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POC representation blogs

Interested in finding blogs featuring mostly people of color in TV and movies? Not sure how to find them? You’re in luck because here’s a list that I’m making for quick reference purposes (for myself and anyone else!): 

[3nd edit, based on comments and suggestions I’ve received]

multifandom / general: 

fandom specific: 

race specific: 

Thank you to everyone who liked/reblogged and especially to those who suggested new blogs! I’ve tried to include every blog that predominantly posts about TV/movie representation. If the blog you suggested isn’t on this list, it will probably be on a later list for POC representation in lit/comics/art/etc. Again, thanks everybody! 

Please tell me what blogs I’ve missed! 

Jimin Scenario: Amore.

Request: So first i would like to have a jimin scenario were he meets gf parents, but they don’t speak korean so he must learn her native language (if possible italian, but every other language is ok [i don’t mean dialogues in italian, but like making references that gf nationality is italian {idk if i explained myself good lol}]) and he’s nervous to mess up             

Genre: Fluff

Nobody was really being of much help, his friends were trying but falling in a fit of laughter each time he attempted to pronounce two straight words and Jimin was sweating and frustrated, people spoke this, it shouldn’t be that hard.

–I’ll start again– Jimin said decided, he was doing this, he was greeting your parents like a nice Italian boy would without messing it up, for you and for them. – Now, hear me up –

His friends straightened themselves again, and Jimin remembered himself to be patient, he was patient, he was kind, he was smart and he was all but losing all of that already.

–Buon… buon…– Jimin took a deep breath, tried to remember the rest and coax his lips and voice to pronounce what he wanted them to. –Buon, gi… orno – his lips took a funny shape with the foreign word, and he saw how Taehyung and Jungkook did their best to not fall again in a fit of laughter.

–It’ll be almost midday when you meet them Jimin, are you sure you’ll still be greeting them as if it was morning? – Namjoon looked at him with his know it all eyes and Jimin clenched his fist, almost glaring at his hyung, but not quite.

–Buon giorno – he said again, stronger this time and annoyed. Damnit Namjoon, he was right, maybe that wasn’t even the same greeting for midday why didn’t he think about that before and why didn’t Namjoon open his mouth sooner? He could have saved Jimin a good half an hour of trying to properly pronounce the two words without making a ridiculous face halfway through.

Jimin just needed to persevere, he knew it, you had said that it was alright, that you could translate everything, that it wasn’t that much of an issue but for Jimin it was, he wanted to do everything in his hands for your parents to like him and cause them a good first impression, he was going to speak Italian even if it was the last thing he did.

–I got this alright? – he said, to his friends, to himself, eyeing again the notes on his hands where he’d scribbled all the possible phrases he could learn on his own. He wanted this to be a surprise but he’d also paid close attention to the little words you let out here and there in your native language, so he could get used to the sound, and Jimin wasn’t a quitter, no matter the headache and the tangled tongue, he got this, he could do this, he was going to walk into that restaurant with you and nail this whole italian thing in the batting of an eyelash.

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hello! i know the randl tumblr fandom is a quaint environment and doesn’t really delve into many issues, but i’ve something on my mind for a while now and i’d really love to share it w yall and get your opinions on it.

that being said, let’s talk about myth*nt and the lack of diversity within it!

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so: i’ve got 41 messages about The Bible Post in just the last two days (and that’s not even counting the people trying to contact me through reblogs), and with the best will in the world i can’t answer all of them, so here’s a post, or something.

  1. first of all: thanks! i’m glad you enjoyed it. (if you didn’t enjoy it, that’s fine too! you can even send me hate mail about it if you really want. it’s a free country.)
  2. no, i’m probably not going to publish the whole thing, because it’s very short and mostly shit. trust me, you’ve seen all the good bits. the rest is just me talking to myself and making copious pop culture references
  3. you can message me about it if you like, but i almost certainly won’t be able to respond, because i have six (6) essays due in the next two weeks and my executive function is terrible at the best of times. think of it as, uh…watering a plant? the plant enjoyed your message, and was nourished by it, but you probably won’t get anything back, because plants can’t talk. i hope this analogy made sense
  4. i apologise to any pastors i may have offended 
  5. feel free to send me asks about other things that are not The Bible Post. there’s a much higher chance of me responding, especially if the ask is related to dragon age or memes
  6. danke, auf wiedersehen

quick sleep deprived sketch

i was trying to make myself a reference for the back of my jellyfish zora oc lol

i’m still getting used to trying to draw with the botw zora proportions so if the anatomy looks wonky, that’s why haha

you know, without a nose they kind of look like v oldemort wearing a mask and an oversized shower cap lmao

anonymous asked:

YOUR BLOG HEADER I used to have the original cover as my profile pic and ur header made me laugh 😂

HAHA yeah funny story about that image: way back when I first got into Carmilla I wanted to draw a modern version of that image so I tried to make myself a ‘reference’ image by photoshopping Nat and Elise’s faces onto it but it ended up being REALLY funny on its own so I posted it and the rest is history




Castiel’s wardrobe is of course inspired by the lovely @cheriiart‘s design!

I am in so deep you guys.