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Surprise Gift // Logan Paul

Summary: The main reason of how you meet your fiancé Logan Paul was directly caused by the Why Don’t We boys and so for your first dance as a married couple he surprises you. The boys perform the song that brought you together and he explains how it happened.

Characters: Reader x Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Pam Paul, Greg Paul, Ayla Woodruff, Mark Dohner, and the Why Don’t We boys.

Words: 1920

Disclaimer: I do not own and images, gifs, songs, videos or the characters protrayed in this. Nor have I ever with previous fics.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff and Jake Paul (yes that’s a warning cuz he can be a hella rude ass)

Requested: Yes. Anonymous

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This could quite frankly be the worse writing I’ve done so far. I love the idea but I’m sad it’s shitty.


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If you had thought you would be marrying a well known YouTuber you would have laughed, you would have been laughing hysterically if you had been told it would be Logan Paul. He was one of the least serious guys you had ever known but at the same time he was the most serious guy. It was a strange piece of information that even after years of dating you couldn’t get used to it.

“Babe? Do you know where my charger is?” Logan yelled from the kitchen.

“You haven’t unpacked from the trip to Ohio so I would say it’s in the bag somewhere.” You called back from the open planner in front of you.

For the last five months you had been pouring yourself into planning the wedding with the help of Pam of course. This weekend however she was spending time with her other son Jake given that he hadn’t been able to make it to Ohio is the last two months.

“Oh thanks!” He called back as he came into the room, “Oh wedding planning.”

“We are not using your purple car as the centre piece. You pushed your luck when you used it as the centre piece at the engagement party.” You said pointing your pencil at your fiancé’s face.

“That was cool! It symbolized the Logang!” He groaned.

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Moon in the 12th House

Someone with moon in the 12th bears confusing emotions that run deeper than this lifetime, they pick up feelings from the collective, feeling sad at random times, and not understanding where it comes from, this is meant to teach this person compassion instead of becoming a victim to an ocean of overwhelming emotion. Many of the emotions they carried in previous lifetimes are culminating into this life.

While they were in utero, whatever feelings the mother had during pregnancy left an imprint on their psyche. Her experiences during that time may be a culprit to their current mental health. They could ask their mother what she ate during pregnancy, as it probably affected their personality! Whatever strange pregnancy cravings their mother had may have been their soul saying, “Mommy, feed me Haggis, MooGooGai, Borscht, frog legs, bok choy, wasabi, and beet juice!” All foods affect us on a mind body soul level, and during the life of someone with Moon in the 12th, their emotional cravings for certain foods are often more of a self-undoing, and it would benefit this person to practice greater food discipline, realizing that they will feel better if they opt for fresh produce rather than comfort food. This person might cover up their puzzling emotional state by eating what makes them feel good in that moment, without rationalizing what their body needs to consume for optimal health. By implementing wiser food choices, their inner turmoil improves, as positive diet choices create a clearer mind to understand their own feelings.

There is a tendency to dwell on certain feelings that have cut them to the core. Of course it is easier said than done, but the person with moon in the 12th house must find acceptance. They may have to immerse themselves in the pits of despair, before they’re able or ready to release it.

Likewise, they can also go off on a tangent of ecstasy, getting carried away on what excites them, not honoring their responsibilities to lean towards what they “feel like doing”.

They may suppress their emotions because they seem to be too much to handle. In MBTI, they may act more Thinking than Feeling, but be highly sensitive deep down.

If they do not honor their own vulnerability, they may come off as condescending or critical to others as a defense mechanism. At its worst, their resentfulness could drive them to provoke others, finding what hurts someone the most and making use of that, lashing out to hurt others’ feelings because they haven’t worked thru the times they were hurt.

At it’s best, this person can cultivate a High Emotional Intelligence, realizing that everyone goes thru different emotional trauma that is hard on them. Otherwise, this person may view their own problems as more difficult than others’ plights, that they don’t empathize with the severity of someone else’s experience. (Disclaimer: I own none of these pictures)

Something about the native’s inner divine feminine or womanhood is meant to be unlocked during the life of someone with moon in the 12th. Perhaps they have denied their nurturing side, because tedious life tasks didn’t allow them to have time to fully honor the feminine; challenging themselves to achieve societal expectations instead of resting when they are weary. And so they end up being the antonym of nurturing, becoming pushy and hardened instead. Previous lifetimes when they experienced injustice for being a female are still being processed in the current life. This could include painful childbirths, losing one’s child, or feeling obligated to become a mother when they didn’t desire to in a past life. Sometimes when we feel traumatized in a way we can’t explain, there’s actually themes from previous incarnations coming thru us.

