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KIM MINSEOK It would pain him to see his baby girl not wanting to go into her new school. She wouldn’t cry just refuse to step inside the building, no matter how hard he pushed and pulled. Even if he bribed her with candy she still wouldn’t move. Finally he would sit and talk with her, getting her to go in. 

 "It’s only a couple hours, I’ll pick you up right when school is over! I promise!“

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Once he noticed his little boy’s frown he would question it. Knowing the little boy would just shake his head and keep walking, he would stop and look down at him. The boy would look down and start to sniffle a bit before a couple years start rolling down his cheeks. Junmyun would kneel down and wipe away the boys tears while telling him how much fun school is going to be. 

 "Awe, don’t be like that Y/S/N. School is very fun. You’ll get to play and learn, trust me it’s not so bad.”

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 His problem would start while trying to get out of the car. He would try to unbuckle his daughter’s seat belt but she just wouldn’t let him. After several attempts he’d just take the car seat as a whole out of the car and walk into the school with her like that. No matter how much she yelled and screamed he still walked into the school. Once he set the car seat down he would pout and sit in front of it, asking why his daughter didn’t want to go in. 

 "Even though I really really really don’t want to leave you… It would make me happy if you would just go with mrs. Kim, and have a nice day. I won’t be gone long~“ 

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 His little boy would be just as rowdy as he is. So the whole scene would be very loud and dramatic. Once Baekhyun convinces him to sit in a chair with the other kids, he would make an attempt to leave but his son would freak out and grab his leg asking him where he was going and why he didn’t have to go to school. He would start yelling each time Baek would try to pry him off, causing Baekhyun to laugh but at the same time try to yell over him to make him listen to him. 

 "All little boys have to go to school, I’m a man so I have to work, trust me I’d rather sit here and play with you. You’ll have fun playing with the other kids, yeah? Okay, appa has to go now… Let go~" 

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Where do I start with this little daddy’s girl, she wouldn’t go anywhere without him and school was no exception. She would walk in confidently, with a proud smile before noticing it was time to say goodbye. She would keep it together while giving her dad a hug but lose it once she fell him start to pull away. Jongdae would hug her tightly once he notices that she was crying into his shoulder not wanting him to go. 

 "Awe, love I know you don’t want me to leave but, trust me it’ll be okay. You’ll see me later today so you can tell me all about your day!”

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He would be walking with his cranky son around his arm. The poor child had just recently woken up and just would not have it. As much as Chanyeol loved carrying his tried son, he would eventually have to put him down so he could join the other kids in class. But, just as Chanyeol went to put him down, the young boy held on to him tighter and barring his head into his father’s neck. 


 "I know you’re tired (y/s/n) but, it’s your first day at school! It’s fun time! You’ll have so much fun that you will forget how tired you are! Then you can come home and eomma will make you some yummy food and then you can sleep. Okay?“ 

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Although Kyungsoo can seem quite cold and a bit scary, but he would soften when it comes to his daughter. When it comes time to say goodbye it would be a bit of a hassle. No matter how many times Kyungsoo would tell her ‘you’re a big girl, you can do this!’ She just couldn’t leave him. Resulting in him sitting next to her for a little bit until she was comfortable and told him he could leave.

 "You’re fine now right? Don’t need anything else? Okay good. Appa is going to work now, have fun. I’ll miss you." 

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Oh my, Kai and his son would be joined at the hip, so when he saw a scared face on the the boy, he knew exactly what was going on. He would smile brightly anyway and kneel down to his level and ask him if he should walk in with him. The boy would eagerly nod before asking for a piggy back. 

 "I’ll go in with you, but when it’s time to say good bye you have to be a big boy! If not appa will cry because you’re crying okay?" 

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 Sehun really didn’t wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning, his daughter would have to shake him awake. She would look down at his sleepy figure and he would just wrap a gentle arm around her. She would cuddle into him telling him that she didn’t want to go to school. He would happily chuckle before saying that school was fun, but after she said, that she would rather be laying there with him, he just nodded and agreed. 

 "There is always tomorrow… plus I really didn’t want to take you. So, it’s a win-win.”

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-Mari xx

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I'm in need of some help from another empath, do you know any extra strong cleansing tips or anything for after being alone with someone incredibly emotional and anxious all day long? They really imposed and wouldn't go home and very rude to my roommate, boyfriend, and mother so I got like bad moods ×4 and I'm having a rough time wringing out my emotional sponge.

