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It’s literally 5am, so I’m making a B-day post.

Happy B-Day Team Fortress!

Okay, i’ve literally only been here for less than 100 days, but I still LOVE this game! And the comics, and of course the fanbase is fucking amazing! These insane Mercs are all awesome, and I wish I could’ve found this unique hat-insanity much sooner. But I’m glad to be here now, and I hope this game can stay afloat and alive, because it deserves to!

Here’s to TF2! May it continue to be crazy, fun, and more often then not, not make a lick of damn sense! May it live on!!! and the next comic/game update better come out soon,Valve.

Also hire me, Valve. I can make movie/tv show cast-wish-lists, sarcastic one liners, and I can write random shit. Please, I need a job.

Here, celebratory gifs while I draft my negotiations job deal with VALVE! :D (haha… I wish.)

GOT7 Reaction: GF random anger issues during period


He’d cuddle you trying to calm you down.

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Patiently dealing with your anger and can’t wait until you’re off your period.

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“Why are you yelling at me I only walked into the room asking if you wanted some ice cream?”

*ignore the subtitles*

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Scared for his life

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Will try anything to make you happy again. “Jagi don’t be angry, smile you have food”

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“You’re cute when you’re angry”

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(I couldn’t find a gif to go with this so have this gif)

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~Admin Cyde

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Hi Alice - I'm so sorry that you had to deal with the mess that is Evgenia discourse. I'd like to request a random Yuzu gif (repost if you don't have the time) if that would make you feel better?

Thank you for the kind message! I’m quite okay really, I was actually enjoying myself quite a bit even :)) 

But yes, of course, I thank you too for the opportunity to post a random Yuzu gif (I love those, random gifs are the best kind of gifs aren’t they?) 

Here, how about this dramatic hydroblade from Seimei 2.0:

Requests are now open

I currently have some free time on my hands so I’m opening requests for a limited amount of time. Gifsets, appreciation posts, headers, wallpapers, icons, etc… you know the deal already( ´∀´)☆

If you’re unsure if something has already been made or not, please check my requests tag (or the character’s tag) before requesting. Thank you!


“Clark, can you hand me the drink?” you asked as the insistent beeping of the check out counter continued on, further causing your head to throb in pain. Clark nodded before clumsily shuffling through your purse, knocking out a pair of earrings you had put in there in the mission to find your ibuprofen. He could tell from you squinting eyes and overall annoyed behavior that you needed it so when he managed to fish the pills out, he quickly shook three into his palm before grabbing the Coke the cashier had placed up on the small counter and handing them to you.

“Thank you sweet,” you mumbled out before opening the drink and downing the pills with a few sips. When you pulled the drink from your face you were surprised to see Clark giving the cashier a harsh glare, the boy hurriedly trying to finish checking everything out. You looked between the two for a second but decided to wait till later as you pulled your debit card from your wallet and handed it to the flustered employee.

As you walked out of the store, Clark holding the two full bags of groceries you stopped outside your car and sent your boyfriend a expectant look.

“Why were you death glaring that kid?” you asked bluntly, raising an eyebrow as the look of anger once again found it’s of Clark’s face. “What the heck? Did he like kill someone?”

“While you were taking your meds, he found himself inclined to stare at your…  torso, well more like ogle in a very disrespectful manner,” Clark almost growled out, tightening his grip on the bottom of the paper bag.

“Chill big guy. It happens,” you shrugged, placing a hand on Clark’s arm as you tried to comfort him though it seemed to have the opposite affect.

“What?” this time it was a growl as he stared down at you.

“I’m just saying, we live in Metropolis and not everyone is a saint. Anyways the kid was like 16, send a girl with a tight shirt on in there and he looses all impulse control,” you explained, trying to make a joke that Clark did not laugh too. “Wait a second, are you jealous?”

“No. I just don’t appreciate knowing that random guys are staring at my girlfriend’s chest like it’s no big deal. They shouldn’t look at what isn’t there’s,” Clark defended himself, opening the door while holding the two bags in one hand before setting them in the car and closing the door. He grabbed your waist, pulling you against him as his eyes focused on looked at the people around you.

