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66 floors.   Update:

I didn’t expect this photo to get so much attention. I’ve read some comments which you write with reblogs and most of them are $$$ 💸💸💸 💰💰💰
or “I wish it was me” or “me in 5 years” or “goals”.
What i understood is that an image can be deceptive and everything depends on our perception and what we want to see. Most of you saw money but this picture is about HAPPINESS, that night i didn’t spend even 1¥, that view cost me nothing.
I posted it because my blog is the place where i keep my thoughts and happy memories. The place in the picture is not where i live or the apartment i rented, actually, I got there by chance.
2 years ago I went to Shanghai to learn Chinese. One night we decided to go to the Le Royal Meridien bar on the 66th floor to see Shanghai from a bird’s eye view and spend money on food and drinks instead of going to Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower observation desk, buying an expensive ticket and staying in a queue with hundreds of tourists.
We put on dresses and heels, got to the Le Royal Meridien Hotel and couldn’t understand anything when the elevator took us to the 66th floor. It was dark and there was nobody, the bar was closed but the doors were opened. We were alone and spent a great time there, looked around, saw a fantastic view and took a lot of photos. I was a bit sad that i’d decided to wear a baggy dress and it was difficult to take a photo of my silhouette. Anyway, it was a real adventure, we were afraid that the security can catch us but they said nothing, just asked to leave that place soon because they were going to lock the doors.

Later when we were in the elevator, two chinese girls came in and one said to the other that we were beautiful, it was funny because they didn’t expect us to understand Chinese and answer them!
What i mean is that happiness is not about money, it’s made of funny moments and crazy adventures which make you smile when you think about them ⭐️

Imagine there’s billion of people sitting around thinking that life shouldn’t happen this way. Holding their own worlds inside their minds. Creating an imagination of how good life must be.

And then there’s another billion walking throughout the day—working hard just to survive and sleep their exhaustion at night. People who did a cycle they love—and secretly hate at the same time.

But I know you’re thinking that there’s still another billion of people looking for love. Who never surrender on finding and hoping for a romantic relationship that would lasts. People who keep on pushing themselves up just to reach a dream they always wanted from the very start.

There’s also billion of people who are still wondering what they want in life. People who are still trying to figure out which way should they cross. And which place they are going to call home.

Billion of people are loving each other. Sharing moments and making memories they want to remember later on. People who already found someone who they can share their secrets forever.

You see, I am not sure what another billion of people is doing now. Maybe they are asleep and dreaming their hearts out. Maybe they are awake—wondering why happiness doesn’t come at their doors. Maybe they are out there, confused of what they should really do.

And so the last billion—the people who will tell you a lot of things about their experiences. People who can tell you what truly it feels to live, and to die even if you’re still breathing. People who never get tired of telling their stories even if other people think nobody are listening. People who will tell you the wrong things you shouldn’t do, and remind you of the right things you should do. Yet in the end they will end up telling you that you make your own story, so do whatever it is that feels right for you.

I don’t know exactly how many people are here. But I am sure that each— billion—has different stories—to tell , and has the same lessons for them—to share.

—  ma.c.a // I counted all the feelings, And it was not accurate
Things to do when your having anxiety:

•think about someone/something that makes you happy

•listen to calming music

•doodle/draw if possible

•make up happy/nice scenarios in your head

•find something that maybe seats or slightly moves and focus on just that thing

•imagine yourself in a calm and relaxing place

•close your eyes and breathe deeply
•think about a nice memory you’ve had with someone you love

•talk to someone you trust if possible

•if your in class, ask to go into the hallway for a little to calm down

•if your in a situation where you can’t leave the room, block out the noise and focus on your breathe

•put your head down and close your eyes and try to relax and calm down

•hug someone you trust/love

•find 5 things you can touch, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can taste, 2 things you can smell, 1 thing

•think about one day seeing your favorite band/musician in concert

•remember to breathe and know that everything will be okay and I’m always here :)

heart-to-heart sleepover asks for u:

share or tell me some of your stuff like:

- share your favorite childhood memory
- what are some of the things that remind you of me?
- share your cute crush stories maybe?
- describe your dream date!!
- how was your day?
- what are some of your “impossible” dreams?
- who is your favorite person? why?
- describe your dream significant other?
- what do you wanna be when you grow up?
- what’s your go-to happy place?
- share your favorite songs!!
- suggest some good books, films, anime, etc
- what makes your heart go 💖💘💓💟💕
- describe your pets!!!
- what’s something good that happened to you today?

Happy Anniversary, OTP!

It wasn’t exactly 2004, it was January 2005 or possibly at another life…

But it’s okay, it’s been over 12 years of love so emotion makes us prone to slips.

The important thing is that you have a fond memory of the moment that changed your lives forever. You remember time and place and even what was said…

It was such a turning point in both your lives you just couldn’t shut up about it. Even your friends knew what was going on…

And then it all started.

“I think the reason Jensen and I got along so well was because we didn’t really go about bonding… It didn’t feel like a blind date. It felt like we were continuing a relationship as opposed to saying, ‘All right, we’re supposed to hang out with each other…’ or something. We just sort of hung out… We just hit it off immediately. There’s no rhyme or reason to what happened.”

Yes, we noticed…

It was kinda hard not to…

It was just so much love…

So, so much love…

That some people freaked out and measures were taken…

It was a hard blow…

With huge emotional side-effects…

That until today you still have to deal with….

