making of: lies

yall listen

i just spent the past week looking through bad kakuhida doujinshi because im love to suffer and had to find out the majority of people?? draw hidan cute and small?? like??

no, thats a giant nasty boy and i will set him on fire while i tell him i love him

blease im desprate for the short cockatoo and tall hidan content


I don’t want to stand here and say I’m sorry
I just want to drink beer and play atari
You can tell your mom how I make my money
I don’t care

More alternate Max lol, this time it’s Maxine from the game ;D

Maximus | Max


The Batman: On the anniversary of Robin’s death, the mysterious Red Hood leaves a trail of bloodshed throughout Gotham City. When the trail goes cold, Batman gets word of a dirty bomb being planted in Arkham Asylum by the new foe. In turn of event, Batman is lured into a trap by the Red Hood without a bomb. The Dark Knight is now faced with the task of survival and facing old demons locked inside.