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Your mockery of White People Food is Wrong and Classist
EDIT: So it seems that this story is rapidly spreading around the internet, with 60,000 views in the last day alone. A lot of people have…
By Hillel Wayne

Basically, White People Food (WPF) is a joke cuisine, not even a cuisine, just stuff that Americans make because they don’t know what ‘real food’ is. Maybe this is widely represented in the progressive, ultraliberal bubbles I run in, maybe I just have a unique set of friends. But whatever it is, it seems that most of the millennial, urbanite, oppose-gentrification-but-still-eat-froyo people I know look down on WPF.

Which is a good excuse for me to get irrationally angry. Because I love food, and by discarding an entire class of foods we lose whatever interesting ideas they have. And because I remember a lot of these WPF foods growing up, and I remember exactly why we ate them: because they’re cheap as fuck. I compiled a list of every single specific food people sent me, and each one could feed a family of six for like five dollars. And they all were easy to make, too, because you really don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking (or washing a billion dishes after) when you’re trying to wrangle four kids and two dogs. So really, when you’re saying “WPF food is dumb and bad”, you’re indirectly saying “Poor people food is dumb and bad”. Which, well, doesn’t at all make you a bad person, any more than my latent homophobia and misogyny makes me a bad person. It’s just a thing to recognize, explore, and counteract.

Also, by thinking of WPF as dumb and bad, we don’t explore why we don’t like it, and therefore how to make it something we like. So I’m gonna rant about a few WPFs, specifically why they’re secretly awesome and how to make them more obviously awesome.


The gag is…

…this guy’s argument immediately defeats itself.  He  wants to define our hatred of White People Food among classist lines of “this is what poor white people eat” when soul food – the only great American cuisine – is based on scraps given to slaves who had to work to make food taste good. White People Food, by definition, must not be Black People Food, yes?  But Black People Food *slash* Soul Food is poor people food and it’s one of the few culinary traditions that actually exists in this country.  I’m sorry none of y'all’s white ancestors took the time to make cheap ingredients into a culinary tradition that has spread around the globe, but it has nothing to do with class or access to better foods. 

Honestly…I don’t actually know why white people can’t cook.  (We already know that’s a generalization.  I don’t need you to send me your Grandma Susan’s recipe for Red Velvet Cake to combat it.)  But what I do know is this isn’t strictly an American issue and has nothing to do with class.  I don’t want to eat at your white friend’s house in the UK either – the food is too bland.  If you give me the choice between a French restaurant with a menu priced at X amount and an Indian restaurant with a menu priced at X amount, I’m going to choose the Indian restaurant.  Brown people make cheap food taste great.  You have to really come out of your wallet before you actually hit a quality level of French cuisine or English cuisine or German cuisine.

So basically, white folks’ ancestors don’t have good culinary traditions for the average person (the Italians and the Greeks come closest, but there’s not a lot of variation in the ingredients).  The rest of us do.  So find another reason to cry about your unseasoned chicken breast.

  • Io: Sassy? The demon goat broke our TV. There's no sound.
  • Me: Well, did you turn it off and then on again? Wiggle the cables and check the connections?
  • Io: I did it all twice. The demon goat broke it. I'll have to use the internet to troubleshoot.
  • Me: *goes in, wiggles a couple of cables*
  • Io: I did that. *turn on TV*
  • *there is sound*
  • Me: Uh huh. Who's awesome? Me. Now will you stop blaming our son for breaking the TV?
  • Io: I am taking a picture of your smugness
  • Me: Then I am posting this as a chat on tumblr
  • @io-edits-sassy Who wins? Sassy wins.
"You would sacrifice anyone to save your own neck. Including me"

Throughout this entire episode, I feel like sentences Nygma says has completely different meanings.

As showed multiple times, especially recently by @casenumber825, Oswald has proven to show throughout the series that he is willing to give up his life for the people he cares about (His mother, Jim Gordon, his father if he ever had to and recently Nygma). But I feel like when Nygma said this, he meant himself in particular.

