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Locked in Love (M)

Word Count: 24k
Member: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut, Fluff & Slight angst like it’s barely even there

Getting locked in the mall on Christmas eve isn’t ideal, but getting locked in the mall with your brothers best friend that you haven’t seen in a while? Well, it might have been alright if you didn’t have feelings for him.

↠ Day 5 of the seven days of Christmas collab! Read the other fics here


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a little late and a lot gay

“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.


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Prompt: Dick gets tackled by the readers dog

Requested by @dccomicnerd-world

Words: 947

          It kind of happens in slow motion. One minute he’s there and the next he’s running. And as in most cases of slow motion, by the time you realize exactly what’s happening, it’s too late to do anything. So you stand there and watch as your eighty pound Rhodesian Ridgeback pulls his leash out of your grasp, makes a mad dash across the park, and tackles a police officer.

          You kind of just stand there in horror for a moment before your brain starts working again and you begin running. You slip the heels off your feet, and you run in your stocking clad feet across the grass and over to your dog.

          The first thing that hits your ears is the sound of laughter. You ignore that in favor of dropping your shoes and grabbing Bentley’s harness. You yank your dog off of the man, and haul him about a foot backwards. You grimace at the sight of the officer in front of you. Of course he couldn’t be just a regular cop, he would be a male model in a cop’s uniform.

          You gently nudge Bentley with your knee, and say sit. He does. His tail still wagging, as he moves just slightly back and forth. “I am so sorry, he pulled the leash out of my hand, and by the time I realized what was happening, well… ”

          The cop grins at you, “He had taken me down?”

          You nod, “Yes. Did I mention I’m sorry?”

          The smile never leaves the man’s face, “Yes you did. And it’s okay, honest. My younger brother has a dog bigger than him. I’m kind of used to getting tackled.”

          “By both dogs and girls last time I checked Grayson.”

          You jump a bit at the sound of the new voice. As your eyes slide past him, you now see the other three cops grinning at the man. Bentley whines, as the cop stands and brushes himself off.  He ignores the others in favor of you. “Do you mind if I pet him?”

          Your grip on the leash tightens. “No, go ahead.”

          He does, moving to his knees so that he can scratch Bentley’s ears and rump. Of course your huge dog just leans into the man’s touch, wiggling, and shaking until he’s in doggy heaven. As he scratches Bentley’s belly he asks “He’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback, right?”

          You nod, still a bit uneasy, “Correct.”

          Almost as though sensing your unease, he smiles at you again before saying, “What’s his name?”


          “And your name?”

          You pause at that, before raising an eyebrow in question, slowly you say, “My name’s Y/N.”

          His smile widens, “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Dick Grayson.” He holds out his hand and you tentatively take it.

          “It’s good to know you Officer Grayson.”

          His smile widens a bit before he stands up and brushes off. Bentley is immediately back on his feet, with his tongue hanging out, and his tail wagging. “Thanks for letting me pet him.”

          You smile, “Thanks for not being mad that he tackled you.”

          His hands go to his hips, “Like I said, I can take a hit.”

          You smirk, “I bet. Thank you again Officer Grayson.” You give a nod to the officers behind him grinning like fools, and then you give a soft tug to Bentley’s leash, and begin leading him back the way you came.

          You stop to pick up your heels where you dropped them, and as you straighten something makes you turn around. When you turn your head, it’s to see Officer Grayson still staring at you and still smiling. He gives you a small wave, and you give one back before turning and walking away.

          As you and Bentley hit the street outside the park, you say to him, “You are worse than my mother about trying to set me up.” Bentley just gives your hand a little lick, before the two of you are on your way.

          You think about Officer Grayson several times over the next few weeks. Never for too long though. After all it had been a one-time meeting, and probably a really good story to tell around the precinct. That doesn’t mean you don’t hope to see him again, but you don’t count on it.

          Several weeks later, as you’re taking your morning run with Bentley, your run head first into a man from behind. It’s a direct result of Bentley speeding up, and you losing your footing. As the two of you go flying toward the pavement he turns in midair, wraps his arms around you, and makes sure that his back takes the brunt of the fall.  

          And Bentley, never one for personal space launches himself onto your back, and as a result onto the man you’re lying on top of. There’s a groan from the both of you before a very familiar voice says, “Like owner, like dog, apparently.”

          You stare down at Officer Grayson, as Bentley jumps off the two of you and moves to lick the man’s face. He’s all smiles as he pushes Bentley’s tongue away and says, “Would it be terribly inappropriate for me to ask you out? I mean I’m not in uniform right now, so it’s no longer a no-no, and… ”

          You laugh and say, “At this point I think it might be best for your health if you knew which way I was coming from.”

          His grin widens, “I honestly don’t mind being tackled by a beautiful woman.” Bentley just barks, and he quickly adds, “And her matchmaker of a dog.”

          You just smile and say, “Dinner would be lovely.”  

About Me and More

With the influx of followers, I wanted to do a basic post since it takes me a while to answer all the questions! Here’s a bit about me and the answers to the most common questions:

About Me:

  • My name is Katelyn/Catelyn, pen name Catelyn Winona, known here as Caffeine
  • I’m a 23 yo EMT in Chicago and a writer! I work a lot.
  • I try and get on here as often as possible, but I’m probably around 3 or 4 days a week. I work a lot
  • I live with three PhD students right now and that’s hilarious
  • I have four siblings, all of whom are the same age as me and I Love Them
  • I love Ghost Adventures more than Game of Thrones (sorry not sorry)
  • I tag stuff like this “Caffeine chatter” and all writing “my writing”


What’s happening with Parent Points?

See Here (X) :)

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Yes! I have part three partially written, I just need to finish it up this week. The question is whether or not that’s my next project after Parent Points!

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Yes, no, and I wish! I have a lot of short stories on here and a few have been fortunate enough to make their way across your dash! You can check out my writing tag here (X)

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I wish I could! Unfortunately my schedule is so hectic that I can’t promise anything! I work 50+ hours a week and it’s really hard to find time for my own stuff. I do run Caffeine Challenges (Here’s an example of what those are! (X)) every once in a while and I do read as many stories as I can during those!

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Yes! Please! That’s so cool that my writing has inspired you to create something, I love that! Just tag or @ me so whenever I find my way into those areas I’ll be more likely to see it!

Thanks so much for reading this! I answer a lot of stuff privately, but if you need something answered privately FOR SURE put an asterisk in the question!!

important announcement

from now on, every wednesday, at 9 est, i shall release a fuckton of clexa content. i shall continue to do so for as long as the godawful season is airing, and i shall continue to do so well beyond that. my blog is a safe, clexa-filled space for everyone who was affected by 307, for everyone whose stomach coils when they see those sponsored trends, for everyone who feels like they are falling back into despair that hasn’t quite let me go, still. 

i remember how much i dreaded thursdays last year. i remember how awful it felt to have my safe space - tumblr - ripped away from me because of all the negativity. i remember beating my panic attack record last march, and april, and may, and june, and - you get the idea. i don’t want that to happen again, not to me and not to you. 

on my blog, there will be no mentions of s4. no opinions, no speculations, nothing. on my blog, the show was cancelled in s3. i’m not gona condemn you if you still watch the show - that’s entirely up to you. this is not the “don’t come to my blog if you still watch it” message. i am simply attempting to provide safe space to those who need it.

if you don’t have any means to block content related to the loo, if you are afraid that despite blocks some pieces of info will still make it on your dash, if you’re afraid of checking out today’s trends because seeing the loo up there might send you into a panic attack - for the time being, my blog can become your dash. i can only hope that it will somehow lessen this newly resufraced pain. 

to all fandom creators, be it writers, artists, gif/manip/clipmakers - by reblogging this, you can indicate to your followers that you’re going to do the same and that your blog is a safe space, too. 

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KAREN 3 ( p. parker x reader ) Finale

Me and my fam fam watched Ragnarok. And it got me excited for the Infinity war. Woohh . So here it is people, the piece of the resisntan had made it way to their tables. Enjoy the Finale of Karen. Thanks for tge support.

You made your way to your class along with Michelle. Homecoming was near and you had no date. You were practically planning to ask your crush out. Who else could it be than the nerdy spiderboy itself.

“ Are you going to ask him? ” Mich asked you as both of you walked your way to your class. You blushed at the question and smiled. “ You really are a dork for him. ” she teased as she laughed at you. “ I would love to be his Dork Mich, don’t judge me. ” you replied as you shrugged her off. She rolled her eyes at you.

“ Well well speaking of the devil, Look ahead Dork. Your Prince awaits. ” Michelle said as you turned to where she was looking at.

There stood your Spider Prince indeed with his best friend. Mich smirked and looked at you before she pulled you with her. “ Parker! Someone want’s to talk to ya! ” your eyes widen as you tried to pull away from the damn girl as you called her name.

“ Mich! No! ” Michelle had you in a death grip as she pulled you with a playful smirk plastered on his face. “ gosh, can you tell me where you hide you horns and tail?” you sarcastically asked as you gave up fighting.

Peter and Ned spun to the call of their curly haired friend who is practically dragging poor you behind her.

“ Mich, your gonna hurt Y/n. ” Peter argued as you smiled at him as he smiled back. “Gosh, stop it I might get diabetes. ” Mich teased as you and Pete laughed. Ned gave Mich a playful look as she nodded.

“ Here’s your chance.” you heard Mich whisper as you arched up. You took a breath.

“ Peter? ” you called as the said boy turned to you. “ Yeah? ”

Your breathed hitched as your cheeks exploded “ aghh W-w-will y-you got to——- ” “ ring!!!!” you were cut off by the ringing if the school bell. “ Oh! Time to go! See you! Come on Ned. . ” he said as he pulled Ned along as he ran.

“ Peter! Wait– I– ” your head dropped as Michelle felt bad. She placed a hand on your back as you looked at her sadly.

“ Hey, you still have a chance later? Don’t worry. ” he comforted as you sighed and smiled and nodded and walked to your class. As each period ended you were gathering up more courage.