With the 12th house being “serve or suffer”, the moon serves by being he shoulder to cry on, helping others with their emotional issues, feeding nourishing meals to others rather than overeating for emotional escape. This person mustn’t allow food to become a crutch. Due to not feeling very nurtured during their youth, the native subconsciously feels the need to overcompensate, covering up unfulfilled wants by desiring more than what they need for survival. This can apply to using “retail therapy” to give them a rush of excitement, eating an entire tub of ice cream, acting co-dependent, leaning on others more than they should, binge watching movies, video games, reading fiction, and so on…

Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can operate out of their own hurt, reacting to conflict by saying hurtful things back to a person, instead of rationalizing the situation, comprehending their point of view. This doesn’t have to be you, by being aware of your planetary placements, you can evolve past them. The Moon in a water sign has to learn to be more objective, consciously choose to not let your hurt feelings cloud your judgement. They can be so consumed in the drama of their emotions that they don’t take note of what is happening around them. There is hesitancy to face their problems, but they’ll gladly help others with theirs. Water Moons in the 12th are probably the most intuitive people. I’d say Scorpio has the potential for telepathy and psychoanalysis. Cancer moon would be clairsentient (gut feelings), and claircognizant (a sense of knowing). Pisces moon would be the medium, bringing necessary messages from spirit guides to those who are feeling lost.

Moon in the Earth Signs operate out of logic, they comfort themselves with food, being attached to the material realm. Forming emotional connections to possessions and the five senses, they thrive on what is tangible. Thriving on tactile sensations, smells can dictate their emotions, and soft textures make them feel at home.They have less fluidity to tune into the collective, but we need people in this world with feet on the ground. An Earth Moon in the 12th stabilizes themselves from getting carried away, and even if they do, they still remain on top of their responsibilities.

Moon in Taurus in the 12th will cherish their alone time where they can bask in as many sweets as they wish, laying in a fragrant bath tub while listening to music. Moon in Virgo in the 12th will analyze the times they were hurt, they will act neurotic around others if they do not get to fulfill their need for solitude. Before they tell someone how they feel, they evaluate the situation, then they can articulate their emotions very well.

Moon in Capricorn in the 12th lives on a see-saw of hedonism to depravity, overindulging to the point of self-undoing, then feeling guilty, punishing themselves by the denial of pleasure. They feel like they have to be serious, finding a way to cope with the world, and so they’re less tempted to sympathize. Others were cold to them, so they think that becoming understanding is coddling a person, being too easy on them.  Underneath that, they have a richness of feeling the pains of the world, but not knowing how to cope with that, they harden. What they’ve been thru is so internalized they won’t open up about their struggles, having to be tough to get thru the idea that no one was there for them, they can become bitter. Then when someone is there for them, they are so used to having to be distrustful, that they may shut out a caring person out of their own skepticism. You can rise above your hardness and make a point to cultivate tenderness.

Moon in an Air Sign in the 12th would distract themselves with intellectual activities, choosing to read, watch documentaries, talk to friends, instead of face the complexity of their feelings. They are great at being objective, rationalizing what happens to them.

Moon in Gemini in the 12th has a great desire to socialize and exchange ideas with a variety of people, but may not know how to go out in the world and find that. They intellectualize their emotions, and may find comfort in focusing on superficial things. They’re able to objectively look at what they’ve been thru, to make sense of it all, and pass this gift to others as well, making a great therapist. Ruled by Mercury, Hermes goes up to the pantheon of the gods, as the person with Moon in Gemini reaches heights of excitement, to feel down and uncertain the next day, as Hermes declines to the underworld.

