making of ohne dich

Flake on the making of Ohne Dich.

Which video clip was the most fun to make ?
Flake: Ohne Dich. We went climbing for the first time.
Flake: Even though I have a fear of heights, I climbed a steep rock face.
Flake: Later we went with the lift to a peak and climbed to 3,800 m to a peak that was not visited by humans.
Flake: Each step required as much energy as 10 normal ones.
Flake: We play as if we had to carry an injured Till, but we collapse under the weight.
Flake: But we really collapsed. That wasn’t fake!
Flake: When we were on the peak, we felt one with world.
Flake: Then we took the lift back down.
Flake: We were made up to look like injured and half-dead mountain climbers.
Flake: When we got down, 400 skiers were standing opposite.
Flake: All thought that it was real and that we had been up there for many days.
Flake: They took a step back out of respect.
Flake: We didn’t explain anything.
Flake: That was great!

Flake in a 2005 fan chat.

anonymous asked:

Ich hasse diese Menschen die immer denken dass man gleich neidisch ist. Ich bin nicht neidisch, ich finde dich einfach nur haesslich mit und ohne deinem make up welches du selbst so toll findest

Hat dich jemand um deine Meinung gebeten? Sei doch einfach leise wenn es niemanden juckt was du denkst, vor allem wenn du dich nur anonym traust sowas zu sagen. Die Welt hat andere Sorgen als Menschen, die man nicht kennt, online und anonym zu beleidigen. Werd erwachsen.