making kids smile

The cutest thing about Spider-Man Homecoming is Peter buying jelly sweets. So when he’s on patrol as Spidey, he’d have snacks. I literally smiled so much at the scene. I’ve never been so endeared at a kid superhero before. 

He’s so adorable. You’ll honestly love Peter Parker as much as Spider-Man.


…actually, it’s nightcrawler, but my real name is kurt wagner.

concept: lance scooping up the crying little kids he finds on missions, putting them on his hip, and chattering to them about how cool voltron is while carrying them back to safety. lance hushing little kids who are crying and telling them how brave they’re being. lance making silly faces at kids behind their parents’ backs until their sniffles turn into giggles. lance making kids who haven’t smiled in days burst into laughter with a few goofy jokes. lance hugging scared little kids and telling them all about his friend hunk, who gives the best hugs, and hey you should ask him for one when you meet him! lance just. bringing little spots of joy to the little people who need them most

we cannot ever resolve the problem of violence against children in our society unless we give up the idea that the worst thing a child can be is disobedient.

this is what so many people are failing to understand when they whine about how youth rights advocates should stop concerning ourselves with silly little things and just worry when there’s “real abuse” happening. the two causes are one and the same. perpetuating the idea that children are morally obligated to be submissive primes them for abuse. perpetuating the idea that parents must be dominant in order to be fulfilling their responsibilities encourages them to be abusive.

stop praising kids for submissiveness. stop remarking on how “good” they are when they don’t argue or complain. stop equating “respect” with obedience. stop calling a child “well-behaved” when what you really mean is that they’re being silent and taking up as little space as possible.

instead, praise kids for goodness and moral strength that come from within. recognize them for acts of kindness and selflessness. show pride in them for helping others. encourage them when they take responsibility. support them when they stand up for themselves.

stop praising parents for dominance. stop expressing wonder at their ability to keep their children on a short leash, to silence them with a word, or to strike fear into their hearts with a look. stop looking impressed when parents gleefully expound on all the ways they’ve been “tough” on their kids.

instead, praise parents for cultivating good human relationships with their kids. tell them how great it is to see them make their kids smile. recognize them for respecting their kids, for talking to them like people. encourage them to spend time just hanging out with their kids, in moments that aren’t about teaching or correcting or giving orders. recognize the courage it takes for them to admit when they’re wrong. support them when other adults cast judgmental eyes because they’re not being disciplinarians.

making things better starts with how we talk to each other.


So I was thinking about how much I missed Mystic Messenger today and then I remembered this drawing I made on my phone almost a year ago that I never posted? It’s a bit messy sorry


“We’ll give you a new identity. I’ll make you…the most eagerly sought after man in the East.”

His shy smile in the 3rd gif is what gets me up in the morning.

ETA: This is somehow making the rounds again, so I’m editing to add in the link to the follow-up post, for all those scream-asking what this is.


Happy birthday menino Horan!! I hope you have the best day ever surrounded by your loved ones. Each day that passes I love you even more and I’m so so proud of everything you’ve been achieving on your own. Don’t ever stop being this ball of sunshine you’ve always been. I love you a lot 💜