making of season three

Plot Twist:

At the beginning of 3x15, Ed turns around to leave the docks, but then with a regretful look across his face, turns around and jumps in the lake.

ok so the only thing that is good about them waiting for the fourth season is that it might drag into late june.

there are a lot of things happening in the end of june that i would love them to include like for instance:

june 21st: isak’s 18th birthday
june 22nd: the end of school aka even’s graduation
june 23rd: the start of olso pride (which has invited tarjei/isak to walk pride on their instagram so yeah)

so if they are waiting with the trailer and season to include that then it’s totally fine by me.


Well thought turned into dream but listen listen:

So I was Ofc thinking of hurt!keith while going to bed and thinking like: “oh what if the paladins get caught by lotor and he tortures Keith cause he’s half-galra and Keith’s half-galra and on a psychological level lotor hates Keith cause he reminds lotor of how he hates being half-galra or something” AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

So the dream goes like Lotor has been antagonizing Lance all season and it’s been hurting Lance’s performance in battle so that causes the paladins to get captured and maybe lotor like targets Lance at first but then he switches to Keith cause Keith kinda protects Lance/Lotor just hates Keith. So the others are thrown into a prison while Lotor tortures Keith and they can all hear it and Lance feels really guilty and tells the whole team how he’s a “seventh wheel” etc and Shiro (being the leader he is) smacks some sense into Lance and tells him how amazing he is and so do Pidge and Hunk and then somehow they break out and Shiro and Lance go to save Keith but as they’re leaving they run into Lotor and Shiro is an unhappy space dad but Lance tells Shiro to let him fight Lotor and so Lotor thinks it’ll be easy but Lance turns into a BADASS and beats Lotor without even like moving and he makes this epic speech about how he’s not worthless and he IS a paladin of Voltron and then he has Lotor at gun point and is like: “and you’re not hurting my friends anymore!” (Or something. Maybe on a funnier note it could be like Ron Stoppable having Draxon say his name in the Kim Possible movie) and Lance like deals a good blow to Lotor before Haggar shows up and they disappear (Druid magic yo) and then Lance gets back to the team and they’re all like: that’s our sharpshooter and UGH ITS SO GOOD

TLDR: Lance overcomes his insecurities and becomes BADASSED and there’s a small hint of klance and a lot of hurt keith and Lotor is a dick but that actually helps Lance gain a character development and oh man what if guys? What if…

playing the walking dead season three more like:

what i should do: make responsible choices and put my family above everything else and not jeopardize their or my safety

but instead i’m like:

fuck the other options i’ll choose the option that involves clementine, javi x clementine bromance forever


It’s been confirmed season three of Young Justice IS HAPPENING! We’ll finally (hopefully) know what happened to Kid Flash (Wally West) if Jason Todd (Red Hood) makes an appearance, and the whereabouts of Dick Grayson (Nightwing) after he left the team. Personally Nightwing is one of my favorite DC heroes, and Jesse McCartney voiced him beautifully. We’ve come this far as a fandom to get our season three, now let’s make sure we get Jesse back as Nightwing!