making himself at home

photo op! (saeran x mc/reader)

summary: all you wanted was a cute couple selfie for your lock screen.

rating: 10+ (super mild sexual situations?)

notes: once upon a time, there was a niku who was working on another fic, but she got a small case of writer’s block and decided to write something else for a bit in hopes it would help. what i actually wrote was this as well as a little bit for the continuation for the halloween fic. but then one thing led to another and here we are. i hope it’s not too incoherent and you guys enjoy. 

ps. i s2g i’ll write pure fluff for saeran one day but that day is not today.also i still blame @fabicchi

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its almost one am and i am barely coherent but i just had a thought

what if at the end of the mcga series we get a repeat of the end of the last olympian

the norse gods are giving the heroes gifts for their bravery in the fight against loki and they call up magnus

and odin says “we rarely bestow this gift but we feel like you have earned it. magnus, we would like to offer you a second chance at being alive.”

and magnus is floored because being alive again means so many things?? he could go back into the mortal world and actually live there, fix up his uncle’s house and make it an actual home for himself, hell he could start a charity for homeless kids. and he doesn’t know what to say so he turns back to his friends and theyre all giving him forced smiles and it hits him

this offer is only for him.

obviously for hearth and blitz and sam the reward doesnt matter since theyre still alive, but his other friends will still be dead. theyll still be residents of floor 19, waiting for the actual end of the world to come.

if magnus becomes alive again, that means he couldnt come back to hotel valhalla. they could visit, but it would never be the same as actually living there. he wouldnt have any of it-the brawls, the feasts, his floormates, the rest of the hotel.

and when he died again, would he even end up back at the hotel? he could be chosen for a different afterlife, one where he never sees his friends again. he could lose them for all eternity.

and magnus looks at mallory and halfborn and t.j. who are all clapping for him with sad smiles, struggling to imagine life without them, and then he looks at alex.

alex, who chopped his head off the first time they met. alex, who had shared stories of her past with him. alex, who was snarky and talented and witty and brilliant, who was staring at him with wide eyes threatening to spill over because she knows, she knows that magnus becoming alive again means leaving the hotel.

and in that moment magnus realizes that he is in love with alex, and he doesnt know why he never realized it before, never realized that he would go to the end of the world for her, never realized that he stared all the time because he just loved every thing about her.

and he knows. he knows he cant take the god’s offer. because it means he could never see his friends or alex again, it means losing some of the people he cared about the most, and hes already lost so many that the thought of losing them makes his stomach churn.

so magnus turns back to the gods, and he tells them, “as much as i appreciate your offer, i have to say no.”

and the room gasps, because hes turning down such a valuable gift from odin himself, he could never get this chance again. but odin nods, smiling, like he knew all along that magnus would say no.

and the moment magnus goes back to his friends theyre all swarming him, asking why he turned the gods down, why didnt he take the chance to be alive again? and alex is standing outside of the group, still staring at him in shock, and magnus cant take it anymore, he breaks free of the group and wraps alex in the biggest hug he could manage.

they stay like that for what feels like ages, like theyre the only two people left in the world, holding each other in silence, until alex breaks it. “why?”

“because i dont want to ever lose you,” magnus whispers back. “i couldnt take the chance.”

and alex is just so overwhelmed with emotion, at the idea that someone would turn down the gods because of her, that she starts to cry, and magnus is crying too because he knows, he knows why alex is crying, and their friends all give them the biggest group hug with tears of their own and they all stay there, with the weight of the world finally eased off of their shoulders, and the gods are faced with a heartbreakingly beautiful display of mortal friendship and feelings, the reason why magnus turned down the chance to live again

and im tearing up over this because magnus loves people, he loves his friends and family and he will never ever let them go

Andrew shuts the door behind him and tells himself that he isn’t going out of his way to be quiet so he won’t wake up Neil. He’s starting to believe Neil’s onto something when he calls Andrew a terrible liar, but he’d never admit that to his face.

