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Hannah Abbott and Susan Bones

Okay but like one time I was taking a math test and it had those weird word problems and one was about someone buying 20 scones and all I could think about was freaking snowbaz and then the other was talking about two ppl running or something and one was named “Misha” and I just about lost it

some highlights from the sensei meetup

I made a chat post about Mikuni and Lily following Misono on his first date but I liked the idea so much that I’m writing a one shot about it. This is really short and rough since I just did this today.

“Do you think this is too much? Maybe I should be more casual since it’s only lunch and a movie.” Misono muttered as he paced. He was waiting for DoDo to return and drive him to his date with Tetsu. This would be his first date in his life.

The feelings Tetsu stirred in him were new to him and he didn’t know how to make any sense of them. They made him nervous and excited all at the same time. Misono only hoped that the butterflies in his stomach would be gone by the time the date started. What if he became so nervous that he couldn’t hold a conversation with him? His first date with Tetsu could possibly be his last.

“Don’t look so nervous, Misono. I doubt Tetsu will care much about what you’re wearing.” Lily could see how anxious Misono was and reassured him with a kind smile. He was a little conflicted, seeing Misono off on his first date. He couldn’t help but remember the small boy that he would read stories to. But he knew that Misono couldn’t stay that boy forever.

“So, what movie are you two going to be watching?” Lily asked.

“We’re watching a movie?” Mikuni walked into the room when he heard their voices. “I thought you had plans Misono.”

“I do have plans. I’m going to see a movie with Tetsu.” Misono answered him and saw Mikuni’s face fall for a moment before he regained his composure. Mikuni replied in a shaky voice.

“You mean as friends, right?” Mikuni tried to keep a smile on his face but it staggered when Misono shook his head. He could barely hear Misono’s words as he felt the world he knew shatter around him. A date? His brother was much too young and innocent to be dating, much less be on a date with a large brute like Tetsu.

“DoDo’s here. I’ll be back in a couple hours.” Misono heard DoDo’s car return and shrugged on his sweater. Before he left, he had to say, “Don’t you dare follow me, Mikuni. I swear if I find out you followed me on this date and caused us trouble, I’ll burn all of the pictures you have of Abel.”


“Don’t look so down, Mikuni.” Lily placed a hand on Mikuni’s shoulder. “Our little Misono is just growing up. Tetsu’s a good kid so we can trust him. And if anything happens, I’ll be—”

“You’re not allowed to follow me either, Lily.” Misono said and Lily heart stopped. But Misono’s expression told Lily that he didn’t misheard him. He could understand why Misono would want to keep Mikuni away from his date but why him?

“But what about our distance limitation?” Lily asked desperately.

“I already accounted for that. The theater and restaurant isn’t too far from the manor and we shouldn’t be out too long. We’ll be fine. Anyways, DoDo will be waiting outside in the car in case I need to return home quickly.” Misono explained but he could see that neither Mikuni nor Lily were happy.

“You’re going to let DoDo follow you but not your dear brother?” Mikuni cried but his exaggerated tears did nothing to sway Misono.

“I will repeat myself one last time. You two are not to follow me on my date.” Misono said sternly and turned away. Mikuni and Lily watched him leave in shocked silence.

After some time passed, Mikuni was the first to speak. “We’re still going to follow him, right?”

“Of course,” Lily replied without a beat of hesitation. He took out a pair of keys and waved them in front of Mikuni. “I’ll get the car while you get us some wigs.”

“You two do know that Misono’s going to be angry with you when he finds out you’re following him, right?” JeJe asked Mikuni and Lily as they followed DoDo’s car. He didn’t understand why they would always drag him along. He would no doubt receive Misono’s wrath as well. “Do you guys think that he won’t notice?”

“Our disguises are perfect!” Mikuni grinned proudly. He had traded his hat for a fedora and dressed in a suit for a disguise. Lily had to smile to himself since Mikuni chose the same disguise Misono did when they went to rescue the Greed Pair. They shared a surprising amount of similarities at times.

“We’re at the restaurant.” Lily parked the car in a space that would allow them to look into the restaurant. Luckily, Misono and Tetsu sat in front of a window. JeJe groaned as he watched the pair. He was certain that if anyone saw them, they would call the police. “I just wish that we could hear what they’re saying.”

“Here,” Mikuni took out a pair of headphones from his bag. He watched Tetsu through binoculars, waiting for any reason he could find to run into the restaurant and save his brother. They seemed to be having a light hearted conversation but something still felt wrong to Mikuni. “There’s a little static. JeJe, use your snake form to get closer to them with this listening device.”

“I’m not going to get involve in your childish game!” JeJe rubbed his temple. “Do you know how suspicious we look right now? You should just go home.”

“JeJe’s right.” Lily said and JeJe felt relieved for a moment. “We do look too suspicious out here. We’re going in.”

“Please just kill me now.”

“What kind of movie do you want to watch after this?” Tetsu asked as he ate his ramen bowl.

“There’s this new superhero movie that’s supposed to be really good. I looked at the reviews and it looks positive so far. The studio also has a good track record of creating good movies.” Misono suggested and Tetsu nodded. He was glad that he researched movies they could watch before he left.

“Are you not hungry? I can order us some desert if you’re full.” Tetsu said when he noticed that Misono’s bowl was still half full. Honestly, Misono was too nervous to eat but Tetsu appeared to be calm. Tetsu reached across the table and held out an egg to him. “You should eat a little more.”

