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Gravity Falls Secret Santa 2016 ❄

Hey guys, it’s getting close to that time of year again, and I haven’t really seen anything over there being a secret santa in the Gravity Falls fandom this year, so it’s time to get that up and running to spread some love and happiness in the fandom this Christmas! <3

What is it?

  • Basically it’s a Gravity Falls themed gift exchange between other Gravity Falls fans on tumblr!

How does it work, and who can join?

  • By participating in this event, your name will be given to someone (who has also entered) else who will make a gift for you, and you will also be given a name who you’ll make a gift for in return. This includes a variety of different things like art, graphics, fanfics, and more! 
  • Optional: Also, everyone can have anon turned on to receive nice and encouraging messages from your secret santa, unless you’re not comfortable with that and that’s okay! Just putting this out there that you’re free to send your assigned person nice anonymous messages and labeling yourself as ‘Secret Santa’ to brighten up their day until you give them their gift and reveal yourself to them! 
  • Starting today you can enter until November 27th, 2016! 
  • After the deadline has passed to enter, I will be sending messages to people who are participating and assign them their person to make a gift for (depending on my schedule with school since it’ll be near exam time). 
  • Once everyone is assigned on the 27th, you have until December 20th to make your gift! On December 21st, you are then free to post/submit your gift! And once it’s time to post/submit it, please tag your gift as #gfss2016 so that people will be able to see everyone’s fantastic work!
  • Anyone can enter, but if you can’t make anything or don’t have the time I’d recommend you not entering because you have to give to get something in return.

What can I give?

  • You can give anything that can be posted online for people to see like: graphics, moodboards, photo sets/picspams, gifsets, icons, fanart, fanmixes, videos, and fanfics. (And please: make actual gifts. Reposting and using other people’s gifs, art and so forth is stealing and wrong, so please put effort into your gift! Other people will be working hard, too!) 
  • P.S: Don’t worry about not being 'good’ enough to enter. As long as you put your heart and effort into your work and have fun, that’s all that matters!

What can I ask for?

  • Anything from GF! Whether it be a character you love, an episode, and things like that! (EDIT: For the comfort of everyone participating, please don’t request any ships. This secret santa is gen-only.)
  • However if you are uncomfortable with a request you get from your assigned person, please contact me so I can ask that person to possibly change that. I want this to be fun, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, so please respect that.

Instructions to enter and some other details are under the ‘Read More!’

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