Out of spite and anger at that realization, Andrew lets his keys clatter on the table as he sets them down, along with his bags from where he was travelling with his team. He only succeeds in rousing the cats; Neil sleeps like the fucking dead.

King meows noisily at Andrew’s feet while Sir makes himself at home on the kitchen table. Andrew says “no” a few times, but the dumb things keep looking at him, so he scratches behind their ears until they sniff and go away. They got the cats because Neil didn’t like being alone when Andrew was at games and cats could more or less take care of themselves if they were gone for a day. If their schedules both meant they were gone for a few days, one of the Foxes would catsit, usually Matt or Renee. They joked that they were the godparents, much to Andrew’s chagrin.

He wondered at how domestic he’d become and the clench in his gut at the thought is still there, though it lessened a bit every day. He still woke up most days waiting for the other shoe to drop and the cats moving in the middle of the night still startled him, but he feels…settled. And that scares him more than anything else.

He walks into the bedroom and it isn’t until he’s down to his tank top and boxers and is crawling into bed that Neil finally stirs with a groan. When he sees Andrew, his face breaks into a sleepy smile and he says, groggily, “You’re home.”

His Neil isn’t usually like this. Neil’s not soft, or nice, even after all these years. His Neil screams at matches on TV and tells off reporters who dare to bring up his past in interviews. His Neil pisses Andrew off to no end by stealing the covers and letting the cats on the bed and asking Andrew to go to Aaron’s wedding when Andrew wants to throw the invitation away.

They’re not soft people; they love with all they have and fight with it too. But there are moments like this, when Andrew’s tired and something in him slips and cracks, where he lays down next to Neil and brushes his fingers over the scars on Neil’s face, the most beautiful part of him, and whispers, “Yeah. I’m home.”

While Wiccan grew up in a steady solemn environment, Tommy finds himself from foster home to foster home, eventually making a life for himself as a smuggler. With a ragtag crew and a Corellian YT-2400 he so lovingly named, Speed, he held a record for the Kessel run in such a short period that the news never broke before some guy named Han Solo beat it.

Star Wars: The House of M.
Where Genosha is a planet, Mutants are an alien race,
and the House of Magnus reigns supreme
under the banner of the Galactic Empire.

AU: Ashton Fletcher Irwin: musician, psychologist, teacher. Ashton balances a busy schedule, teaching psychology to high school students from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., packs his things before grabbing a quick coffee, then drives straight to his office to work with patients from 3-7 p.m. Afterwards, Ashton drives home to make himself dinner and grade papers. He’s the only openly-LGBT teacher on campus, encouraging his students to embrace who they are: after all, they don’t owe anybody a damn thing- except last night’s homework, if you could pass that to the front. Coming soon

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Early Morning Cuddle (The Flash, Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Summary: Cisco can’t sleep and decides to come to you for help.

Word Count: 500+

Warnings: strong language

A/N: This was a request sent in with the prompt: “You knocked on my door at one in the morning to cuddle?” This was actually my first time writing for Cisco (and I hope it won’t be my last) so I hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by sssssssim

In hindsight, staying up the night before to finish catching up on Game of Thrones was not the best choice in life. You had to be in at seven in the morning for work, got a measly half hour lunch break, and didn’t leave until five that evening. After work, you always popped by S.T.A.R. Labs to check in on everyone and bring dinner because they practically never left the cortex.

So when you finally got home, after making sure Barry didn’t get himself hurt and Wally didn’t do anything stupid again, you climbed into bed and you were out. Sleep had been calling you all day and it was finally getting the attention it wanted.

But alas, you couldn’t continue to sleep because someone decided it’d be okay to incessantly pound on your door.