Oh my goodness, can I relate! I’m so sorry you had to deal with all that toxic energy and I truly know how draining it is to be around people like that. 

Here are some of my personal cleansing tips that help me a lot when dealing with empath burnout:

Smoke Cleansing

The first thing I do after spending time with a toxic individual is smoke cleanse my space and myself. This removes the residual energy of the experience and helps me become grounded again. You can use whatever method of smoke cleansing you prefer. Even lighting a stick of incense and waving it around your space and person can work wonders when it comes to removing unwanted energy.

Water Cleansing 

Taking a shower or a bath with the intent to have the water cleanse any unwanted energy is an easy and effective way to raise one’s vibration. I find that the simple act of self-care, coupled with the intent to cleanse is extremely powerful. You can use bath salts for added cleansing power as well. Water is very programmable too, so it’s an excellent way to literally shower yourself with intent. You can recite an incantation while in the shower, or just think positive and cleansing thoughts. 

Alone Time

When I’m drained and anxious from an unpleasant encounter, I need a lot of time by myself to re-charge my ‘emotional battery’ so to speak. I find that taking some time to just be is very helpful after negative stimulation. I might burrito myself in a blanket and curl up with a good book, or I may sit quietly and meditate for a while until I feel calm again. No matter what I decide to do with my ‘alone time’, I find it always helps to retreat for a bit.


After I’ve smoke cleansed and showered, I find that spending some time with some of my favorite mineral specimens can be very uplifting. Black tourmaline, smoky quartz, labradorite, fluorite, rose quartz, and amethyst are some of my favorite crystal ‘friends’ to hang out with after a draining experience. They all have properties that are extremely beneficial to empaths (refer to my 10 Crystals for Empaths post for details) and can have a neutralizing effect on bad vibes and funky energy. 

General Self-Care 

If I’ve tried all the methods listed above and I’m still feeling some type of way, I do my best to be as gentle with myself as possible. I suggest doing whatever activities that are the most uplifting and relaxing, whether that be drawing, binge watching a favorite show, eating a favorite comfort food, making some yummy tea, or taking a nap. Sometimes distraction and comfort is needed more than anything else. 

Those are just my personal tips. If any other empaths wanna add some tips for Anon, please feel free to do so ♡

I really hope this helps and that you feel better!! 

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Its mine nd my papas one year together in january and we arent sure what we want to do we dont really have that much money between us as we are still in school and dont have jobs have you got any good and cheap ideas for what we can do? (also can they be suitable for little space please )

Hi! Yay happy anniversary Nonny & Nonny’s Papa! The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do anything huge or extravagant. The most important thing is you have each other after all :)

So here are some ideas, maybe one of them works for you :) I also have some additional date ideas here.

-Go ice skating. Papa can spin you around and you can hold hands and stuff! Then have some hot chocolate (or maybe a bottle of warm milk instead?) after to warm up.

-Home move night. Make some popcorn, get some yummy candies. Gas stations have yummy slushies for like $2. Some good sites for streaming movies for free are Megashare, Gomovies, and Primewire. (Just make sure you have an adblocker enabled, and don’t download anything. And don’t click any fishy links.)

-Go to the library and pick out some kiddy books. Then have Papa read you bedtime stories until you fall asleep. If your parents won’t let Papa stay overnight, phone calls work too! 

-Make a fort out of pillows and blankets. Bake cookies and you can do whatever you want in your fort! Have all your stuffies join you. You can have tea parties, watch a movie on a laptop/tablet, cuddle, chat, whatever you want!

-Go to McDonalds and have Papa get you a happy meal. It’s nothing fancy, but you get a toy with your meal!

-If it’s in your budget, IHOP can be a fun experience for a little. You can look at their menu here to see if it’s in your budget. (Don’t forget to include the tip when you’re considering the budget.)

-Maybe celebrate with cupcakes? :) I think cupcakes at Walmart are under $5, but you’d have to double check.

-How about a picnic? Have Papa pack all your favorite snacks for you and bring a big blanket that you can sit on. You can bring your stuffies and just have a good time together. Maybe even a tea party! 