“ What are you gonna do at Lunch?! ” Mich asked “ I’m gonna Ask him!!” you replied confidently. The girl has been cheering for you all period to gather up all your courage to ask Peter to Homecoming. You two made your way to the cafeteria to meet Ned and Peter and finally ask him out officially. You didn’t see Peter at the cafeteria. So you went to find him

You walked you way through the halls as you pulled out your phone and texted Peter.

To: MyDreamDork.

Hey, didn’t see you at Cafeteria. I wanna talk to you where are you?

You pressed sent as you continued to walk until a familiar brunette pass your sight. It was Peter. You smiled and ran to follow him. “ Peter! ” you called but he didn’t seem to hear you. You continued to follow until you saw him standing infront of the Trophies. But he wasn’t alone. He was rambling as he talked to Liz and it hit a spot to your chest.

They laughed until brought up the homecoming. When Liz said she didn’t had time thinking about a date, you felt fear struck you.

“ No wait. . ” you whispered as you looked at Peter with a scared look.

“ Would. . Would you go. .? With me? ” he asked.

“ Yeah, sure. ”

Like a knife plunged into you heart it pained. You covered your mouth as tears sided your lids making you dash out. You ran and ran until you collided with Michelle. The girl shocked and worried held your shoulders as she asked you what happened.

“ He asked her.” you said as you angrily wiped your tears as you ran out again with michelle calling out you name. She immidiately followed you.

You stood by the entrance as you held your phone on your ear meant that you were talking to someone. Michelle made it to your side. “ Hey, Y/n lets talk about this. ” she reasoned as a black limousine stopped infront of the both of you. You looked at her as she looked at you in confusion. You pulled her in the car as Happy, the driver. Drove you home to the tower.

Michelle was rambling and quite shocked that you were the Iron Man’s daughter. You told her everything that it was to know until you made it to the tower. Happy tried to comfort you liked Michelle but it didn’t seem to work either. “ I’ll go. Take care of her Michelle. ” he said as the said girl nodded and followed you to your room.

As you entered you slumped into your bed like any heartbroken teen would do.

Days of the homecoming begin to shorten. Peter noticed your distance from him and worried him. He should be happy and excited for homecoming cause Liz agreed to go with him but not seeing, talking nor smiling of you didn’t made him feel like it. He would always see you with Mich as usual although you would ignore or you would just nod or say short replies like yes and no.

He was really worried and sad.

Tony noticed your melancholic state and he was getting worried. The story that Happy told him had him storming to your room right now.

“ Y/n M/n Stark. You are going to the Homecoming this instant. ” he boomed as he barged into your room. He found your room dim lighted with you on your bed coated with comforter making you look like a Burito and 3 empty pizza boxes on the floor.

You gave him a dead stare before turning back to the tv screen as you ignored your ringing phone on the night stand as Michelle’s name lit the screen.

Tony sighed and sat to your side.

“ Sweetie, I heard what happened. Its not the end of the world. ” he cooed as he made you faced him with horrid look. You had dark bags under your eyes and a stain of tomato sauce from the pizza on your cheeks.

Tony laughed and wiped your cheeks as you pouted.

“ What’s the point of going? ” you mumbled as you dropped your head on your dad’s shoulder as he caressed your hair.

“ Sweetie, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get a date. There are so many boys out there. Homecoming is a once in a lifetime thing. Its not just about dates and stuff. Its about you having the time of your life with your friends. Think about your friend Michelle. She too doesn’t have a date she is going, you know why?! ” he asked as he held your cheeks together as you looked like a squishy.

“ nmm - Nooo. . ” you replied.

“ Because she is there to have the time of her life as a teen. Live a little Sweetheart. She needs ya there. She needs he bestie. ” he smiled at you making you smile and you held his hand and removing them from your cheeks from squishing them. “ Thanks dad. ” you said as Tony smiled and pulled you in a hug.

“ Tell you what, I’ll have your friend fetched here so you could go together. And your mom just called Cinna. ( A/n: Hunger Games. ) He is a great make up artist love and I guarantee, Parker will see an Angel and he will regret not asking you out.” he cooed to you as you laughed.

He pulled you out off bed as he told you to get a bath.

“ Friday, get that Dress I ordered. Now is the time to make my Princess to shine. ” Tony said to the A.I.

Peter was now on his way to Homecoming to school with Liz as her father drove them to school. He was shocked and concerned cause Liz’s father is the Vulture himself. He was really uncomfortable through the whole ride.

Meanwhile Michelle paced inside the living room of the Stark’s tower as she waited for you. She was so happy that you were coming. Then she heard the sound of a sliding door open. Pepper greeted her with a hug. “ I’m ready. ” your voice rang throught the two ladies ears as they turned to you and they gasped in shocked and delight.

They finally made it to the destination. Peter greeted Ned inside. Liz had left to go to some friends. “ Are Michelle and Y/n coming? ” he asked his bestfriend as they looked around. “ Well, Mich said they are on their way. Which means Y/n is with her. ” Peter smiled at the good news. He was dying to see you.

Then a serious of gasps and awes came from the direction of the entrance. “ What going on there? ” he asked as Ned shrugged and they walked to the entrance.

“ Take care kids. ” Happy said with a smile as you and Mich waved goodbye to him as he drove off.

“ Soo… Lets go? ” you asked Michelle as she smiled at you. “ Hell Yeah! Lets go binge eating on that buffet. ” you laughed at her remark as you both entered. Multiple looks landed on you as you entered the halls of Midtown High. People began to compliment on how you look. Then you two made it to the event area.

Peter and Ned stopped at the Entrance. His gaze landed on the familiar e/c orbs. His mouth dropped at the sight of you.

“ Wow… ” the only word that he could describe you at the moment.

Your eyes roamed around until they landed on the familiar brown orbs staring back at you. You pulled Mich towards the duo with you. “ Hey, Losers. ” Michelle teased as you laughed and told her to stop her bullying cause its homecoming. Peter couldn’t seem to get his eyes off you. You stared back at him as you sent him a smile.

Ned just pushed him, breaking his trance as he almost fell on you. He awkwardly met your gaze. The 4 of you chatted, it was just Ned and Michelle chatting while you and Peter barely said any word. Both were awkwardly giving stares. Mich was pissed, why can’t you two hook up now!

“ That’s it! You two haven’t talked go to the dancefloor and dance if you aren’t gonna talk. ” she scolded as she pushed you and Peter to the dancefloor.

You stared at him awkwardly as did he back. What happened next was quite unexpected…

He stretched his hand towards you as you stared at it for a moment then to Peter who was smiling shyly.

“ Shall we dance? ” he asked, you couldn’t help but smile as you took his hand. “ Yes We may. ”

On que, the music changed its tune.

I found the Love, for me

Darling just dive right in, follow my lead

Peter’s eyes never left yours as he slowly pulled you to the dance floor then he placed his hands on your waist slowly at the same time asking your permission to touch you. You answered by placing your hands on his shoulder. You both stopped from a moment then stepped.

We were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was,

I will not give you up this time

You smiled as Peter almost tumbled a little.

“ Careful now. Don’t want you falling on me… ” you teased as Peter seem to have already captivated by your smile. “ I think I already did. ” he said out of nowhere. Your eyes widen as you stared at him. He had an equal look of shock. You sighed thinking maybe you have a chance. You began to circle your arms around Peter’s neck as he did the same to your waist. Closing the gap between you.

Darlin’ just kiss me slow

Your heart is all I own,

and in your eyes your holdin mine

You both swayed through the music as the gap between you shortened. His forehead had rested on yours, your eyes were closed as you savored the moment, his breath felt hot against your skin. Peter slowly moved his lips up to your forehead and placed a kiss on your head. Your eyes shit open as you met his gaze. He just stared. Unknowingly, his head lowers slowly with his eyes never leaving your eyes.

The moment was perfect… Until.

“ Peter, There you are. ” The voice broke the two of you away from each other. Liz made it to Peter’s side as she pressed a kiss on his lips. You looked away with a pained look before speakin. Peter saw and it pained him to see you like that. He wanted to hug you. He wanted to kiss you.

“ I gotta go, Mich is waiting for me. Enjoy your moment. Liz, Peter. ” you said as you turned away. “ Y/n, wait! ” he called as you stopped. He didn’t want you to leave. You didn’t turn and continued to walk away.

You didn’t cry. You did feel sad but you were happy you got to dance with Peter even if it was just once. The time passed and you were crowned Homecoming Queen but you didn’t participate much. Peter disappear through the crowd. He was probably with Liz doing who knows what.

You got home early. Mich thanked you for joining her. You had her sent home safely. You stood at the terrace of the Avengers Tower in your room. You like having a terrace in your room. You leaned on the rails as you let the Brooklyn wind hit your skin with its ghostly touch. You smiled as you remembered how you and Peter danced. You hummed as you swayed slowly. Remembering that one presious moment.

“ Hello Homecoming Queen. ” you heard a familiar voice call up behind you making you jump and turn to the direction of the voice. There sat Peter stood in his old Spiderman onesie since your dad took his upgraded one.

“ Hello Spiderman, or should I say … … . Peter Parker. ” you revealed as he removed his mask. You smiled at him warmly. “ Your Mr. Stark’s daughter. I think its quits now. ” he said as he walked to your side. You noticed a couple of scratches on his face.

“ You had a rough night. ” you laughed as you faced him. He laughed at your remark as he looked at you.

“ How did it go with Liz. Congratulations! So when is the reception. ” you cheered happily even though you feel really hurt. Peter let out a sigh as he looked at you with a hurt look.

“ Stop pretending Y/n. And No. I didn’t ask Liz out. I’ve… I’ve come to realize something. ” he stated as your expression changed. Peter walked towards you closer than before. He took your hand as you met his gaze. He smiled awkwardly.

“ I Love You, Y/n. ”

Your eyes widen in shock as you looked at Peter.

“ I Love You too Peter. ” you said out of nowhere. Peter giggled at your response as your cheeks redenned and looked away in embarassment. You felt his finger lift your chin up to meet his gaze.

“ Don’t the Homecoming Queen deserve a kiss? ” he asked as you smiled at him. “ I don’t mind, as long as its you. ” with that.

