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Oh my god

I was in Sephora with my lifting buddy and had a Marc Jacob lipstick tucked away behind my phone. I was looking for an opportunity to quickly put it in my bag when I notice a SA staring at me. She gets up from where she was sitting and keeps giving me darting looks while pretending to play with some make up. I was freaking out in my head, thinking she knows what I’m up to so I need to put the lipstick back. I even made a slight comment to my friend saying “oh I don’t think I want this” dismissively in HOPES she’d stop looking at me. Obviously that didn’t work and she kept looking at me, even walking a few steps closer. Eventually me and my friend make our way to the Benefit stand (to my anguish), and she walks straight towards me. I felt like everything was going in slow motion, I was so scared and all I could think of were countless excuses to give her as to why I was hiding this lipstick behind my phone. She stops in front of me, leans over, and tilts her head to whisper in my ear. She looked so serious. My heart was beating SO fast, all I could imagine her saying was “I know what you’re doing, put down the product”.

Then she tells me my fly was open.

I kid you not, holy shit I was SO relieved. I kept thanking her for letting me know, told her that her make up looked flawless, and while she was talking to my friend, put the phone and lipstick in my bag. I swear to god my life is like a damn sitcom, friggin smh.

Chance Encounters: Encounter 3

Zombie Apocalypse AU

Bucky Barnes X Reader (eventual)

Summary: You’re struggling to survive on your own after the apocalypse happened. You’re making your way to a dying city when you run into a mystery man, which seems to be fate’s way of messing with you. After your chance encounter with a mystery man and several other chance encounters, one event leads to another and eventually, the Avengers assemble to save the world.

Word Count: about 2,055

Warnings: Swearing, Zombie apocalypse, Fighting/Killing Zombies (let me know if you need me to add any other warnings)

A/N: I’m bringing back Comic Book Clint Barton! Everything italicized is ASL. This is minimally edited so please excuse any errors!  


Chance Encounters Masterlist

Encounter 2 | Encounter 3 – Clint Barton (AKA Hawkeye) | Encounter 4 (Coming soon)

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The three of us have been walking towards the city in stark silence. I’m just too exhausted to talk but it seems like Bucky is deep in thought next to me. Every time I look over he has a deep furrow between his brows and his shoulders are tense so I just leave him be. Steve, it seems, is determined to get to the city as fast as possible. He’s walking in front of us and has a quick pace going.

“Why are you trying to get to the city anyway?” Bucky suddenly asks, startling me.

I look over at him, eyes wide. “What?” I question, even though I clearly heard him.

“Why are you going to the city by yourself?” he repeats himself, glancing over at me.

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forbidden love chapter two    {demi lovato fanfiction}

“y/n can you please go find demi i need you both to put on these dresses.” my mother says as she paces the room signing away on the fourth clipboard today. a lady behind her tries to keep up with my mom as she paces trying to finish clipping her hair up. i cringe at the twin puffy dresses we must wear in less than a hour. i rush through the church passing three people hanging sparkling lights along the wall and passing a framed picture that says something about uniting as a family as one or something like that pulled off of google. “yes thats fine just place the food at the left table.” eric instructs. “hey eric have you seen demi?” i ask watching as the people carry trays of food into the church. “umm i saw her a few minutes ago near the back.” he tells me as i steal a chocolate brownie off the passing plate. “okay thank you.” i say rushing around the building. when i do get to the back i see nothing but massive trees that are a line with one another around the church. one of the bushes moves near the far right side and something tells me its demi. “or a monster that wants to have you for dinner….” my mind comments. i pass the bush and keep going in as straight of a line as possible ducking under branches and stepping over tree roots that bulge out of the ground. a twig snaps and my attention shoots in the direction to see demi leaning against one of the larger trees. “why hello there.” she smiles playing with her hair. i smile walking towards her. “looking for me?” she questions. “my mom wants us to put on the dresses.” i scrunch my nose. “that bad.”  “big and pink and puffy.” i reply. she laughs. she holds both of my hands, connecting our lips together. my hands grab her waist as she bites down on my lower lip pulling it until it snaps back.  “think we have enough time?” she smiles. “iam not doing it in the woods.” i comment. “what? why not one with nature ya know.” she says motioning towards the trees around us. “yeah well do you know what happens every time two people have sex in the woods?”    she shoots me a confused look. “they get killed by some monster that lived there for millions of years.” i say looking at the trees. she laughs,” i need to get you out of the syfy section of movies.”  “very funny.” i narrow my eyes at her. she kisses me again trying to slide her tongue in my mouth. “no i still wont do it.” i say pushing her away. “why?” she whines. “because i dont want like bugs crawling in my… you know.” i say. she just smiles kissing me. her phone vibrates from her pocket but she does break our kiss. “dems.” i mutter against our kiss. she reaches down pulling out her phone and “dad” flashes on the screen. she sighs, looking towards the direction of the church. “ready?” she asks. i nod. “looks like the wooded monster lives to see another day.” demi nearly shouts clearly mocking me. i push her making her laugh. 