What’s Ours// Lee Jihoon

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Pairing: Jihoon x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: @uruhagazette said:
Can I request Woozi fluff? Where he have wife and cute daughter 💖

Author’s Note: I love this idea honestly imagining Woozi as a dad makes me scream. Sorry if it’s not that good!

xoxo Sara

“Hey…” you heard a soft voice whisper, slowly waking you from your slumber, “Are you awake…?”

“I am now,” You murmur softly as your eyes flutter open, shifting your whole body around to face your husband, Jihoon. You and Jihoon have been married for quite some time now, and although it may be cheesy, time really does fly when you spend it with the one you love. You had settled down and bought a house together, you working from home writing stories and painting while he still produced songs.

You smile tiredly as his eyes meet yours, his arm slowly lifting itself from under the blanket you both shared to press his hand against your cheek. You nuzzle your cheek into his hand and bat your lashes softly, tangling his legs with yours under the blanket as his eyes begin to search your face.

“Can’t sleep?” you murmur softly, leaning your hand against his as he nods. He shifts closer to you, nuzzling his nose against yours and pressing a soft kiss to your cheek his eyes flutter shut momentarily.

“Yeah…I don’t know why, but It feels as if something is missing…”

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Living with Hoseok

So now it is time for our hope, our angel, the ball of sunshine that is s o fucking talented like honestly this kid can dance (ex t re m ely well) he can sing, he can rap, he can make people laugh just by being himself like I l o v e, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Okay but this is s u ch a cute thought oh my lord
  • I see hobi being somewhere in the middle of tae and jin when it comes to falling in love, he doesn’t take as long as Jin or Yoongi does but he’s not as fast about it as tae so he may need a couple extra weeks 
  • He is a people person he does love to be around people but I also see him as the type that’s a romantic at heart and just wants to be able to go home and cuddle his bby and spend the night watching movies or playing board games or just talking to each other
  • Like he’d be so down for going out somewhere too but he would so want to have a few nights a week where it’s just you two and the pup hanging out having fun and being cute
  • I think hobi would start thinking about moving in together around the seven month mark
  • You two had been talking about living together for a while, anytime you two slept over at the others place, it’d always come up bc it just felt right to fall asleep next to each other and have pillow talk and he loved seeing your clothes in his closet bc it made him feel like it could lead up to moving in together (which it did)
  • He just gets s o fucking happy being able to wake up next to you and being able to hang around with you all morning and if neither of you have anything happening that day, you can actually hang around all day and that makes him even happier bc then he can spend the day with you and his pup and maybe some friends if you two feel like it
  • The first place you two get is a lil house, it’s got three bedrooms and this lil backyard for the pup to run around in (that was v v important to both of you, you need pup to be happy too) and a garage that hobi later turns into a mini dance area like he sets up this huge mirror on the wall and gets the floor redone
  • Decorating with hobi would be an adventure tbh he does take it seriously but he also wants to make it fun bc looking at rugs is only entertaining for oh so long
  • He somehow finds anything weird or extreme and shows it to you like hey I found a giant teddy bear, it’s literally taller than I am and I would like to purchase it immediately
  • You both already agreed that hobi can turn the garage into a lil dance area but everything else is pretty mutual, you both decorate the living room together and pick out pots and pans for the kitchen together and decide what towels you want for the bathrooms
  • If you wanted to turn a second room into something for a hobby or work or anything of that sort, he’d s o be down for it like he’d honestly support it so much bc he’s a proud lil boyfriend and if you had something that you wanted to create a space for, he’d help you out in any way he could
  • I see hobi going for a simple theme but then having cute decorations to go with it like a simple frame but then an amazing painting or a simple bookshelf with a vase full of like lil rocks and shells I could also see there being a bit of an ocean/beach theme or maybe a floral theme like light colors and then pops of green with vases of flowers here and there
  • Move in day would be one of the most exciting days of his life he’d be bouncing around everywhere he wouldn’t care that there’s so much to do he’s just pumped to do it all bc this is it you’re gonna be living with him now and you two are gonna be starting that next chapter and he’s so ready for it
  • Living with hobi is so much fun and it’s never boring and it’s just so much love and happiness and excitement every day it’s beautiful
  • Cuddles are a must he gets whiny if he doesn’t get his good morning kiss and he also likes to hold your hand while you brush your teeth
  • But back to cuddling, cuddles are very versatile, he’s cool with being big spoon or even lil spoon, he’s cool with you like laying on his chest or him on yours but his favorite is when you two lay face to face and he holds onto your hands and your legs are all tangled together bc then he can look at you while you talk and he can give you kisses whenever he wants it’s just a win win situation for everyone tbh
  • Also expect a lot of playing around, he’s a v v playful dude and he loves just having fun and laughing and making you smile bc your smile is actually what made him fall in love
  • But there are also s o many sweet moments bc hobi is actually a huge sweetheart like there was this one time you mentioned that some ice cream sounded really good and you came home the next day and found the ice cream and a new book or movie waiting for you along with a lil teddy bear
  • I feel like hobi would actually be a pretty good cook if he tried like in Rookie King he was kinda just joking around a bit but I think if he wasn’t trying to goof around, he’d actually be able to make some yummy stuff and he wouldn’t mind handling the cooking but he’d lo v e if it was something you two did together like even if you just joined him and sat on the counter, he’d be a lot happier
  • He’d be cool with cleaning but similar to tae, he’d want to make it a game so he’d try to make it a thing where like every Sunday you two dance around and give the pup a bath or turn putting laundry into the washer into a game of basketball like who can actually get that shirt into the washer from a certain spot
  • Grocery shopping would be a bit of a mix, he’d have his serious side that gets the actual essentials but then the lil kid in him sees some fruit snacks in the Spongebob character shapes and he’s gotta have it but oh shiT they have the Scooby Doo ones too
  • “Hobi why do we have ten boxes of the exact same shit in our cart”
  • “They’re not the same thing at all, that one’s Dora, that one’s Spongebob, that one’s Minions there are so many different characters”
  • “Don’t they taste the same though”
  • “n O they don’t how dare you”
  • “Ight then”

