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2&13&19 with dylan o'brien? ☺️

Mr. Whale

2.“Right now I really want to hug you.”
13.“I’m gonna lay down and die for like half hour okay?”
19.“ Please… I’m looking at you with my puppy eyes.”

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Dylan and I are together about a year now. And we have our own couple life, and we try to accomplish all of the couple goals. Like we go to the gym every morning, which I hate the most. A lot of people say, that we are the perfect couple, and we are so cute together, so it seems to work.

Dylan and I went to the grocery shop to get food for our movie night. We have a movie night every Friday night, it’s just become our habit. Dylan was searching for drinks, while I decided to get our favorite snack, but then I saw something what I can’t leave here.

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SHINee Reaction To Their S/O Having A Stuffed Animal Named After Him

Requested By Anonymous -  Shinee reaction to their s/o having a stuffed animal named after him!

ONEW: “That’s so cute. Next time I’ll buy you one for when I’m away.” He would make a mental note to buy you a new one.

JONGHYUN: “I’m here now. You can put the stuffed animal away.” He would be jealous of the stuffed animal but would understand that you missed him.

KEY: “Come cuddle with me. I need some loving too.” He would pout that you showed more love to the stuffed animal and would whine for your attention.

MINHO: He would find it absolutely adorable that you sleep with it. He would vow to be away from you less. 

TAEMIN: “Where’s mine?” He would be jealous that you didn’t buy him one, since he misses you too while he’s away.

Free! Illustration Works Vol.2, Track 04

If everyone went on a trip together.

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Nagisa: So lucky, I want to go on a trip overseas too…
Makoto: What’s up all of a sudden, Nagisa?
Nagisa: My big sister is going abroad, so I’m really jealous… Aah, I want to go with everybody! I want to walk around food shops! Like…

Nagisa: (munch) Ah, so delicious!
Rei: This juice is also wonderful! Using raw fruits really makes a difference!
Nagisa: Ah, Rei-chan, let me have a sip!
Rei: Here! But really, it’s great that there are so many great food shops here! With all of this just baked bread and fresh ingredients, I ended up buying too much!
Haruka: This shop’s stuffed animal… Incredible…
Makoto: What’s up, Haru? Wait, what’s this, it’s spooky! I’m not sure if this is a fish or a bug, and it’s glaring over here… Hey, let’s leave…
Haruka: This gloss, this color, these eyes… Good.
Makoto: Geez, Haru!
Rin: You two, really… Oh, that shop over there looks like it’s got some nice clothes. Let’s go see.
Cat: Meow
Makoto: Hm? Here you go. Haha, this cat looks like Shiro-chan who lives in our neighborhood. Right, Haru? [Shiro means white]
Haruka: Oh, the one always on the shrine stairs? That’s true.
Rin: On top of being generic, that’s kind of more of a dog name. But seriously, you really love cats.
Makoto: Hmm, when I see one, I can’t help but want to pet it… Ah, Rin, do you want to pet it too?
Cat: Meow meow
Makoto: Aah, it doesn’t want to get off me…
Haruka: Just like the other one.
Rin: Hey, if you keep playing with the cat we’ll leave you behind!
Makoto: Huh? Wait a bit!

Nagisa: How nice, I want to go!!
Rei: We’re right about to start joint practice, you know… You should hurry and change, Nagisa-kun. Rin-san will be here soon too.
Nagisa: Hey, hey, Rei-chan, do you have some place you want to go?
Rei: …Did you even listen to what I said?
Nagisa: It’s fine, it’s fine! I can easily change at the speed of light! Where do you want to go?
Rei: (sigh) Let’s see… I would love to visit famous museums around the world, and also–
Nagisa: Hmm, so like this?

Rei: Well then, let’s head for the next museum now!
Nagisa: Eeh, we’re already leaving? I wanted to see more of this one!
Rei: That is impossible, Nagisa-kun! We already are two minutes and fifteen seconds late on the schedule! If we don’t get out now, my plans will just keep on getting ruined!
Nagisa: Rei-chan you’re so picky, you cheapskate!

Nagisa: Uwah… I don’t think I’d enjoy that…
Rei: Just what are you saying?! My schedule would be thought out much more perfectly!
Makoto: Well, calm down you two.
Nagisa: Do you have any place you’d like to go, Mako-chan?
Makoto: Let’s see… Ah, I think that as long as we’re all together, any place would be fun.
Haruka: And as long as I can swim… As long as I can feel the water, that’s enough.
Nagisa: Eh! Don’t say that, now… Ah, I know! Haru-chan, how about an expedition to a secluded region, in search of a phantom waterfall?
Haruka: A phantom waterfall…
Nagisa: Let’s do that, I’m certain it’d be really fun! We might find a waterfall that no one but you has ever laid eyes upon!

