks a lot of questions and listens quietly to the answers
  • she doesn’t mention it again for several more weeks and he doesn’t push her
  • she does her own research privately and pretty much comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t have a gender
  • he’s the first (only, for a long, long time) person that she tells
  • she tries to play it super casual but he can tell that she’s nervous
  • she tests the waters first because nonbinary gender is so much less visible that honestly who knows what kind of reaction she might get
  • percy is like way more educated and intuitive about gender stuff than she realized though, fortunately
  • and he understands, of course, which is such a huge relief
  • she says she doesn’t want to do anything or change anything and obviously he defers to her on that
  • but he does pick up on things, that she doesn’t mind her name or her pronouns but she is visibly uncomfortable and stressed when she’s lumped in with groups of women
  • they’re different and they have different experiences but he’s a tremendously helpful resource for her because they’re both afab and he vividly remembers going through the same kind of situations that she has to go through
  • she’s a lot freer once she comes to terms with her gender identity, and they’re a lot more comfortable with each other now that they’re both out
  • she stops shaving, stops wearing makeup (she never had much to begin with but), and has definitely been known to go through his closet on days when she feels like it
  • they work out a system for when one of them is having a Dysphoria Kinda Day, his are a lot more frequent than hers but they do happen to both of them
  • shut up like don’t think about them in the hospital after he finally finally saves enough for top surgery don’t think about them laughing it’s too pure i s we ar
  • so much pressure in the Real World to be cis passing and when they come home to their apartment it’s just such a massive relief and they both relax so much and even the air feels better because it’s their space for them to be themselves
  • one day when they’re in their twenties annabeth has a breakdown about how nothing ever feels right and she’s so sick of feeling trapped when she’s not even sure what she should change
  • he takes her hand and he’s like “let’s go shopping” and she protests a lot because she thinks it’s impractical and she doesn’t feel like leaving the house right now and she doesn’t even know what she wants anyway but
  • it ends up being a really good idea, they have a lot of fun going in and out of changing rooms matching clothes that make no sense. they don’t even buy a lot of stuff, it just helps her feel more in touch with her body again
  • the day ends with her shaving half of her head because they’re impulsive and it’s what they do and why the hell not
  • he has a video of her squealing and covering her eyes while she’s getting shaved that is absolutely adorable and he rewatches on a regular basis

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Mermaid person again! I'm referring to the cute big mermaid! I'm really curious cause the piece just flows really well (if that makes any sense?)

oh i know this one!!!

ok so i had this lineart

and right away i was like, theres potential for…. stuff…. so i did this

and i was like YYEHAHAAAAA because like, mirrors are nice! you have the BIG LIGHT BLUE of the sea and the lil dark yellow of the boat vs the background with the light yellow sand with the dark blue of the mermaid in it! YEAH COMPOSITION

and then its just a matter of adding details, making sure nothing gets too lost, especially the mermaid’s face and the girl in the boat which needed to pop out more!

flats, details, color lineart, more details!

i also added some warm colors with the stars and the barnacles (or whatever those are) with the mermaid to remind of the boat lady, and some blue for the boat lady as well!

and then i added two last layers, one light blue overlay at 100% for the light and one light pink overlay at 35%! i always add one last overlay layer at the end so my colors look more unified/vibrant

AND TADA! thats how i did this one

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Ok, so will this game just be a pc game, or mobile devices too? And what is the main theme of it?

Given the ever-increasing complexity of the game as we work on it, our goal is PC and will remain PC for the time being. We’re not ruling out a simplified mobil version but it’s not a priority now. The main theme is kill as many things as you can get your hands on.

Anonymous said: Do you have an overall plot for your game? 

There IS a vague plot but we’re not going to talk about anything this early. Not until things are more set in stone. Literally everything we have now is subject to change as we continue work.

annatomic said: hi there! I know you might be annoyed with this question, but I can’t really find the answer no matter how much I search your blog. It could just because I’m blind or something but I just decided to ask as straight forward as possible. What type of game are you creating? Like, action adventure, rpg, webcomic, sandbox style, you know stuff like that?

It’s going to be a 2D side-scrolling hack n slash style game. 

Anonymous said: So.. Do you have like, a mini-profile for any of the characters yet? Like, their personalities, and interests and what they look like? You know, like how you would find it on a Character’s profile on a wiki or something.
Anonymous said: my friend george washington wants 2 know more about elliot and orion…

I have my own loose ideas of personality types and such but nothing set in stone yet, we’re currently focusing on getting a rough demo out so we can start playing around with battle mechanics. I don’t see us releasing character profiles for a while since literally nothing is finalized now just ideas >.< 

Anonymous said: Have you ever thought of using pixel art for your demo? because theres a really good program called Aseprite that’s good for animation and stuff

I’ll keep that in mind! As of now I want the game to feel like you’re playing in a painting so probably no pixel art.

