making random gifs.. deal with it

I think my new favorite thing has become to use teen wolf gifs to express things

when you cut yourself while shaving in the shower

when your parents catch you getting a midnight snack

when you hit your funny bone but try to deal with the pain

when you have to decide between school and looking up random things on the internet

 when someone won’t stop talking about their breakup

when youre trying to keep your cool around dumb people

when your teacher tells everyone to clear off their desks and take out a blank sheet of paper

when you make eye contact with your crush in the hallway


Though you may walk alone, you’re worth more than you know.

I Prevail - Crossroads


Asides from my obvious happiness for making a successful gif set, I really wanted to spread some positivity in the tag.

We’ve come to a point where things can’t always remain under control and seem as good as most people want it to be. If we are to remain a loving community/fandom, we have to work to keep it that way, not wait for someone else to do it for us. Not until when a shit storm hits at a random point in the year; not when a fan artist gets thrown under the bus for something they did. If you see something wrong, deal with it in a manner that will resolve the problem other than spewing out bullshit and negative thoughts on a person or action you know nothing about, and just obsessing over a detail when you don’t know the entire story. Talk about it; figure out ways to implement a solution; wait until you hear all sides of the story, that’s all you really need to do. It’s honestly sad some people have stooped into spreading something nobody wants: hate.

I joined this community because of sharing the common interest of the YouTuber, but it’s really hard for myself and for others to do so when our voices get drowned out in all the hate and negativity. This post is something to help spread something good and a belief Mark holds for each and everyone of his fans: You can be in the darkest pits of hell, and he’ll believe in you with every fiber of his being that you can do anything you set your heart and mind to. 

If we can set our minds to bettering this group of fans, we can do anything; but it’s up to us whether or not we challenge that problem.