making of ich tu dir weh

Paul on Till's dedication to his art(or sheer insanity)

“He had the idea to light up the inside of his mouth. We said to him ‘Till, it’s enough if you set a flesh coloured wire along here(ear to mouth) not a soul’s going to see it live. The first rows are 5 metres away, you can totally do it like that’

“No,no I don’t want that” I want to have a hole in my cheek so we’ll bore a hole through and a grommet, and then we’ll pull a wire through” And so we’re like, okayyyy…

Paul in the making of Ich Tu Dir Weh.


YES ! Finally !

In September RAMMSTEIN will release “RAMMSTEIN IN AMERIKA ” disc 1 will feature 18 songs performed live such as WAIDMANNS HEIL , ICH TU DIR WEH, BENZIN AND WIENER BLUT. Preformed in NYC.

Disc 2 will be the documentary “ RAMMSTEIN IN AMERIKA ” and the making of the “ LIEBE IST FÜR ALLE DA ” album.

I honestly can not wait !

Info from rammstein worlds Facebook page.