It wasn’t easy…

All the hiding…

Until one day, you were able to put your foot down and one important battle was won…

A new chapter started, where yes, there was still hiding, but not so much…

Words were spoken…

Sometimes not so much but we got it anyway…

And the eyes…. Ah, the eyes…

It was clear you were IT for each other, that you were THE ONE:

That despite all the deflection that still has to be made, you are as much a married couple as I’ve ever seen…

Then you showed us that PADACKLES that has always meant PADALECKI & ACKLES only, extended to PADACKLES FAMILY:

It hasn’t been easy these past 11 years…

But what a 💞RIDE 💞they have been! 

What a 💖JOURNEY💖! 


God has given you the gift of True Love and finding your Soulmate in this life. You were wise enough to realize that NOTHING should be more important than true love. You sacrificed a lot and you were absolutely right. The moment you realized that you had found the love of your life you cherished him and did everything in your power to nurture and preserve this relationship. I couldn’t have been more proud. I wish you LOVE and PEACE and that one day you don’t have to hide. I wish you COURAGE and that you do not listen to any voices but the ones coming from both your hearts. You made me believe True Love exists. I will be forever grateful. 


I can’t get over Mitch’s story.

I just keep thinking about some old friends of mine. A guy that was an engineer at a big Atlanta recording studio and his roommate, a drummer for a band that had some promise, but never went anywhere.

The engineer worked with some of the biggest artists in the Atlanta music scene at the time (including Usher) and I just keep thinking that the same thing could have happened with his roommate, but never did. 

But with Mitch, can you imagine?  Making pizzas one day, getting a call from his buddy to do a favor for a pop star trying to go solo (can’t you just imagine Mitch’s eyeroll at who he’d be working with that first day and just thinking it’d be some extra cash), then a few months later jetting off to Jamaica and working with a massive producer, writing what would be an iconic album and then going on a worldwide tour.

I’m so happy for him in memory of all of my musician friends that weren’t in the right place at the right time, and the ones that eyerolled their way OUT of a job like that because it wasn’t cool enough (or so they thought).

You go Mitch!  We’re all rooting for you!

Summer Bucketlist (2016)

- Make a summerplaylist filled with new jams.
- Change my hair.
- Midnight Swimming.
- Build a fort of pillows, lights and blankets in my room (with someone).
- Have a movienight (with someone).
- Have a Disney movienight (with someone).
- Have a Keira Knightley Marathon.
- Get a summerjob (and finally save up money!!!).
- Roadtrip, no matter if you do it with a bike, bus, train or car.
- Stay up for 24 hours.
- Have a paint fight.
- Sit on a roof and watch the view carefully.
- Sleep under the stars.
- Watch clouds all day, maybe with a friend, and do nothing else.
- Be outside more than on social media.
- Actually hang out with people.
- Write letters and put them in stranger’s mailboxes.
- Play the piano more often.
- Make new friends.
- Have a water balloon fight.
- Have many picnics.
- Take a artsy photoshoot by going off to different locations.
- Compliment a complete stranger.
- Hold up a sign saying “free hugs”.
- Put a sticky note onto someone’s car saying something.
- Go somewhere new.
- Be a hippie for a day.
- Have a huge sleepover.
- Get to know someone.
- Watch a sunrise and sunset.
- Read for a day.
- Photobooth pictures.
- Surprise someone.
- Do something you normally wouldn’t do.
- Learn something new (a language or place or whatsoever).
- Go camping in my backyard.
- Make “paparazzi” pictures with @udabesthing (which we’ve been planning for years now, lol).
- Finish another book.
- Get my first book on
- Try to vlog big events or cool happenings throughout summerbreak.
- Go for many, many walks with Esther.
- Make a summer scrapbook/journal.

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Domestic headcanons for Otayuri?

u have found my weakness anon,,,,,,,dorks.

  • Otabek prefers cooking over baking, while Yuri prefers baking over cooking. So often, they’re in the kitchen working on two different things, and eventually they find themselves playing music and singing and dancing together while they get dinner and dessert prepared. 
  • (This is for you Heather bby~) Otabek is actually lactose intolerant, and so Yuri switches his milk diet to be things like soy milk and whatnot and they avoid cheese as much as they can. A little bit wouldn’t bother him, but they try to avoid it if they can. 
  • Every so often they like to go through old pictures on their computer together, and they end up laughing so hard every three pictures and they tease each other about some of the faces they make for weeks. 
  • They got in the habit of doing their morning routine together once their sleep schedules were about the same times. They brushed teeth together, ate breakfast together, the works. Sometimes one is up earlier and they get started on breakfast while the other sleeps in, but they always end up eating it together. 
  • They totally “borrow” each others’ clothes too.
  • After they retire, Yuri decides he’s writing a book about success and self discovery and overcoming obstacles and all that bullshit, but he often works late. Otabek would see him asleep at his desk, and he would simply save the progress, close everything down, and then pick Yuri up and take him to bed where they both sleep cuddling each other.
  • Before they got their mattress, they were just using a simple air mattress for the night when they first moved in. Yuri had already passed out on the mattress, while Otabek had finished up a few things. When he went in, he just flopped on the mattress, launching Yuri into the air. Yuri would have been angry, but he had never seen Otabek laugh so hard in his life that he couldn’t stay mad. 
  • Yuri didn’t have a childhood, for obvious reasons, and so Otabek made it a small personal mission and he promised himself he would give Yuri the childhood memories he never had the chance to have. They would make pillow forts, play stupid games meant for children, and just do anything that would let Yuri be a kid for a while. 
  • Picture them with jet lag for a second and trying to sleep when they absolutely can’t. Great. Now imagine Otabek being the kind of person that tells stupid ass knock-knock jokes and puns when he’s slap happy but can’t sleep. Boom. 
  • Let’s not forget that they go to random places within the town, exploring where they’ve never been before and trying new things together. They ended up finding a place that sold popcorn cooled with liquid nitrogen, and they loved it to bits and they love finding hidden gems like that in the world. 
  • Sometimes, when the days are long and tiring or just overall bad, they just hold each other in the living room, in a place where it just smells like home, holding their lover and kissing them from time to time until the time comes to pull away, and they’re only reminded that everything is going to be okay. 
  • They would have arguments that go on for weeks, but they’re over the stupidest things like who would make a better evil scientist and if the cake really is a lie. 
  • They try to adult™ a lot but they still eat kids cereal and watch cartoons and colour together in a colouring book because you don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
  • Just,,,picture them so happy and content with life because they’re with each other,,,smiling and kissing and holding each other because home isn’t just four walls and a roof,,,,it’s each other. 
sweet creature