Peter closed the gap between his and your lips. Sealing the agreement. Accepting your love and you accepting his. The kiss was slow, passionate, loving and sweet. You can’t but smile in it. You two broke away as you placed your hands on his cheeks as a smiled popped on both of your lips. Peter dove down and gave you a quick kiss.

“ Oh wait… ” you said and left Peter’s arm and went inside the room and took a big silver briefcase. Peter looked at you. “ Dad wanted you to have it back. Don’t worry, I fixed everything. ” you said as Peter smiled.

“ What did you fix? I didn’t break anything when I returned this. ” he said. You slipped. Peter noticed your expression as he gave you a look. “ What did you do? ” he asked.

“ Well, the A.I of that suit was deleted and… . It was my fault. I didn’t wanna tell dad so I programmed the suit to have me as the A.I while I fixed KAREN, aka your A.I since you named her that sooooo yeahhhh. ” you confessed as you booped your two index finger together as you avoided his gaze.

Peter processed everything until his cheeks reddened after what he has understood. “ Then, I’ve been sharing my - ” “ Yeah. ” you blurted and looked at him.

Peter just sighed but smiled. “ Well, atleast I have you now. ” he said as you smiled. The night went on of you and Peter dancing under the moonlight, chit chats, laughing, sweet talking and never ending I Love Yous. Savouring every minute and every second together like there was no tomorrow.

The End.

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tattered-princess-deactivated20  asked:

9. When baking chocolate chip cookies. Pretty please ;v;

“The Ways You Said ‘I Love You’” Meme

A/N: I feel like this is the only thing I can do for you at this juncture, to maybe cheer you up even a little? I’m really happy you chose to continue fighting, and you’ll be in my prayers! Stay strong dear.

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” -Winnie the Pooh

💕💕 Don’t give up! 💕💕

You never realised how impatient or perfectionistic Saeran could be until today.

“Are you done mixing? You’re so slow.”

“It’s off by 0.1grams. Seriously? I warned you about parallex errors just 10.2 seconds ago!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, the cookies are going to look horrible at the rate you’re dropping them on the pan.”

“…Okay this is a lot harder than it looks. The batter is sticky as— Fuck! It’s in my hair!”

It’s really no surprise why baking isn’t the most relaxing of pastimes for him.

Your core muscles are starting to hurt and you find yourself having a punishing time trying to breathe in between your laughter. You can’t stop though, not with Saeran glaring at the mixing bowl and the ugly semi-circular blobs of batter on the tray as if they just slapped him in the face and called him ‘stupid’. And especially not when he has a couple splotches of sticky brown substance staining his bright, angry red hair, no thanks to his carelessness and impatience.

“Ha ha. Very funny.” Saeran has now turned his glare on you, having grabbed a couple sheets of tissue to rid his hair of the offending stains. He attempts to swipe them off, but given that he doesn’t have eyes on the back of his head, all he can do is aimlessly comb through his hair, inevitably slathering the batter on his hair like butter on toast in the process.

“Saeran, stop,” you say, still giggling at how irritated he looks, his nose scrunched, his eyes narrowed and lips turned down into a deep scowl. At himself, you or the batter, you’re not entirely sure. Perhaps it’s just everything and the disaster this baking session has turned out to be so far. “Let me help you.”

Almost begrudgingly, he hands the remaining clean sheets of tissue to you, before sliding into a seat so you can see better. His lips are pursed into a thin line, his arms are folded across his chest and his foot drums against the floor as he waits not-so-patiently for you to carry out your duty as promised. With some amusement, you can’t help but think he resembles a child throwing a tantrum after losing a game of tag.

It’s a little hard to get everything out of his hair since it’s all gooey and sticky. You even manage to grab two tiny chocolate chips out from in his hair, which you quietly hold it in your palm. Knowing Saeran, he’ll just pop them into his mouth without a moment’s hesitation. He’s rather averse to dirt and grime and the like, but when it comes to sweet snacks and candies, even the ‘Three-second rule’ can stretch to 3 hours. “I think you should take a shower to clean yourself up,” you suggest with a small grimace at the clumps of sticky and sweet-smelling red locks on his head. He groans at that, but shrugs it off. “Later. We should get these in the oven first.”

“All this just for chocolate chip cookies,” you mutter with a shake of your head, which he ignores. His sweet tooth will be the death of him someday, you conclude to yourself.

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for @ishipallthings – happy belated birthday, dear! The gift is 84 years late, but I hope you enjoy the stony :)

Word Count: ~5400
Warnings: mention of abuse, non-graphic asthma, a Hamilton reference
Summary: StevexTony; Steve has a one-night stand on Sunday, and a job interview on Monday. Guess who is his potential boss’s son?

Six in the morning, and the world is just starting to wake up. Steve’s in the middle of the city, but deep enough into a nicer area that he can only hear traffic from a distance. The local noise is still crickets and sprinklers, and the occasional van rolling in with deliveries to the rich and famous dwelling here in the heart of Manhattan.

Steve’s sure enough he’s not going to get mugged here, and he’s tempted to savor the brightening solitude, but he can also feel the dull scratch of anxiety at the back of his mind. Maybe if it was a Saturday, he could have savored the pleasant ache in his body, given in to the compulsion to smile like a dope and be less concerned about his terrible bed head. If it were a Saturday, he wouldn’t have even gotten out of bed.

But here he is, loitering on the street on a Monday morning, thin frame wrapped in a shirt that was conspicuously missing a few buttons and definitely not fooling the throng of blue collar workers making their way to their employers’ terrifically expensive condos. Steve is just in the process of politely refusing a squished granola bar from the cavernous tote bag of a sweet granny type who speaks little English, but clearly manages to convey that she thinks he’s pillow pet who’s been kicked out before some rich-and-famous’s spouse returned, when he hears the familiar roar of Bucky’s motorcycle. Steve hastily thanks granny, vows to learn a little Vietnamese, and bolts.

He jumps on the back of the bike and hastily taps the side of Bucky’s hip. “Go go go!”

“Aw, runnin’ out on your girlfriend, Stevie?”

“Buck!” Steve grits his teeth desperately.

Bucky just laughs and tosses the spare helmet back.

“So,” he says happily, once Steve is all strapped in and they’re on the way back to their apartment on a less manicured side of town. “This all seems wildly irresponsible.”

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Uuumm HI!... ssoooo I'v never done a request before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes, I was wondering if you could do a thing where Qrow, his s/o, young Ruby and young Yang are having a snowball fight and the teams are Qrow and Ruby vs s/o and Yang, while the snowball fight is going on fluffy stuff happens where Qrow hugs and kiss his s/o and the girls are like "ewww cooties!" and maybe they try to rescue s/o XD (sorry if this was awkward XP btw really love your work! :D)

Here you go, I hope it’s satisfactory! 


The world outside was cold and white, but you didn’t care about that. You were bundled up in the softest blanket you could get your hands on, curled into the side of one mister Qrow Branwen. Currently, you were snuggling on the couch of Qrow’s old team mate, Tai. He had left for a mission that would last a few days and said he felt better about leaving if ‘there was a responsible adult and I guess Qrow too’ watching the house and girls. You didn’t mind holding down the fort, the Xiao Long household was nice and cozy. Plus Ruby and Yang didn’t really need much taking care of, so that left you free to enjoy your boyfriend’s company and watch TV. So far, it’s been a pretty peaceful day.

“Uncle Qrow! (Y/n)!” Of course, something always comes along to disrupt the peace. The end of your quiet moment came in the form of Ruby Rose, flopping on the back of the couch between you and Qrow.

Qrow sighs, clearly not entirely happy about his alone time with you being interrupted. “Yeah pipsqueak?”

“I’m bored!”

“I thought you and Yang were playing together?”

“We got tired of video games.” Yang comes down the stairs and brings her hands down on the arm of the couch “Dad said you have to entertain us if we get bored.”

“Well then, firecracker, what did you have in mind?”

Yang crosses her arms to think on an answer, but Ruby immediately springs up, bright smile on her face “We should have a snowball fight!”

“Yeah, let’s go with that!”

“I don’t know, I-“ Qrow starts to object, tightening his grip on your waist.

“I think that sounds fun!” You chime in.

He looks down at you and Ruby claps her hands excitedly “Come on, uncle Qrow, (Y/n) likes the idea!”

“Unless you’re not up for a challenge, old man.” You give your boyfriend a playful poke in the side.

He gives you his ‘I am not old’ pout. Then he smiles, and reaches over to ruffle Ruby’s hair. “Alright, alright, I can’t say no to you.”

You both stand and face the girls. “So, is this a free for all or are there gonna be teams?” You ask.

“Teams!” Ruby decides “And it should be one adult on a team, otherwise it would be unfair!”

“I call (Y/n) being on my team!” Yang shouts, raising her hand.

Qrow raises an eyebrow “What, you got something against your uncle?”

“No, (Y/n)’s just cooler and we’re gonna kick your butts!” Yang intertwines your arms and you both do your best to look tough, which is kind of hard for a twelve year old Yang, but she manages.

“I’m pretty sure Ruby and I will be doing the as-“

“Language!” Ruby blurts out

“-butt kicking in this game. Come on, pipsqueak, let’s show ‘em whose boss.”

“Yeah!” Ruby jumps up and down before grabbing her jacket and sprinting outside.

Once you were all bundled up, you stood on opposite sides of the yard, packing snow into forts to serve as cover.

“All right Yang, you ready?”

“Heck yeah! Let’s show those losers who the kings of the snow are!”  She tightens her grip on the snowball tightly packed in her hand.

“Ready!” Ruby yells

“Aim!” Yang yells back

“Fire!” That last shout from all four of you sets off a flurry of snow flying in both directions.

You feel a snowball whiz by your head and you cast a glare at Qrow before returning fire, pegging him in the shoulder.  

Ruby is hit in the chest by one of Yang’s snowballs, that girl throws with such fury you’re surprised the heat doesn’t melt it midair. Ruby dramatically clutches her chest as if wounded before grinning. Suddenly she’s making and throwing snowballs at a near impossible speed that are very difficult to avoid.

That’s a semblance in development if I’ve ever seen one.

