making of a masterpiece

i want to press my lips against your skin -
from your neck down to every thing in between
let me caress your body and make it seem
like it’s the only masterpiece i have ever seen

My take on Stefano cheating

He might talk all sweet and invite a girl over to his place under the pretense that there will be sexy time when he’s going to practically kill her the moment she walks through the door.

He loves his s/o like a lot but there are certain ‘tactics’ he has to use to lure models in for his photography

Cheating full on:

• You might just be some type of trophy to show off at gallas and exhibits but he has no real feelings for you. You’re to make him look good in the public eye

• You don’t appreciate anything he does for you and you definitely don’t appreciate his art you’ll be a new model and he’ll find someone who does appreciate him

• You just didn’t click together like he thought you would

• Just using your love for him to make you into one of his masterpieces or to get you to help him on his projects

• If you did catch him with another person I don’t think he would really feel guilty at all, you couldn’t keep him interested like his new lover could

He left you at the mercy of Guardian and Obscura while he just pulled his new lover away from the scene. Stefano had already hurt you with his cold words breaking your heart so you were numb to the pain that you would be feeling any moment. You didn’t want to live without Stefano’s love, and he may not love you anymore but maybe your demise will be his best masterpiece and you will still have his attention on you even in death.

I honestly don’t want to think of Stefano cheating 😭😭😭😭

does anyone else ever feel emotionally connected to the music behind movies or shows? I’m not talking the popular songs that everyone can identify on a soundtrack, but the instrumental pieces that are so so so under appreciated. so much work goes into the score of a movie or series and most of the time we don’t fully recognize that its there, but without music, so many scenes would never have the stunning effect they do. music, especially instrumental music has the power to invoke so much emotion and make moments all the more beautiful. of course, there are so many soundtracks that have just as profound an effect as scores, but a pre-recorded song will always be associated with other scenes, other movies, different times, but that one unique score will never be associated with anything other than the scene it was specifically written for. 


Guys are too into Loki and he keeps using it…