after being overseas for six years, bucky is struggling to adjust. being home after an honorable discharge isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem, but could you and your child be the key to bucky’s happiness?

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: ~10K 

warnings: angst, children, mentions of abandonment, nightmares, mentions of PTSD, mentions of guilt, mostly fluff, happy ending

a/n: this is for @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K AU writing challenge. my prompt was number 18 (“I’m such an idiot. I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”), and i may have gone a bit overboard (like way overboard) but. oh well. i hope you guys like it! 

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💖 Preferences #4: How they react when you’re resurrected [Requested] 💖

                           💖 How they react when you’re resurrected 💖

                                   💕(requested) - happy readings babes💕   

Jon Snow: Jon Snow would be a rollercoaster of emotions. He would be relieved and ecstatic that you’re alive, and he hugs you, refusing to let you go. He’s constantly whispering apologies in your ear, as he still feels guilty about not being being able to protect you, despite you reminding him that it’s not his fault. He tells you how distraught he was when you died, and how promises to never let you go again. The two of you cuddle by the fire, and talk about all the things you’ll do together once you’re fully healed. He doesn’t let you out of sight for weeks on end, until he’s gotten over his shock and anxiety of losing you, and once he does he makes sure to spend more time with you, as he’s now paranoid about losing you again.

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Robb Stark: Robb Stark would be absolutely overwhelmed with relief. He holds you close and buries his face in the crook of your neck, as if to make sure you’re really alive and not just a fragment of his imagination. He hugs you for the longest time, and strokes your hair and constantly whispers, “I love you” in your ear. When he has to complete his duties as King in the North, he makes sure to check on you every few hours, just to make sure you’re feeling okay, before kissing you and promising he’ll be back soon. He’s constantly showering you in affection, placing kisses on your forehead and cheek, and makes sure you’re always by his side once you’ve healed, whether it be a ride in the woods or a small council meeting, even if it’s to his bannermen’s dismay. He loves to make you feel happy, following the incident, and loves to bring you small things like flowers just to make you smile.

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Jaime Lannister: Jaime would be thankful that you’re alive again. He’s kisses your forehead or cheek, and refuses to let you get up from your bed until you’ve fully healed, and stays and cares for you as best as he can, with some help from the maester. He’s constantly asking questions such as, “Are you comfortable?”, or “Are you thirsty?”, and “Are you sure?”, until you laugh and reassure him that you’re fine. He sometimes blurts things out like “I love you”, or “Thank you for coming back to me”, before looking away slightly blushing and embarrassed. Once you’ve fully healed he’s makes sure you’re always with him, and when he can’t be by your side he makes sure to double the guard around you, as he’s worried about losing you again.

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Khal Drogo: Khal Drogo would be ecstatic and eager to have you back by his side once more, despite his khalasar’s fear and anxiety, as they believe your resurrection to be blood magic - which is forbidden within the Dothraki. He punishes anybody that spread any ill-word about you after you’re resurrected, especially those calling you a witch or a bloodmage, and refuses to let you out of his sight, and is constantly showering you in affection, placing sloppy kisses on your forehead, stroking your hair, whispering “Moon of my life” into your ear as you’re hugging/sleeping, or even surprising you with new jewellry and a new Dothraki leather vest as small gifts, just to make you feel valued and loved, trying to make you forget about your helpless incident.

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Petyr Baelish: Petyr Baelish is shocked and content. Losing you took a huge toll on him as you were the only true love he ever had, so having you resurrected and come back to life was a shock to him. Firstly, he was shocked at what had even happened, as his whole life he had always thought magic and resurrection were simply made up tales, but once he realised you really were alive once more, he was astonished. He cares for you himself for days on end until you’ve fully healed, and refuses to let anyone see you apart from immediate family. He’s constantly spoiling you - having maids bring you food to your chambers to break your fast, or having baths run for you every morning and evening, or simply cuddling with you and stroking your hair, kissing your forehead, whispering things in your ear to comfort you. Although he’s not used to these emotions, he tries his best to make you feel happy and loved, trying to make the horrible memories of your death to go away, and go back to a healthy, stable relationship.

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Tormund Giantsbane: Tormund is startled. Your death had hit him hard, and when you are resurrected and alive again, he’s very loving and sweet, trying to make you laugh as you’re still in bed healing. He’s constantly cracking jokes and doing stupid stuff just to make you giggle, and loves to tickle you when you’re hugging, and enjoys placing sloppy kisses on your forehead once you’re asleep. He’s always asking the maester about you and your condition, and when the maester doesn’t have a sure answer he quickly loses his temper, threatening the maester that he’ll die if he doesn’t make sure you heal fully, before you have to calm him down and reassure him that you just need to rest. When he calms down, his attention is back on you, and he’s still floating round your chambers trying to think of new ways to make you smile.