“They shouldn’t look at what isn’t there’s? Oh yeah, that’s definitely not jealousy talking.”

Gif Credit: not mine. I don’t think

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May can you bring some kaisoo "side comments" (or spontaneous uncontrolled reactions) moments, you know the usual cute comments they do, staring at the other with that fond expression, while one of them speak, please ?

Hey Nerea! First, sorry for taking so long answering this (a really long time). But let’s do this! Another KD top 5 just for the fun of it. The gifs aren’t mine, but the terrible sense of humor is. Deal with it.

1. Kyungsoo and hist height mention 

Honestly, this day was filled with comments of Kyungsoo and Jongin about each other and it’s something really precious to see. I choose this specifically, not because I was being random, but this is a topic that affects Kyungsoo directly and Jongin making a comment about it is interesting to notice.

2. “I also eat well”

A classic. So classic I won’t comment the obvious. Next.

3. “Asked to show his superpower”

Everybody knows that Jongin didn’t made a side comment (he didn’t talk actually), but everything was so nice, I couldn’t ignore this moment. Pls understand.

4. Kyungsoo calling Jongin “pretty”

I’m just putting this here because I like it, because I can and because this comment was totally unexpected from the context itself. Basically, Jongin was looking at his own appearance, when Kyungsoo called him pretty and smiled at him. Aren’t those two adorable?

5. Jongin calling Kyungsoo cute and regretting afterwards

Again, very evident, but extremly adorable.

BONUS: Jongin’s reaction to Kyungsoo’s aegyo.

Basically, it’s the reaction of this. (Click here to see the video because Tumblr is being an ass)

It’s a normal reaction to make when your bro is doing aegyo lol

BONUS #2: Side comments during EXO Second Box.

For some reason, this comment wasn’t translate by the official subtitle, but it’s pretty audible. There are others like this, so I suggest you to see this post for more.

Open When You First Receive These Letters

My Dearest Cole,

      So, as of when I am writing this, I have no clue what all I’m going to write in all of these. I’m hoping to make them really freaking sweet and be done before summer or even your birthday, but summer is a month away and your birthday is a week away. So I highly doubt I’ll be done in time for any of them. But worst case maybe I can mail them to you this summer or give them to you at some point. You might be getting another set of these before you leave me for college, but who knows. I’m typing these on tumblr because my Microsoft program on dad’s laptop sucks major butt, and this way I can write them from anywhere. I hope I can print these and make a notebook or scrapbook or something of the sort with them, but who knows. I’m lazy. I might just give you the URL and say enjoy. 

     Cole, I love you. You mean the world to me, and I hope these letters show that to you. No matter what happens between us, whether(GOD FORBID) we ever broke up, or anything comes between us, remember that I love you as of right now. And I’ll always love you. Maybe it’ll be a different kind of love, but you’ll always be there in my heart. You’ve been my longest boyfriend so far, and that means a lot to me. Not many people can deal with me in case you haven’t noticed. I’ve thought so many times you were just going to give up on me. Just let me go and get someone easier to put up with. But instead, you stick with me. At times you’ve looked like you were going to just end it all, and I’m sure you’ve thought about it at least once. But for some crazy reason, you’ve stuck with my crazy butt. Through all of my PMSing, or just non-PMS craziness, through my icky days and my happy days, through the days when I really just wanna slap you, and the days when I just can’t stop kissing you. You’re always right beside me, a lot of the time while rolling your eyes, but you’re always beside me. So thanks, Cole.

      I hope you keep these letters for a while at least, and I hope they mean something to you. I hope they’re not too cheesy but they probably are. And I hope I’m not bugging you… But you can deal with it*insert Cole rolling his eyes here*(we really should make a gif of you rolling your eyes, it could become tumblr famous).

I love you, Cole!