 In the comics, Nygma was abused, especially by his father. And just like the show, no one ever cared about him or wanted to be his friend. Even in S2 when Jim says “I thought we were friends”, Nygma points out that Jim wasn’t really his friend, he just felt sorry for him (I personally think that Jim actually did look at Nygma as a friend. That’s why Nygma wouldn’t be on his radar for who framed him because he considered him his friend. Also why he never considered Ed a suspect in Kristens disappearance). Ed is not used to having friends. He is used to caring for people, but people not caring for him back. I feel like it’s the same with Oswald as it was with Jim. Ed considered Oswald his friend, and what was different between Oz and Jim, he knew that Oswald considered Ed a friend as well. But when Ed says “Including me…” that means the whole time him and Oz were friends (Oswald visiting him in Arkham,giving him a place to stay, a job etc) he never, ever thought that Oswald cared about him as vise versa. He told Oswald he would do anything for him. He said this knowing (thinking) that Oswald would never do the same for him. That if push came to shove, Oswald would get rid of Ed in a heartbeat, while Ed on the other hand, if push came to shove, would save Oz.

 When Ed reveals to be working with Barbs and co, he is obviously confused by Oz willing to sacrifice his life so Barbs wouldn’t hurt Ed. He says “I wanted to show you before you die, that you were incapable of loving of loving another person” I think at this part, Ed once again was roping the entire population into this to take it off that he really just means himself. That Oswald is incapable of loving him, that no one is capable of loving him.

 I realized throughout the episode, Nygma never talks about how Isabella felt.I couldn’t have lived the life with the women I loved. I could’ve been happy” I loved her Oswald" “She was my everything” he never brings up how Isabella felt. We all know that Isabella was obsessed with Ed just like Ed was with her, but he never brought up how she would’ve been happy with him, or how she obviously cared cause she helped him get over his fear of killing her. When it comes to Isabella or even Kristen, he doesn’t care. He never thought that Kristen loved him (and she didn’t, she didn’t choose to date him until he saved her). Same with Isabella, they never loved each other but Ed doesn’t care because he is not used to being loved back. He just wanted to take any type of affection he could get. I do believe that Ed was conflicted with shooting Oswald. Here is this man, who claims to love him and claims to do anything for him, but yet was willing to kill someone he cared about because it made the other person unhappy. But was still willing to give up his life for him. Was he truly willing to give up his life? Did he just say that to survive? Is everything coming out of this persons mouth just him trying to live? When Ed says “you killed Isabella” in my opinion that is him trying to stay in the anger he has for Oz. I feel like we see how stressed this is making Ed when he says “you killed her so you die” A part of him doesn’t want to kill Oswald because he still deep down cares about him. But the part where he realized that no one can actually love him won and he ended up shooting him. Ed loves Oswald. Whether you look at it as romantic or platonic, he loves him. I mean come on the guy was willing to get himself killed by one handed ape just to make Oswald look like an awesome Mayor. He obviously loves him to some degree. Oswald is the exact opposite. He doesn’t have the same insecurities as Ed. Yea he was bullied when he was younger but he still had the love of his mother. When Nygma told him “I hope you know Oswald, that I would do anything for you” Oswald knew right Than and there that Ed loved him. Judging by the next episode he knew that Ed would possibly not feel the same way, but he knew Ed cared about him enough to almost die for him. So when Oswald says that Ed loves him, he didn’t mean romantically, he just meant love in general. 