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Sandor Clegane: Sandor Clegane is perplexed, and slightly anxious. Your death was hard on him, especially as he blamed himself the most for not being able to protect you, so he’s slightly anxious that you’ll resent him, or if you’ll reject him now that you’ve been resurrected. He’s completely relieved, however, when he finally sees you again. He holds you close, and you reassure him that it wasn’t his fault as he mutters apologies in your ear, before standing up straight and barking orders at every maester in the room to help you, and glares at anyone who looks useless. He makes sure to always stay in your chambers, as he feels that you’re safe when he’s with you, and is refuses to leave your side, even when the maesters ask him to step outside when you need rest. He sits by your side as you sleep, watching over you, thankful that you’re alive.

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Jorah Mormont: Jorah is absolutely dumbfounded. He’s an emotional wreck after your death, and once you’re alive once more, he doesn’t let you out of his grip for minutes on end, constantly mumbling sweet things like “I love you”, or “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you” and “Thank you for coming back, never leave me again”, and swears that you’ll never come to any harm ever again. He rarely even leaves your chambers as you’re healing, and takes refuge by a chair next to your bed, and holds your hand in his, constantly trying to comfort you, and asking for things he could do to make you feel better. Once you’ve fallen asleep he likes to kiss either the back of your hand or your forehead, before falling asleep in his own chair beside you, dreaming of the life the two of you hope to have in the future.

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Mind Trap Chapter 2: Alegre

You guys are literally the best.

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Chapter Summary: Paladins first moments in the mind are surprising to say the least.


The Paladins quickly rush to the hammock as Keith takes a closer look at Lance and he’s right… he’s different. Not a bad different. He seems content like all burdens are gone.

“Lance?” greets Hunk cautiously, so he sees the difference.

Lance opens his eyes as Keith practically could see them bouncing in energy as he swings his legs off the hammock as he greets happily, “Hey, guys and gals. Whatcha doin’ in here?”

“Well we were actually looking for you so - wait you know where we are?” asks Pidge confused as to how.

“Of course Silly Pigeon, we’re in my Happy Place. No way would Varadero Beach be this empty. Better question is what are my best friends in the universe doing here?” asks Lance as he swings on the hammock like a child on a swing.

Keith then answers, “We’re trying to save you. Don’t you remember?”

Lance snorts and laughs as he answers, “Of course I remember I took the hit for you Samurai. And I would do it again.”

“Lance, we should go now that we’ve found you,” comments Allura with a serious tone.

The smile doesn’t leave his face as he giggles and says, “But Space Mom, you guys aren’t looking for me. Your looking for the bad thing. That’s not here… it’s a bit deeper my mind.”

“Wait what?! You know what’s going on and that it’s killing you and didn’t say anything! Why aren’t you stopping it!” yells Keith angry at him, angry at the situation, angry at this supposed bad thing, and angry at himself for letting Lance get hurt in the first place!

“Sorry,” apologizes Lance with apologetic smile.

That single word throws the entire team off as Pidge asks, “That’s it? You’re not going to argue with him?”

Lance shakes his head as he asks jokingly, “Would it make Keith happy if I did? Call him Mullet for laughs?”

Keith is officially sure that they died. They died with Lance. No way would Lance McClain not take the chance to argue with him even for laughs. Shiro clears his throat as he asks, “So uh Lance can you lead us to where the "bad thing” is?“

"Sure Space Dad, but I can’t take you all the way… I got things to do. Hope you don’t mind,” agrees Lance as he looks at a cave in the distance.

Keith is about to argue before Shiro cuts him off, “As far as you can. That would perfect.”

“Alrighty. Vamonos, everybody,” cheers Lance as he jumps off the hammock as he hums happily across the beach leading them to who knows where.


After what seems to be an endless walk Keith observes Lance as some things were definitely different. He is making more jokes. Through this walk though he’s been acting a bit odd to the other Paladins. He tried to converse with Keith and Shiro which he hardly does, he keeps making Hunk and Pidge laugh about stories about Garrison, and he’s been fairly appropriate with Allura hasn’t flirted once however.

Though that’s not just it. There’s small differences like anytime someone made a bad joke he would still laugh, his smile is bit more brighter - not that he looks at his smile constantly -, and he seems completely at ease with himself. He’s just happy.

Shiro nudges Keith as he asks, “You seem on edge. What’s wrong?”

Keith was about to just he’s fine but instead he answers, “I don’t know, doesn’t Lance seem different?”

Shiro answers, “I don’t think so. He seems normal.”

“Hey Space Dad! Come over here Pidgey just told me this great joke!” yells Lance as Shiro shrugs and goes over.

Keith still can’t shake the feeling till he feels a hand on his shoulder to see it’s Hunk as he says, “I heard what you said to Shiro. You’re getting that feeling too?”

“You see too?” says Keith. It wasn’t a question.

“Yeah, I knew Lance for a long time. I’ve never seen him this carefree before… and that says something,” agrees Hunk as he knows like the back of his hand.

Keith hums in agreement though he then asks, “Is Varadero Beach really his happy place?”

Hunk nods as he adds, “It was his favorite spot back home. Always kept him calm under pressure, he really misses it, even back at the Garrison. One time he found this cave and there was a swimming hole. He made it his personal spot. Only took the people he’s closest with.”

Hunk smiles at the memories which makes Keith kinda envious Hunk knew this much. His negative thoughts were interrupted when Hunk comments, “Maybe when we go back to Earth he’ll take the rest of there.

"Alrighty Team into the cave!” cheers Lance as he points to a cave.

