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favorite key's outfits

ALL OF THEM!!!! i’m not even kidding. he has such a captivating presence to me so he could wear a potato sack and i’d be into it.

seriously though i’m particularly fond of his styling during dream girl era, odd era, and 1of1/1and1 era but honestly i could never make a small list skdjnfdkjfn i did a couple of posts about favourite airport fashion in 2015 and 2016 but other than that i guess i’ll dump far too many more looks that i love under a read more because i couldn’t narrow it down to 9 to make a photoset lmao. if you want something more specific just let me know :3

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looks like i have enough of these twitter doodles for another roundup! this time its chris as everyones favorite city correspondent stefon and phichit appreciation!! because i love phichit!!! and i saw art of him as cinderella somewhere on here and was just like yessss!!!!!!