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I was wondering what you were basing the statement that fighting kinks only makes them more tenacious on because it contradicts pretty much everything I’d expect from psychological research. Like punching a bag after you’re made to feel angry tends to make you feel more angry even if you’re told it should be cathartic, there’s overwhelming evidence that violent media has slight but measurable influences on behavior. I get that holding off on it could lead to a binge but that’s true of anything.

It’s all anecdotal, but:

1. I know I can’t suppress my kinks.  I tried for a while, and it always came out somehow.  I’d write stories that inevitably ended in the characters being tortured in very specific ways, even when I didn’t mean to.  I’d be unsatisfied during vanilla sex.  I’d have dreams about it.  This wasn’t like trying to stop being angry; this was like trying to stop enjoying music.  No matter what I did, I’d find myself humming a little tune.

2.  I haven’t met anybody who used to have a fetish but doesn’t now.  (I’ve met people who stopped practicing their fetish for various reasons, but no one who said “yeah, I decided not to have that fetish any more.”)  Admittedly my social circles tend towards people with current fetishes, but still.

Probably should have seen the signs .

So we’re playing a session in which we have to stop a cult from raising an ancient evil/demon/abomination god via gathering its pieces that were turned into various items. Naturally, because the story would have been lame without the cult getting the items, the final encounter was to be to stop them from completing the ritual. However, the party’s NG Bard actually went and hampered our attempts to do so, for reasons they wouldn’t share.
When the cult succeeds, and the God starts monologuing, the Bard interrupted him.

Bard: Wait! Wait! Waaaaaaiiiiit, you motherfucker! We challenge you to a rock off! Give us one chance to rock your socks off.


Bard (OOC): Hey, DM was practically asking for it when they said one of his body parts was made into a pick.

DM: a +4 CURSED HEAVY WAR PICK, not a guitar pick

Bard (OOC): don’t care, still effectively a Pick of Destiny.

Stand Feature #2: Tenacious D

Hello again everyone! Today, we’ll be talking about the second power stand for the main character of 7th Stand User 2: Fate is Unbreakable.

This is Tenacious D

Tenacious D is a mid range Power stand who can deform anything he attacks/touches. This power is comparable to Crazy Diamond, who can heal anything it attacks/touches as well. On top of this deformation, Tenacious D can reform the object into whatever the user wants. For example, he can deform a chair, reducing to something resembling grey putty, and then turn reform it into little end table, for example. Transforming an object automatically, however, does not accurately recreate the item. The item will be “downgraded”, as in the item will be of lesser quality. To get a higher quality transformation, Tenacious D must manually sculpt it. His power can also be used on his user, not by degrading, but by warping. Tenacious D could warp his user’s arm to reach something far away, for example. This warping can also be used on opponents to make them blind or stop talking, for example.

Tenacious D has a fair range, but not far reaching. The warping power of the user’s limbs is similar to a Zoom Punch, but it has the strength similar to the user, as in it doesn’t make the user’s attacks stronger. Tenacious D also cannot change objects into bigger objects. For example, he can not make a TV reform into a car. Finally, Tenacious D is slow, and thus has a disadvantage against faster foes.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions, just ask. Until next time, remember to Shine On Like A Crazy Diamond!