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“If The Maze Runner was Lost Meets Lord Of The Flies, The Scorch Trials is Mad Max via Stand By Me.” - Empire Magazine, September issue. [x]

What’s up with Hollywood and it’s constant need to make a generic movie about the divorced or single white middle age man (maybe with kids) who has to save the world. With their none white sidekick who’s obviously a better character than the MC. The funny Latino friend. The hot white woman who is possibly his ex gf or wife.
Why can’t we have movies with POC and diversity.
Yes there are POC in this action packed movies but to be honest most of them are played in the background. No matter what race you are I think we all deserve representation in the media. And just now we are hitting the iceberg with shows like Steven Universe for example
That shows diversity in the cast. Ethnically speaking.
Where are my Main Female leads that are not sexualize or used as a romantic plot??????? I’ve seen it so little in many forms of media. That I wonder if we as people will move forward one day. Hopefully we will

ok but blue who works at a movie theatre that shows the most pretentious indie movies…..and guess who is a regular customer…….this pretentious looking boy in boat shoes who always tries to make the movies sound deep as shit


Vampire Movies You Need to Watch: 1/?

Let The Right One In (2008) - dir. Tomas Alfredo

“Aren’t you freezing?” “No.” “Why not?” “I guess I’ve forgotten how.”

WOW something is actually coming of that FNAF movie thing, or so I hear. I thought it was just going to be an announcement and then we’d never hear from it again. Like that Little Shop of Horrors remake that I was all on board for (the 1960 movie, not the musical. I will cut you if you remake the musical).

I just saw the new Pixar movie ‘Inside Out’ at the IMAX cinema and I cried SO much in the first 10 minutes because it just looked so darned good. Then I cried more because the animation was so good, then I cried even more because Pixar you are a BOSS with story. My 3D glasses were all fogged up from my emotions gosh darned watching other gosh darned emotions emote.
Highly recommend. Please go watch this film in cinemas because the look of it on the big screen is absolutely how it should be viewed.

another sorta problem I have with the portrayal of women who like women in movies and in the media in general is that so often their main plot point revolves around them struggling with their sexuality and themselves and then the whole movie it’s just girls who like girls who are really sad, and that’s a really REALLY important topic to cover, but I also wish there were more movies about girls who like girls who Fight Crime or Save The World or just go to Prom or something like that, like I wish that they could just be Gay and That’s It and I want more movies where there’s no discussion at all over their sexuality and they’re just Gay and everyone just has to accept it and enjoy it.