making shady deals

Chief writer for SNL goes full Nazi.

“Leftists always project.
They call you a Nazi, while advocating that you wear the equivalent of a star of David.
They say you’re working with Putin, as they sell 20% of our uranium to Russia.
They say you’re a racist, as they call blacks super predators.
They say you’re a misogynist, as they accuse a 12 year old girl of promiscuity, and older rape victims as “being trash”.
They say you make shady financial deals, as their charity pockets 95% of all donations.
They call you violent as they bloody their knuckles with your face.
They are the dregs of humanity.”
- u/CommentBomber

Moments I’d Like to See with Canon Aph Greenland

I know I’ve been complaining a lot so I’m going to fill the tag with silly, semi-historical things.

  • The first time they revealed the design for their flag and the Nordics being in shock about it (It’s the only Nordic nation without the Nordic cross on its flag)
  • Greenland gushing over polar bears with Canada 
  • Greenland outdrinking Denmark
  • America trying to buy Greenland off of Denmark and he’s like “Haha  but no.”
  • The story behind Greenland’s *possible* Arctic Fox 
  • Greenland making shady business deals with China while Denmark looks on in irritation
  • America teaching Greenland how to fly a plane after establishing the airbases
  • Greenland speaking only in Greenlandic to frustrate Denmark (even though Danish was once their official language)
  • Young/Baby Greenland trying to fight Norway from settling on the island (bonus points if they’re actually terrifying) 
  • Basically Greenland being a butthead to Denmark because they can.
I’m Team Katrina in the sense of Katrina, not “Ichabod and Katrina.” I like the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod, however, I don’t think they should ever get together because I think that would ruin it.

Katia Winter (x)

I’ve made it no secret that I love great actors. But what sets apart the great ones from the okay ones is how they bring their roles to life.

Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin is one of the best portrayals I have ever seen on television. Think about this. Before Once Upon a Time, would you ever had associated “Rumplestiltskin” with anything other than “creepy little imp that makes shady deals and is disturbingly interested in kids”? I highly doubt it.

I know that Rumple/Mr. Gold’s incredible character is in no small part thanks to the writing but let’s face it - without a great powerhouse actor to bring him to life, he would not be that impressive. It takes a lot of talent and a lot of ingenuity to bring a character this complicated to life and not make the character a cliche. I remember talking to my friend Yvonne about it and she said “if Bobby wasn’t Rumple, would you like Rumple?” and I said “probably not”.

I am fully aware that Robert Carlyle has done numerous fantastic performances but, I’ve got to be perfectly honest, Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time will probably be my favourite performance. Because I have never seen ANYTHING like this character before! And that is quite an achievement - usually characters that somewhat resemble Rumple’s character (an anti-hero/villain/whatever) they unfortunately don’t have much depth to them, at least from a viewing standpoint.

Robert Carlyle is hypnotic on this show. That presence was there from the Pilot. From the first scene of him in the mines as the scary, impish Rumplestiltskin to the final scene of Mr Gold “you enjoy your stay… Emma…” I was hooked (no pun intended). He is absolutely incredible.

And the fact that outside of his work, he seems to be so down to earth and likable makes me appreciate and admire him even more.

Happy Birthday, Robert Carlyle. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all <3

Thinking about it, Why isn’t the SDC the bad guys in RWBY. I mean: they are cashing in on systematic racism, they use the faunus for cheap labor, and they’ve been known to make some shady business deals.

That sounds like a way better villain than the White Fang.

As seedy as Zone 8 was, and as far as it was from the motel, with fresh battle scars Bert knew they’d blend in there. After all, this tiny narrow-alleyed urban jungle was where he had grown up. Of course, back in those days there wasn’t a thin layer of rust and soot over everything, but there were just as many bikers and shady types making business deals in the central dive bar. Bert’s friend, Club, was one of those shady types. Bert’s presence brought a sweet warmth to Club’s criminal heart that meant he couldn’t refuse putting up Bert and his friends for the night in his ramshackle house. 

In the kitchen, Bert and Frankie settled down to devour a plate of bacon each while Club was out drinking. 

“Hope you’re hungry!” Bert beamed, though secretly he hoped that she’d leave some for him to scoff down as well.