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Movie Genre: Musical

Born with the coming of sound, the movie musical had its base in vaudeville and opera. With its brazen blending of fantasy and reality, the musical provided audiences with an accessible and immediate escape from life, first in the Great Depression, and then beyond.

What to watch:

  1. The Merry Widow (Ernst Lubitsch, 1934)
  2. Meet Me in St. Louis (Vincente Minnelli, 1944)
  3. Singin’ in The Rain (Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen, 1952)
  4. West Side Story (Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins, 1961)
  5. Cabaret (Bob Fosse, 1972)
  6. Grease (Randal Kleiser, 1978)
  7. Dirty Dancing (Emile Ardolina, 1987)
  8. Moulin Rouge! (Baz Luhrmann, 2001)
  9. Chicago (Rob Marshall, 2002)
  10. Hairspray (Adam Shankman, 2007)

(Bergan, R. 2011. The Film Book: A Complete Guide To The World Of Cinema.)

Cheetah Seestras

First of all I hope Mercy’s greeting is actually right. I would have asked someone but I hate to put people in the position of having to talk to me. And no one I know speaks Swiss German so. You know here’s hoping it doesn’t say “suck my balls” or something. I´m trusting google on this shit. Plus everyone kept spelling it differently.

A handful of people keeps getting Switzerland and Sweden + languages a little mixed up. But to help you remember the difference Swedish people tend to have empty eyes after having to deal with Postnord

Two  great things: Torb lifting his beard to show his shirt but me putting him too far down to see it and Torbs moose horns stabbing her in the throat because I didn't´t want to cover her face.

EDIT:SO his wedding ring is on the wrong fucking hand. Great. Gotta edit that. What else is new.