Rachel Louise Allen

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oh my god in that gif where kook was wearing that colorful striped sweater and then jimin might've been resting his hand on his ass. when kook fucking looked back at jimin and jimin looked all breathless behind him i kinda died a lil bit (read: a lot) they have no such thing as subtlety. another thing is ik a lot of ppl gush over jks backhugs but god its just makes my heart melt whenever i see jimin's hands on kook's waist cuz his waist is narrow and tiny and its so cute how jm's so tender w him

Yes absolutely. yes to everything. listen, those two are married (in my trash mind) they are busan husbands ok. they are both so soft for each other it makes me melt into a puddle of goo. i need help

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jungkook be like ‘oh, its jiminie-hyung’ bc its probably no big deal to them since you know, they are married. im trash

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im sorry this turned into a random jikook moments post. the day i learn to gif, you guys look out bc im gonna go on a giffing spree.

love me or leave me

requested : yes //  You should do a cal one where he’s a big time CEO and he’s never home and pays you no attention

pairing : calum x reader

warnings : cursing??? 

words : 990 shit thats alot but at the same time not?????


                                FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!!

                                            {not my gif}

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Dating a man that runs a multi-million dollar company isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. There’s the constant need for him to be on his phone checking on business deals, making sure his workers are doing their job, planning the next big thing. It gets tiring being told the same excuses over and over again after forgetting anniversaries, birthdays, dates, and family gatherings.

Y/n loved Calum long before he was know as Calum Hood C.E.O of Hood inc. back when they would have random picnics in the park just because they could or how when the carnival was in town Calum instead they go so he could win you a stuffed animal and eat so much carnival food you both would feel like you’d explode or how when you both graduated collage he surprised you with a road trip around the UK or how you both would just spend the night talking about anything and everything like it was the first time you had met.

That was the Calum you had fallen for and hoped to marry not the Calum that forgot your birthday after he told you he had the whole day planned or the one that cancelled your date when he had to fly out to New York City for a business deal or the Calum that ignored you for weeks on end only to act like he hadn’t been ignoring you. That Calum you didn’t know and had no desire to know.

It was a couple days before yours and Calum’s 6-year anniversary and he had just gotten back from a business meeting that had gone horribly wrong. According to Calum’s last words to you, “shit fell through the rocks, Star inc. made them a better offer and they decided to fuck out and dropped us.”

You had tried everything to get Calum to talk to you again. And I mean everything, you had made his favorite dinner, you asked him about his day, you tried to get him a little hot and bothered. But time after time it failed. He hadn’t been home to enjoy the dinner you made. He would give you short replies, saying his day was ‘fine’ not bothering to ask how your day was. Even deciding to stay at work late to avoided you trying to get his swimmers swimming.

You had grown tired of being to only one trying to keep your relationship afloat. If Calum wasn’t going to try anymore then neither were you. It was time to move on. Deciding to leave while Calum was at work seemed to be the best time seeing as he was still ignoring you, so you assumed that he would be staying late as he usually does during one of these spells.

You hadn’t noticed the sound of the door opening and closing shortly after, nor had you heard the footsteps that made their way to the bedroom that held so many amazing memories.

 “Y/n what are you doing?” you visibly tensed when the voice you hadn’t heard in weeks spoke. “What does it fucking look like I’m doing Calum?” you say in a harsh tone, willing yourself to not show the regret that seeped through you after the words left your lips.

I see that but what I do not understand is, why you are packing your clothes?” he replied confused.

Because I’m done.” You turned after saying the words you hoped you would never had to say to him, “I’m don’t being in a relationship where it feels like I’m the only one that care. I’m done trying because it feels like you gave up a long time ago,” you pause to wipe away the tears that had fallen freely. With a shaky breath you continue, “I’m not going to spend anymore of my time trying when all you are going to do is waste it. I love you, Calum, but I can’t keep living like this.”