we walk closer than we should making our way make inside the church. demi pulls me towards the food table before going into the larger part of the church where the wedding will actually take place. “yum.” she smiles picking up one of many sweets biting one half then putting the other half to my lips. demi spots a chocolate dip near the fruit and dabs her fingertip into it, lifting her finger in front of my lips. i wrap my lips around her finger letting my tongue slide along, she smiles biting down on her lip. some people move through the area and i pull away. she steps forward leaning towards my ear. “i cant wait to taste you later.” she whispers reaching down cupping my pussy through my clothes. “demi.” i gasp looking around making sure people didnt see. she smiles walking into the larger area. people i never met start filling the church benches. my mom is still a nervous wreck as i swiftly make my way into the nearest doors hoping demi is there. “gross.” demi mutters to herself facing the mirror. i cover my mouth to keep from laughing when i see the puffy pink sack around her sexy body. “nice dress.” i laugh. demi narrows her eyes at me though the mirror. “i didnt think it would be this bad.” she admits looking down. i grab the second dress from the table besides me. i pull my shirt off and slide my jeans down knowing full well that demis eyes are watching me. “like what you see huh?” i tease leaning against the wall. she walks over to me running her fingers through my hair. she kisses me sliding her hand in my undies rubbing my clit. her fingertips rub over my clit pressing nice and hard. “demi.” i moan against her lips. “yes baby.” she smiles back slipping two fingers inside me. “fuck.” i whimper wrapping my arms around demi.” i wanna taste your cum so fucking much” she whispers pumping faster. “dont stop demi.” i say connecting our lips. “you nasty little whore.” she smiles looking down to my undies. “listen to how wet you are.” she says proudly smacking my pussy. i whimper grabbing her wrist. “i want to suck this pussy dry.” she whispers leading me towards the couch. she lays down flatting out the puffy dress as much as she can before pulling my towards her. “i want those off.” she demands with a smirk. i slide them off walking forward. “now sit on my tongue baby.” she whispers grabbing my hands. “what if someone walks in?” i question looking back towards the door. “then someone sees me eating you out.” she laughs pulling me. “demi.” i linger. “i locked it.” she smiles assuring me. a bit more relieved i inch closer to her. “dont be shy.” she smiles lacing our fingers together. i swing my leg over slowly, she meets my pussy half way wrapping her arms around my thigh pulling me down. i rock down on her mouth. “oh demi.” i moan as quiet as possible. her tongue goes deep inside me, i lean over rocking my hips as she hums into my pussy. “demi yes baby.” i whisper feeling my high take over. demi slows down sliding her fingers into me as i shiver and moan above her.“that was so sexy.” demi smiles as i sit on one of the chairs next to her breathing heavily. she sits up wiping under her lower lip. “i missed the taste of your pussy.”  “its only been a week.” i remind her smirking as i catch her eyes drift down my body. “but with a body that good y/n i want it on my face daily.” she smiles. i laugh, getting up straddling her lap, reaching down under the dress to touch her. she takes a breath in grabbing the sides of my waist. she is soaked, “iam not the only one who is wet.” i whisper pushing my lips to hers. she smiles. i rub her clit then slide three fingers into her causing her to moan. my fingers are covered in wetness, i push deeper into her pussy. demi shivers, opening her legs more. “you like that?” i whisper into her ear biting down on her earlobe. she nods with her mouth hanging open. “say it.” i demand, the dominant side of me showing. “yes i love you finger fucking me.” she pants gripping my waists between her hands pushing my pussy down on her thigh. i whimper, trying to focus on making her cum. her thighs shake under me telling me she is close. “i … want… to…oh fuckkk…cum….together.” she pants grabbing my ass in her hands pushing me forwards and backwards against her thigh. i lean forward against her locking our lips as she pushes my clit on her thigh and i pump faster with my fingers. our tongues fight with each other, but soon we both lose because we are both moaning into each others mouths. demis cum leaks onto my fingers just as my cum spills on her thigh. “oh shitt!!” she moans, i lay my head on her shoulder pulling my fingers out. i suck them one by one making sure demi is watching. she smiles sliding her hand under me, i feel two fingers dig into. “demi.” i whisper wrapping one arm around her neck. she pulls her fingers to her own mouth licking up all my cum from her fingers as i do the same with her cum. 

 i sit on her lap for a few more minutes before getting up reaching for the second dress. “no undies?” she asks watching as i pull the fabric around my ankles pulling it up my thighs. “no undies.” i smile. “well make sure to keep close to me.” she smiles. “demi !!! y/n!! where are you!!” my mom shouts from behind the door. “ready?” i ask trying to zip the back of the dress up. demi stands walking behind me. her fingers grip the zipper kissing up my back as she leads the zipper up. i close my eyes, her lips lead around to my collarbone then finally meet my lips. “ready.” she replies smiling taking my hand walking towards the door. 

let me know what you think!! hope you liked it , let me know if you want to see a chapter three! xxx 

Toxic masculinity doesn’t respect boundaries; legal or emotional, physical or intangible. Men don’t know what it feels like to venture out into the world every day scared because those around them will scale walls to prey on them. They don’t know what it’s like to modify their existence so as to create the safest environment to exist in, day in and day out.