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Home-made Mythical Butter Chicken Recipe :)

Here’s my mum’s recipe for butter chicken! I’m posting this for all mythical beasts who are craving butter chicken thanks to the tall guy, specially my friends @mythicallyvi, @mythical-sue, @you-deserve-a-rhink, @ladycynthiana and of course Rhett himself :) This is how we make it at home in India.

For serving 4 people:

  1. Take two onions cut into big pieces, 4-5 cloves of garlic and a small piece of ginger. Blend them in a blender till they form a paste.
  2. Take 3-4 tablespoons of unsalted butter (we use Ghee - if you remember the clarified butter the guys used in How to cure a headache GMM :) But unsalted butter would do just fine.) in a fairly large non stick pan on medium flame (we use a cauldron).
  3. As soon as the butter melts, put the onion garlic ginger paste into it. At this point, there will be a huge aroma emitting from the pan, which I personally LOVE and immediately start salivating! But it might be a little strong for you, so make sure your chimney is on!
  4. Then immediately place 4-5 chicken pieces into the pan. We only cook legs and thighs - with bone, but you can use any pieces that you like, it’s just that the time it takes to cook might differ. Stir it such that all the pieces are covered with the butter and the onion paste, as evenly as possible. Let it simmer on medium flame.
  5.  While the chicken is cooking, take 2-3 tomatoes, make a tomato paste in a blender, and keep it ready.
  6. Once the chicken turns golden brown and slightly softer (which might be about 15 minutes later - approximately?) add the spices! Which are - some salt, turmeric, cumin powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder, some sugar and garam masala and mix well.
  7. Once the spices are spread to all chicken pieces, add the tomato paste, and mix. Let it simmer on low flame for a few minutes, till you see butter separating and bubbling up out of the thick curry. At this point, you may add a little water, put a lid on the pan and let it cook on low flame for another 10-15 minutes. It might take longer, keep checking to see if the chicken is tender, and only slightly coming off of the bones.
  8. Take a handful of cashew nuts. Blend them into a paste with some water. Add it about 2 minutes before turning off the flame, and mix. This should lighten the colour of the dish and make it thicker and tastier.
  9. Once the flame is off, add 2-3 tablespoons of fresh cream to top up the dish, and garnish with coriander leaves! :)

Pro tips:

  1. I don’t know why the picture in the newsletter has peas in it. WHO PUTS PEAS IN BUTTER CHICKEN! Don’t put peas in you butter chicken. Please! :D
  2. While what Indian restaurants serve is fully loaded, with oodles of butter and rich ingredients, it’s not really something you can eat all the time :) So what we make at home is slightly lighter and healthier. We use normal vegetable oil instead of butter or ghee.
  3. We usually have all the spices I mentioned at home, but if they overwhelm you, you can get something called “Chicken Masala” which is a pre-mixed blend of spices. We get it here in India too, I’m sure you’ll get it everywhere. You can also get pre-made onion garlic paste and tomato puree, but we like to make it fresh.
  4. You can eat this with basmati rice. But I personally prefer to eat it with roti / naan that we make at home, with a side of yoghurt+boondi (Remember boondi? From GMMore of episode #530 :D haha)

Gah writing this has made me crave butter chicken so bad that I think my vegetarianism will have to go on a hiatus :D I’ll cook some this weekend and post a picture :) If any of you make it, please post pictures!


Anndd all of my pieces for Not All Those Who Wander by londubh for the Stucky Big Bang 2016!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Steve Rogers, on leave in Scotland as the war ends, is flung forward through time. He has to choose between trying to find a way back, and making a home for himself here with reminders of his past at every turn; while Bucky is drawn to this stranger in the midst of his new life.

Cuddly Ed

Cuddly Ed means constant touching. 

So if you’re in public he’ll start purposefully finding ways to drape himself on you whether it’s wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and burying his face in your hair, pulling you into his chest and tucking your head under his chin as he discusses things with Stu, or literally just draping his frame on you playfully to inform you that he needs cuddles and he needs them now. 

