making of snow

(small stupified incomprehensible sound of confused monster of the deep resounds with cozy, wooly accent)

[I feel a bit disappointed that we’ve never seen Rose knit anything wearable during the whole comic timespan, despite her claiming that she likes to do that; I imagine Thorns of Oglogoth would be capable of like, knitting out a horrorterror or some eldritch screams in nice patterns. Also, additional Kanaya, cause Rosemary is qt]

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Hi where did you get the gif for this? /post/161010482104

Gday! for that one I made the gif overlays in photoshop cs6 using 3 different hi-res stock videos:

Fire, Fire Embers & Smoke. That site has some other great stock videos to download for making gif overlays or textures. :)


Your lips are cold, dude


The white wolf!

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Shiro’s arch nemesis is a powerful magic user of higher status (possibly royalty) 

who walks around in a disguise to hide her lineage.

the witch likes to experiment with her magic and is also something of a mad scientist. she keeps sending emissaries out to kill team voltron until she gets fed up and decides to do something herself. 

when shiro crashes back to earth hes got snow white hair. the garrison captures and sedates him, but he gets rescued by a space knight while still unconscious

and they ride off into the sunset/sunrise on his horse cool hoverbike 

so anyway wheres my snow white sheith au is what im saying