What I really want out of this relationship is the same thing most people want. I want Ed to miss Oswald. And I think with the leaked photo of Ed getting a hallucination of Oswald is a little bit of proof that there is a part of Ed that does regret killing him and now it’s forming into an hallucination of Oswald himself. The only other person Ed has hallucinations of (aside from himself) was Kristen. Ed seems to only have hallucinations of people he killed who he cared about. He doesn’t have hallucinations of everyone (he also killed officer dourghty and picney and never saw them). This part of him is going to be the part that regrets killing him, that misses him, trying to get him to admit that he does need Oswald. I still do not know if Ed feels love for Oswald, and if he does, this hallucination needs to bring it to his attention. I am very excited to see how these characters grow. Even if it doesn’t go the way I want to it will still be exciting.
5 Things

I was tagged by @ly–canthrope! Thanks love!

5 Things you’ll find in my bag: My wallet, my phone, two notebooks, some pens, and a pack of gum.

5 Things you’ll find in my bedroom: A signed Mayday Parade poster, a calligraphy set, not enough books, stacks upon stacks upon stacks of used and unused notebooks, a Castiel cardboard cutout my friend bought me.

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do: Visit Sweden, publish a book, drive a corvette, meet Brad Paisley, learn to play guitar.

5 Things that make me happy: Writing, reading, I Prevail (and the concert tickets I bought to see them live asohdgaowrhga), Brad Paisley, rainy days.

5 Things I’m currently into: I Prevail, Criminal Minds, Ghost Adventures, getting 8 full hours of sleep, Ripping on Next Food Network Star bc the judges messed up big time by sending the most recent guy home I mean honestly he’s the best out of everyone there and I’d actually tune into his show and they say they want a younger audience but then get rid of the youngest and most passionate contestant (the only one that consistently meets and exceeds all of their criteria) I mean what the heck FNS you messed up you’d better bring him back.

5 Things on my to-do list: Write a ton, buy notebooks and pens for classes, vacuum, outline more for my Evil!Newt/novel/Evil!Dean stories, email an old teacher to keep in touch.

I’m tagging @jackdawsonsgrl @gemininomad @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @drdanwrites


female awesome meme: relatable females [3/5]→ brooke davis 

i am who i am. no excuses.

anonymous asked:

I am questioning my gender and I wanna feel how it feels when someone doesn't call me she and I can't tell people to call me something else than she because here everybody thinks there are only 2 genders. So can u pls do a prounoun validation for me with they, he and ey/eir,eirs/emself ? My name is Cerine, I am a muslim arab afab. I am ace. I like white chocolate, cats, makeup, pastel colors,cartoons.I would love to go to pride at least once in my life and I stress over anything.

sure thing cerine!! (ur name is beautiful btw)

this is cerine - they seem suuuuuuuuuuper cool!!! he likes pastel colours just like me! obviously that makes him awesome. ey also rly like white chocolate, cat n makeup - are ey secretly me??? hopefully this will help them find emself n he can go to pride one day knowing exactly who he is!!

 - mod daria


I don’t even care that the joke is obvious, I laughed.

ok now I have seen cool A+ ideas for vampire!Percy, werewolf!Percy, dragon!Percy, and I have written Celestial!Percy and there is classic demon-possessed Orthax Percy but like yo

I would punch several giraffes for more AUs where Vex is the super cool magical creature you know???

Finished A GATHERING OF SHADOWS last week and through the tears and heart attacks I mentioned to a friend that Oscar Isaac would make an awesome Prince Rhy (Star Wars on the brain and all). So, obviously, this had to happen.

(I know he’s too old, but like. Think of older Rhy. You know, post-series Rhy. One who definitely survives by the end.)


Aladdin: The Live Action Movie that Should Be...

I still don’t understand why Disney has not made this happen yet. It boggles my mind. All the pieces should be in place. We all know who the perfect cast would be. 
I mean look at this….You can’t tell me that this wouldn’t make an awesome show or movie.
Avan Jogia would obviously be the perfect choice for Aladdin.

And Naveen Andrews has already proven to be the best Jafar when he played the part in Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. He was a villain’s villain who didn’t apologize for his villainy and we loved him for it.