You’re so focused on Ruby’s relentless attack that it takes you a moment to realize Qrow is no longer next to her. You whip your head around to find him and are met with a snowball exploding across your face. You shake your head and wipe the snow from your eyes, glaring at the man crouched in the tree line.

“Qrow’s gone rouge!” You warn Yang. Of course, he’s always preferred an offensive, up close attack strategy.

“Think you can take care of him?” Yang is firing snowball after snowball at her sister, by the look on her face you’d think this was a real battle.

You laugh “Of course, that boy has nothing on me.” You sense another snowball coming from Qrow’s direction, this time you roll out of the way and spring to your feet, making a dash for the tree line. Qrow attempts to meet you half way with two snowballs thrown at your face and chest but you dart to the right. You begin your own game of darting forward to pelt him with a few snowballs before jumping into the trees to avoid his attacks. He runs after you and manages to dodge quite a few of your own attacks; he’s strangely very graceful in a fight.

The battle seems to be in your favor when suddenly you leap onto the next branch only to discover it’s coated in ice. You try and keep your balance but your feet fall out from under you and you plummet to the ground.

Damn bad luck.

There’s no impact though, Qrow swoops in and catches you in his arms. You lay across him propped up by his arm, you’re grateful, but then you see him grin mischievously. You’re confused until suddenly you feel cold snow impact your face and shoved into your shirt.

You squeal “Qrow!”

“I’m afraid you’ve been captured, sweet heart.” He brings his face close to your and leaves a small peck on your lips, still grinning. “Whatever shall you do?”

Laughing, you try and shake the freezing snow out of your shirt, a task made difficult by how close he was holding you “Qrooow, it’s coooold!”

“Well that’s -“

Qrow sputters as a snowball hits him dead in the face.

“Uncle Qrow has abandoned his post and kidnapped the poor (Y/n)! Ruby, I call for a temporary truce so we may rescue them!” Yang has another snowball at the ready and is pointing at Ruby, in full on general mode.

Ruby nods sagely “It goes against everything I know to aid the enemy, but it is my duty to stop a rogue soldier. Attack!”

Qrow drops you and is forced back by the volley of snow being launched at him. You double over in laughter at the sight of your oh so tough boyfriend being beaten back by two kids. He holds his hands up in surrender but the onslaught is only stopped when you can catch your breath long enough to wave your arms and call a cease fire. By that time, Qrow is covered head to toe in white.

“Uncle Qrow, do you surrender!?” Ruby asks, pointing at him and sounding like a leader disciplining her subordinates. It’s a funny sight, a ten year old commanding seasoned hunter year older than her. She pulls it off well though.

Qrow is attempting to wipe the layers of powder from his eyes and face “I surrender, I surrender.” He holds his hands up in mock submission.

Yang pumps her fist in the air “Victory!” she turns to her sister and holds out her hand “Well done, general Rose.”

Ruby takes her hand “Yes, well done, officer Yang. But, uh, aren’t we still enemies?”

Yang grins, a mischievous fire in her eyes. “You know, you’re right.” Yang tightens her grip on Ruby’s hand and drags them both down to the ground where they begin a wrestling match and see who can shove the most snow in the others face.

You watch the girls for a moment before turning back to Qrow, who is still attempting to wipe all the snow from his body. You smile and walk over to him.

“Here.” You start knocking snow of his chest and shoulders.

He sighs “Guess I lost fair and square.”

“I don’t know if I’d call that exactly ‘fair’, but oh yeah, you definitely lost. Though I thank you for so valiantly stopping my fall, even though you then shoved snow down my chest.”

He chuckles and kisses your forehead “Well of course, I’ll always catch you, even if we’re on opposite sides.”

You smile into his chest and feel him shiver. You pull away and take his hand “Come on, I think the girls will be able to entertain themselves for a while, let’s go inside and get you warmed up. The cuddle blanket is still on the couch.”

He lets you lead him toward the front door “That’s the best idea of the day.”

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How about an underfell sans AND papyrus with the reader? I love your take on underfell! I'm not sure if I want angst or fluff, so maybe a bit of both? ;) Maybe have them get jealous of reader hanging out with grillby or something? Thanks, love ya! xx

got your back, ‘nonny! thank you for waiting so patiently!

Pairing: UF!Sans/Reader, UF!Papyrus/Reader,

Summary: The brothers aren’t big fans of sharing. It’s too bad you don’t know that. Yet.


Underground, one of the most important lessons you learned was to take.

With resources at an all-time low, and trust nearly eradicated between several species of monsters, there was no room for alliances. All observed weaknesses were exploited; there would always be someone bigger and better aiming for exactly what you wanted and craved, so you had to be prepared for a fight. Stick to your guns, refuse to surrender, and most of all, don’t ever, ever shy away from anything you found, big or small. Because you never knew when you come find something to use as leverage against someone else.

For Sans and Papyrus, they worked as a duo. Most families had to because they knew they were stronger in numbers. These two did because they understood that this was the easiest way to win.

For them, victory was everything.

Papyrus, The Great and Terrible, was second-in-command for The Royal Guard. He trained every day to make sure no one ever caught him off guard, using harsh discipline against himself and his disciples so they wouldn’t make any fatal mistakes. He instilled in them the same values that he held for himself. Independence. Strength. Dedication. He was not a monster easily swayed by kindness.

Sans was merely someone who clung to his brother’s shadow, following him mostly because he understood that no one could best him. So long as he kept on Papyrus’ good side, he could reap the benefits. Cause a little bit of trouble to keep his brother on his toes. Make sure things were…entertaining, at least.

When you ended up Underground, you were considered the biggest prize their home had to offer.

Your SOUL was the key to everything. They could’ve used it to destroy the barrier and roam the surface once more. Wreaking havoc on unsuspecting humans, punishing the descendants of the original wizards and townspeople who cast them out.

It was all anyone could talk about. How they would break you. Make you snap under the pressure of their magic and haul your limp body over their shoulders to toss at the feet of King Asgore himself. Or maybe just steal your SOUL and become unstoppable monsters, gaining immeasurable strength so they could steal the throne for themselves.

Sans wanted it.

Papyrus wanted it.

They both did.

Instead, you took their hearts.

Because monsters Underground…they never fell in love. They formed alliances, not partnerships. All their relationships were temporary and goal-oriented rather than something that was based on love and trust.

When monsters were attracted to someone, they claimed them. They put their mark on them so all others would see. Nothing physical or emotional, but a simple presence that oozed possessiveness. Because for as long as they lived, they would let everyone know that this monster…or person, in your case…belonged to someone.

But neither of them would admit that to you. Maybe to the others, more subtly, with furtive looks and burning magic that threatened with every wrong move someone made. But actually coming out and saying those words to your face was…unspeakable. There was no way in hell that Sans or Papyrus would be honest with how they felt; not when there was so much at stake.

Besides…what if you had the nerve to reject them?




“uh huh.”

They both headed back from the forest. Another dirty scuffle that ended in a monster’s death. It was pointless to struggle against the guard’s presence; Sans wished the poor bastards would just give in and integrate. Rebellion under Papyrus’ watchful eye was impossible.

Snowdin was looking in better shape these days. Papyrus wouldn’t admit it, but the place did feel more like a home since you took up residence here. Your presence at the inn as a maid was a sure way for you to interact with travelers. You helped monsters get a good night’s rest; the family of rabbits didn’t care for much more than profits, but your gentle efforts made it so that weaker monsters had a chance to recuperate within safe walls without being taken advantage of. No one wanted to mess with the human guarding the bedrooms inside; they were afraid of what you were capable of and who you associated with.

The place wasn’t as rundown as it used to be. With monsters feeling safer, they were more productive in their efforts to at least make their own living spaces acceptable. The streets were no longer littered with dust and trash; Papyrus noticed the change almost immediately considering he only had to clean his boots once a month now instead of daily.

“h-heh.” Sans started to visibly sweat. He brought his hands up and adjusted the hood around his shoulders, trying to make himself look more presentable. “twelve o’ clock, boss.”

Papyrus shifted his line of sight and understood why his brother was so flustered. It was you. You trudged through the snow, bothered by the cold, your face already flushed at the cold air. He watched you head in the direction of the inn.

He was about to make a comment about your appearance when he realized Sans already left. His older brother had his gaze fixed on you, following your straightforward path to the inn, a lopsided grin on his face and magic blossoming from his SOUL.

Ugh. Papyrus would have to educate him on stifling his overzealous reactions. He was being too obvious; it was a little embarrassing.

Surprisingly, you didn’t continue toward the inn. You veered off and disappeared past the front doors of Grillby’s.

Sans stood outside the window. His hands clenched into fists. Papyrus took his time in following him, ending up behind his brother and peering through the foggy glass.

Grillby’s Bar was probably his least favorite place to be. The entire place was stifling and swimming with grease. He didn’t like the monsters who were regulars here, either. A bunch of lazy good-for-nothings, including some of the lesser guard members who skated on the bare minimum to get by.

It looked comforting inside, especially now that you were there.


“heh…what? hell no. she’ll get pissed off, think we’re stalkin’ her.” Sans would never forget the bathroom incident. You would never let him. “uh, let’s get outta here. gotta send in our report to the captain, right?”


You settled down at the bar and ordered a quick bite to eat. You made the mistake of purchasing some food from the bunny family before at their shop, and they basically charged you everything you’d made the last shift you completed. Worst day ever.

Grillby was fair. A little strange, but who wasn’t down here? You’d met a lot of…interesting monsters, and he seemed like the least threatening. At least outright. You knew that he was probably incredibly powerful and had more magic to spare than most, but instead he ran this dive that hosted some of the most brutal and vicious brawls you’d ever seen. Maybe he liked cleaning the dust off the floors with the way he merely watched people duke it out.

You glanced around at the crowd tonight. A few regulars. Some familiar faces that you’d seen in passing. The glow of the jukebox was soothing, although the music it played as the same track you heard every time you stopped by. Some old-school rock song. The monsters around didn’t pay you any mind, their belligerence only growing with every alcoholic drink they guzzled down.

At that moment, you were surprised to see Grillby slip a piece of paper toward you.

He left before you could read it. You were going to decipher his near illegible text when you realized what time it was.

Shit! You were going to be late for your shift!