After what feels like an eternity Calum finally moves closer to you, he wipes away the tears that keep falling down your cheeks, he brushes the hair out of your face. Leans in as if he is about to kiss you but rethinks he’s actions seeing how truly upset you are. Taking a breath before opening his mouth to say something but not knowing what he could say to fix the mess he has created.

Taking a couple steps back he clears his throat before speaking, “I haven’t stopped caring about you, y/n.” “Sure seems like it” you interrupt, “I know that is what it may look like but everything I’ve done is for you, for us, for our future.”

Calum, there is no ‘future’ if you keep pulling your shit by ignoring me when things at work go shit, or if you keep forgetting important dates and canceling whatever we have planned. A relationship takes to people not just one person.” You say, noticing how closer you two are to each other compared to a few moments ago.

I know,” he mumbles out sadly looking down before looking up at you with a look in his eye that screams determination and lust, closing the little gap there was between you two, “I love you and I do not intend on losing you.” He says be for pressing his lips on yours. Almost as if his lips held you under a spell you moved your lips against his, moaning when he gets a little rougher.

But before anything gets to heated you pull away, receiving a small whine from Calum, “n-no we need to discuss this not fuck it out, Calum,” you say breathless, “you have to start talking to me, be open with me. None of your ignoring shit anymore Calum. It hurts and I hate it. Either love me or leave me.”

You look up to see Calum smirking but his eyes held nothing but love, “love you.” 

Dear HTTYD Fandom:

I love all of you guys. 

Every. single. one. of. you. 

You have made tumblr incredibly fun and uplifting, even if we post a mass of horrible macabre jokes.  This is a great community, and it’s one of which I am very proud to be a part.  I hope you feel the same way.

I know I’ve seen some drama dance around recently in several different forms.  You probably know already what I’m talking about - anon hate, suspended account threats, liveblog trolls, the argument between reblogging or not reblogging clearly pirated gifs, and so on and so forth.

Personally I don’t like talking about drama.  I feel like it makes drama worse.  But I want to bring this up once and I hope that it will be beneficial.

And while others have talked about this before, let me just remind you all of two wonderful, positive things about this. 

First.  We have some control over the drama.  Sure, we can’t defend ourselves completely from trolls or hate.  But we can make the decision not to make a big deal about it.  We can make the decision to work around trolls and still have lots of fun.  We can make the decisions to support those going through anything rough.  We can make the decision not to freak out over rude anons.  We can simply ignore them, the trolls will lose interest, and they will move onto other targets.  We can quit talking all the time about these issues - bring them up only when needed - and leave the majority of conversation to the fun material we enjoy.

After all, the only way we get divided is if we divide ourselves. Have something you need to work out?  Go do it without throwing anything into chaos. Don’t get caught up in drama as much as you can help it! 

Look at all the fun we do have.  Just look at it.  This is my second point.  THIS FANDOM IS AMAZING.  Look at all this fun we have.  Focus on the fun.

Let’s look at some amazing fanart.  Draw some, too, don’t care how “polished” of an artist you are.

Let’s read some great fanfic.  Smut, sob-worthy, sweet nothings, dramatic adventures - whatever gets you interested!

Let’s discuss our headcanons and analyze the crap out of this amazing story and debate and figure out the inner workings of the plot.

Let’s laugh until we can’t breathe.  Let’s cry our eyes out until we run out of tears.

Let’s feast our eyes on some Boobstrid and Buttcup.

Let’s quote every line of the first and second movies, and find every opportunity to sing out “For the Dancing and the Dreaming.”

Let’s get to know each other and send each other friendly messages.  My ask is always open, English or Spanish, private or public, known user or anon, fandom related or personal or completely random.

Let’s drown our ears in the glorious soundtracks and feast our eyes on CGI candy.

Let’s make emotional or hilarious or eye bogglingly beautiful gifs.

Let’s get on some dragon nip.

Let’s throw each other in the Grounded Dungeon.

Let’s whisper “dragons” excitedly in one another’s ears.

Just like we’ve always done. 