Haruka: I felt the presence of water coming from this area, earlier.
Rei: (pants) Please… Wait… A bit…
Nagisa: Oh! Haru-chan, look at that!
Haruka: The phantom… Waterfall! I’m going to go swim. (dashes off)
Makoto: Hey, Haru, that’s dangerous!

Haruka: I’m coming.
Makoto: He got Haru!
Rei: No! Among all the suggestions we had, mine was the most realistic and meaningful one!
Nagisa: Eeh, walking around food booths and exploring secluded regions is much better!
Haruka: Waterfall…
Rin: You guys, what are you being noisy for?
Nagisa: Ah, Rin-chan! Say, say, going overseas together and buying food at a market, or visiting a secluded region, those are stuff you’d want to do, right?!
Rei: But how about going around museums? All we have to do is follow my perfect plans–
Haruka: Rin. Choose the waterfall.
Rin: Y-You guys, what’s up all of a sudden?
Makoto: Ah, sorry, Rin! Basically…

Rin: None of those sound good at all.
Nagisa/Rei: Why?!
Rin: That’s not what travelling is about… It’s more like… Who would you go with, and stuff. You need to make plans according to what your objective is. Depending if you go with your family, or your friends, or… With your lover… It’ll be totally different!
Nagisa: As expected from Rin-chan, a true romantic~
Rin: Shut up.
Makoto: But that’s true. If we all went somewhere together… I guess I’d like a place that could make everyone happy.
Haruka: As long as I can swim, it’s fine with me.
Rin: Damn, you never change.
Makoto: Ah, we spent too much time here. Come on guys, let’s start training.
Nagisa: Okay, then I’ll be first in the pool! (dashes off)
Rei: Wai– that’s unfair, Nagisa-kun! (follows)
Makoto: A trip, huh? It’d be nice if we could all go together someday.
Rin: That’s true. But right now, we’re training! I won’t lose to you guys.
Makoto: Yeah. Well, let’s get going! Nagisa and Rei are waiting.
Haruka: Yeah.