Moon in Libra in the 12th is not the most at ease around other people, but they have an inner need to be accepted. They try to be non-judgemental, but end up picking up the opinions of others, rather than taking a firm stance, or coming to conclusions on their own; for example, if others have opinions of what behavior or appearances are acceptable, Moon in Libra will go along with them, fitting a mold so they can be liked. So they may end up judging without realizing it, because popular opinion has convinced them to adhere to the structure set by others. They could be impressionable, but this isn’t neccessarily a bad thing, as they keep the peace, not everyone in this world can be a maverick. By learning to break past conditioning, they find their most authentic selves (this is true for everyone, regardless signs).

Moon in Aquarius in the 12th finds themselves alone because their ideas are contradictory to the mainstream. They have the ability to take a step back from their emotions and view life objectively. In a way, they desire to be a maverick who makes a point about being separate from others who the don’t vibe with, yet they truly wish to find their tribe. They long for community where they find a group of comrades who are just as free thinking as they are. This person loves humanity from a distance, but refrains from getting too involved with many people. Their cynicism prevents them from forming heartfelt connection, as they may come up with reasons to not open up to people, noting the flaws of others, they may keep most of their friends at arms length. It is possible that they think they’re open minded, but a tendency to to judge others gets in the way of being truly open. By finding the tenderness in themselves, they grow towards authenticity.

Moon in a Fire Sign in the 12th house is like a muffled flame.

Moon in Aries in the 12th wants to assert themselves but is hesitant to do so. They are tempted to be rowdy, bold, and say things that would provoke people, but they seem to lose their fire before any words come out of their mouth. They are full of inner gusto, but they hold themselves back.

Moon in Leo in the 12th has a very loving nature but doesn’t know how to express it. Their enthusiasm comes out in a more quiet way, such as thru their writing. They are very determined to accomplish something great, achieving the most by working on it alone. They feel fulfilled by gaining recognition, but they prefer to do it under a persona rather than with their authentic self. Even if they seem outgoing in some ways, they are very inward looking. They can become self absorbed when hurt.

Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th daringly explores their soul, venturing into nature, experimenting with substances, then finding themselves burnt out. They have a harder time processing their emotions and fully understanding where someone else is coming from, unless other parts of the chart would say so. They’re able to perceive wisdom from the divine.

Those with moon in the 12th can tap into the collective consciousness. They can see into other worlds if they release fear of the unknown. They are able to think in symbolism, perceiving wisdom from little every day things. They can download ideas from the universe, their creativity isn’t entirely their own, whether they realize it or not, they are a channel for higher beings. By living with minimal stress, getting loads of sleep, and clean eating, the native is more open to develop intuitive abilities.

If you found this inspiring, you’d love a reading with me! I can write 10+ pages all about your natal chart personality, predictions for upcoming months, your secondary progressed moon, relationships, and more! My readings carry more insight than what you can find for free, they’re great for feeling a greater connection to your soul’s purpose for this life! Message me if you’re interested!    Check out:


"You're on tour" | Corbyn Besson


Corbyn: Y/n! You asked Logan to dog sit Buddy for you?!!

You: Yeah?

Corbyn: And not me??!!

You: Babe you’re on tour

Corbyn: You still could have asked me

Corbyn: I’m your boyfriend not Logan! You should trust ME with your dog!


Corbyn: Well next time ask me before you go to some other guy. Buddy definitely loves me more anyways. Logan won’t treat him right. He’s not even the one who takes care of Kong, it’s Ayla!

Corbyn: Oh my god! Logan’s going to make Maverick ride on the back of Buddy! What if Kong and Buddy fight?! You know Kong doesn’t do well with other dogs!!! See?! This is why you should have asked me, your trusty boyfriend! But nooooo Logan was obviously the better choice!

You: Corbyn, I want you to read my next text very carefully. Okay?

Corbyn: Okay

You: You! Are! On! Tour!

Corbyn: I! Know!

You: Good. So now you understand why I didn’t ask you to watch my boy?

Corbyn: No

You: Oh my goodness why do I love you

Corbyn: I don’t know but I’m so damn lucky you do :)

the ackerbond and eren

So I know nobody is here for this, but it’s something I’m interested in discussing if anybody cares to reblog/reply/send messages/death threats about. I’m not a meta writer, have only read through “Clash of the Titans” once (and hastily) and I’m just overall lazy. So please let me know if I have in accuracies.