If you’re at home he’ll make himself comfortable until you give in to his cuddling needs. He’ll shuffle over to the couch where you’re reading or watching tv and lay down with his head in your lap and then insist you play with his hair either by nudging your hand with his head or just grab your hand gently and place it in his mess of ginger hair before nuzzling his face into your tummy and sighing happily. If you’re walking around the house he’ll simply toss you over his shoulder and carry you to your shared bed where he’ll place you down gently under the covers before joining you. 

A cuddly Ed was a soft Ed.


Credence Barebone x Reader (Oneshot)

Warnings: None

Description: Credence visits often, and it’s always enjoyable with (Y/N), but today they were the happiest they could have been.

A/N: Yeah so I wrote a thing, I don’t really know if it sucks or not but hey maybe it’s sorta kinda decent?

(Fluff & Baking ahead!)

Originally posted by newtsobscuro

Credence visited you often, that being said, it was no surprise when you heard the familiar quiet knock on your door. You did what you always would, ushered him inside, listening to his countless apologies about bothering you. 

Credence watched as you walked back into the kitchen, telling him to make himself at home, it was no surprise for Credence when he noticed you were baking again. You were more often than not spending your time baking. Not that he was complaining, he felt honoured to watch as you measured all the ingredients and mixed them together. 

It did, however, come as a surprise, when you suddenly asked him to come into the kitchen. He walked in slowly as you smiled at him, “I know I said make yourself at home but, would you wanna help me bake something?”, the way you said it was almost unsure, and Credence immediately responded to you, “I would probably just ruin the food, I don’t think you’d want me helping out (Y/N)…” He mumbled. 

You didnt miss the tone of his voice, “you won’t mess anything up at all, i’m here to help you, besides, it’s just for fun!” you responded happily. Credence could never understand why you helped him so much, but as much as he questioned your reasoning, he didn’t want it to stop.

 Credence decided it might not be that bad and responded to you, “I guess I can try, as long as you teach me” he mumbled. That brought a smile to your face, and Credence froze, he loved making you smile, it was one of his favorite things and it made it all worth it for him.

 He walked over to you as you handed him an apron and helped him tie it. You took a step back and smiled at him, “Now you look like a real baker Credence!” you laughed, making the corners of his mouth twitch upward into a small smile. You reached into a few cupboards, grabbing eggs, flour, and many other ingredients Credence had lost count of. Once you had everything, you began measuring how many ingredients you would need, and turned to Credence.

 You looked him in the eye, “now today, dear Credence, we are making, drumroll please… Christmas cookies!” you shouted, making Credence smile, she was like a child at the candy store being told she could get anything she wanted. 

Credence almost laughed this time, “Its not even close to Christmas yet (Y/N)” he said, as you began combining the ingredients you yelled over your shoulder, “dear Credence, that doesn’t matter! We have all this Christmas spirit, we must make cookies!” you stated with a matter-of-fact tone.

Credence loved days like these, the days you wouldn’t talk about something serious, the days where nothing seemed to matter to either of you. Credence laughed lightly, the feeling foreign to him, and you froze, turning around, “AHA, I knew you could laugh!” you shouted with glee, making Credence laugh a little harder.

 Finally, you handed him a bowl, “wanna mix the ingredients?” you asked, making Credence nervous once more, what if he messed up? What if he broke something? What if- “Credence, don’t worry, just try it, promise you’ll like it” you said with a smirk, although you had concern in your eyes. 

Credence carefully took the bowl, and began mixing the ingredients with the wooden spoon you provided, “Credence you’re a natural!” you stated, and Credence quickly became more confident that he wouldn’t mess up, he liked hearing that he was doing something right, especially from you, it made him feel useful.

 You watched as Credence continued mixing, you hadn’t lied, he mixed everything evenly, smoothly, it was like he had generally done it hundreds of times. When he finished mixing, you poured the mix onto a tray and pulled out a set of Christmas themed cookie cutters, laying them out in front of Credence.

