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Surprise - Peter Hale 

Request by anonymous
Prompt pack don’t believe Peter is engaged
Pairing Peter hale x reader
Warnings none pure fluff
A/n sorry it’s so short :) 

Few weeks ago
Peter come into the loft during a meeting slamming the door shut. Derek raised a questioning eyebrow at his uncle. “she’s staying in England, she said she can’t quit her job because the kids need her! Well I need her too so we had an argument on Skype and I don’t think she’s talking to me now ” Peter roared making everyone but Derek confused and scared of the angry wolf.

Peter walked over to the counter taking out a bottle of whisky. Peter couldn’t get drunk but the burn the alcohol gave him was enough. The group of teenagers looked at Derek for answers to Peter’s rant “Peter’s girlfriend is in England working as a teacher and I’m guessing she’s staying” Derek said watching his uncle pour another drink.

“Peter has a girlfriend?” Malia asked confused she didn’t know of her father’s relationship. “she must be crazy to date a psychopath like him” stiles said making Peter growl. “why have we never heard about her before” Lydia asked. “no I’m mean it who would be dumb enough to go out with him” stiles asked again in disbelief. Peter couldn’t listen to this anymore getting up and going to his room while the pack still asked Derek questions in disbelief of Peter’s relationship.

You was in Derek’s loft, it was empty so you wondered round waiting for the Hales to come home.

Stiles and Lydia walked through the door “Scott said no one is here so why are we here” stiles asked. Lydia rolled her eyes “because we’re gonna wait until someone gets back” she says walking into the loft.

“baby is that you” you shouted running down the staircase only to be meet by two strangers. You stopped stunned their reaction the same as yours. “who are you and what you doing in Derek’s home” the fiery red head asked you.

“well my fiancee lives here, and I’ve come to surprise him” you sass back at them going to sit on the couch. “sorry that was bad can we start again, hi I’m stiles  and this is Lydia, were friends of Derek” the boy spoke with a sweet smile.

“where is he?” you asked looking at the pair. “he should be here soon he told us to meet him here” Lydia said joining stiles of the couch facing you. After a few moments of silence you got up walking round the loft.

“did you know Derek was even dating anyone?” Lydia asked stiles the second y/n left the room. “no” he replied confused “but I can see why he’s been hiding her she’s stunning” he said unsure to be impressed or jealous. “should we call him at let him his girlfriend is here?” She asked still looking in case you returned “no she wants to surprise him and derek has never told us about her I say we just wait” stiles said before a noise made him look.

When the loft door opened Derek walked in his eyes widened in surprise at the sight of you on the stairs. “der-bear” you shouted running into his arms for a hug earning coos from Lydia. “what are you doing here?” Derek asked you in happy surprise, “well I worked out what’s important, so I quit my job and came home” you say. “well I got a few things to sort out, then we can have a good catch up” Derek suggested you nodding in agreement grabbing a book to read so you wasn’t in his way.

They had been discussing a theory about a new supernatural creature in beacon hills. Stiles couldn’t stop looking between y/n and derek with a stupid smirk. “why didn’t you tell us you had a hot girlfriend?” stiles asked a little to loud.

Both you and Derek burst out laughing at him. “she’s not my girlfriend stiles” Derek told him looking at you, now had tears in your eyes from laughing. “but.. But you told us Derek was your boyfriend” stiles said confused. Derek raised his eyebrows at you questioning stiles comment. “no I didn’t I said my fiancee lives here you just assumed it was Derek” you laughed, coughing at the same time.

Stiles looked more confused then ever, Lydia on the other hand was working it out “she’s dating Peter not Derek” she said to stiles as you and Derek still laughed at him. Stiles confusion was still there only now for a different reason.

“seriously your dating that lunatic, you sure he didn’t pay you to say your with him?” he asked you looking back and forth at you and Derek. Before you could answer 2 more people walked into the loft, both instantly looking at you. “who’s that” the boy asked “Scott, Malia this is y/n Peter’s” Derek started “girlfriend” stiles finished disbelief still in his voice. “what Peter has a girlfriend” the boy Scott said making you roll your eyes. “I thought you said he was lying about that” Malia asked Scott and stiles “I have to agree I didn’t think anyone could love Satan in a v-neck” Lydia told her.