Why Does Toothpaste Make Everything Taste Bad?

Have you ever noticed that toothpaste makes some yummy foods, like orange juice, taste awful? QQ explains! 

tips for melting chocolate chips in a microwave to a liquidy texture for dipping, coating, etc. by a person who isn’t very good at this stuff (me)

  • there aren’t a lot of tips to give I just like the bulleted list
  • I learned this through trial and error while trying to make some really yummy, rich peanut butter cups (I’ll give the recipe if u want just message me)
  • put the chips and a spoonful (like a tablespoon?) of coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl and put them in the microwave
  • heat them for 30 seconds at a time and stir occasionally
  • do not, under any circumstances, add butter. butter will make your chocolate chips stick together and form into something more fudgy
  • if you want a more liquidy consistency (which I did), add another spoonful of coconut oil and stir it in
  • be careful not to heat your chocolate for too long or too much. if it starts to smell a little like brownies then you’ve overcooked them, but don’t worry, just stir in a little coconut oil and it should be relatively okay, just a little gritty but not bad at all
  • the moral of the story is to use coconut oil and don’t cook it for too long, and then you’ll get some great melted chocolate chips
  • don’t add too much coconut oil though, unless you want some super liquidy chocolate
  • anyway that’s that idk what else to add for now have fun melting chocolate chips

Mushroom Lettuce Wraps
Tonight I used my leftovers from last night’s dinner to make some yummy lettuce wraps. If you haven’t tried cauliflower rice yet.. get on it!! I have a few recipes for cauli-rice in my previous posts and will have more in my ebook! I’m also building a website, so let me know what you’d like to see on there! Earlier today I asked where all my followers are from and it’s freaking awesome to connect with like-minded people around the WORLD!!! So I’m really motivated to get these things done for you all!

Followers, we wish you...

A Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, and/or simply Happy Merriment around your favorite winter traditions!

No matter what or how you celebrate, or even if you celebrate nothing at all, we hope that every single one of our followers takes a moment to do something nice for yourself and nice for someone else. Donate some of your time, make some yummy cookies, sit cozy by a fire, play in the snow, etc.

As an addendum, you may have noticed that we’ve dropped the queue down to three confessions a day. The admins have popped off to our various holiday festivities, but we didn’t want to leave anyone wanting. We’ll bump the queue back up after the 1st of the new year.

So please everyone have a very merry end of the year, stay safe, and have fun!

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New video! Teamed up with Universal Studios to make some yummy Minion themed cake pops today on Nerdy Nummies!