 You grabbed the bell shaped cookie cutter, “Credence, come on, grab one and let’s shape some cookies!” you said, Credence smiled, grabbing the tree shaped cutter, beginning to cut into the mix, making cute little trees, smiling at how they turned out. 

You finished a row of bell shapes, grabbing the star shaped cutter while he followed your example and grabbed the snowflake shaped one, making his second row. After a short amount of time spent finishing your second row you grabbed festive colored icing, and handed some to Credence, beginning your own design on your bells as he begun to design his trees, later both of you moved on to your second shapes, finishing up and cleaning the small mess in your kitchen. 

You looked at Credence, “they should be finished soon, but in the meantime, did you enjoy the baking?” you asked, Credence not missing the small tone of hope in your voice, and he nodded without hesitation, “it was the most fun i’ve had in a long while, it was nice… to relax and have fun, not having to worry about anything.” He said quietly, almost as if he spoke any louder something would happen. 

You looked at him, and without thinking hugged him, and for a moment, he tensed, and you worried, you worried that you had screwed things up with him, that he would freak out and run back to his home. To your surprise however, after that moment, he hugged you back, shaking, and he held you like you were the only thing keeping him sane, which at this point, wouldn’t have surprised you. 

Suddenly, you had an urge, an urge to kiss him, and you immediately tried to dismiss it, it was wrong, you shouldnt take advantage of him like that, he needed a friend, a caregiver, not a relationship like that. You backed away for a moment, and Credence frowned, “d-did I do something wrong…?” he mumbled sadly, looking at you. You frowned and looked up to him, “N-no, of course not Credence, it’s just, I just, I can’t…” You mumbled slowly, not sure what you wanted to say, but knowing you had to say something, just to assure Credence that he did nothing wrong.

 He looked at you curiously, “t-then what’s wrong…?” he asked, and you mumbled something lowly, him not hearing it. He looked at you, slightly more determined now, “(Y/N) whats wrong..? Y-you know you can trust me…” He said, walking over to you. 

You looked up at him, at his doe like eyes, and mumbled out, “I’m worried i’ll scare you off if I tell you… I don’t want to hurt you Credence…” and he placed a shaky hand on your shoulder, “y-you could never scare m-me off… you can’t get rid of me that easily..” he said lightly, you very well knew that he knew you could scare him off, but hearing him say it like that made you think that he would understand.

 You looked at him, “I think I have feelings for you… and its fine, I know you don’t return them, I know you dont need this pressure, you dont need a relationship, and I don’t want to force you into anything, I still want to be here for you, I-” you cut yourself off when he smiled slightly, leaning forward like it was instinct, you leaned forward a bit too. 

He looked at you like you were the most important thing in the world, “c-can I k-kiss you (Y/N)….?” he mumbled, something you never thought you’d hear, “only if you want to” you responded, and he leaned forward lightly, closing the space between you two. 

The kiss was light, short, but it had so much meaning behind it, and you couldn’t have been happier, it was just… right. All of a sudden, the moment was ruined when you sniffed the air, smelling the now finished cookies, “C-Credence the cookies are done! Come on we have to eat them already!” you shouted as you bolted for the kitchen.

 Credence, still blushing from the moment you two just shared, smiled at the bashful figure heading into the kitchen, following you. You handed him a cookie, and both of you voiced how good they were, agreeing that they were amazing and that you would both make more together sometime. 

Both of you had also silently agreed, that neither of you could have been happier.


As the Inquisition settles into Skyhold, Solas continues to strive towards his ultimate goal - no matter who it will destroy in the long run.

But the more time he spends with these people, with her - the more uneasy his conscience grows.

Solas dipped his quill, trying to focus on his writing despite the noise above him. The rotunda was being repaired, the upper portion being converted into an improvised rookery.

He thought the choice of renovation was strange, but kept that opinion to himself.