You grabbed your things and dashed out the door, making sure to tip Grillby for his delicious meal. It wasn’t much considering your salary, but you understood he would be cross with you if you didn’t at least pitch in something extra.

“Aren’t you looking a little rushed this morning…?”

You laughed nervously. “Uh, sorry! I went to grab dinner before my shift.”

“Go look at your task board. We’ve got a few places that need to be cleaned. That and I need you to do some things for the shop. I’ve got some supplies that needs to be transferred from the warehouse to the storefront.”

You deflated. Aw, man! When the inn was slow, the shopkeeper was always roping you into doing her dirty work. Normally you wouldn’t have minded, but some of the ingredients she used in her shop were hard to resist. Handling the cinnamon bunnies was torture on an empty stomach, so hopefully you’d be able to avoid them since you’d already eaten.

It looked like the next guest wasn’t stopping by until much later. In the meantime, you busied yourself in preparing the rooms. Scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees, washing all the bedding, wiping down the walls and dusting. The place wasn’t exactly a four-star hotel, but you took great pride in the guest bedrooms’ appearances. Mostly because it was a direct reflection of your work.

You weren’t too bothered with the physical labor. It was taxing, sure, but it was an honest way to make a living here. Other dealings Underground were shady and violent, so you’d much rather have pruny hands from cleaning showers than be out there dusting monsters. It just wasn’t in your nature to want to go that far for the sake of the greater good, as Papyrus would put it.

Speaking of the brothers…

You weren’t sure what to make of them. You had a niggling feeling that they paid extra special attention to you, because they were always…hovering…but you couldn’t figure out why.

In all honesty, when you first fell Underground, you were terrified of them. From Papyrus’ abrasive personality to Sans’ foul mouth, it was easy to get intimidated. But as the months turned to years, you felt that your relationship with them blossomed? If that was even a thing down here?

It wasn’t easy to admit this, but you considered them to be some of your closest friends.

You stepped back to admire your work. One room down, a few more to go. It would take a few hours before you were allotted a quick break, then it was off to run errands for the shopkeeper.

The shop wasn’t that big, but she always ordered her supplies in bulk. There were literal crates of things that needed to be transported. Why she thought you would be okay for this task was beyond you; why couldn’t the wolf at the dock do something about it? Or hiring Aaron from Waterfall? Unless his muscles were just for show…

You crouched down and slipped your hands underneath the box. Testing the weight before bending your knees and lifting it upwards. It was going to be close, but if you hurried, you could get it where it needed to go.

Trudge, trudge, trudge.

The snow continued to fleck along your hair and nose, staining your eyelashes as you walked. Your vision went white before they finally melted, leaving melted droplets in their wake. You pushed past the blurriness and continued forward, freezing fingers going numb against the rough surface of the box. You hoped that your fingers didn’t slip, because if they did, you would be in big trouble.

Your forearms quivered and ached. God, you should’ve taken Papyrus’ offer for training more seriously. Then you could’ve handled this without making an ass out of yourself. Your pace slowed as your muscles screamed in protest, a familiar, aching burn spiking along your skin. Oh no, they were even starting to wobble! What the hell were you going to do now?!

One knee buckled. You went down and forced yourself to keep the box from touching the ground. You would not let it win! Not when the items inside laughed at your weakness! You…could do this!

With the last ounce of strength, and the doorway in plain view, you readjusted the weight of the box and tossed it backwards. Hoping that somehow, you would regain your steady grip on it and find the strength to make the last few feet toward the shop’s back entrance.


The box overwhelmed you, settling on your chest and sending you tumbling backwards into the snow.


You cried out in pain at the sudden addition of weight. Wiggling underneath it, testing its bonds against you. No use. You were trapped here all because you didn’t have the guts to refuse the job. You should’ve asked for help, as pointless as it would’ve been. Maybe someone out there would’ve lent you a hand for a split of your profits.

In that moment, staring up at the ceiling of the chasm you’d fallen into, you realized just how ridiculous this entire thing was.

It didn’t help that your self-deprecation in your inner monologue was met with some very real, boisterous laughter.

“ahahaha! oh man. lookit you down there. ya feelin’ ok, sweetheart?”

You groaned. Of course it would be Sans.


“the human took a spill. check it out.”

Aaaaand Papyrus was there, too. Perfect.

While Sans busied himself by making fun of you in every way imaginable, Papyrus bent down to lift the crate from your chest. The difference in your intake of air was incredible. You filled your lungs greedily and did your best to sit up, wheezing with gratitude and trying to spit out a thank-you.


“pfft, yeah. you’re real lucky we were the ones who saw ya.”

“Thanks, guys.” You shuddered and tried to shake the snow out from inside your coat. “It’s just right in here.”


“Uh, no! Please don’t,” you pleaded. “I’m not interested in causing trouble.”

“heh. fat chance.” Sans sized you up, not bothering to help you with any of the moving in the slightest. “yer a walkin’ bag o’ trouble. got it stitched into your jacket and tattooed on your forehead.”

“I think you need to look in a mirror sometimes, Sans. That sounds more like you.”


You snorted at that. Despite their harsh words, you knew it was meant to be taken lightheartedly. If the brothers wanted to hurt you, they could. They would know exactly what to say to make you feel worthless. This was more like…playful banter, if anything.

Papyrus set down the crate and peered along the shop. You wanted to thank him again when Sans stepped through the doorway.

“hey, ya dropped this.”


You turned around and caught wind of the complex expression on his face. You’d never seen him this serious, not since the last time one of the monsters threatened to kill you. It was a while ago, and an empty threat considering their magic did nothing to you, but it still caused quite the stir between Sans and Papyrus.

Sans held the slip of paper in his hands. Scanned over it. And shoved it in your face, his teeth gritted in a hard, uneven, sharp smile.

It was jarring to see him like that. He almost looked like he was…grimacing.

You ran your eyes over the words.

Meet me tomorrow night after closing, I’ll be waiting at the back entrance. -G

Hmm, weird. You had no idea why he wanted to see you, but it must’ve been important. Maybe something to do with the chores that you’d been completing for the bunny family?


Sans looked at you. At the crates. Scoffed…and turned heel.

“WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO HIM? HOW CAN HE THINK YOU’LL HANDLE THIS ON YOUR OWN?” Papyrus growled, pushing you out of the way so he could call after his brother. “GET BACK HERE AND COMPLETE THIS TASK! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?”

It didn’t look like it, because he flipped his hood up and continued to walk further into the howling wind, ignoring the sting of the snow it whipped around.


You folded the note and stuffed it somewhere safe, happy to focus on the task at hand.

Time alone with Papyrus was…interesting. Any other day you would’ve been intimidated, but today he was surprisingly gentle.

It didn’t take long to finish everything. You were relieved that it all went well, and that you had a chance to focus on your actual assigned duties rather than tasks given to you by the innkeeper’s sister. It was nice to be on time. Maybe they would lay off once they found out Papyrus was the one who helped you, but you weren’t planning on bringing it up to them personally.

Papyrus snuck glances at you every so often. Despite being exhausted already, you pushed forward. Your work ethic was incredible. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but it rivaled even his. While you weren’t considered as…accomplished as he was, seeing as how your job was something considered of a lower status, he saw the determination and perseverance in your eyes. You would do your best to thrive under pressure, which was why he…

He dropped the last box and peered at you through the heavy dust that billowed out from the floorboards. You were radiant. Enough that…well…

He tugged at the looping fabric around his neck and swallowed. He needed to leave. Now.

“Thanks, Papyrus, I really appreciate your help.”

“DO NOT MENTION IT. I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO ATTEND TO.” An apology for his abrupt departure lingered on his tongue, but he shelved it after sneaking a glance at your sparkling eyes. Why were humans so expressive?

He disappeared from the store and made his way home.

After work, you were content to head home. You were changing out of your clothes when you realized that the piece of paper you’d shoved in your pockets was still in there. Huh. Grillby’s handwriting was surprisingly elegant; you would’ve thought that his days cramming orders down on tickets would’ve made it nearly impossible to translate. But the message was clear. It was just…kind of strange that he wanted to meet you.

For a moment, you considered asking the brothers for their opinions on the whole thing. They knew the secretive grill cook more than you did. But…it was a little childish to rope them into something, and Grillby might’ve taken it the wrong way if you showed up on his doorstep with two powerful monsters flanking your side.

Oh well.

You would just deal with this on your own.


Sans tore through the chunk of meat on his plate, letting the juices slough down the front of his shirt in rivulets. “ain’t nothin’ wrong with me.”


“whatever.” He gobbled down the rest of what was on his plate. Papyrus was surprised he didn’t choke with how fast he was going.


Sans paused. He dropped the silverware on his plate and went for the meal with his hands instead. He must’ve gotten tired of being polite. “you don’t wanna know, boss. it’ll just piss you off.” He spoke between strips of sinew still clamped between his clenched teeth.


Sans swallowed. Sneered. “that human is off canoodlin’ with grillbz as we speak. so forgive me for bein’ crass here.”




“the day we were helpin’ her move her stuff like a coupla chumps, she had a love note in her pocket from him. goin’ to meet him now, i bet.”

The information hovered over the dinner table. Papyrus could scarcely believe it. No other monsters had showed any interest in you since you fell from the surface – at least, not in a way that wasn’t generated from fear. People were only as polite to you as they had to be. People in the town had learned to cope with your presence, but no one had outright befriended you. Or…even made it clear that they found you…attractive.

Because why would they? You were so different from them. Monsters and humans had…completely different anatomy. There was…no way they could be compatible, aside from the…obvious power of your SOUL and how magic course through your veins, far removed from your conscious effort. You were…strange, and kind, and…otherworldly, so no doubt people weren’t…




They both scrambled out of the house together, with Papyrus leading the way to the bar. He would get to the bottom of this.

When Grillby asked you to come to his place, you didn’t think that he would let you inside.

You guessed that maybe he just had some errands for you to run. That he somehow found some dirt on you and wanted to bribe you out of your funds. It wouldn’t be too far off from what you saw monsters doing to each other.

Instead, he opened the door for you, and led you inside the restaurant.

Handing you a piece of paper with a long-winded explanation as to why you were here.

