making of reise reise

Flake on the making of Ohne Dich.

Which video clip was the most fun to make ?
Flake: Ohne Dich. We went climbing for the first time.
Flake: Even though I have a fear of heights, I climbed a steep rock face.
Flake: Later we went with the lift to a peak and climbed to 3,800 m to a peak that was not visited by humans.
Flake: Each step required as much energy as 10 normal ones.
Flake: We play as if we had to carry an injured Till, but we collapse under the weight.
Flake: But we really collapsed. That wasn’t fake!
Flake: When we were on the peak, we felt one with world.
Flake: Then we took the lift back down.
Flake: We were made up to look like injured and half-dead mountain climbers.
Flake: When we got down, 400 skiers were standing opposite.
Flake: All thought that it was real and that we had been up there for many days.
Flake: They took a step back out of respect.
Flake: We didn’t explain anything.
Flake: That was great!

Flake in a 2005 fan chat.

in ‘Benzin’ there is one verse where, in theory, there should have been female vocals, well, maybe a little distorted or faded through the electronics, and in the verse before it we wanted to insert children’s voices that say ‘Hey, hey ! ’. All this ‘hey, hey’ was supposed to be sung by Richard’s children, and the vocals were going to be performed by Flake’s wife. But, here, hell, Richard, for no reason at all, objects and says that Flake’s wife sings like a cuckoo. Well, frankly speaking, that it hurts his ears. Flake, of course, retaliates, and objects to Richard’s children. Then they made a bargain: you, then, forget about your wife and her career as an opera singer, and I promise not to involve my children again. Since then, we have a sort of compromise and it goes: you keep your mouth shut and I sacrifice my solo. Therefore, the album itself is calmer because there were no storms in our relations.

Paul on learning to compromise during the making of Reise Reise.

2005 interview with Zillo.

Your wife sings like a cuckoo. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!