“I can feed myself.” Misono insisted but Tetsu continued to hold the egg to his lips. Hesitantly, Misono opened his mouth and allowed Tetsu to feed him. He wondered if Tetsu could see him blush and quickly looked down at hide it. He didn’t want Tetsu to see him blush so told him, “Can you go order me a parfait?”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Tetsu stood and went to the counter. Misono placed a hand on his racing heart and tried to slow it. Aside from his nerves, the date was going surprisingly well. Despite being younger than him, Tetsu was the perfect gentleman and he wondered if it was because of Hugh’s influence.

His phone rang and Misono was surprised to see a text from Lily. He only hoped that it wasn’t to tell him that Mikuni left the manor and was following him. But the text was far from what he expected. Why aren’t you eating? Are you nervous? Don’t worry, you’re doing fine!

The next text from Mikuni confused him even more. Don’t eat anything he gives you again! I think I saw him do something to your food.

“What the hell?” Misono said to himself and looked out the window. He already had a sense of dread as he scanned the cars. His phone vibrated again and he read the message from Lily.

Look behind you. We’re here cheering for you. Misono stood so quickly that his chair clattered to the ground. When he turned, Lily and Mikuni could see the anger in his eyes. They had never seen him so angry before and had to shrink back slightly.

“Misono, are you okay?” Tetsu stopped him with a simple hand on his shoulder.

“Of course, I’m not. Those idiots followed me and have been watching us.” Misono told him and Tetsu walked calmly to Lily and Mikuni. His movements were smooth when he stopped in front of them. It was clear to them that he didn’t recognize them in their disguise when he spoke to them like strangers.

“Are you two stalking my boyfriend?” He asked them in an even voice but something in it stopped them from answering. “I don’t want to see you following him again.”

Tetsu’s tone told them that the statement was a command rather than a request. Then he turned and took Misono’s hand. As he pulled Misono out of the restaurant, he looked over his shoulder to make sure that the two didn’t follow him. He only stopped when Misono pulled at his hand. “Wait, we can’t just leave like that. We need to pay for our food.”

“I already paid while I was ordering your desert. I’m sorry I didn’t get you your parfait but I didn’t want to stay while those two guys were there.” Tetsu admitted. “Hugh said that a gentleman shouldn’t be a brute and I should expect other guys to like you since you’re so cute. I probably ruin this date, didn’t I? And I was trying to do everything right and…”

“It’s okay, Tetsu.” Misono said when he saw Tetsu nervously scratching his cheek. He was glad that he wasn’t the only one nervous about the date. He took Tetsu’s hand and pulled him forward. “Let’s go see that movie.”

“No, Misono! Please, forgive us!” Mikuni begged while Misono held Abel’s photo album dangerously close to the fireplace. “I’ll never follow one of your dates again! Just spare my precious pictures! It’ll take months to replace them.”

“I already warned you!” Misono’s eyes were cold as he faced Mikuni.

“This is a little much, Misono.” Lily tried to take the album back from Misono. “We learned our lesson and we won’t do anything like this again. Anyways, you should be glad that we followed you because we got to see what a great boyfriend Tetsu is. Isn’t that right, Mikuni?”

“I still don’t think— At least I know he’ll protect you from stalkers.” Mikuni corrected himself when Lily hit him gently.

“Fine,” Misono handed Mikuni back the album. “But I won’t be as forgiving next time.”

Poor JeJe, he needs a vacation.

It’s snowing again and all I want is to walk barefoot with you through the backyard of our house that’s yet to be ours, in nothing but my nightdress. Making snow angels, building snow men, and declaring war to you. I want to fight you with the snow that’s covering the ground until I can’t feel my hands and feet and you got me covered in snow. I want you to carry me into the house while laughing at my recklessness. Take a hot bath with me and give me hot kisses since I crave your warmth. And then, then wrap me up in your thickest sweater because I want to smell like you; invade my space, bundled up in blankets over blankets against your chest. A hot cup of tea in my hands and my favourite book in your hands. Read to me. Word for word. Be my reader. The reader who lets me forget about the cold.

5 things

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5 Things you’ll find in my bag:

  • Power bank
  • Umbrella
  • Headphones
  • Tissue paper
  • Sunscreen

5 Things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • Clothes on the floor
  • My violin
  • Random pieces of paper
  • My blue hairbrush
  • Several bags

5 Things I’ve wanted to do in life

  • Travel around Europe
  • Be confident about myself
  • Wake up early to watch the sunrise (not because I have school)
  • Go on a road trip with friends
  • Learn a new language

5 Things that make me happy

  • Snow
  • Sunshine
  • Getting to sleep in but naturally waking up early
  • Swimming
  • People calling me by my preferred name

5 Things I’m currently into:

  • Driving (I’m trying to get my licence)
  • Anthropology
  • Languages
  • Classical music
  • Finding new stuff to do

5 Things on my to-do:

  • Decide on a name
  • Make new friends
  • Getting my driving licence
  • Finish watching HIMYM
  • Go swimming more often

5 Things people might not know about me:

  • I really do not like hot weather 
  • I lived in another country when I was 5-6 years old
  • I love ice cream
  • I have weird dreams about classical music sometimes
  • I’m not cis (my friends IRL don’t know this)

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