So I’m going to start this off with the fact that Mikasa is my least favorite character in the whole series. And it really bothers me that she is, because she has a lot of parallels with Levi, who is my favorite character. I realize there’s a lot of differences that can justify this for me, but one of my favorite things about Levi is his Ackerbond with Erwin… So why do I hate it so much with Mikasa?

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Tiger and Bunny Are Super Shippy (Part 3)

(warning: spoilers)

Part 1
Part 2

- In ep 16, Bunny notices Tiger is depressed.  Not only that, he abandons his own party and /goes after him/. And smiles cutely and tells stories about his childhood and dreams, and encourages Tiger.

- Unrelated, but poor poor Yuri.

- I like that Legend dealt with his declining powers by stealing arrests and punching his wife, and Tiger deals with it by giving arrests away to Bunny.

- In ep 17, Bunny is super supportive of Tiger’s vacation.

- Tiger watches Bunny on TV while he’s sulking at home.  Also, Bunny has gotten way less into the whole “points” thing and more into the “saving people” thing, and it’s clearly mostly Tiger’s doing.

- In ep 18, Tiger follows Bunny into Kriem’s room like it’s totally just the way it’s gonna be and no one finds this weird, even though the doctor says she asked for Bunny specifically and Tiger just showed up out of nowhere like five minutes before. 

- Tiger tries to comfort Bunny, and can’t bring himself to tell Bunny he’s leaving because he knows Bunny’s already upset.  And he proceeds to help Bunny research Jake despite having no personal stake in finding out the truth. 

- And then Bunny tries to be comforting and supportive back, despite being really upset, just because Tiger seems worried.  It’s a never-ending circle of cute wibbly love with these two. 

- (I think Samantha ships it.)

- And in ep 19 Tiger is cooking food for Bunny and visiting him in his apartment and taking care of him and trying to help him.  Tiger even says “I want you to be your usual self again” like this is the cheesy moving scene from some romance. Also Bunny shows Tiger his glasses-less face, when normally he uses those glasses as a wall.

- Apparently “helping Bunny remember” means “taking Bunny on a date”.  And buying matching pins.  Meanwhile Bunny is resistant, like “we can go on a date some other time”.

- And then Tiger decides to sacrifice all of his plans because Bunny is crying.

- And Bunny is so /hurt/, but it’s mostly because Tiger didn’t trust him enough to tell him. And he lashes out and Tiger gets so upset that Bunny is trying to drive him away and then Bunny runs away and this is basically every fight scene from a romantic comedy ever.

- Aww, Bunny tells the interviewer he admires Tiger and wants to be worthy of his trust, and Tiger immediately reacts like “I MUST GO TO HIM”.  Seriously, this is a very accurate reenactment of a romantic comedy. 

- Of course Maverick knows he can hook Tiger by telling him it’s about Bunny. 

- And now in ep 20 they’re all concerned about each other while Maverick makes every attempt to keep them apart.  Bunny is being super cute about how worried he is about Tiger.

- I love that the other heroes basically just treat Tiger and Bunny like an old married couple. 

- Ep 21.  Okay, so Tiger is suddenly a fugitive, on the run, pretending to be a bum to avoid capture, his friends don’t remember him, and his only current ally is Lunatic–and when he sees the news on Bunny his first reaction is to get all happy: “Bunny!  He’s safe!”

- Episode 22 is adorable and sad at the same time.  Watching Tiger take Bunny back to all of their memorable places and being like “remember our bond?” and Bunny’s like “no!”

 - Nothing in this show ever happens for no reason.  I think the beginning of ep23 where they break Good Luck Mode by using them on each other is intentionally symbolic. 

- No one remembered him before either, and Tiger wasn’t driven to crying.  But for Bunny–it’s the pain of friendship, right? 


- And now they’re hugging and bantering and it’s so adorable it hurts. 

- And just, without question or pause, they fall right back into their partnership. 

- Ep 24: “Kotetsu-san!” and panic and run toward Tiger when Tiger gets hit, just for Bunny to to also get hit himself.  Lather, rinse, repeat. 

- I really love that their combined Good Luck Mode involves an electronic voice saying “Tiger and Bunny: Over and Out!"  Their suits call him Bunny? 

- Bunny is trembling when he goes to shoot the android.  He is /terrified/ of hurting Tiger even though this is their only chance. 