Their comments went on for about ten minutes you sat silent listening. It began to annoy you so you up coughing to get their attention. “excuse me I am still here and I’m being to find your remarks rude now” you said frowning at the small group of teens. “sorry we didn’t me to offend you we just can’t believe someone could actually love Peter Hale” Scott said sincerely.

“well I do love Peter Hale and I have for the past 2 years” you say. Stiles went to speak but you cut him off “and before you say he’s a psychopath, yes he’s done terrible things in his life but that was the past he’s much healthier now” you sass one of Peter’s lines smiling thinking if him saying it. “oh and fyi not only am I Peter’s girlfriend but I’m going to marry him and if you don’t believe it I suggest you start”

Derek smiled while biting his lip trying to to laugh at the stunned pack. “well I’m glad someone round here loves me” Peter’s voice came from the doorway. You turn to see him swaggering down the steps. You squeal loud, that Scott, Derek and Malia all cringe at the high pitch sound as you run to him. Peter hugs you picking you up off the ground, swinging you. “I missed you y/n” he says putting you down but still has his arms around you “but I thought you was staying in England” he smiles surprised to see you in front of him.

“well I figured out what was more important” you say waving your hand showing of your engagement ring. “I couldn’t lose you over a job so I quit and come straight here to surprise you, plus I don’t want us to be apart again” you say looking in his eyes. Peter moved one of his hands running into your hair “and we won’t” he said kissing you lovingly like no one was there.

Derek gave a cough making you both stop. “okay I have to say this I don’t know what’s more shocking, that Peter has a fiancee” stiles starts then points to you “or that y/n loves him or that now I see you together I actually like you as a couple from what I see” he says. You laughed blushing a little still hugged into Peter’s chest. “shut up stiles you idiot” Peter smirked then went to kiss you again.

Derek looked at you “if your gonna do that can you do it somewhere else” he asked. Peter picked you up bridal style “happily” Peter answered carrying you up to his room, as you giggle happy to be back with the man you love. 

just gw2 senior things
  • when hero points were called skill points
  • when maps didn’t show you whether you were above or below something
  • when you had to like buy books or some shit in order to train your skills
  • when falling to your death broke your armor
  • when your armor being broken meant it didn’t work at all
  • when you had to PAY to repair your armor
  • when dyes were only unlocked per character
  • when daily tasks were super generalized (along the lines of “kill 10 different monsters today”) and as such much easier to do no matter where you were
BTS’ Future Soulmates (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line

Juno is an asteroid that represents marriage and committed relationships. It dictates what you value and look for in a partner. While the planet Venus influences something similar (who we find attractive), Juno is more long term. It delves into the realm of soulmates.

Hyung Line here.

Jimin - Sagittarius Juno

  • sagittarius is the wanderer of the zodiac; they’re on a constant quest for the unknown
  • they strive to live every day to fullest and learn something new along the way
  • jimin, having his juno in this sign, means he wants someone who stimulates him on not only a physically or emotionally, but also intellectually
  • this doesn’t mean someone with a master or doctorates, just someone with a bright mind and a story to tell
  • someone who broadens his horizons by introducing him to perspectives
  • those with this placement are very likely to marry someone from a different cultural, religious, or economic background 
  • and may meet their soulmate in a foreign country
  • often their relationships are unique/non-traditional in some way
  • they are extremely open minded and accepting of others
  • in a relationship, he’s optimistic, sociable, and a real sunshine
  • he would travel frequently and embark on many adventures with his partner
  • because sagittarius is such they a free spirit, they put a lot of importance on independence
  • they need their “space” and freedom in a relationship
  • in extreme cases, they have trouble settling down with one person and avoid commitment
  • i’ll look into some aspects juno forms in his chart to give a more detailed view
  • juno semisextile uranus: increases the likelihood of his future relationship being unorthodox and him being attracted to someone “different" 
  • this is a good aspect for long distance relationships
  • attracted to intelligent aquarius types
  • juno semisextile pluto: indicates power struggles in relationships, often sexually; he’s drawn in by intense empowered partners and has an urge to "dominate” them
  • attraction to intense scorpio types
  • (this is heightened by scorpio mars/venus)

