making me jealous of a stuffed animal

SHINee Reaction To Their S/O Having A Stuffed Animal Named After Him

Requested By Anonymous -  Shinee reaction to their s/o having a stuffed animal named after him!

ONEW: “That’s so cute. Next time I’ll buy you one for when I’m away.” He would make a mental note to buy you a new one.

JONGHYUN: “I’m here now. You can put the stuffed animal away.” He would be jealous of the stuffed animal but would understand that you missed him.

KEY: “Come cuddle with me. I need some loving too.” He would pout that you showed more love to the stuffed animal and would whine for your attention.

MINHO: He would find it absolutely adorable that you sleep with it. He would vow to be away from you less. 

TAEMIN: “Where’s mine?” He would be jealous that you didn’t buy him one, since he misses you too while he’s away.