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have you guys ever considered touring a live show? Because like,,, I'd give you the entirety of my college savings to go to one

Please do not give us the entirety of your college savings. If you don’t go to college, you might miss out on the opportunity to, say, study stories that will inspire you to make a podcast, meet a whole bunch of brilliant actors that you can strong-arm into being in the podcast, and fall in love with a genius writer who will create that podcast with you.

Anyway, we’d love to do a live show (and tour it, goodness knows), but it would take a whole lot of money and time that we don’t currently have. One day, perhaps. 


so uh yeah ive been listening to the adventure zone for about 2 months now and im in Love


podcast aesthetics: the black tapes

“a demon? why does it always have to be a demon?”

I always thought there was no reason why nureyev should have stripped the police officers down when he escaped. it’s that much added time in his (very fast) escape and there’s no implication he used it as a disguise, as though this ridiculous gangle-man would probably fit in their uniforms anyway.

but now, of course, there IS a potential reason: they threatened juno in front of him, and peter is sufficiently petty and dramatic that the humiliation of just escaping and tying them up wasn’t enough retaliation. (and maybe he thought it would please juno just a little bit lmao.)
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but honestly w the podcast it would be so awesome to just hear jack ramble for an hour or so and he could talk about so many things like answering comments, things happening on youtube or irl, sharing life stories, things he has seen in the community recently like fan projects or fan art he liked, videos and movies he enjoyed, stuff hes working on or what hes working towards,  alSO in depth reviews on games and what his thoughts/ theories are on the stuff hes currently playing since he said there are a lot of things he doesnt get to say in the video itself???? im so down for this


03.08.2017 International Women’s Day - ft. the Wonderful ladies of Always Open