The Inquisition was slowly making a home for themselves in Skyhold. No one had argued when he quietly laid claim to this room as his study and he was thankful for it. Despite the human hands behind its construction, the Ferelden architect responsible for building Skyhold had been true to his intentions to recreate as much of the original structure as he could. It was not the Tarasyl’an Te’las he’d once called his own - but even the faint familiarity offered some sense of comfort.

The note he was writing would appear inconsequential to any who happened upon it. It read as little more than private observances, most likely intended for a personal log.

Despite reaching our objectives in Redcliffe, those who live there still suffer in the aftermath of the rebel mages’s disruption. Many are displaced, lacking in food or shelter, unclear on where they should turn.

I hope for their sakes, someone might lend a hand to the elves of Redcliffe. Perhaps with some assistance, they may find a new sense of purpose in an otherwise chaotic landscape.

He knew his meaning would be more than clear to his intended audience, once he surreptitiously passed the message along. Go to Redcliffe. Bring supplies. There may be opportunities for recruitment.

Despite the obstacle Corypheus was proving to be, Solas’s objectives had not changed. Those who followed him still required instruction. Progress had to be made towards their goal, even though he could not oversee it directly.

The Veil would be removed and the world set right again. It was only a matter of when.

Solas continued writing. The losses suffered at Haven were not insignificant - yet I still have faith that the Inquisition is where I should remain for the time being. This organization is the best chance we currently have of parting Corypheus from the orb he carries. My confidence is only bolstered by their recently formalized choice of Inquisitor. We would not have made it this far without Isii.

Only when his fingers paused did he realize with some small surprise that he’d written her name. He’d referred to her before in his reports. The Herald. Lavellan. The Dalish elf, when he was feeling less favorable. But never as Isii.

He could not help but think of her then. The memory of Haven was still too fresh, too recent, too immediate. He could still remember the finer details of his panic, the sickly quality of his grief when it appeared she had sacrificed herself to save them. He remembered the feel of her fingers laced with his, so cold against his skin, gripping him tightly as he tried to warm her with his magic. She’d smiled at him through shivering breaths, rasping whispered phrases in Elvhen and he no longer cared whether or not she pronounced them correctly. She was alive, having twice cheated death in the short amount of time he’d known her. She was so much more than he could have ever predicted…

Solas pushed the thought aside, clearing his throat as he dipped into the inkwell once more.

He had work to do.

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Bokuto, Akaashi and Tsukki never realized how easy it is to get swept in Kuroo’s pace until they started living together. Kuroo sits on their old couch, his knees drawn up to his chest, and every blanket in the apartment covering him head to toe as he watches foreign movies without subtitles.

Bokuto comes home, raises an eyebrow at him and says: “Bro.”

Kuroo replies by opening his blanket. “I built a fort. Membership is opened.” Bokuto grins, grabs a pack of yogurt and makes himself comfortable next to Kuroo.

When Akaashi comes home, he tries to pretend he doesn’t see two college students with yogurt on their noses, huddled closely together under five blankets. That is, until Bokuto calls: “Akaashi~” Just like that, Akaashi finds himself warm and content, with a blanket over his head and Bokuto’s hand around his shoulders.

Tsukki comes home last and smirks, “You look like rejected ghost extras in a low budget horror movie.”

“Want to join us?” Kuroo pushes two blankets open to reveal a spot next to him that’s always reserved just for Tsukki.

Tsukki’s already lost the moment he met Kuroo’s eyes and he crawls into the makeshift fort. Three seconds later, he says: “I sat in something sticky.”

“It’s yogurt,” says Kuroo.

“Don’t mind,” adds Bokuto.

The four of them spend the evening like that, just because Kuroo has build a fort and they all wanted to be a part of it.

Feels Like Home

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 4 - Chance Encounters

Master List

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,009
Warnings: language (probably), smoking
A/N: This won the vote so here it is! I hope you guys like it!  Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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