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Some Mom Amethyst doodles. She’s the most physically affectionate of the two mothers, she likes to randomly hold the gemlings up and carry them around, or hug them, or throw them in the air and catch them(which causes Pearl to freak out if she’s around to see it). Of course, she shapeshifts to entertain them a lot (they like it when she turns into animals specially). About that sad Amethyst looking at the pearl gemling: Don’t worry, Amethyst  loves her little pearl, she just can’t help wondering about her being such a small gemling, she worries the baby inherited her “defectiveness”.

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It’s Weevil Week here at VMHQ, and for the next seven days, we’d like to hear and see all your headcanons about everyone’s favorite biker. Here are some questions to get your meta/ficlet/fanart process started; answer one or all, invent your own, or just use the ideas as inspiration.

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1) Why does Weevil help Veronica so frequently?

2) Are Weevil and Veronica really friends, or do they just use each other?

3) If you could re-write Weevil’s season 3 storyline, how would you make better use of him than the show actually did?

4) We don’t know much about Weevil’s love life, other than that he had feelings for Carmen, then Lilly, pre-series. What were his romantic leanings, over the course of the series? Did he have a thing for Veronica? Logan? Did he just not have the time or inclination to date seriously, as busy as he was fending off gang takeovers? Does he have a savior complex?  Is he a romantic?  Who do you think would be a great match for Weevil? 

5) We also don’t know much about Weevil’s family life, other than that he and his cousins lived with his grandmother. He was extremely sympathetic when Logan lost his mom. What do you think happened there?

6) Weevil seems to live by a personal code. What is his code, exactly, and what forces helped shape it?

7) Since Weevil’s grandmother raised him while also working at Logan’s house, do you think she ever had to bring Weevil to work with her? Did Weevil and Logan know each other as kids? And, if so, how well? Were they allowed to play together? Or, was Weevil kept away from Logan? Did seeing his grandmother working there and all the nice things the Echolls’ had inform his attitude toward the rich? Make him bitter, resentful?

8) Did meeting/marrying Jade influence Weevil to turn his life around, or did turning his life around put him in the right place for Jade to come into his life?  

9) Why does Weevil choose to lead the PCH’ers? Is it about loyalty? Status? Is crime the only way for him to get ahead economically?

10) Felix and Weevil were so close, he was willing to murder Felix’s killer in order to deliver justice. What inspired such loyalty? And why did Weevil feel that such measures were necessary?

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Thank you for making my childhood one heck of a ride and I’m looking forward to what you planned on your sleeve next after Wander! :3 


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Honestly this man has made so many amazing cartoons over the years! Thank you for sending out such a great message to children throughout the ages. I continue to be in awe of your work!

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Haikyuu!! S02 || Bokuto & Kuroo
↳ “Oya oya?” “Oya oya oya?” : The Bokuro Bros™ for @anna-hiwatari

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I was going to draw something cute/happy/romantic after finishing Season 2 but… (╥﹏╥)

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