- Bunny just breaks when he thinks Tiger is about to die.  Like, he has only ever gotten like that about revenge for his parents and Samantha. 

- They argue about Tiger’s declining powers. Like, Bunny is intensely upset he didn’t notice so he could take care of Tiger.  And Tiger’s just like "well, that was the /point/”.

- “When you started calling me Kotetsu, I got so happy I went out drinking by myself.”

- Okay, clearly since there’s a Tiger&Bunny: The Rising movie being released this year (and admittedly from reading stuff with spoilers), I know Tiger lives.  But when Bunny says “I’m learning how to make fried rice so you have to try it sometime!” I burst into tears anyway. 

- Tiger (while dying): “You have pretty long eyelashes.”

- When Kaede gets there, Bunny is just holding Tiger in his arms and sobbing. 

- In all the previous episodes, no matter how terrible things got, the “next episode” section always had Tiger or Bunny being inexplicably cheerful and rattling off some random fact about themselves.  This time, Bunny doesn’t bother, and he just sounds so heartbroken.

- Episode 25: Bunny is just so relieved and actively hugs Tiger, which has basically never happened before.  I also kind of love that Tiger doesn’t question Bunny hugging him but is confused when Blue Rose does it. 

- Barnaby: “There’s no point to being a hero without you."  !!!

- And then the princess carry appears again! 

- And Bunny decides to come back because Tiger is coming back.  His reasoning is literally "Because I’m your partner.”

- They don’t actually get out of the princess carry for a good portion of this conversation…. ^^;

- Unrelated again, but holy shit that stinger.  They had better give us more than just a couple movies.

Final thought: this entire show is structured just like a typical romance plot: Girl meets boy, they don’t get along at first, get to know each other, end up in a close relationship, get into fight over trust, girl runs away upset, boy drinks his depression away in a bar, something bad happens, amnesia may be involved, and eventually they declare their undying love in an emotional and tragic moment. 

5H and our laws..................

I have come to realize, a lot of the Camren and Fifth Harmony fandom are either young, from another country, or both. If I explain a few U.S. laws, it will help the young and those not from America to better understand a few things.

Here in America, we have two laws that pertain to quite a bit of the happenings of 5H. We have what are known as “Child Labor Laws” and what is known as the “Age of Consent”.

An example of our “Age of Consent” law: In the U.S., a person can voluntarily consent to join the Armed Services at the age of 17, with parental consent signature. Once the 17 year old signs the contract to become a member of our Armed Services, they are contractually bound to fulfill that contract. Basically, at 17, they become property of the Federal Government for as long as the contract is for. (usually between 2 and 4 years) But even the Federal Government is limited in how they can utilize their services, until they reach the legal age of adulthood, which is 18. That means, even though they signed up at 17, they can not put their life in danger, or send them into a danger zone (hot spot or war zone) until their 18th birthday. Children are limited in use, to preserve their childhood.

That is also why we have Child Labor Laws. Example: in America, an employer is not allowed to work a child, under the age of 18, more than 26 hours a week. During the school year, you are only allowed certain hours in a day to achieve those 26 hours. Also, parents are not allowed to sign away their children’s rights. Children also have a right to privacy, from everyone but their parents, or authorities with a warrant signed by a Judge.

Now, how does all of this apply to Fifth Harmony? A child can not willingly sign away their rights, until they reach the legal Age of Consent. Their parents can not legally sign away their child’s rights, until the child reaches the legal age of consent. An employer can not infringe upon a child’s rights, until they reach the age of consent and adulthood.

Lauren, Normani, Camila, and Dinah, were all 16 and 15 years old when they signed their contracts with Epic and Syco. Ally was already an adult when she signed, so none of this applies to her. That is probably the main reason Epic Records has creative control over the 5H and the girls. They are an American based company, and know how to construct a binding contract that adheres to our Child Labor Laws, and Consent laws. If Epic did not adhere to these laws, it would not only nullify the contract, but make them libel under penalty of law.

That’s why everything seemed much more carefree and simple, back in 2012 and 2013. Management didn’t have much control over them back then, because of our laws. In 2014, after Dinah and Camila reached 17, management gained a bit more control over the group.

