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Do you think there may be wizarding schools in other european countries, like italy (yep, totally random, not my country at all °w° )?

definitely! in my head it’s something like this:

  • hogwarts as we know is up in scotland and takes students from the uk and ireland
  • beauxbatons is somewhere near the south of france and I reckon takes students from france, belgium, luxembourg, and switzerland
  • there’s a school somewhere in spain that takes spanish and portuguese students. they probably learn a lot about harmony between religion and magic
  • another school up in germany that encompasses germany, austria, netherlands, switzerland, and belgium. I think they probably have a much bigger emphasis on muggle studies than hogwarts does, probably looking at the rise of grindelwald and hitler in equal measure
  • a scandinavian school in norway or sweden which also takes iceland, denmark, and finland. definitely a big emphasis on magical creatures here. I like to think they have a lot of field trips to study creatures in their natural habitat, or maybe going to copenhagen to compare the little mermaid statue to mermaids they’ve studied
  • a school for the countries around the adriatic so italy, croatia, bosnia and herzegovina, greece, montenegro, albania, macedonia (though it’s primarily italy and greece) with a huge emphasis on history of magic. also languages, I’m thinking ancient greek and latin- maybe studying how latin is used in spells? and definitely have a mythology class of some sort
  • Durmstrang is somewhere in the region of bulgaria and probably also takes students from romania, serbia, kosovo, bosnia and herzegovina, albania 
  • central european school probably in poland with students from czech republic, slovenia, slovakia, hungary. I kind of hope they study home spells and stuff because that should really be covered at hogwarts! learning how to make pierogi by magic and that sort of stuff!
  • and finally an eastern european school over in russia which also takes kids from estonia, latvia, lithuania, belarus, and ukraine. there’s lots of animals in slavic folklore so maybe there’s a higher emphasis on that? things like training familiars or learning to become animagi as part of the curriculum

Prompt: I think you are beautiful and I would like to kiss you.  I can think up some clever lines, if you’d prefer.  But I wanted to say that, first. (None of those lines seemed to be about you or me.)
~1k, alternative meeting/meet cute, no warnings!

Blaine sees him every morning. As his bus turns the corner at 8.36, the most beautiful man in the world is picking up flowers from a small stand, bill in hand ready to hand over. He always looks sad, Blaine thinks, his expression heavy and his shoulders a little too square, but he always thinks to himself that whoever it is that gets a small bunch of yellow flowers from the most beautiful man in the world every single day is a lucky person.

Blaine spends the rest of him commute imagining what a man that beautiful’s name must be. Something elegant, he thinks. Perhaps an Alexander. He’s so pale against the grey of the city that it almost makes sense to imagine that he’s Russian. Blaine imagines learning to make pierogi for him, and then bumps his head against the window and grins to himself. His mama always told him he was a hopeless romantic, and here he is, imagining a life with this man he sees for less than a minute a day.

(He’s given him many names and many lives over the weeks and months he’s seen him. Tomas is a Czech web developer who likes expensive wines and pretty Midwestern boys. Rhys is a Welshman who lives in London and working on an international contract for a telecommunication company. He likes French movies and American boys. Patrick is from Regina and is an international student. He’s brought his liberal Canadian politics with him and is buying flowers just to brighten his student accommodation with. Dicky is in family law, grew up in the Midwest and studied in New York and has never found a reason to go back. He loves fashion, scarves, and good Midwestern boys who love football. Blaine knows it’s ridiculous, but his own real life adventures in love have been more miss than hit, and a few seconds with the angel and his flowers has to be enough. His name is Anthony and he’s from Florida…)

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“Where are you going now, Yuri?” Viktor asks, because practice is over and his brain can focus on other things like 1) the hole in his sleeve 2) the impressive gap in Yakov’s eyebrow that he does not want to know about and 3) chitchat with rinkmates.

“I’m going to try this new club,” Georgi announces, like nobody knows he’s just seen his ex check in there. “Seems cool.”

Viktor smiles politely and turns back to Yuri, who has just graduated from juniors. “How about you?”

Yuri gives him this look. The one you give to an adult when they ask how to print an email attachment.

“Seeing my grandpa,” he says. “It’s Sunday. We’re making pierogi.”

This is the most Yuri has ever said to Viktor, and he seems to have exhausted his reserves. Viktor’s follow up questions are all met with irritable shrugs.


Sometimes Viktor says he’s going out but stays in. Sometimes Viktor says he’s staying in to do laundry when he is 100% planning to try out that new bar the next block over.

He doesn’t know why he does this. 

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Future Plans

Hey, all!

Like you, I’m more than ready to kick 2017 to the curb and am looking ahead to what 2018 will bring.

I’ve never been a resolutions kind of gal (though I fully support those who make them!), instead coming up with things I hope to accomplish.  But no pressure!

(It’s tougher now, with my life-altering disease, to do pretty much everything, so I’m taking those goals down from ‘lofty’ to ‘possibly-maybe’.)

Another thing about setting these goals: they are totally flexible.  Nothing is written in permanent marker. I can alter and/or drop a goal as the year progresses.

It’s about not putting limitations or undue stress on myself, while giving me something to look forward to.

So far, it’s a manageable and achievable list.

Unsurprisingly, several are food-related!


Master French macarons

Make Pierogies from scratch

Master fresh pasta

Create the Wynonna Earp treats I’ve been planning

Learn and work with the airbrush machine (for food!)

Write More (My first NaNo went well and I’m eager to keep at it)

LEAVE THE HOUSE MORE (It isn’t easy, and it is exhausting, but more of this)

Catch up on comics

Whittle down my ‘to read’ book pile

That’s it so far.

What about you? What small/major/silly/important thing(s) are you hoping to do next year?

And in case I don’t ‘see’ you later, this is my message for each and every one of you:

Believe that you are worthy of love and happiness. Remember that you matter. You are needed. Your voice counts. Never give up hope. Don’t stop fighting. Laugh and love as often as you can. Cry when you need to. Never be afraid to ask for help. It’s ok to step back and take a break.  Drink lots of water. Surround yourself with the things that make you feel happy and safe. Try something new, but not at the cost of your comfort. Be brave, even when it scares you. Take care of yourself. Be kind. Support those you love, but save some for yourself. Be as close to the person you were meant to be as you can, but take your time. You’ll get there.

I wish you all a much better new year!

hi I love food and I’m daydreaming of making fresh gluten free brioche and using it to mop up the remainders of a creamy vichyssoise, followed by a light burrata salad w FRESH heirlooms and freshly grown basil from my own garden, and then that’ll be followed by a cod pie or a cassoulet (OR BOTH), and then after that a beautifully roasted chicken with potatoes au gratin and then mmmmmm some beautifully roasted rosemary mustard asparagus, and then for dessert probably a chocolate cream pie or a reine de saba gateau—ACTUALLY, definitely a reine de saba gateau—with glasses of red wine being sipped all night, and i’m literally crying while I type this. I love food

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Okay okay those are too easy and I have a bias/advantage.

I make really amazing homemade pierogis and I love to make them even though it’s an all day project. I also make incredible Mac&Cheese by taking Jefferson’s original recipe, spitting on his grave, and adding bourbon to the sherry in the sauce. 

I make an incredible black forest cake (everything from scratch because I’m That Bitch) and challah. Also soft pretzels.