“You mean that cave?” asks Keith as Hunk nods dumbly shocked.

“Now when we enter I say ‘Vol’ you say 'Tron’! Vol!” cheers Lance happily.

“Voltron! We’re done lets go!” yells Keith frustrated.

Though soon Lance wraps his arms around his shoulder as he says, “Thanks for trying. I know I come off as loud, but it means a lot to me.”

Keith looks at his hand as he smiles and says, “Anything to get out of your mind.”

Keith hopes for a retort but Lance chuckles as he compliments, “Good one Samurai.”

He has mixed feelings about the response. He’s upset that they aren’t arguing, but he’s happy to see him so well happy.

As Lance leads them through the cave. Keith takes notice of the water. They have memories. Happy ones like ones with family and them. He recognises some as he hears some of the others laughing.

He sees Hunk smiling at a memory of Lance dancing in front a Garrison scoreboard.

Pidge is snorting as she watches a memory of them running from a fountain with loose change in their pockets with a look of achievement.

Allura giggles at the memory of Lance giving his Bayard.

Shiro smiles proudly at the memory of when they were making bad sound effects.

Keith then sees a memory float to him of the “bonding moment” as he smiles and chuckles as the memory of Lance says, “We did it… we are good team.”

Though that’s not the only memory he sees. He sees when they tease and argue with each other. The moments alone with their own form of getting along. They are so distracted they don’t notice they reached the end of the cave.

When they walk through it a bright light blinds them to see there in what seems to be a dorm, a Garrison dorm to be precise. However as Keith looks around he comments, “Where’s Lance?”

Preference "How they play with your child"

(Aaaawwwww cuties and babies!!! :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be teaching them how to play ping pong all while making fun of them. Although they might be too young to play properly, you’d always see him trying to get them into it and would joke around with them as well, sometimes making them run around to catch the ball.

Daryl-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be quite playful and teasing as they would just hang around together. They’d spend their time following him around, acting like his little shadow and would always pester him about whatever he was doing, especially being curious about his bike, making you smile to see them both.

Rick-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be yelled at by them to let everything go and freeze or even do whatever they want. As you’d see them, you’d realize they were playing cops and robbers, making you laugh to see him act overly dramatic for their sake, surrendering himself for them to arrest him and all.

Merle-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be running around after them to catch them all while being in their bathrobes. He’d usually have a lot of fun giving them their bubble bath, even going as far as to end up in the tub with them as their game gets intricate, only to come out and make a mess in the bathroom and all over the room.

Glenn-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually play catch with them but spend more time running after the ball more than anything. Whether it be him or them, they’d never seem to catch the ball properly but nonetheless you’d always hear them laughing and telling jokes to each other, making you want to join them.

Carl-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually play different card games, despite their young age. He’s teach them different games in which they’d have to use their memory skills or simply their luck and such to win the game. Although, they’d try to be serious about it they’d end up having fun and both invite you over to play as well.

The Governor-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually speak in an odd pirate voice and ask for your help as he has to look all over the place for them. He’d only want them to be happy so whatever suggestion they would come up with, he’d gladly go along despite looking silly, making you laugh.

Abraham-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be sitting in one of the cars and let them pretend to be driving with him. He’d just want to entertain their imagination and make them happy by letting them steer as much as they want while holding them, only to sometimes start driving and laugh as they’d both notice your shocked expression.

Eugene-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually have them on his lap simply end up experimenting the instant you’d tell them both to go outside. Despite their young age, he’d play honestly when he has to go against them, making them have to learn and work hard in order to beat him. While as they experiment, he’d simply try to impress them.

Ron-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually play with them at the pool table or the air hockey table. Although they’d be somewhat too young to properly play with him, he’d want to take his time and teach them properly, only for the lesson to slowly turn into a silly game, making you laugh.

Jesus-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually have a treasure hunt prepared for them and make them run around all over the camp. He’d just love to give them a silly little task and see them run over and back at him excitedly with whatever they found, making you laugh as he’d admit to you.

Dwight-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually have them sit on his lap as they both play make belief with the little figurines he made for them. He’d want them to calm down from their high energy and simply grab them over to show what he had made for them, only to end up creating a little story out of all of it, making you smile.

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Ruin The Friendship

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Dylan O’brien x Reader

Words: 3k

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this. ❤️ thank you baby for your help @golddaggers ❤️

This is inspired by Demi Lovato - Ruin the friendship


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The incredibly talented Dylan O'Brien, besides being a huge thing in Los Angeles, was one of my best friends since we were both high schoolers. Dylan was my partner in crime whenever I needed him, no matter how embarrassing the situation was, and he was, obviously, part of each happy memory I had from my teenage years. Fuck, I was so endlessly proud of him. O’Brien managed to make his dream of becoming an actor reality. Of course I already knew that he was going to go far, not just because he deserved it, he did, man, if someone deserved to be in his place, that someone was Dylan, but he loved acting too much to not let it become his life.

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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Vampire end] ~translation|traducción+Touch~

Thanks to @infernal-iris for having helped me with the translation~!!


-Yui’s monologue-

At that moment, my father came running towards Ayato-kun,
a bright flash appeared.

Ayato-kun had used his powers.

-Monologue’s end-

*Ayato attacks Seiji with his magic*

Seiji: Ugh… …!?
Ayato: Don’t let anyone come near!!
Yui: (!… …What an incredible power… …)
Ayato: … …Hey Kanato, give me that knife.
Kanato: … …What are you trying to do?
Ayato: Just give it to me!

