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I hate how some classical fans think that classical music is superior to all other music, especially so-called "popular" music -- no, it's the music that you prefer, but that doesn't make it better or worse. It pisses me off so much, despite the fact that I listen to basically exclusively classical music.

that’s exactly one of the main points we’re trying to get across! no music is inherently better than other music regardless of personal preference, and the degree of popularity certainly doesn’t make it superior or inferior. even in bach’s and mozart’s days, there were people putting them down and praising the old renaissance masters as the only good music, and i bet that they’re two of the composers that people like this worship.

however, this attitude isn’t just limited to classical music, or even just music in general - it’s present to some extent in pretty much every group, where some people think that their art form/science/nationality/etc is inherently better than another. it’s kind of too big of a problem for us to even attempt to address right now, but the where i personally have the chance to make an impact is in the classical music community. so yes, i definitely agree with you, and this type of thinking should be stopped. i too listen to pretty much only classical music, but that doesn’t mean that i should think pop songs or jazz is any worse than my chosen genre, and “popular music” is popular for a reason. people should just let other people enjoy what they enjoy!

- mod chopin

honestly, i agree with u 100%! i have a hugely diverse music taste, from hip hop to indie to pop to classical. and u know what, none of them r better than the other, each genre makes me equally happy! if an artist puts in love and effort into a song, whether it’s a major concerto or a soundcloud rap, it is art and has the potential to inspire and make people feel something.

❤ mod dvorak

i was playing mercy today, and the soldier:76 on my team kept putting his spray overtop of mine. i gave up with salt in my little healer soul. cut to about two minutes later when he’s at critical health and im staring him down with my pistol out. i put my spray down and switch to my caduceus staff. still dont heal him. he looks at my spray, looks at me, puts his spray next to mine instead of of top. i heal him, emote, and thank him before moving on.

playing the healer turns you into a vengeful, powerful god. you hold their lives in your hands and if they do not respect you, you leave them for the fucking wolves.

This one is in the queue for next Tuesday with other Gigantuar pics but I wanted to post it by itself because.. well… it’s perfect.


tfw you realise your friend is an Opera cliche. 

A short comic because I rediscovered The Magic Flute recently, and the parallels between it and the Sun and Moon plot were too good to pass up. 

Plus I wanted to do something for my favourite Alola characters. Hau’s such a great guy - just this endless fount of positivity and joie de vivre. (Hell, he’s excited to lose to you!) He embodies this idea that life is an adventure, and you’re the hero who has to grow and learn in it.

Be brave, be defiant, be happy; because life is far more epic than you think it is. 



Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   


Everyone is entitled to their opinions and everyone is entitled to their beliefs … but if the opinions and feelings are rooted in denying certain people basic human rights, I’ve got a problem with that.