Epic would have written the stipulations needed, into their contract to gain more control at 17, and when they reached 18, Epic basically took ownership of their public lives and image, including their social media accounts.

People think Management had no control over the girls back in 2012 and 2013, because they didn’t really care. The truth is, Management couldn’t take full control over the girls back then, because of the laws. That’s why they always needed the girl’s parents around. Management more than likely used scare tactics to try and control the girls the best they could, but they really relied on the parents to control their kids, and the narrative.

In 2014, when Lauren and Camila were both 17, the age of consent, Management convinced the girls it was time to bust out the beards, to gain more fans and media attention. They agreed to it, because they were told they needed it. The girls were slowly losing control of their lives.

 It was in June of 2014,when things really began to change. When Lauren turned 18 that month, she began being more distant and looking more depressed. People think it was because Lauren and Camila were fighting. They may have been arguing, but I believe it was over something they had no control over. Lauren’s loss of control.

When Lauren turned 18, Management took full control over her public life. They told her how she could and couldn’t act, what she could and couldn’t say. How she could or could not interact with Camila in public and on social media. They took control of everything, but her home life. She was no longer protected by the child labor laws. She was now, contractually bound to do as she was told.

When Camila turned 18 in March of 2015, Epic and Management brought the hammer down on her as well. Everything was changing. Realities of adulthood punched them, and their fans, in the gut. Management now, had full access of their Named verified accounts, like twitter, facebook, and instagram. They control the narrative through the girl’s social media accounts and the way they are allowed to appear and interact in public. Management literally controls everything that has to do with the girls public persona and image. They are told what to say, how to act, how they can or can’t interact with each other, even if they can show support or defend each other. They do as they are told, because as of right now, they don’t have a choice. It’s as simple as that.

Real quick, people have been asking me why I think Camila promotes Bad Things more than she promotes 5H. Probably because she is contractually obligated to promote Bad Things. A deal was reached for Camila to feature on a MGK track. It’s not her song, it’s his. The reason he chose her was because her rise in popularity and her looks. Part of the deal was probably for her to promote the hell out of him and the song. She was also probably bound to be available to do X number of live performances with him to promote the song, since it was going to be released as a single. So, she probably promotes it because she has to, but also it’s a product she’ proud of, so why the hell shouldn’t she promote the hell out of it.

As for why she doesn’t promote 5H more. Really! She promotes the group, she’s in, every time she steps out on stage and performs with them. It’s not her job to promote 5H, it’s managements job. Bitch at Maverick for lackluster promotion, not Camila or the girls. They do their damn job. Make Maverick do theirs!!!!!

lantern-soldier  asked:

I remember you doing a guide to drawing robot masters awile back and I was wondering if you had and tips on drawing mavericks?

i am SO sorry for how late this answer is, i’ve been busy.

So at about 2 am last night i drew some quick tips for drawing mavericks and here they are! 

So for starters, the Robot Masters are based off of a few kinds of body types. Of course there’s always exceptions to that, pump man and sheep man and nitro man and a whole bunch of others have unique body types. But the Mavericks are all over the place, and that’s great! Variety is a good thing.

So drawing a maverick is about taking parts of an animal and mixing it with parts of the typical mega man body type. So as long as your maverick has mega man style boots and arms you’re good. Just look at that idiot Tornado Tonion. Another thing to consider with Mavericks is that sometimes they’re just humanoids with animal heads so feel free to have fun with that too. 

(Also i know that there’s humanoid reploids that aren’t shaped like X such as Colonel and Signas and Sigma and ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE but it was 2 am cut me some slack here folks)

Another staple of Maverick designing is the details and things. Now i don’t know why but eventually the designers for the Mega Man X characters (it was happening the most during X3 and then it died down) were putting lines and vents and seams everywhere and it looked a little silly and toy-like but i think tapping into that mindset of putting gems and lines everywhere just a little bit can make a good original maverick. 

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Maverick makes his way back to the sofa.

Don: Suit yourself. I ain’t going to stop you, but I think you should talk to her before you leave bruh.
Mav: …

Adonis’ patience was fleeting and the conversation seemed to have ended. He stood and began to head towards the second floor.

Don: Aight, well, I’m going to catch some sleep. If you leave, let me know so I can send you off.

Maverick only nodded in response.