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Here’s +2k words of modern!au with Bucky courtesy of yours truly and @pimpdaddysebastian. <3

Warnings: Mental health issues, pregnancy

Tag list: @tasting-writers-block, @nadtandy, @yoinkpeter, @ipaintmelodies - I’m still understanding how this works but if any of you don’t want to tagged anymore, hmu with an ask! ;)

When Bucky comes back from war, he knows he’s different. Despite what people say to try to convince him otherwise, he knows he’s not the same man anymore.

To match the two tours as a soldier to the American army, he comes back with longish hair, severe scars on his left arm due an injury and a real messed up head. Panic attacks, bad dreams and sleepless nights are his best-friends in the following months of his return and the walls of his dull, always empty apartment are painful witnesses to his struggles.

Going outside feels like hell everytime but he still gives it a go occasionally.

Even if most of his attempts end up with him panicking in the middle of a crowd or a random store, the little coffee shop by the corner of his building gives him a slight bit of comfort as the place is never too crowded or too noisy. It’s familiar and just what he needs as he tries to adjust himself into the world again.

Hence why he’s completely thrown back as person after person start to fill up the place in a random Wednesday morning.

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anonymous asked:

i love headcanons so much but can i request some headcanons for parent!GOM and their kid or something omg i love parent aus

yes please send them in! I’m still accepting head canons if anyone was wondering! 

Akashi Seijuro: 

  • he definitely wants his child to play some kind of classical instrument. he’s played the violin and dabbled on piano, so maybe cello? but he’s going to let his child pick whatever they want to. 
  • he’s already training his child to be the best they can be, but being aware of their limits. he’s thankful his father had raised him the way he has, but he doesn’t approve of the way he was raised, so he’s making sure his child is happy all the time. 
  • also he dotes. a lot. tons. he’s the father figure he never had and loves to cherish his wife and child with weekly dates together, especially if his child is a little girl. 

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Kise Ryota: 

  • he sends pictures of his kids in kid magazines and often his manager requests the two (or three depending on how many kids he has) of them to model together and everyone is envious of the ‘perfect’ family
  • but really, they’re not perfect and you and Kise often do fight, but the happy memories overweigh the bad ones. you guys have family date nights and the go to place is a cozy restaurant you two had been going since even before being married, and afterwards to the mall or the movies.
  • you best believe his kids-his whole family actually-dresses like they just stepped out of vogue because they are popping even when they’re just buying groceries. 

Originally posted by foreverstar21

Midorima Shintaro: 

  • although he’s busy with his work, he tries his best to make time for his family and enjoys staying in eating his wife’s meal and perhaps a movie afterwards. 
  • he loves pampering his kid with lucky items. he prepares them every day, every morning for his little child. you try not to make him waste money on such trivial stuff but he prepares a long lecture about how karma is not trivial. 
  • his kids love wearing his doctors coat. the oversized coat is dragged around the living room floor while Midorima reprimands them lightly, but secretly films them because they’re just so cute. 

Originally posted by iblamemikegreen

Aomine Daiki: 

  • he takes his kids to all the basketball games, but his kids are mostly interested in the food than the actual game. in the end, after the game, he takes them down towards the court to meet his friends. (aka the gom, kagami, kuroko, and his senpais)
  • he loves having time with his kids and always plans outdoor activities for the family. he’s loved going outside since he was a little kid, so it’s not surprise he’ll want to spend it that way with his children. 
  • he’s the type to never get mad at his kids. you and him have an agreement where you are the one who takes care of the scolding while he is their escape. 

Originally posted by atsushihimuro

Murasakibara Atsushi: 

  • this candy loving giant has a candy loving family. every time they go to Tokyo, they visit Harajuku for all the crepes and the candy they have at Takeshita Doori. 
  • the family frequently visits Himuro’s house for dinner and their kids are the best f friends. Secretly, you ship him with Himuro’s kid. They would make the cutest babies
  • he has plenty of kids. five at the most because he had grown accustomed to a big family. he likes having people around him because even though he’s a big giant he has a soft heart. 

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Companions are Dared to give Sole a Flower Crown Part 1

(Little goose-New admin~ I actually wrote this as a prompt so the owner could see that I can write so yeah I’ll have Maxson added tomorrow maybe (hopefully) )


Cait grumbled to herself about how pointless this was. She had weaved the flowers on a very bendy but durable stick. Most of the petals had fallen off the flowers, the flowers were going slightly limp, and the crown had fallen apart two times. Nonetheless, the crown itself had great beauty, the leaves that wrapped around the stick seemed to support the flowers and give them that extra boost to make them pop. The flowers were purple with a hint of green (mostly caused by the radiation) and the leaves, an extraordinary dark green. Cait’s face grew darker shades of red the closer she got to Sole.
“Here, have this stupid flower thing, sole.” Cait practically threw the crown at their head. Cait looked away as Sole admired the crown, turning it over in their hands and Fiddling with the semi loose leaves. When Sole told her that they thought it was beautiful, she was surprised, how could someone like sole think a radiated dirty, wilted flower crown be considered beautiful? Cait looked them in the eye slightly before rushing off, out of sight.


Curie was quite elated to give Sole such a crown. She thought they’d look wonderful with it on. Curie got on making the crown right away, picking the most undamaged twigs, leaves, and flowers she could find. Working on it was her number one priority. Finding the prettiest and fullest flowers were the main mission. The flowers varied in size shape and color. Some were a light green, or a dark purple. Others were red as blood and blue as the sky. Many of the settlers and companions were amazed by how preserved and beautiful the flowers were. It took Curie around two months to finish it but today was the day. Walking up to Sole, she placed the crown tenderly upon their head.
“Oh sole! You look even better than I imagined with the crown on! You are magnificent!” Sole chuckled at her, and ruffled her hair. Sole never once took the crown, it was too special. However, it did save their life when sole got shot near the head by a group of raiders. Sole was fine, however the bullet completely demolished the crown, sending both sole and Curie into tears, including a few settlers who had grown fond to it.


