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Steven Universe Songs as Fanfic Prompts

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Love Like You -

  • Even after she and her friends had officially decided to become good, Mal can’t help but feel like she sticks out like a sore thumb compared to her friends and the AKs when it comes to being good.
  • Harry Hook is madly in love with Uma, but he sees the way that she cares and helps her crew members, and feels silly to think that she could possibly return his feelings since it seems so obvious that she’s a better person than him.

Lapis Lazuli -

  • After the whole coronation scene, Auradon citizens have been rioting about how Uma is the perfect example of why the VKs are dangerous. Ben, feeling totally flustered, still believes that she’s just badly misunderstood and isn’t wrong to feel angry towards him and Auradon.

What Can I Do For You -

  • Evie and Doug go to a restaurant during the first week that the VKs first arrive, wheras Evie suprises Doug and signs them up for some karaoke that the shop offers.

adsullatta  asked:

OMG, just had to let you know I laughed SO hard at your Fushimi-minion pic. (It's PERFECT!) Then I proceeded to giggle madly, and then chuckle for many minutes after that. Thanks for the laughs, I REALLY needed them today :D

I’m glad you liked it :D Between that and last weekend’s Shrek!Fushimi I think I’ve reached the limit of CGI character Fushimis–

–Oops my Photoshop slipped


disney meme [1/9] characters➞ emperor kuzco 
“he’s the sovereign land of the nation. he’s the hippest cat in creation. he’s the alpha, the omega, a to z. and this perfect world will spin around his every little whim ‘cause this perfect world begins and ends with…. me”


Adrinette Month Day 8: Disney/Dreamworks AU

I decided to make a 101 Dalmatians AU. 

Roger and Anita are a very cute couple and I think it fits how Mari and Adrien will behave when older. Also Roger being a little shit with Cruella is the way I see Adrien behaving too xD


Unlikely Parallels → Sleeping Beauty // Outlast: Whistleblower

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…”