I grew up in a suburb close to New York City. Weekends were spent venturing in and out of the strictly codified blocks of architectural wonders and seas of people.

The first time I took the train to the city without any adults or male friends, I was eighteen. It was December and my best friend, also a female and also my age, had come from college for the first time. We decided to explore the extravagant holiday window displays one can only really witness in NYC.

We stayed close to one another, held hands, avoided eye contact. This is what we were taught to do. This is how we were socialized.

Hours passed, the sun went down, the holiday lights were turned on, holiday music filled the air, and the city became cinematic.

Our hands were still clasped onto one another’s. Our eyes only venturing from each other’s faces to the buildings and crafted displays presented to us.

But our behavior, modified, wasn’t enough to keep us safe.

The boundaries and walls we constructed around ourselves weren’t strong enough. The rules and practices we were taught to keep ourselves safe proved to be nothing but failed myths passed from generation to generation of women to create a false sense of security.

It got darker. We began to make our way to the train station.

Men started catcalling. Started getting closer, as if they thought the night sky would serve as a cloak, making their behavior excusable, making them invisible, invincible.

We held each other’s hands tighter. Walked faster. Stopped speaking, so as to be able to hear the actions of those around us easier.

A group of six men surrounded us, unafraid that their actions were seen by others, undeterred by the walls that my friend and I had painstakingly built around us.

One man took my hand, another took my friend’s. They began to whisper in our ears, and tried to pull us away from one another, but we wouldn’t let each other go. The grip my friend and I had on one another became painful, but it was our last link to safety.

We continued walking, as did they, now connected to us.

Petrified, my friend stayed silent. We passed a church, decorated in flashing lights. A plastic manger, cracked and faded with years of wear, quickly became the backdrop for our assault.

I heard my voice, unaware that I’d spoken, high and piercing, shatter the tense air around us.

“We’re only 15.”

I lied. They laughed. They continued on in their hunting of us. A fabricated age could not protect us. These men knew no boundary.

I realized that everything I had been socialized and taught to do to deter men from preying on me did not matter. It was constantly hunting season and I was constantly depicted as prey.

Violently, I freed my right hand from the prison it had been isolated in, shocking the man who had previously had possession of it. Still gripping my friend’s hand, I pulled her as hard as I could, releasing her from the other man’s grasp on her left hand, and began sprinting and screaming.

The men followed us for a block.

We ran all the way to the train station.

The only noises I heard, in a city full of sound, while running, were the pounding of my feet on the cement laden sidewalks and my friend’s choked sobs.

Toxic masculinity doesn’t respect boundaries. It doesn’t see women as autonomous human beings, but as objects to conquer.

It doesn’t care about age and it doesn’t care about the regimen you’ve crafted to keep yourself safe. It will knock your expertly crafted walls down, rendering your safety system obsolete.

Assault is never a victim’s fault. Assault is the fault of toxic masculinity and imbalanced power relationships.

I’ve experienced a lot since this incident. I moved to the city, I became a constant target. I’ve been scared, I’ve been preyed upon, but I will not shut myself out from the outside world to keep myself “safe.” I’ve become stronger, I’ve learned to look men in their eyes and say, “No,” but the tactics I’ve acquired since I was 18 are not impenetrable. These tactics just help me to construct new walls, walls that aren’t always respected.

Toxic masculinity’s inability to see women as autonomous beings who deserve peace and safety won’t drive me to live behind closed doors. I understand why some women subject themselves to isolation. And I respect that. But I cannot. And I may pay a price for my defiance, but freedom always comes with violent blowback.

hot date

Anon: Dan Howell smut where you are coming home from being out with friends and Dan has been teasing you all night :) and you finally make him “pay”. Thanks :)

Might make a part two, but for now, here you go! -Miranda

Oh and outfit <——-

“Dan, come on we’re late!” I yell up the stairs to my always late, procrastinating boyfriend. I loved him to death, but he could not be on time to save his life.

Dan invited me to some fancy restaurant somewhere in downtown to meet some of his YouTube friends. The only one I’ve met before was Phil, and to be quiet honest, I was scared shitless. I wanted to impress them in anyway possible, and already being late didn’t help my case.

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“My skin has gone from porcelain, to ivory, to steel.”

Inspired by Sansa’s steel resolve and last season’s accessory choices. This Swarovski crystal necklace & earring set is simple but powerful.

The Swarovski crystals* are accented by matte black chain and gunmetal accents. The Earings hang from black Niobium earwires.

Necklace $70, Earrings $28

These pieces will make their way to our website closer to the end of April, but if you must have them, send us a message to pre-order.

*the color is called Silver night, which seems extra appropriate