This has to happen!!!! It’s like the universe wants it to. So how can we make it happen?

And if Kylie Bunbury play Jasmine, I will be in 7th Heaven.
Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby - everybreathagift - Shameless (US) [Archive of Our Own]
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Ian just wants to make Mickey’s birthday awesome. Sex is the answer. Obviously.

Inside the Head of an INTP


Computer programming coolness, ideas for amazing inventions, every book you’ve ever read, abstract ideas of awesomeness, odd ideas that somehow make sense, undiscovered genius (obviously)


I should probably stop watching Mongolian Throat Singing videos on YouTube and do my laundry.

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This a silly question but as an Olicity and Westallen shipper I'm curious to know what made you start shipping them and even sillier, when was the moment you felt that both were endgame?

Oh this is not a silly question at all anon IMO I’d be happy to explain why I love my ships! I love talking about Olicity and WestAllen ^__^


I have LOVED their interaction since 1x03. Felicity was so adorable and awkward chewing on her pen then along comes the handsome yet badass powerhouse Oliver Queen in all his damn glory with a broken laptop and they just clicked in their scenes together. From that point on I couldn’t wait for more scenes between them. The episode that really made me start shipping them was 1x12 where Felicity asked if she could trust Oliver and then showed him the list of names she’d been working on for his stepfather Walter. I just loved it because it was the first emotional but light scene they did together; Oliver sitting at the window watching the rain and then Felicity walks by the window :) THE MOMENT WHERE HE TELLS HER SHE CAN TALK TO HIM ABOUT HER DAY AND WHEN HE WISHED HER “HAPPY HANUKKAH” AFTER TELLING HER SHE WAS “REMARKABLE”!!!!!!!! Then of course I loved the episode where Felicity finally learns Oliver’s secret and has to help Diggle save him after being shot by his mother [that beginning scene where he was in her car was hilarious LOL]. AND DO I EVEN NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE SEXY SALMON LADDER MOMENTS BETWEEN THESE TWO WHERE FELICITY IS JUST DISTRACTED BY OLIVER’S ABS?!?!?

Some of my favorite Olicity moments came in 1x21 where Felicity went undercover as a card-sharp and then in 1x22 where Oliver, Felicity and Diggle got to play Mission Impossible at Merlyn Global because those episodes really highlighted how incredibly sexy Stephen and Emily could be with each other onscreen, especially when Felicity swung from the rafters in Oliver’s arms *SQUEEE* I just thought they were so hot in that moment. I also liked their development in season 2, their arc together was just awesome. The premiere episode where Oliver saves Felicity from a landmine and winds up ON TOP OF HER SHIRTLESS [it was like they were having sex!!]! 2x07 stands out as being one of my favorite episodes where Oliver saves Felicity because not only did we get some fantastic emotional moments between those two [and it was the first time Oliver realized he had feelings for Felicity] but THE EYE SEX OMFG EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN TIME!! All Stephen has to do is look at Emily and I turn into a friggin puddle. I wish a man would look at me as intensely affectionate as the way Oliver looks at Felicity. I swear to god it almost makes me want to ship the actors themselves lol!

Other favorite Olicity moments includes the Barry Allen episodes 2x08 and 2x09 because I just loved how friggin hubby and wifey Oliver and Felicity were with each other; actually those episodes were my favorite of that season! THE EPISODE WHERE HE TELLS HER SHE IS HIS GIRL AFTER SHE GETS SHOT AND CUPS HER FACES WITH HIS HAND!!!!!!! And I also loved 2x21 the Olicity/Diggle scene was so emotional and well acted by all three actors. Loved the way it seemed like Stephen was going to turn to kiss Emily’s Felicity goodbye based on how they were looking at each other ugh! The car accident where Oliver carries Felicity in his arms, the clock tower scene where Felicity tells Oliver she believes in him and they embrace like lovers and how could I forget the moment he tells her he loves her for the first time?!?! I squealed like an idiot when that happened and wanted them to kiss soooooooo bad! Luckily we got that kiss in 3x01 which was Olicity heaven until the sad ending of course :(