Thomas Sangster Imagine 1

You sat up, groaning. You had a killer headache. Sadly, you knew you couldn’t miss a day of work, the production of the Scorch Trails couldn’t be delayed just because of your stupid headache. No matter how nice Wes was, you knew he’d be angry if you missed today. You threw your hair up in a bun and put on a casual black dress and some beat-up converse. You grabbed a small black shoulder bag with your computer, a few books, and your phone, and headed out your hotel room to the elevator. You slammed your finger against the button angrily, you were already late and didn’t have enough time to eat, which would make your headache worse and you even grumpier. You felt a tap on your shoulder, causing your reflexes to kick in, making you jump and spin around to punch whatever was closest to you. You gasped and put your hand over your mouth once you realized what you’d done. Thomas, not only your best friend but also crush, was hunched over holding his stomach in pain. “Oh my god, Thomas! I am so so so so sorry, are you ok?” He stood up and took a deep breath, “Yeah, y/n, I’m good.” You gave him a hug (punching someone was a great excuse to make physical contact with your crush), “I had no idea it was you! I was just scared.” Thomas laughed, “Well, remind me never to run into you in a dark alley.” You laughed and the two of you continued making fun of each other, shoving each other around, and all around flirting until you got to the lobby. Dylan and Ki Hong were waiting there, you had all agreed to ride to set together. Ki Hong and Dylan looked at each other and smirked, before turning back to the both of you, “Well well well,” Dylan grinned, “Sleeping beauty and her prince charming finally decide to show up.” Ki Hong laughed, “Honestly, how are you two late every day.” You laughed and smiled, “It’s a gift.” Thomas grinned at you and agreed, “It’s a very special talent, only few are blessed with such a gift.” Dylan laughed, “Whatever, lets get going.” You sat in the back, focusing on the road infant of you, seeing as though your head was still killing you. Thomas and Ki Hong joked back and forth along with Dylan, who was sitting next to you. “Hey, y/n, you ok?” Dylan asked. “Oh yeah, i’m fine. My head just hurts a little.” “Awe,” Dylan cooed fakery, “My poor little baby!” He then proceeded to pull you into an intense bear hug. You both laughed along with Ki Hong while you saw Thomas pursing his lips, almost like he was… jealous? No…. Dylan let go of you but let you rested your head in his lap for the rest of the ride. It was about a thirty minute or so drive, so by the time you had all gotten there, you were fully asleep. “Awe, Tommy,” Ki Hong giggled, “Look at your lover, so cute and sound asleep.” Thomas shot back sharply, “Cool it mate, will ya? She might hear?” “What? That you like her? Trust me, she’s dead asleep.” Dylan shook you awake and you groaned, getting up slowly. “Rise and shine, princess. We’re here.” The four of you headed over to met up with Wes. After a few hours of shooting you were all tired and headed back to your trailers for a break. “Hey, y/n, wanna come hang out with me?” Dylan asked. “Yeah, sure.” Dylan was the only person you had told about your massive crush on Thomas, but although he would never tell you, Thomas liked you too. You walked into his trailer and threw yourself onto the nearest chair, burying your head into the armrest. “Dyylllannnn,” you whined, “What do I doooooooo?” “About what?” “Thomaaaaasss.” He laughed and walked over to you. “Maybe… we could make him jealous?” “But would he get jealous?” “I think so, but lets find out for sure,” he said grinning. You and Dylan made sure to leave his trailer laughing and whispering as he put his arm around you. You looked over at Thomas to see him glaring at Dylan, who made sure to only look at you. Once Dylan saw your gazing at Thomas, he took your chin and turned your face towards him. You made a big show of smiling and biting your lip as you looked into Dylan’s eyes. You saw Thomas stomp off as Ki Hong smiled at him and then at you and Dylan. After Thomas left, Ki walked over to the two of you. “What are ya’ll doing?,” Ki laughed. “Oh, I just thought we’d mess with Tommy, maybe get him to admit he loves y/n,” Dylan whispered so only Ki could hear. He smiled and nodded at you, “Good luck.” You staggered suddenly and groaned, you had been trying to ignore it, but your headache had gotten worse, your hands and lips were numb and you were seeing spots now. You had a migraine. The only way to get rid of it was to sleep it off, but at the moment you felt as though you were going to collapse. “Woah, y/n,” Dylan grabbed onto your arms concerned, “Are you ok?” “Mhm.” You closed your eyes, not being able to handle the light, and rested your head on Dylan’s chest. He walked you over to Wes. “Hey, I don’t really know what’s wrong with her, I think it’s a migraine, but y/n’s really not feeling well, I’m gonna take her back to the hotel.” Wes looked at you, “Ok, but can Thomas take her, your character has some important scenes today.” Dylan smiled, “Alright I’ll get him.” Dylan let go of you and just as you were about to say something, you passed out. You woke up in your hotel room. You pulled the stuffed animal you slept with close to your chest and hear someone laugh quietly. You opened your eyes and looked around the room, Thomas was sitting on a chair holding a book, looking over at you. You realized that you were wearing the same dress as before, but no longer had any shoes on. “Thomas? What happened?” He walked over and sat on the bed, “Well you almost gave m-everyone a bloody heart attack when you collapsed. But you just fainted from the heat - did you eat anything today?” You groaned, “No, I didn’t have time.” “Well next time, promise me you’ll eat something?” “Ok,” you said laying back down. “What’s going on with you and Dylan.” You almost laughed. Was he jealous? “Oh.. um,” you said blushing, “It’s nothing.” He looked at you questioningly, “We were just trying to make you jealous…” you mumbled. Thomas smiled, “Well that’s good, cause I bloody love you, y/n.” You couldn’t believe it, mostly because your head was pounding and you were only half awake. “I love you too.” Thomas laughed and picked up the stuffed animal you had attempted to hide under your pillow, “Who is this?” You blushed, “Oh, just an old toy, nothing important really.” “I don’t know, y/n….” “Fine,” you said, snatching the stuffed toy back and burying your face in it, “I’ve had it since I was born.” “That’s adorable,” you heard Thomas say to himself. You laid back down on your bed and looked over at Thomas. “How are you feeling, y/n.” You pretended to be deep in thought, squinching up your nose, “Hmmmm, well overall pretty okay, but I’ve heard cuddles are the only way to guarantee recovery.” Thomas smiled, “You know what, I’ve heard that too.” “Really?” You answered sarcastically, “I’ll go call Dylan.” “Oh, shut up,” Thomas laughed, climbing into ned with you. He pulled you into a tight hug and kissed your forehead. Being sick wasn’t so bad. It had it’s silver lining. 

Seventeen reaction: Hyung

“Seventeen reaction of the hyung line where their s/o sleep with a plush toy”

Seungcheol: He would see your sleeping form cuddling a elephant plushie while you soundly slept. He’d walk over to you and lay next to you trying to wake you. “Babe would you much rather be cuddling me?”

Jeonghan: He’d come in to see you with your arms wrapped around a fluffy bear plushie. He’d think this is the cutest most innocent you could get “how can one person be so adorable”

Joshua: You were cuddling the bear he bought you as an anniversary gift. He’d smile widely at himself and crawl on to the bed with you “well at least it went to good use”

Junhui: He’d be confused at first. He’d stare you for a bit, “hey babe..? Is there any particular reason that you are sleeping with a plush?”

Hoshi: After a long day, you’d cuddle up to a big stuffed bear twice your size. He would walk in and automatically giggle you. “Really? I thought you didn’t need that now that you have me”

Wonwoo: You’d be sleeping with a little blue bunny, Wonwoo tried to replace the bunny with himself when you pushed him away. “I’m jealous of a stuffed rabbit..”

Woozi: He would find this more funny then anything, seeing you cuddling a stuffed animal would make this smile and large gummy smile. He’d sit at the edge of the bed “your like a giant 5 year old.. But I love you”