Anonymous said: Would it be alright to make like Pinterest boards for the game even tho it hasn’t even come out yet I just love everything about it already and stuff X3

Of course! It would be awesome to have everything link back to this tumblr page if you do : ) Thanks!

Character questions under a cut~

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I’ve spend like whole weekend + some off hours for last 3 weeks working on my own tileset for d&d that I will probably never get to use in an actual game but damn I’m so proud

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So I'm really not sure where to start with this one, but what would make an area devoid of ghosts and wights and suchlike? Can you think of something that would make a cemetery feel no different than a park? I was talking with my brother and we decided that what makes this town so very creepy is that it isn't haunted; there should be stuff here, but there's nothing. It's like something scared off or fenced out all the incorporeal folks.

There are a few things - sometimes simple geography can make it inhospitable to such creatures. Sometimes they’re asleep, because no one has interacted with them in a a very long time.

Other options include trauma - sometimes things can happen which render areas ‘null’ because all the wights have been driven out in the way animals flee a disaster. Or, they can be driven out by human activity - be that ritualised wardings, certain architectural arrangements which form bindings (whether conscious or not.)

In North America, in my very limited experience, there’s been a significant..disruption of spiritual ecology in places, I suppose you could say. The interplay between culture and the incorporeal is complex, in ways we as moderns don’t always comprehend. I’ll tag @theheadlesshashasheen and @bodaciousbanshee here, cause being on that continent, they may have more ideas. 

Theories: Gravity Falls




So, after having watched the entire season of gravity falls, I’ve compiled a list of theories, some of which are mine, some of which are other peoples, though it should me noted that these are only things that I predict may be true.

*So, first, a theory, which I didn’t think of, is the Stan’s twin theory. I definitely think this one is legit. Just a summary; pretty much it’s just that Stan has a twin, one who inhabits the room from Carpet Diem, and wears the glasses, which Stan see’s in the room. Most people think that the person from the time travelers pig episode whom we see outside of the Mystery Shack.

*I think that Soos will come to play a PIVOTAL role in the whole of the series. I used to think that he was working as a spy, probably for pyramid man (bill), explaining his willingness to show up for work every day, and not being payed. I’ve kind of moved passed this theory since Dreamscapers, because Bill is kind of more of a demon rather than a conspirator; though I still like the Soos Spy thing. Anywho, I think that Soos has secrets of his own, and by next season I think that some of these secrets will be revealed.

*I think that Wendy has been incredibly downplayed, and so, by rule of Gravity Falls, I think that something crazy is going to happen with her, though it seems unlikely that she knows anything about what’s going on there.

*A lot of theories have circulated about Robbie, most of them having something to do with him being a zombie, or even a necromancer. This made me think, and I thought: DOES NO ONE REMEMBER HIM HYPNOTIZING WENDY WITH A BACKWARDS SONG!?! That’s some serious Illuminati stuff right there. I mean, it seems like he’d really have to know a lot about hypnotism  to be able to convince Wendy to love him with a backwards-played song! 


I think that this was cleverly hidden by Alex Hirsch, IE, dipper sees weird things and then he see’s this. People commonly think of the ice symbol on the wheel as wendy because she’s appeared in a few episodes with Ice. I think that if they were going to include her on the wheel it would be a different symbol than ice. So, I think that this thing is… something.

*I think that someone is going to die on Gravity Falls. 

*Old Man McGuckett. I think that this geezer wrote the books. He’s a genius, his family wants nothing to do with him, and he foresaw the wax men being living, as well as with the exception of one time, always being present when Blendin Blandin makes an appearance. 

*Theres been a lot of talk about a secret society in Gravity Falls. I think that this sounds pretty feesible, with all the Bill’s all over the place, and Grunkle Stan and his relationships with many of the characters. There’s too much evidence of this to list, but check out because it has a lot of stuff on this. However, one detail which seems insignificant which I don’t think people have seen before is this:

External image
  You see the eight ball thing? Okay well now that I say it this seems really stupid and insignificant, but Stan has something like that in his car. I mean, maybe it means something?

*Dipper is obviously destined for something. It’s incredibly easy to see all the foreshadowing, like Grunkle Stan saying he’s trying to get him ready, or Bill seeming to take great interest in him. I don’t think that him getting the book was a coincidence.

Alright, I think that was a good theory to end it on. So, that’s about it; please reblog with some of your theories, or just notes that you think could mean something… thanks.