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the other side of the signs
  • aries: can be very soft, emotional. sometimes doubt themselves. feel unwanted, unloved. they are without a doubt strong people but sometimes they just need someone to make them feel alright again. cry over people who hurt them in the past sometimes. never really forget what others did to them.
  • taurus: overprotective and jealous because they doubt themselves as a partner. sometimes they feel not good enough. can get angry over little things. when in rage they may say things they don't really mean and regret later. focused on their goals so much that they are about to give them up after a little failure.
  • gemini: can be mean and bitter when hurt. wouldn't admit they're hurt. ignore people because they don't know how to express themselves sometimes. overthink things and panic. it takes them a lot of time to regain their strength. they look for a home in other people. they often feel misunderstood.
  • cancer: they can be hard as a rock. they give second chances but they know exactly that giving a third chance is foolish. they won't hurt those who hurt them but they will make sure the people who did them wrong know what they did. is normally a dreamy romantic but they have an iron skin to hide in when it all gets too much.
  • leo: sometimes they feel powerless, as if something was sucking their energy out of them. challenges that seem impossible can bring them to their knees. sometimes their "roar" is a soft, whispering voice. their pride can make them roar incredibly loud though. if they feel like you make fun of them you'll get to see their teeth and this is not how you want to experience them.
  • virgo: sometimes they are mean on purpose, hurt on purpose. they may try to control others emotionally. they do this to be let alone or to make someone stay. sometimes they feel lonely and down. they also create little worlds where they hide then. they can have problems with saying or even knowing what they want and it confuses them and makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • libra: they doubt themselves a lot. they sometimes feel like the failed first try of a painting. sometimes they are not as kind as nomally, sometimes they explode. they never forget what they deserve and they will do anything to get what they want. they use their elbows to get people out of their way if it's needed.
  • scorpio: they sometimes feel things they don't understand and it makes them feel depressed. sometimes they feel like no one on this planet is made to understand them. sometimes they regret things so much that they hate themselves for making those mistakes. it takes them a ot of strength to seem as strong as they are.
  • saggittarius: the longer they look for them, the more "flaws" they'll find in themselves. they are bright people who live in so many colours but sometimes all they see is black and white, maybe grey. sometimes deep thoughts keep them awake and although they usually have many friends they don't know who to talk to. then they feel like the whole word has given up on them. they are known as funny, charming people but sometimes they feel like they're carrying the weight of everyone's happiness, like they're responsible for it, and that can be too much for them from time to time.
  • capricorn: they can be furious. sometimes, when it all gets too much, they yell and kick things and start treating the people around them badly just for standing where they stand, just for being there. they like to know more than they should. they rarely speak about how they feel. they tend to hide their true feelings from everyone around them and when they finally talk about things that bother them no one knows how to comfort them. they don't say what they want but expect others to feel what they want and when no one understands them they get angry.
  • aquarius: there can be a lot of secrets behind the pretty face of an aquarius. the best kept can be their sadness. although they are bright personalities who love to laugh and make jokes, aquarius often have experienced things that still bother them even after a long time. they won't always speak about it, they may try to cover it, but some day they will tell everyone what bothers them. it's actually hard for them to let go of their past.
  • pisces: they can be the most revengeful people. sometimes they know nothing, neither friends nor family. if they want to make someone pay for something they will do so, they will get their revenge. although they love a lot and love intensely, they also know hate. they try to avoid this feeling but they know it too well. actually pisces are haunted by a lot of things, mostly their own mistakes. they sometimes can't find peace. they fight for justice but sometimes they go too far. too far with many things. they tend to be self-destructive.

