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Sigma, you are AWESOME, but no more than Nitro Man, he is more amazing than you, but you are the second most incredible in my opinion.

“Second most? Who is this Nitro Man?”

-One google search later-

“I look cooler than this guy!”

“Oh well, everyone has their own opinion.”

Gangsta:CURSED. chapter 6 summary/translation

Hello everyone! Here’s the 6th chapter of Gangsta:CURSED. As usual, the scans (here) are courtesy of the lovely @lexbenedetto​, so go say thanks! Support Kamo Syuhei and Kohske by buying Gangsta:CURSED. and Gangsta.! As usual, take everything with a grain of salt, as there are bound to be mistakes.

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Vile IS dead, again.

“I bet he tried to take on the hunters again, alone.”

“Zero take him away for repairs! I wonder what paint job he will come back with this time! Maybe he will become Boba Fett. I really need to hire better people…right now though I am going to catch up on my TV shows! …I mean I have very important planning to do to defeat X!”


Maverick makes his way back to the sofa.

Don: Suit yourself. I ain’t going to stop you, but I think you should talk to her before you leave bruh.
Mav: …

Adonis’ patience was fleeting and the conversation seemed to have ended. He stood and began to head towards the second floor.

Don: Aight, well, I’m going to catch some sleep. If you leave, let me know so I can send you off.

Maverick only nodded in response.