Overall what makes me ship them is obviously the friggin AWESOME AND EXPLOSIVE chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. They are so friggin HOT together, its like sex whatever they do together onscreen! I don’t know what it is they just gel maybe part of it comes from [dare I say] the Canadian vibe?? Either way its sexy as hell and its just killing me that Oliver and Felicity STILL aren’t officially a couple T__T Forgot to add the best part DIGGLE SHIPS OLICITY BIG TIME AND ITS ADORABLY HILARIOUS!!!!!!


What can I say about this precious gem of a pairing?! I knew about their comic canon Epic love story before the show aired but I fell in love these two since they came out of the gate in the pilot episode. They were just adorable and hilarious teasing each other, looking at each other like a happily married couple. The moment that made me ship them like crazy was their reunion scene at Jitters after Barry woke up from his coma. It was just so beautiful the way she runs and jumps into his arms like lovers who’d been tragically separated. So well acted by Grant and Candice, I literally felt their connection throughout that episode. Then their dynamic just got cuter and cuter as the episodes went on. And even though Iris is dating that bum Eddie, the entire time SHE AND BARRY ARE MAKING LOVELY HEART EYES AT EACH OTHER WHICH JUST MAKES MY SHIPPER HEART GO CRAZY!!!!!!

1x04 despite Felicity’s visit this was actually a really sweet episode for WestAllen and surprisingly Olicity. I think this is where I noticed that Iris actually has hidden feelings for Barry the way she kept encouraging him to go for Felicity. And I die happily inside EVERY TIME SHE TELLS HIM WHAT AN AMAZING PERSON HE IS AND THAT SHE THINKS HE’S AN ADORABLE NERD!!!!! It’s like girl wake up he’s your true love LOL! It’s almost maddening that she doesn’t realize how much Barry adores her and worships the ground she walks on!! Don’t even get me started on the sex-without-contact scene on the roof in 1x05 OMFG this was the very first time we got a glimpse to how sexy and passionate Grant and Candice could be together and it was sizzling hot!! It was like an early peek at whats ahead for this ship and all I could do scream with excitement. Their emotional scenes [like the breakup] were also incredibly moving to watch, I had tears in my eyes when Iris cried over Barry at the end :(( It also helps that like Stephen and Emily, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton are also blessed with DYNAMITE chemistry its magical whatever they do and its all in the ENDLESS EYE SEX AND CONSTANT FLIRTING!!!!!!

As the episodes go on WestAllen just keeps stealing my heart, like when Barry ran faster than the speed of sound to save Iris from Tony in 1x06, how hubby and wifey they were with each other in 1x07; when Iris gave stressed out Barry a neck rub, they both got upset over Barry’s mug getting smashed by Joe and when Barry ran to the police station to check on her after getting his powers back UGH! Their meetings as Iris and The Flash are also friggin hot because there’s no awkwardness between them like “the friend zone” holding back the obvious sparks between them. IMO its only a matter of time before Iris closes the door on Eddie for good which I’m looking forward to ^__^ I’m also extremely thrilled that JOE SHIPS WESTALLEN!! And then of course the EXCITING FLARROW EVENT!!!!!!!! Ugh the magic of Olicity and WestAllen together in not one but TWO scenes; the first one where Iris got “Queen’d” by Oliver made me friggin laugh my a** off LOL!!!! Especially when she told the obviously jealous Barry about her 3-list [a list of guys to cheat on Eddie with which Oliver was on] lmao!! 

I was absolutely devastated by WestAllen’s second breakup [AND THEY AREN’T EVEN TOGETHER!!] but honestly I’m looking forward to the angst. They need to come into their own individually before they can ever be together WHICH I CAN’T WAIT FOR but like Olicity they are on slowburn and obviously they will eventually become my second ship of pain T__T I’M ALSO DYING FOR IRIS TO LEARN BOTH OF BARRY’S SECRETS UGH TUESDAY CAN’T COME ANY SOONER!! 