Have courage dear heart, oh have courage. Our path is long but stay strong, dear heart, we will succeed.

Kings and Queens of Narnia


Bruce had heard music coming from the studio earlier in the day. They had converted what his mother had always called “The Music Room,” laying down marley flooring, lining the walls with mirrors and barres. All for Cass.

The sun was setting and the house was quiet now: Alfred hadn’t returned from his errands yet and the winter day was quickly coming to a close.

Heading to his study, Bruce passed the studio and was surprised to see Cassandra lying on the floor. The lights weren’t on and the weak remaining sunlight left the room dim. He could hear the white noise of the stereo system, on but not playing anything.

“Cassandra?” he asked, confused, stepping onto the springy floor.

She was lying on her back, her legs stretched out long, with her arms crossed over her eyes and forehead. Her long-sleeved leotard and legwarmers couldn’t be much protection against the chill if she’d been still for very long. Cassandra didn’t move or respond; he saw her throat work as she swallowed.

Bruce crossed the floor in a few strides, only to stop short at the sight of her feet.

He opened his mouth to ask one of many questions, but said instead:

“Cass, you’ve bled through your shoes.”

She went through pointe shoes fairly quickly, they lasted several months depending on how many classes in a week she could attend. But this pairs’ usual wear, grey scuffs on the washed-out peach satin, was eclipsed by the dull brown patches of blood that had appeared in different spots on the toe of each shoe.

Bruce sat by her feet and watched her face for any signs of distress as he gently picked up the leg nearest to him. When she didn’t react, he prodded the ends of the laces out from their bundle on the inside of her ankle and began picking at the knot beneath it. Unwinding the laces revealed deep indentations. She didn’t move or make a sound as he carefully pulled the fitted shoe from her foot and began peeling sticky gel pads, and lambswool, and finally her convertible tights, back from the raw and bloody flesh of her toes.

It made him think of Cinderella’s stepsisters, the old versions, mutilated by their mother in an attempt to fit the slipper and win a throne.

He held her foot in his lap, lightly chafing the angry red marks left on her clammy skin by the laces and elastic band. Not rubbing hard or touching the open wounds. He could feel the barest tremor of her muscles that meant she was exhausted.

“Last night was hard,”

With her arms still crossed over her eyes, she spoke in a whisper.

Bruce hummed an acknowledgement and started on her other foot. Of all his children, Cass was the one he trusted most to patrol alone, though he didn’t like it. It meant he didn’t know when she had to see or do things that he would rather have shielded her from.

Finishing, he piled the bloody detritus of her shoes and padding to one side. As he gathered her up and stood, he felt more than heard a soft “oh!” escape her. He was glad she didn’t protest, even though his back did.

Carrying her to the door, he brushed a knuckle to the switch that cut power to the sound system.

“It helped,” she said from his shoulder.


“Not being a weapon, for a while.”


Also on AO3.

ginny and luna as girlfriends & fwb at hogwarts because i just can’t help myself:

  • luna goes to all ginny’s quidditch teams, lion hat on her head, and makes it roar so loud every time ginny scores a goal. ginny blows kisses & winks to luna before every match, it makes her feel lucky
  • luna’s in all sorts of fringe clubs and organizations too. ginny goes to all of luna’s matches/premieres/etc and cheers as enthusiastically for her gf at this little club as any student does for a quidditch match
  • ginny even makes a little ravenclaw hat for luna’s games, though ginny’s not great at art and she gets really frustrated when her projects go wrong. it’s smaller than the lion hat but it has wings that flap and the eagle noise is super realistic, and luna appreciates the effort so much (she cried when she first saw it). everyone else is very much like, “…..what the fuck?” but who cares
  • luna spends her holidays running around the world searching for mythical creatures, she invites her father and her girl. ginny surpresses her percy-like inclination to denounce it all, and throws herself determinedly into the adventure - they never find a snorkack or humdinger but they do discover a few old artifacts………..luna’s convinced they have Powers. ginny humors her.
  • ginny winning quidditch matches and throwing herself, windswept and sweating and exhilarated, into her gf’s arms in front of everybody
  • luna sometimes cheers against ravenclaw in gryffindor/ravenclaw matches. her housemates are used to how doe-eyed ginny makes her by now though.
  • luna gets ginny, stubborn and set in her ways as she is, to try all sorts of concoctions in the kitchen when ginny visits her on holiday. most of them are pretty good, to everyone’s surprise.
  • speaking of them on holiday: endless sunny days strolling the streets/fields around the burrow and the rook, soaking up the nature, telling each other stories - some true, some fabricated…..ginny enchants the flower petals caught in the wind to dance around them; luna threads daisies into both their braids.
  • meeting the family!!!! some of the weasleys are confused about luna, but they think shes sweet and funny and lovely. xenophilius thinks ginny’s hard-headed but brave, and he loves how she dotes on luna and looks at her with stars in her eyes.
  • ginny sneaks out of the tower most nights, she and luna take moonlit walks around the dark grounds, hand in hand, talking about the stars (it doesnt matter that ginny’s failing astronomy and most of luna’s mythology is made up)