Because let’s think about it.  THIS is the majority of the fandom.  THIS is the best description of our day-to-day actions.  Forget the small amount of negativity out there – it’ll PASS.  It is NOT a big deal in most instances in the grand scheme of our entire lives.  We are incredibly blessed to have each other!  Look at all we’ve enjoyed!  NEVER FORGET THIS.

Dragons, they are kind amazing creatures that can bring people together!”

And this is why I’m so thankful to encounter each and every one of you.

I love you guys all.

Will continue to love you all.

Will continue to enjoy all the wonderful, extraordinary, special, positive things of our fandom.


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I LOVE how Sardonyx's personality strongly contrasts with the main episode's dim, heartbreaking theme, and Sugilite was quite a sad yet pleasant(?) surprise. I feel so bad for the gems, not to mention that it's just the first freaking episode [way to get heartbroken on my birthday, mhmmm]. Anyway, I'd love to hear your insight about the episode!!!

Okay, so, I’ve gotten several asks regarding this episode in general. I won’t answer them individually - I’m sorry, there’s too many that ask the same thing - so I’ll just ramble, as I tend to do - in this one, because it’s the latest one I’ve received. (If you want me to answer your ask, just ask me with anon off! I almost ALWAYS respond to non-anon asks, and often end up having a random conversation. I’m not scary, guys.)

Before I even get into that, I’m gonna make a Public Service Announcement:

If you’re hating on Sardonyx because of her teeth… grow the fuck up. 

She’s cute. She has a gap. Big fuckin’ deal. Lots of people do. And for those people, a gap in their teeth might have brought down their self-esteem tremendously. Seeing a rad character on a rad TV show that shows that characteristic in a positive light is AWESOME. Don’t shit on someone’s parade. 

Spoilers under the cut, and gifs, just a warnin. 

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1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion is just 1 month away!

Pre-order now to receive an award ribbon and other surprises from me, plus a head start on a year’s worth of prompts, activities, dumb jokes, sarcastic notes, internet humor, and cautious optimism to help you make it through.

Here’s a little more:


Though you may walk alone, you’re worth more than you know.

I Prevail - Crossroads


Asides from my obvious happiness for making a successful gif set, I really wanted to spread some positivity in the tag.

We’ve come to a point where things can’t always remain under control and seem as good as most people want it to be. If we are to remain a loving community/fandom, we have to work to keep it that way, not wait for someone else to do it for us. Not until when a shit storm hits at a random point in the year; not when a fan artist gets thrown under the bus for something they did. If you see something wrong, deal with it in a manner that will resolve the problem other than spewing out bullshit and negative thoughts on a person or action you know nothing about, and just obsessing over a detail when you don’t know the entire story. Talk about it; figure out ways to implement a solution; wait until you hear all sides of the story, that’s all you really need to do. It’s honestly sad some people have stooped into spreading something nobody wants: hate.

I joined this community because of sharing the common interest of the YouTuber, but it’s really hard for myself and for others to do so when our voices get drowned out in all the hate and negativity. This post is something to help spread something good and a belief Mark holds for each and everyone of his fans: You can be in the darkest pits of hell, and he’ll believe in you with every fiber of his being that you can do anything you set your heart and mind to. 

If we can set our minds to bettering this group of fans, we can do anything; but it’s up to us whether or not we challenge that problem.

You guys!!!! 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion is coming out in exactly 3 months from Perigee Books (Penguin Random House).

This book is everything I’ve been doing and saying, internet humor and self-care and stupidity and unknown spaces and “things are what you make of them” and everything that matters to me. It feels crazy that I even made a book but I am so grateful for all of your support and this opportunity it’s lead to.

There’s plenty more to come, sneak peeks, giveaways, launch events, other editions, and plenty more gifs. The countdown has officially begun!

I know it seems early, but pre-orders matter for first week sales. It’s “a big deal.” So if you know you’re going to want a copy, or you know people who would love this, you can pre-order now from AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-MillionIndieBoundPenguin BooksPowell’s Books, or anywhere else.