Codsworth would have loved to make sole a beautiful crown out of flowers, it gives him nostalgia from before the war when sole’s spouse made one themselves and had him wear it. However, Codsworth wasn’t capable of making one, he had a claw and a buzz saw as arms but he didn’t want to let sole down. He wandered around Sanctuary, clipping a bundle of flowers together. Finally he went to find sole, and started to gently place the flowers in their hair. Soon, sole’s hair was bundled up with the (mostly) pretty flowers of the commonwealth.


Danse wasn’t really the type of guy who made flower crowns in his spare time, but for sole…well sole was special to him. You could say he really cared about them and their wellbeing. So that is how he ended up doing the daré, isolated in his room, weaving flowers together with such skill you wouldn’t even think he’d had. For someone with as large hands of him, he had surprisingly nimble hands. Finally he had finished the crown. It wasn’t the best, it was his first time, but it went better than expected. The colors were simple, light purples, light greens, nothing extravagant. There were a few odds and ends sticking out and it was a bit lopsided. However sole loved it, when danse walked up to them, he was flustered and stumbled over his words a bit.
“I uh, I was told to make you this and um…here.” he placed it upon their head. He cleared his throat, becoming a little antsy and nervous. After his conversation with sole, he walked off, returning to his room, and if you looked closely, there was a faint smile that rested on his face.


Deacon gave out a light laugh and pushed his sunglasses up a bit.
“A flower crown? Pssshh!! That’s easy!” However, making a flower crown was actually more difficult than he thought. He couldn’t believe how hard it was and when sole asked him why he was in his room for around 10 hours without getting out he said with a nervous chuckle:
“I’m just ya know…practicing…spy stuff, it’s super secret I’m not allowed to talk about it.” He then closer the door and went on trying to attempt to make it for the 10th time that night. Tears, sweat, and internal screams finally paid off. He had constructed a flower crown. It was quite flimsy and delicate since he didn’t know that you needed something to really support the flowers from breaking off or falling out. Honestly, it was more of a headband, a few long, thin blades of grass were the support of the flowers. The flowers themselfs had been clipped just a tad too short that they couldn’t exactly stay in the crown. The flowers were small and tiny, some were just flowers buds, beginning to bloom. Walking up to sole with a wide grin in his face, he delicately placed it on them. The crown started to slip since it was a bit small, and sole giggled. Deacon started to regret making the crown but that changed when sole put an even worse flower crown on deacon’s head. How didthey managed to fail so bad at that? That was a question Deacon could not figure out. The two walked around Sanctuary, each with a flimsy, wilting crown atop their head.


Dogmeat is a dog. He has no opposable thumbs or even hands to construct such a thing. He whined, he wanted to show sole how much he loved them, even though he kissed and loved them everyday. He sniffed up and down, sometimes ending up in other settlers’…, searching for flowers. Every flower he thought would please sole, he would gently pull it out of the ground and run over to their house just to drop it on their bed. At the end of the week, sole’s bed had been covered in flowers of all different shapes and sizes and colors. This made Dogmeat happy, that every flower he gave sole made them smile ear to ear and pat his head. He wagged his tail and walked up to sole, dropping a pretty red flower at their feet, watched them pick it up and hug him. Nothing made him happier than sole being happy because of Dogmeat.


Hancock was very happy to make a flower crown despite the fact that he never made one, but he wanted to make sole happy. Popping in a few mentats, Hancock got to work on the crown. Throughout the night, he got frustrated several times because the flowers would not stay put and kept popping out or falling off. He ended having to restart two times since he tied the bass of the crown too tight, snapping it in half. When he finally finished the crown, Hancock carefully stepped away to admire the creation. The flowers were big and in full bloom, the colors were bright and pleasing to the eye. The next morning, he gently took it in his hands and headed towards sole.
“Hey there, sunshine, I made ya somethin’!” With a smile up in his face, he reached up and plopped the crown on sole’s head. He beamed in delight as Sole smiled at the crown and at him. The two wandered the settlement, Hancock glaring at anyone who gave sole a strange look for wearing the flower crown on their head.


Maccready was pretty embarrassed when given the dare. A hired mercenary like him would not be spending his afternoon making some dumb crown for his boss/friend. However, Maccready ended up spending his afternoon creating a half-assed flower crown. It was like a school project you didn’t want to do, throwing some stuff together that would maybe give you a passing grade, and hoped it work. Maccready just grabbed some flowers and a few weeds that were pretty. He pulled out a too thin of a base for it that he just weaved more and more of the base together and hoped that it would work decently. The flowers were simple, small blooms. They were flowers that you would pass by, not giving it a second glance. That’s what made them beautiful, they were the forgotten flowers, the weeds, the nuisances, but one person gave them the first glance and thought they were pretty. Maccready grumpily walked up to sole and placed the crown in their hands. He watched as Sole admired it and thanked him.
“Don’t thank me, I didn’t want to make it anyway, it was just a fricking daré.” He pulled his hat down to (try) hide the faint blush that creeper up his ears and face. The blush only darkened as the flower crowned sole leaned in and kissed his cheek then walked off, leaving him with a cocktail of emotions.


