The words
‘making love’
written just like that
they are beautiful
as we have made them to be
but sometimes I wonder
how beautiful they would be
if we took them as what they meant
before we soaked them in sex
how would one make love
would it be something built
or grown
or would it simply begin to solidify
or all three
between person and person
and between person and everything else
bigger and warmer and stronger
the longer it was tended to
just something people do
—  A.O.A.M. || Making Love
Love Making: 5SOS Preference

Calum: Calum had never made love to a woman. Sure, he’d had sex countless times, but never had he had sex that was slow and gentle; sex where the time spent between the sheets burned with passion. But he wanted to have that with you. So when he finally decides he wants to make love to you candles are lit around the room, soft music is playing, the bed is perfectly made, and he has never been so nervous. But then you’re there in front of him smiling and he’s never seen another person as stunning as you and showing you how he feels comes completely naturally as he laces his fingers through yours and holds them against the mattress.

Michael: Michael admires everything about your body and the way it moves and reacts to his touch when he has you pinned beneath him; whispering the sweetest of nothings in your ear. You are truly a work of art to him and he makes that known by complimenting you constantly, but never have you felt as beautiful as when he’s holding onto your waist and telling you all of the specific details he adores while he thrusts deeply into you.

Luke: Luke handles you as if you’re made of glass when he makes love to you. He’s never been as gentle as when he caresses your cheek or pushes your hair aside to press his warm lips to your neck or to drag his fingertips down your body, silently adoring the softness of your skin. He doesn’t speak for fear of ruining something so perfect; but he makes his thoughts known through his sweet kisses and careful touches.

Ashton: Ashton’s eyes are almost always looking directly into yours in the process of physically showing his undying love to you. Regular sex is chalk full of his hazel eyes roaming your chest or stomach or backside in the heat of the moment, but when he’s making love he’s holding your face delicately and peering into the windows of your soul deliberately to make sure that you feel the love behind every little movement. He stays in place for a few lingering moments after he’s satisfied you and tells you just how flawless you are to him and just how far he’s fallen, but there’s no need considering his loving gaze has spoken a million words already.