“You want me to watch over the bar while you’re gone?”

He nodded, leaning on the counter. It was clear he wasn’t happy with this decision.

“But why me? I don’t know anything about this place. I mean, I’ll help if I can, but it’s a huge responsibility.”

His gaze beyond his glasses told you that he trusted you.

“I’m glad your daughter is starting her own business, and I’m happy to hear you’re taking some time off to help her. But this is…a lot to take in.”

He led you around the kitchen. The equipment was a bit dated, but he promised he would show you how to get it working. He said he’d already cleared this shift in duties with the innkeeper since she owed him a favor from a long time ago, though he never did say how big of a debt she owed him.

Grillby said that he would teach you how to use a lot of the stuff back here. He would prepare as much of the food in advance as he could. In the meantime, he would share a few basic recipes with you so you could get by without him.

He took you to the front of the restaurant and gestured to which tables needed some extra TLC after big weekends. You listened to everything he had to say and peered at his stoic expression, realizing that despite his frightening appearance, he was still a parent. And a good one, at that.

He reached down and placed a key in your hand. Pressing it against your palm. You glanced down at it and tried to find the right words to articulate how thankful you were that he picked you over anyone else in Snowdin.

You left the restaurant in good spirits. Humming as soon as you stepped out the door.

Until you realized there were two pairs of gleaming eyes in the darkness of the night.

You opened your mouth to scream and one of the monsters stepped forward and shushed you, clamping a hand over your mouth.

So what were you supposed to do? Just stand there while some creep assaulted you?

You bit down on the gloved fingers and were immediately released as the monster stumbled backwards.

“what the hell! you bit me!

You recognized the voice and your heartbeat skipped. “Oh my god. What are you guys doing out here? You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

Sans was still busy nursing his wound. Skeleton monsters didn’t bleed, did they? The look he shot you was downright murderous.

Papyrus didn’t look so good. His entire expression was blank.


You swallowed. “Um. What?”


“I…wasn’t unattended. We were in there together.”

Sans looked like you’d just punched him instead. “see, boss. i toldja.”

“SILENCE,” Papyrus snapped, his tone just as bitter and cold as the weather outside. “WHY WERE YOU WITH HIM? ALONE?”

“He…wanted to see me.”

You weren’t sure when Grillby wanted to break the news to his customers, but it wouldn’t be good to reveal the reason he was leaving for a little while. If anyone caught wind of his departure, they would make assumptions. And eventually try to take advantage of his reasons why; giving up his restaurant to a human just to visit with his daughter was sure to be a sign of weakness.


“Why wouldn’t I?” Grillby had been polite to you. Standoffish, sure, but never outright cruel.

Sans sneered at you. Absolutely nasty in the way he regarded you. “you…yer a fuckin’ traitor. that’s what you are. who do you think you are?”



You furrowed your brows at him. Both brothers were being rude as hell. “No.”


“give him yer fuckin’ hands.”

“Now I’m definitely not giving them to you.” You shoved them in your pockets for emphasis. “Move, I’m going home.”

They stood there. You were at an impasse. Why were they being so…awkward about this? So what? They knew Grillby and he would never do anything to hurt you. And yeah, it was a little weird that you were here so late, but why not ask you like a normal person? Why were they regarding you with such betrayal?

“she’s not budgin’, bro. let’s get outta here.”


“I’m…done!” You shouted, pushing past him.

The minute you did so, he recoiled as if he’d been burned. Staggering backwards with his hand clutching the exact spot you’d touched. From here, you could spot something ominous surrounding him. Like…numbers. Red, floating numbers that dropped down in value dramatically after every passing second.


You paled. You hadn’t meant to hurt him! You…just wanted him away from you. You…did you put that much negative intent in your shove that his HP fell?

“Papyrus, I…”

“DON’T. TOUCH ME…” His voice cracked. He looked crushed. “I SEE NOW…IT’S CLEAR WHO YOU’VE CHOSEN.”

“Chosen?” You took a shaky step backwards. “I…I’m sorry.”

“sorry doesn’t bring his health back up, human,” Sans hissed. “get away from us.”

You weren’t sure what just happened tonight. But you were getting out of here before you hurt anyone else.

You had more power than you knew what to do with, and you’d just brought down your wrath on one of the only people you cared about down here.

You spent the entire night crying. You’d hurt them. Somehow. Whatever you did, you lashed out and harmed monsters who held a special place with you.

The next few weeks were grueling.

Grillby wasn’t exactly a kind trainer. He scrutinized your every mistake to make sure his brand wasn’t tarnished with your inexperience. You spent long hours recreating his dishes to his taste. Underneath his watchful eyes and being judged by every monster who walked through his doors. They regarded you with distrust and were curious as to why you and the old flame monster were so close.

Sans didn’t stop by in the entire time you were working there. Sometimes you saw him and Papyrus pass by the front of the bar. Peering through the glass. You made eye contact once or twice, but the brothers merely ignored you.

It hurt. A lot.

You never knew that living here felt so empty. At least, not until they stepped out of your life. Why was that?

You were trying to do something nice for someone and it blew up in your face. It was a huge misunderstanding; you knew that much. But how were you supposed to approach them when they’d been so disagreeable the last time?

You had to make this right. But how? How, when you were being overwhelmed with memorizing recipes that Grillby didn’t even want to write down for fear of you losing it into his competitor’s hands?

It’d been a long day at the bar. Grillby left for Hotland to seek his daughter out. It was your first night running the bar and you were exhausted. The monsters were incredibly demanding, even more so than usual, and you had to stop three separate fights from getting fatal over the course of the night. You didn’t want anyone’s deaths on your hands.

Your back ached. Your feet ached. You had grease trapped in your hair and every inch of your skin felt like it’d been burned from the high heat of the grill. It was maddening.

Stepping out into the snow was simultaneously refreshing and painful on your sensitive body.

You lingered in front of your house. Wondering if you should go in and call it a night. But your senses told you otherwise, so you shoved your keys back into your pocket and headed towards the brothers’ place.

They were still up, judging by the argument inside. Something to do with puzzle calibrations. You ignored the sinking feeling in your stomach and rapped on the door.

The voices stopped immediately. Weapons drawn. Papyrus swung the door open and glared down at you without even thinking twice about it, his magic crackling with a silent dare for anyone to attack.

And then you locked eyes.

“what the hell’re you doin’ here?”

You swallowed. Sans looked like he wanted you to leave in a bodybag, but you weren’t having it.

“I came to…apologize.”

He squawked with laughter. “are you fuckin’ serious? that’s it?”


You felt your resolve falter. Your heart ached. They looked so done with you. You’d never seen them with such intense hatred in their eyes before, at least not directed at you. It hurt to see two people who you missed so much regard you so negatively.

“I should’ve told you that night that Grillby wanted to see me, but I didn’t know what it was about. If I’d known that you guys didn’t want me working there so bad, I would’ve just said no. But I need to understand why I can’t be there. Is it because you don’t want me handling other monsters’ food? Do you not trust me?”

You could feel the rant coming up, and it was getting harder to stop yourself. They were perplexed the longer you went on.

“And I don’t know why you wanted to take the key from me, but I wasn’t about to give it away after he trusted me with it! It’s safe and I’m not going to break that trust just because we’re friends! I’m sorry I bit you, you startled me, Sans. And I’m sorry I pushed you, Papyrus, I really didn’t even think about how it could hurt you. I just wanted you to get away from me because I was so creeped out and confused.”

“shut up a minute.”

You huffed. “No, listen, I have more to say!”

“just…give us a sec to process this, will ya?”

All three of you stood in silence. Papyrus was the first one to speak.

“LET ME…” He paused. Considered. “MAY I…SEE YOUR HAND?”

You didn’t understand the fascination. The key to the bar was tucked underneath your shirt in a necklace you hid away from everyone else. Why did he want your hand so bad?

Despite…being uncomfortable and confused, you stretched your hand out to him and offered it for inspection.

Papyrus tugged away at the knit gloves that wrapped around your wrist and fingers. He tossed it to the ground despite your protests. Turning your arm over so he could get a full view of your palms, which were sweaty from nervousness but otherwise unmarred from burns or cuts from the bar.

He gazed at it like it was his lifeline, Sans doing the same. Seeing the relief on their face was enough for you to swallow thickly.

“Um…can someone explain to me…what the big deal is?”

Papyrus refused to release you. Instead, he handed it over to Sans for his scrutiny.

Something flashed across their faces. First it was shock. Then relief. And lastly…glee.




“Mark me?” You snatched your hand back. “Why would he do that?” To what, slap an insignia on you? Something that indicated you were his slave?

“so that no one else would touch you, idiot.”

You recoiled.

Sans continued, his eyelights flickering with life. “so no one else would even think about callin’ you theirs. no one else would ever try to put their hands on ya. try to seduce ya. try to sit there and claim you as their one and only. you get it?”

You didn’t. Not at all.

“monsters down here are fuckin’ greedy. they put their hands on everythin’ that’s not nailed down. they take what they want and what they can get. if somethin’ ain’t claimed, it’s up for grabs.”

“So…” You trailed off. Your chest was getting tight. Cheeks warmer than usual.

“no one else should get to have ya. not when you’re ours.”




“ain’t got time to be slow about this, sweetheart. not with you out there makin’ monsters happy. drummin’ up business for his bar and snatchin’ hearts left and right.” He grinned ferally. “no one gets to have ya, not when we called dibs.”

Papyrus regarded you with such intensity you felt a little faint.


“It has…?” This was news to you.

“yeah, so s’cuse us for gettin’ a little testy when you sneak off to some secret rendezvous with another monster.”

“It wasn’t a…!” You chewed on your lower lip. “He just asked me for help.”

“know that now. didn’t before.”

“S-so…how do we resolve this?” You were starting to get cold out here. You didn’t even know how to process all the new information, especially not with two brothers who were looking downright smug after learning about how you were still single.

Sans grinned. “simple. you give us an answer.”


You trembled. Oh, god. This was real. Your feelings were real. You’d gone this whole time trying to articulate what it was, but seeing them up close made it clear. Having them dip out of your life for so long made it clear. Hearing their comments and describing you as someone they truly wanted was real.