Nick smiled, a sad but warm smile. The flower crown before him reminded him of Jenny. The memory was fuzzy, but he could recall her laughter and her smile as she danced with a flower crown on her head. It was a sad memory, but it was a happy one, a memory before the country was turned into a radiated wasteland. Nick never made a flower crown, but he had an idea from the one in the memory. He weaved the leaves and flowers together with extreme concentration. It sat on his desk at the agency. When Ellie walked in on him when he was constructing it, he stuttered that it was just for a case. If a synth like him could blush at that moment, he’d look like a bright red tomato. Going up to sole, he smiled as he saw sole’s face light up noticing the crown.
“I uh, had some spare time, and well,” he chuckled slightly, “I made this, here.” He placed the crown on them and talked with them a bit, even sharing the memory of Jenny. He saw the corners of their face go up and they soon parted ways, each recalling a memory that would make them sad but happy for the rest of the day.

When You Get Hurt // Riverdale Preference

a/n: these gifs aren’t the best forgive me

Request: A Riverdale preference for what they do when you get hurt Please


Originally posted by thekjsmut

Archie has never been the best with his words, so when he sees you get hurt, he doesn’t know what to say. So he just holds you in his arms until your crying stops. Sometimes he will pull out his gutter and sing you one of your favorite songs, Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles. It always brings a smile to your face.

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Boyfriend Yukhei

• i wrote one for jungwoo,,, so im gonna write one for yukhei or lucas
• don’t you just love him too??
• also dedicated to @onlyjihoons
• let’s start!

• how you met him
• so you actually hold cooking classes at a nearby community centre near your neighbourhood, as it’s your hobby and also to earn money
• and he’s actually one of your students there
• he actually came to attend the class with his friend, mark
i had to do this im sorry both are b a d at cooking,, who am i kidding i can’t cook too-
• and it was the first time you actually saw people this bad at cooking??
• like how yukhei forgot to wash all of his ingredients before cooking,
• which led to you having to throw the whole dish away
• because “you didn’t mention that we needed to wash them??”
• about mark,,, another story- HAHA
• but everytime yukhei attends the class you can’t help but fully focus on him majority of the time because he’s super clueless
• which of course, he felt bad about
• so he decided to text you one day
“i know im super hard to deal with every week, but can i repay your patience with a movie date??”
• and you’d always thought he was really nice and funny, so of course, you agreed
• on the date he shows up with his usual black and dark outfits (which suits him perfectly) and you can see him being awed by the dress you were wearing
• and when you ask him why
• “you look pretty today- i mean, you look pretty everytime i see you but today you look prettier?”
• “must be because im not wearing an apron and my hair’s not tied up in a messy bun”
• “hmmm maybe”
• and throughout the whole movie/date yall are super comfortable and got to know more things you both didnt knew before
• like how mark & him are the same age,, you always thought mark was younger
• and he also tells you how he’s learning and practicing everyday to cook meals
• and promises that one day he’ll cook one for you after he improves
• interacting between classes slowly turned to small dates after class, with him waiting for you to clean up even after class has finished
• to chatting everyday on the phone and going over to each other’s houses, you both became inseparable
• and before you even knew it, you realised you have feelings for him,, but you didn’t bring it up, and didn’t plan to
• until one day he just randomly texts you “i have something to tell you”
• and without even replying he just confesses
• and when you reply “really?”
• he calls you right away
“Yes im serious. After thinking for weeks, that is”
“I…. like you too..”
• and that was how both of you got together
• ^ right after the call he rushed down to your house just give you a hug and to celebrate but both of you ended up cuddling in each other’s arms to sleep
• a relationship with yukhei would be pure fun and youthful
• he’ll always try his best to make you laugh and make sure you’re happy
• like how he teases you 24/7
• and how he would attack you with random tickles when you’re in the middle of doing something
• dates?? yukhei is always ready
• he seems to always have places to go to and bring you to
• and they never fail to disappoint
• which is why your phones are full of pictures and memories of the both of you at the many different countries
• and he promised that one day he’ll bring you overseas to explore even more places
• loves to surprise you
• like that one time he specially cooked for you
• and he’s improved A WHOLE LOT,, it’s actually on par with yours??
• “it’s all thanks to you,,, my first successful and most delicious meal for my babe!”
• “i’ll cook more for you in the future”
• and of course you’d be touched so!!
• probably also has many meme photos in his phone, which he’d randomly send you
• especially when you’re not together
• like how he just randomly sent you one at 4am one morning
• with a “this made me laugh so it should make you laugh too”
• and you almost slapped him because you were woken from your sleep
• whenever you call him cute though,
• he gets all whiney and denies it “i’m not cute, i’m handsome” he said that himself on the insta live
• but he gives in after he realises he cant win against you so he just pouts and frowns
• which makes him even cuter!!!
• but when you’re sad?? goofy yukhei would take over and he’ll do all sorts of funny and silly things to cheer you up
• but there are times he’d also be very serious and ask you about what happened and listen to you talk
• he’ll give you his most honest opinions and advice too because he wants the best for you
• very supportive boyfriend
• always the first to like and comment on your social media posts
• and always sends a screenshot to you right after
“where’s the credits for this wonderful picture????”
“you already look good in this picture but you know what will make it better??? having me in it!! go post a picture of the both of us-”
• doesn’t always initiate hugs but when he does it’s usually because he’s tired and needs your affection
• but he loves kisses though
• especially on his cheeks,, he’d always get all happy and excited after you kiss him
• in conclusion yukhei is your boyfriend & bestfriend
• he’s always there to brighten things up and make your day much more fun and happy
• and although he may be a dork sometimes and you wonder why you even love him,
like how he stares at himself in the mirror and asks you whether you think he’s handsome (kun, thanks for exposing him)
• you still love him a lot
• and he does too!!