credit to @ginnnyweasleys for coming up with these with me :))) iconic sport gay and art gay girlfriends for life!

Experiment #3 - Request

Requested by anon:  okay okay experiment part two is making me want to SIN SO BAD, so I’ve got request! Sherlock is investigating a case about sex workers who ended up dying, but instead of them being tied up and tortured for the murderers fun, it’s because the murderer is just hella kinky and kills his victims after. Sherlock can’t wrap his mind around kinks and asks his assistant (Y/N) to help show him???? If that makes sense??????

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,424

Warnings: Smut (Bondage, unprotected, rough)

A/N: Not only is this for Sequel Friday but also because I believe we all need a smutty week-ending. ;)


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| Experiment #1 | Experiment #2 |

Sherlock was at his seat, with his blue eyes glued to his phone. (Y/N) was sitting at the victim’s chair, with her laptop on and doing some research. John was at his seat, staring awkwardly at the two of them.

“So…” John spoke, “You’re fine?”

“Yes.” Sherlock and (Y/N) replied in unison.

“No tension or anything?” John continued.

“Nope.” (Y/N) popped the last syllable.

“Oh, that’s great.” John nodded.

“I don’t get why the killer would tie them.” Sherlock complained, “He had them right there, why would he tie them? Did they try to run away?”

(Y/N) giggled and Sherlock snapped his head to look at her. With a cocked eyebrow, he silently asked her for an explanation.

“You really don’t know what fetishes are, do you?” She inquired playfully.

“It’s a sexual fixation… What does this have to do with the killer?” Sherlock fumed.

“The killer is a kinky bastard.” Watson stated and (Y/N) nodded in agreement.

“It doesn’t make any sense!” Sherlock roared, dropping his phone to the coffee table and throwing his hand up.

“It also didn’t make any sense to you that someone could be aroused by…”

“SHUT UP!” Sherlock commanded and stormed to his room without allowing neither (Y/N) or John to argue back.

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{Just Breathe}

a few years ago i had a feel good/cheer up playlist called “just breathe” but i had to delete it after all the tracks got mixed up and the audio went all wonky?? thanks for nothing 8tracks

anyways i’ve wanted to recreate it for awhile now and today i did!! there are more songs now but i tried to put all the old ones on there too

t r a c k l i s t: (x)

Try-P!nk / Just Breathe-Pearl Jam / Float On-Modest Mouse / I Wanna Get Better-Bleachers / Landslide-Fleetwood Mac / Bulletproof Heart-My Chemical Romance / Fuckin’ Perfect-P!nk / Roar-Katy Perry / Slide-Goo Goo Dolls / Here Comes the Sun-The Beatles / Loose Lips-Kimya Dawson / Bridge Over Troubled Water-Simon & Garfunkel / Brave-Sarah Bareilles / I Like Giants-Kimya Dawson / Friday I’m In Love-The Cure / Here Comes A Thought-Steven Universe / Silent All These Years-Tori Amos