This was…

A choice. Your choice.

You sucked in a breath and prepared yourself for the repercussions of your decision.

Grillby stepped off the ferry and was glad to be off that hellish river. He needed to get back to his bar. He knew you were competent enough not to destroy it, and heard promising things about how it was faring despite the temporary switch in leadership. You were quite capable…for a human. He wondered if his decision had anything to do with how desirable you were.

It was clear that a lot of the monsters held some strange fascination with you. Why wouldn’t they? Humans were the bane of their existence, but you were an enigma. As kind as you were beautiful. It was hard not to be attracted to you, especially with your soft smiles and musical laughter.

He was going to make you work for him full time. Just as soon as he was sure that you kept things intact.

He rounded the corner and put his hand on the doorknob. His gut told him something wasn’t right, but he pressed forward anyway.

The bell above his door jingled and he spotted you across the way. Manning the bar and taking orders specifically in the way he taught you to – without writing a damn thing down. Maybe he would keep you after all. The customers looked satisfied with their food, though a few of them were drinking much more than usual. Why was that?

Grillby approached the stools near the bar. As soon as he did, he heard a familiar voice behind him.

“heya, grillbz. what’re you havin’?”

He turned. Sans. With an empty platter in his hand and a toothy, smug little grin on his face. What the hell was this about? Since when did he give you permission to hire Sans as a waiter?

“NO LOITERING,” Papyrus called from the other side. He was dressed down from his usual armor and was…in the kitchen window. “TAKE A SEAT OR LEAVE. WE HAVE WORK TO DO, I DON’T CARE IF THIS IS YOUR BAR.”

You beamed at him when he stumbled up. He could barely believe what was going on.

“Sorry about them,” you told him bashfully. “They’re sort of…protective. But hard workers! Uh, let me get you something to eat, you must be starving.”

You called out the order to Papyrus and it came out in record time. You hand delivered it to him.

Hand delivered…

Grillby reached out to snatch the plate away from you, his eyes glued to your arm.

It was flaring with magic.

You snatched it back and stammered. “Um. Whoa. Sorry. I’ve been trying to keep it out of people’s faces, I kind of forget…”

You lifted it up and showed it to him. Their magic wound tightly along your wrist and settling along your palm. Invisible to the naked eye, but pulsing with a message that spoke across various barriers and languages.


He looked at Papyrus. At Sans. Theirs said the same.

Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

You didn’t even have magic. But there it was. Remnants of your SOUL swathing along their bodies, your name written in a delicate signature that very clearly told him this was mutual.

“So…anything else I can get you?”

He shook his head. What a shame.

You weren’t sure why he got so quiet, but reconvened with the boys in the back. Sans couldn’t stop reaching down to bring your hand to his mouth to cover it in nips and kisses. He’d been doing this for the last week. And Papyrus kept staring at his own mark with quiet wonder.

“heh, stop pullin’ away.”

“It tickles.”


“grillbz is back. sure they won’t miss us…for a coupla hours.”

“Oh my god.”


“uh, sorry, boss.”


Ugh. Was it too late to reverse your decision?

Sans had actual heart eyes. Papyrus’ scars weren’t as angry. Your heart felt fuller.

On second thought…

Always go with your first instinct.

He's a tease

Characters: Changkyun/I.M x Reader
Genre: SMUT, fluff, one shot

Summary: you just saw a dog in the alley, that’s all you know.

A/n: this is my debut smut a.k.a first ever smut, so please do bear with me.

You were always been a cat person, every time that you see a cat on your way it like a need to pet their heads. You are always been fond of them you see yourself to them moody, always sleeping, eating and always cleaning. 

Basically cats are your spirit animal.

Stopping by an alley you saw a white tabby cat and went to it to hi! Stroke it on it’s ears. It was so fluffy you swear that this cat doesn’t belong here.

You were about to take it when the cat runs towards the other side,  you weren’t able catch the cat because of the groceries on your hands. You just prayed that the cat can be safe.

Walking to your apartment it began to pour hard all of the sudden, running to look for a place that can keep you dry.

You know you were alone but you heard rustling sounds behind, slowly you walk out of it but stopping in mid step when you heard a whimper.  Your head snapped behind you and there you saw a dog almost drenched like you. 

“should I take him home??? What if he has an owner??? But I cant leave it here like wey, it might die. But… the pound his waaaay far and my apartment is just there…." 

You were on your train of thoughts when you felt paws on your leg and when you looked down the dog was already there. 

Squatting down you open one of you spare shopping bag and let him  jump in, standing up you held him with the groceries and dashing off the wet streets under the crying dark sky. 

Arriving at the towering apartment,  you shake your wet body and entered the warm lush lobby and walk towards the elevator. Waiting for the doors to open you were shivering from the coldness you felt that the bag shift and the dog’s head popped out.

The doors open and you entered the elevator you waited for people to come in but there wasn’t so you punched in your floor level and the doors closed. 

Humming, you thightly holds the bag with the dog and carries the already giving up paperbags of groceries in one. 

"What should I do?” You asked yourself on time as you heard a ding, you went out and walk towards your apartment’s door. “Stay there. Ok?” You told the dog as you put him down the floor along side with the groceries. 

After punching in the pass codes you took the bag and the groceries, but as soon as you grab the paper bags all of the contents went falling. Sighing, you put the dog inside first and lazily picks everything putting them insida one by one.

After you were done you went to the kitchen to arrange everything, after that was done you went to your bathroom and wash. 

The feeling of the warm water makes your cold body to relax, closing your eyes as you sigh submerge under the water and staying still. You let your thoughts to be wash.

You were relaxed not until a certain bag passed your mind, jolting up from the tub. You immediately wrapped yourself with a towel and sprinting out of the bathroom to your door. There you saw him, the dog patiently waiting fir you to pick him up.

“You’re a good boy” you smiled at him as you finally picked him and headed back to your bathroom. There you told him to stay for a while so that you can finish your bath and give him one.

For a stray dog he seemed to be well taught and that he is groomed 'he is really a beauty' you thought as the dried mud and dirts had been washed off of him. There you can perfectly see his gorgeous silky fur, his eyes were shining black and weirdly you liked looking at them.

After a couple of minutes of washing him, you set him on the counter and blow dried his fur. You were humming to the tune of the elevator song, you put him on the floor and he walked cautiously. 

You went to your cabinet and took your favorite pajama and slip on it. “Here boy! Come here” you called him and he came running and you picked him up and went to the kitchen. 

“Its still so cold, even if I had changed the heater’s setting” taking a bowl and pouring yourself some cereal whilst adding milk. You took a spoon full and briging it to you mouth, humming in satisfaction. 

He was there watching your every move,  looking down you saw him and offer some of the cereal thinking he would eat, but he did not.

Rummaging through your cupboards you tried to look for something that he can use to eat and drink water, you even search the fridge for something he can eat.

“Here you go buddy, eat well and dont forget to drink water ok?” You said while patting his head you sat down beside him and ate your cereal, you look at him and smiled “go on and eat that is yours" 

After finishing your cereal you stood up and placed your empty bowl in the sink, you drank your vitamins and headed to bed after you set a basket for him to sleep at.

"Goodnight buddy! Tomorrow we will look for your owner ok?” You told him one last time and turned off the lights as you went to your room to sleep.

You look at your hand why did you felt something weird?  You like cats but this dog is something, his eyes sparkle and its beautiful. But he has an owner who loves him, so you have to bring him back.

Closing your eye, you let the darkness swallow you to its abyss to dreamland.

The next day was hard, you can’t seem to find the energy to stand up, but you heard whimpers outside your door accompanied by some scratching noise. Standing up you saw him staring at you and licked your leg.

“Hey I will just go and get a shower then we’ll go out to find your owner” you kissed him as you embraced, You put him down and quickly dashed to the bathroom. 

After s good few, and a warm bath you were ready for the day. You dressed up comfy with a knee high floral dress shirt topped with a leather jacket and just your trusty kicks. Applying a little amount of make up and lip tint you dashed out of your room to the kitchen to feed the dog.

“Buddy? Why didn’t you eat?” You ask him while changing the water.

“Its because I dont eat those yanno?”

Shocked you immediately looked behind you and see a naked man standing behind you. 

“what the fuck??? Who is he?!?!?!?! Is he the owner? Fuck he looks hot. Wait now is not the time for this! How did he even manage to enter my house!!!”

Your train of thoughts when you felt a hand on your waist and another on on your shoulder. He was leaning closer and to your defense you tried to stop him by putting your hands in his chest "its firm. Fuck! Not now. Now is not the time!

“Also… Im Changkyun, I like buddy but you’ll be needing to know my name”

“Yes! I need to know your name so I can call the  police!” Screaming as you went to your side and took the water bowl for defense, you kept on backing away from him but he went walking towards you in a slow pace.

“Oh really? But yoy brought me here, also it would be polite if you’ll scream my name on th-”


“Wow! I never knew hearing my name from your mouth woukd be that sexy” he said as he sat down on the kitchen counter “I should tell you that there was this "witch” that turned me into a dog until I find someone suitable for me" he said

“Like princess and the frog? That is that your a dog” you look at his face down “OH GODDAMMINT CHANGKYUN HIDE YOUR LITTLE YOU!” you screamed again whilst closing your eyes.

“The little me wants to hide on you” he smirked, jumping from the kitchen counter  and walks to you again “so for now on until the day I die you’ll be my master and you can do anything you want me to”

“Im not your master! Get your hands off of me!” You said as you tried to pry his hands from you, but he grips a little more and pulled you to him

“But to top it all” he leaned in to you ear and whispered “im very good at pleasuring” he licked and bit your ear and earning himself a moan coming from you.

Pushing him that made him stumble a bit you turned around because of the sight of a naked man gives you shivers. You know he is already behind you, bringing you fingers to your nose bridge and pinching it to ease your stress.

“Chance back into a what you were last night, we are going to look for your owner” you heave an expharated sigh as you turned to face him again, but this time he had this angry sad face.

“But you ARE my master, then it means that your MY owner. Cased closed"he said as a matter of fact. You dont even know if he is mad or happy, but one thing is for sure he likes to tease.