 And finally you asked why I think Olicity and WestAllen are Arrow and The Flash’s planned endgames? Well aside from WestAllen’s over 40 years of DC comic book canon royalty and Olicity’s fan favorite status [and the chemistry between all the actors] I believe wholly they’re indeed endgame based on what I’ve seen so far on both shows. HOWEVER…

…I think the moment the show creators highlighted both these couples in one scene within their BIGGEST episode EVER which was the FLARROW Crossover Event, that pretty much solidified to me that the writers plan on both an Olicity and WestAllen happily ever after ^__^   

Valentine's Day? Nah son, Discernment Day

Don’t have a significant other? No problem!

Pray for your vocation! Whether it’s for your future spouse or your future community! Let God talk to you on this day and point you to where you are called to be. Just remember what the important thing is, treat yo'self and keep God number one.

Start the day off with prayer (obviously). Then make yourself an awesome breakfast. Bacon is a must (unless you can’t have bacon or are allergic or whatever). After breakfast, go to Mass and encounter Love Himself in the Eucharist. Make sure that you wake up early enough to eat so that you can fast for an hour before Mass though! Pray a rosary after Mass. Let Mama Mary remind you what this is all about: her Son.

After Mass, watch a/some good Christian films. Options include, but are not limited to: Old Fashioned (in theaters on February 14, 2014), Fireproof (on Netflix), Courageous, The Bible (Miniseries) (on Netflix), etc. Reflect on the film while you grab some lunch! When 3 p.m. rolls around, join our Church and pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

Afterwards, write a letter to your future spouse or future community. Unsure about who to? Write to God. Make Him a Valentine’s Day card. Ask Him to send His Holy Spirit to guide you. Since you’re already sitting down, crack open your Bible and find a verse you love. Connect it to how God is working in your life. Pray. Talk about what you desire. Talk about your hopes and dreams. He’s listening. He’s your Valentine. He’s your lover. You are His beloved. Grab some dinner and chill. Breathe. Rest. Love yourself and let yourself be loved by Him. Crack open a book about the Theology of the Body or find some videos about it on YouTube. It will help you no matter what vocation you’re called to.

End the day in reflection. Think about what love means to you and see if it aligns with the love Christ has for us and His Church. Lay down and rest in His embrace. For when you awaken, it’ll be time to go to Mass again!

Remember what this day is about. Let Love Himself pierce your heart. Let Him calm your storms. No matter where you are in life, He’s with you. He loves you. You are not alone. Turn a day that could end in sour feelings into a day offered up to the source of love.

Here’s 300 followers reblog competition! And your reward if selected? This beautiful Backwoods Bastard from Founder’s. Vintage 2015.

The rules are simple, and the same as they ever were. You follow the blog, like this post, and reblog it. Just a few measly clicks and you are entered for this awesome beer.

Obviously make sure that your are 21 or older if you want to win this here brew. And unfortunately, I’m not sure about international shipping. I am going to ask for a proof of ID just so that I’m handling some coverage of my own ass. This would just be a picture of you, and of your ID. We’ll figure that out when we get there.

I’m thinking of a early February end date, somewhere between the 1st and the 5th.

Millie Bobby Brown: Why I love Liverpool FC

Apart from her great acting skills (and all the other kids on Stranger Things too, lets be honest), Millie Bobby Brown is a Liverpool fan. Which makes her all the more awesome obviously. Here’s a short interview LFCTV did with her.

So, why do you support Liverpool?

When I was younger, my dad got me a whole Liverpool kit. My brother is a massive fan and it’s kind of like a legacy. I didn’t really have a choice! Now I watch them and I love Liverpool. I watch the games. My brother is 19 and is the biggest fan, he supports obsessively!