"You see Changkyun this is n-”

“This is the besy idea! Me, you living under the roof! If I have my tail you see them swaying!” He turned around waving in butt in front of you with a smirk.

“Stop that you asshole!” You shouted at him, but instead he went up to you and slowly wrapping his hands to your waist turning you to look at the reflection in the mirror

“I can feel you want me from the beginning, also we look cute like this right?” He said as he brought his head to the crook of your neck smiling to himself as he nips the skin on your neck. “You know what? I can make you change your mind” he took your flesh to his mouth and slowly sucking at biting once in a while

“N- ah… stop tha- fuck you Cha- Changkyun!” You yelled ar him while closing your mouth. 

“I like that language of yours” smirking, he carried you bridal style walking to your room, kicking the door to open. “And I would love to have you now” as he placed you on the bed carefully. 

Crawling aways from him was a bad idea because he just went to you while he brings his fingers to ghostly touch your skin, leaving your skin with goosebumps. 

Your mind went blank when he started to play with the the hem of your dress shirt because his hand was just over your core. Trying to swat his hand but it was no use, the once hand that plays with your dress is now on your thigh.

He went too slow that your mind was being fogged by lust but you still fought, his hands slipped onto you without knowing. Gasping when you felt his fingers pressed on your womanhood.

“Sto-s no! Stop this Changkyun!" 

"You want this as much as I want” he pressed a soft kiss on your lips as he went down you neck slightly grazing your skin "worry master I will be a good boy" you can literally feel him smirk on your skin.

He went on kissing your lips as he lifts your dress shirt but your hands founf their way to stop him “come on master, I will be very gentle with you" looking at your eyes as he tries to lift them again and this time succeeding. 

He pried your legs open as he slid himself in between you his lips still on yours, his kisses were sweet and you felt safe. With that said you responed his kiss with the same passion, his hands roams around your body. You both parted as you catch each other’s breathes, looking at his eyes you were completely lost. Those black eyes that you can see the galaxies in them, you initiated the kiss this time and you were completely intoxicated by him.

His hands tried to undo your bra and tried to hold on a laugh because you can see his face in pure confusion, because he cant undo the fuckin bra. You heard him growl faced etched with annoyance, you tried to help him but he just swated your hands telling you that he can do it alone. Once he undid it he smiled at you with truimp, he eyed you like a predator.

Kissing you once again as he cups your breast and softly kneeding it, he wasn’t satisfied for your lack of response so he went on pinching and twisting your left nipple. With that he got a response of a meal.

"So master likes it when I twisting it like this?” He said with his deep voice and you responded with a loud gasp of pleasure “master, we haven’t even started yet your this…Wet"he teasingly slid his finger into your panties.

"God dammit Changkyun! I thought you’re a good boy!” You snapped as you pushed him to his back and straddle his hips “you’re not being a good boy Changkyun!” You said as you look at him whilst slapping his right right, a Yelp was heard from the boy underneath.

“Someone is being impatient” he gave you a smug smirk and pushing you back on the bed “now, I will take these off of you completely” with one !I’ve you were now completely naked underhim. “Now master we will begin” he smiled as he attacked your lips in a kiss.

That kiss escalated into a fiery fight for dominance, you being inexperience easily gave up to Changkyun as he takes the lead. He darted his tongue out asking for permission and easily gave way once again, his tongue and yours danced in sync like they already knew each other.

His lips travelled down from your lips to your jaw to your neck, stoping there to leave several marks on your neck, he went further to the valley of your breast. He took one of your nipple as he suck on it whilst playing on the other, the pleasure are slowly building up on, you grabbed a fist full of his black hair and pushed his head deeper on you. Him happily obeyed.

Hi used his tongue and lips very good and sometimes teething you to gain more responses on you. His mouth alone drove you crazy and you can feel an unfamiliar feeling building up on you. Craving for something more  you tried to slip a finger in you but your hands were pinned by Changkyu, retracting his mouth from your breast he looked at you dead in the eye as he told you not to touch yourself.

Afraid that he won’t continue you obeyed him. He slowly went to your stomach, down to your navel and stopping just inches to your core.

“what do you want me to do master?” He asked you as he lazily plays with your folds not answering him, he completely inserted a finger on you as his thumb pressed on your clit. Humming you buck your hips to meet his finger that doest move.

“please, sto- dont tease!” Still trying to move your hips. Lower but Chankyun held you down firmly on the bed.

“why so rude master? You should ask politely” he smiled at you while he plays on your clit. Slowly pulling his fingers out “I can play this game forever” his deep voice was laced with tease and hunger. 

“you said im your master! Do it now!”

“such an impolite master I have” he heaved a sad sigh, as he sat up right completely retracting his fingers on you “how do you even think I will always be a good boy if you, yourself doesnt even know how to be polite. Just say please and well move on” he told you as he makes small circles on the insides of your thighs.

after a minute or two of grugelling silence, Changkyun just gave you a disappointed look as he stood up from the bed ready to go out of the room.

“hey! Stay here I order you to finish this!” You shouted at him and he only gave you another sigh. “Please?" 

"see was that hard?” He smiled at you as his feet waltz back to the bed and once again settle himself in between your legs and ahoved his fingers right into you.

He went on a normal speed hitting a bundle of nerves that sent you screaming his name, he went on ramming his fingers and adding another in the process.

You kept on moaning and screamingnhis name like a mantra, he went on slow to fast thrusting hus fingers in you. With enough thrusts you came in to his fingers.

Whinning as soon as his fingers left your womanhood, he brings his coated fingers into his mouth and and sucks on your juices with a a very quiet hums of approval. Releasing his fingers with a pop he then attacked your lips letting you taste yourself.

While he plays with your nipple, he grabs your hips and lets you feel how hard he is for you. Felling him twitch under you, grinding your hips to ease the building tension in between the two of you, hearing him groan in pleasure you kept on gridding on him to return the little favor.

Swatting his hands, you push him on his back as you touch his aching member feeling it throb with anticipation. Running your fingers on the popping veins hearing him groan with just you fingers makes you feel more excited than ever.

You held on it with force as you pump on it hard and fast, completely opposite of what Changkyun had did to you. You’re just returning the favor but your not a tease like him oh nonono, you are not.

A few pumps later he is already leaking adding more pressure as you squeeze him and slowly moving your hands down, the room is now filled with deep voiced graons and moans you feel powerful. This is what a master should always do, dominating. 

You slowly brought your head down as you lick the precum on the tip of his cock. Putting him on your mouth, his width made your mouth to stretch even more you bobbed your head up and down. His length was nothing like what you thought that he would be.

You tried your best to take him whole and you succeeded, you look up to see your Changkyun melting under you. Running your tongue in his underside to the head, kissing his length you take him whole again. 

Bobbing your head deep throating Changkyun and once in a while teething him. Running your fingers on his legs digging your nails in the process.

You tried to make him go crazy and your plans worked, his hands found their way to your head and grabbing a fist full of hair helping you. He went on a string of curses as he moans your name, you felt him twitch indicting his near.

Taking the initiative to leadnthis restless blowjob, he pulled himself out and stood up and you went to your knees and made you eat him again. We went on thrusting in your mouth fast and hard. A few more thrust he came in you, slowly pulling out you watch him look at you as you swallowed his load.

Pulling him down you kissed him just repeating what he did to you last time as you gently lay him and top him.

Settling yourself as you straddle his hips, slowly grinding yourselves. Getting impatient Changkyun holds your hips as he switch positions that he is on top now.

Even him being so impatient he still waits for your approval before he makes a move, nodding your head he swings your right leg over his shoulders and teasingly let the head to lightly rubs on you.

Inch by inch he slids on you , knowing that it will hurt he leaned in to kiss just to distract you from the pain that you’ll soon feel. 

Bitting on his lips as he suddenly thrust into you hard and fast, you tatsted metal and you broke from the kiss to check on him , there you saw that you bit his lips so hard.

But instead of you looking at a mad Changkyun he only smiled at you whilst patting you in the head

“Tell me if it’s hurt” he kissed your forehead as he slowly thrust in you holding your frame as if you’ll break if he will go too fast. Why? A dick and fingers are different.

A few slow thrust you had adjusted to his size, he took hint when he noticed the sudden change in your facial reactions. His thrusts now became fast and hard, with every thrust he makes sends you to oblivion.

One certain thrust made you arch your back and moaned loudly, meaning Changkyun found the spot that will make you scream his name. His thrusts quicken as he plays with your clit to add more pleasure,  you grabbed his head you tilt it to the side and nips the skin there marking him as yours. Every thrust that he makes felt needier than the last, this was unusual he wasnt even teasing you but instead he was very sensual, passionate if thats the word.You felt him throb inside and you cant stop clenching on him, he looked at you in the eyes and he lean kiss.

“I- fuck im near and you?” He bites his lips

“Me too” closing your eywa as you hold onto hia shoulders as he pounds on you like there was no tomorrow, after a few more hard thurst he came inside and you followed suit. He collapse on your side, eyes closed as he triea to even out his breathing. You just looked at him and you were just in awe on how beautiful he really is,  hair sticking everywhere, body covered with sweats. 

“Did I changed you mind master, you wont let me go?” He asked as he opened an eye to look at you.

“Change?” You huffed a laugh and achangkyuns face turned into a sour one and you noticed it “you didnt change my blown it” you tweaked his left nipple and laughed at his pained expression.

“So… are you ready round two?” He asked you as he wiggled his eye brows at you.

“Can we eat breakfast first?” Slapping his thigh you stood up, but beimg pulled back by a pair of hands.

“Baby im your breakfast in bed” he winked at you.

With that said lets just sat you two went on for another couple of rounds.


for @waiting-for-autumn from your CSSS (1/5) - Merry Christmas Eleonora! :)

Captain Swan AU - Home

When she fell through a portal into another realm, all Emma Swan wanted was to find a way back home. Intrigued by her story, the pirate Captain Killian Jones vows to help her. 

What she did not expect was, that by the time they found a way back, all she’d want to do was stay. Spending time with Killian made her realize what having a home felt like and that she’d never had it before. Later he’d tell her that he wanted her to stay, but he left that choice for her.