How often do you watch games, because it must be difficult with the time zones?

When I’m in America, it is like 4am and we’re watching the game. When we’re here, it’s obviously whenever the games are on. We get people over – it’s an event for us.

Are you planning to visit Anfield?

I’ve never really had the chance to go. Tickets are always sold out or there’s always something wrong. That would be amazing. When I watch on TV, I want to be there – it seems so uplifting. The atmosphere is incredible. When I go to conventions and walk out on stage, it’s like ‘wow!’ and I feel like that’s constant when watching the game.

Who is your favourite player in the Liverpool team?


Your superpower on the show is psychokinesis. If you were able to use that power to help Liverpool in some way, how would you do it?

I’d want them to communicate. I’d want to share my power with each of them and then if one person got hurt, they could go onto the pitch and heal them with my other power. That’s what I’d do.

P.S: If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yes, you totally should. And not just because of her, but because of every other damn kid and the story itself. Trust me.

I haven’t seen much discussion on the contrast between 02x07 “Playthings” and 08x04 “Bitten”, I guess because Bitten wasn’t anybody’s favourite episode, but I need to talk about this.

The convo from Playthings is famous, featuring Repressed!Dean.

Dean: Of course, the most troubling question is why do these people assume we’re gay?

Sam: Well, you are kinda butch. Probably think you’re overcompensating.

Dean: [Laughs] Right.

Leading up to this, Sam and Dean were “mistaken for gay” twice. The same happens in Bitten, they’re mistaken for gay twice by the kids, who think they might be having an “office romance”, and also that the boys don’t pass as feds because they use the word ‘awesome’ too frequently. What’s interesting is how Dean reacts to this.

Dean: Hey, Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Dean: Do I really say “awesome” a lot?

Sam: No. No, no. No. [Sam exits]

Dean: Hm. Awesome.

Not only does he not make any reference to pretty obviously having been mistaken for gay again, but he highlights  it by drawing attention to the other thing. Like he’s just shrugging off being mistaken for gay now, he’s more comfortable with himself. But is he highlighting it for the audience, for himself, or for Sam? And what’s Sam’s reaction all about? Saying he’s okay with Dean being into dudes? Clearly he caught onto something with Dean’s response to the video, but I can’t read him here.

shesgoneforawhile asked: What is everyone's view of Slytherin?


Slytherins are pretty cool, and on a personal level I love all the Slytherins I’ve ever known.  As a house-to-house thing, though, some Slytherins can be kind of bullies to Hufflepuffs because we are opposites in so many ways.  However, we do tend to get along because we are both rather misunderstood houses, if that makes sense.


Obviously, we think we are awesome. We think Slytherin is the best house. We have a lot of house pride and loyalty towards our house. I wouldn’t want to be in any other house. I love it!


When it comes to Slytherins we don’t know, we’re really concerned they’ll be shitty people that we’ll hate. We generally don’t like Slytherins as a collective unit. However, we are completely capable of getting along with individual Slytherins. We love being in a Slytherin’s “in crowd”, we just don’t always like what it takes to get there.

This actually really made looking for a new Slytherin admin very interesting, but difficult for me. We had to judge based on the minimal amount of information we were asking for, if I was going to be able to get along with them. I was legitimately concerned that their ambition might lead to them trying to take over this blog, or would slowly warp its identity into something I didn’t want. These are always concerns I have when working with Slytherins on anything ever.

That being said, I’m very happy with our decision to add Natalie to our ranks.

Also I’m sorry that got so long.


Slytherins are really cool people. They have a lot of passion for what they do, or want to do. As a Ravenclaw, we see Slytherin as tough cookies, but when they get emotional or feel like giving up. We look at them with a look of “Really? Come on you’re tougher than this”. To say that we hold Slytherin in such a tough position is saying a lot; that we admire their tenacity.