making hand prints

hey spanish / july 2016 / Karolina Koryl

drawing these stickers are kinda tedious but also pretty therapeutic

its been a while since the last time I drew something chibi

slushi  asked:

Hhhhh can I get some hc's about baking with Penny?? I lowkey just made brownies and I am proud and I wanna know what it'd be like doing that with him :o

highkey want brownies now ffs 

- literally there’s gonna be flour everywhere, cocoa powder, baking powder, the room looks like a cocaine cartel base 
- rubs his hand in the flour and pats your ass to make a hand print 
- “Huehe, did you sit in sugar? Because you have a sweet ass.”
- probably smearing the batter on his face a bit as pay back for the hand print 
- you let him use the electric whisk which he thought was a HOOT 
- there’s brownie batter all over him and you, lil splatters all over 
- some stuck in his hair 
- you have to stop him from biting a raw egg 
- he does it anyway when you’re not looking 
- he isn’t really a fan of the flavour of anything since his taste it more for human flesh but he doesn’t pass on your offer when you say he can lick the spoon 
- he sits in front of the oven the entire cooking time, watching the batter rise 
- he’s like “:o HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SHIT” 
- they taste awful because he didn’t listen when you were reading the instructions and added too much cocoa powder so it’s way too sickly and hard to chew 
- the difficult part is trying to get him to clean his suit and his face bc of the batter 
- I imagine he’d do that whole gag where he pretends to drop the brownies but actually does drop them accidentally 
- he feels a bit bad but he thinks it’s more hilarious than anything 
- he suggests making pie next time because he wants to do the whole human clown tradition of smashing it in someones face 

That last page in ch145

with Fat holding Kiri and yelling how great Kiri is and how stupid everyone was when they underestimated him

that’s between my top three fave pages in the whole manga up till now

Argument Part 2

Thankfully Harry didn’t follow me. I don’t think I could handle any more fighting, or even looking at him.

So many thoughts were spinning around in my head. Hell we’d been together a year and a half, never in a million years would I think he’d ever lay a hand on me. Well a hand that would hurt me.

I set my pillow and blanket on the couch. Our couch was comfortable but it wasn’t very big. We didn’t care about size when ordering it because we never thought either of us would be sleeping on it. I guess times change.

Shit I forgot to grab something to sleep in. Usually I sleep in one of Harry’s t shirts and underwear. Thankfully I decided to wear just a t shirt and jeans to the store. I slowly take off my jeans and fold them over the chair. My whole body just felt numb, but at least the crying stopped mostly except for a few tears here and there.

In my t shirt I make my way to the bathroom and shut the door locking it.

I’m scared to look into the mirror. 1) I’m going to look like a mess and 2) I’m 99.9% sure there is going to be a hand mark on my face.

I place my hands on the counter top in front of the mirror and take a deep breath.

Slowly I look up and and gasp. Yes I look terrible. My mascara is everywhere and my eyes are blood shot. But the main thing that made me gasp was the big red hand mark across my cheek. I leaned in closer to the mirror to get a better look. You could definitely make out a hand print and you could tell where his rings were because they were slightly darker than the rest of the mark.

I couldn’t help it broke down again. Slowly I slid down in front of the counter onto the floor. I don’t think I could have cried any harder, I was sobbing.

After a little while there’s a light knocking at the door. I know who it is, but I can’t face him so I don’t say anything.

“Baby girl can you please open the door for me?” he says with a cracking, quiet voice.

He’s been crying, a lot. As much as it hurt me to hear him like this I’m not sure if I’m ready to face him.

I didn’t reply. It was silent for a few minutes so I thought he left but then I heard his voice again.

“Y/N I know you probably wont forgive me and I don’t blame you at all but I need to see you and make sure your o-” he says voice cracking even more.

I get up off the floor and quickly open up the door, I can’t stand hearing like this anymore. His eyes were more blood shot than mine and his hair was sticking up in every direction due to him constantly running his fingers through it due to stress and worry.

Some how my heart breaks even more seeing him and I didn’t think that was possible.

His eyes go wide when he realized I opened the door. Then his eyes dart to my left cheek where he had hit me. He takes a step forward and starts to cry even harder. Suddenly he drops to his knees, leans his forehead on my stomach, and wraps his arms around my upper thighs.

Through sobs he says “Oh baby I’m so sorry, I’m such an idiot I don’t deserve you, I’m a shitty ass boyfriend, I deser-”

I start running my fingers through his hair with hand.

“Harry, Harry look at me baby.” I say unwrapping his arms from around me and sliding down to my knees.

I put my hands on either side of his face and run my thumbs under his eyes to wipe away his tears.

“Don’t ever say your a shitty boyfriend, because you aren’t, you just did a real shitty thing.”

“But baby I hit you so hard and I’m an arse! I’ve just had so much build up stress and I just let it out on you. I promise I wont ever lay a hand on you unless it’s to love you.”

Harry takes my face in his hands and slowly brings his lips to the left cheek. Suddenly I feel kisses where the hand mark. I flinch a little because it still kind of stings. Harry pulls back and looks me in the eyes. I give him a little nod and get slowly goes back in. He kisses all over my left check then to my forehead, then my nose, then my whole face. He took time with every kiss and I knew he was truly sorry.

“Harry, I forgive you, just please talk to me next time. If your ever stressed, let me know  so I can try and figure out how to de-stress you. But I can’t do this again, I won’t do this again.” I say pulling away from his kisses.

“Oh thank you kitten I swear you wont regret this, and this will never happen again I swear.” He says with a relieved tone, then I pull him into a deep kiss.

“Now can we head to the bedroom to I can love you some more and show you how much you mean to me?” Harry says with a light smirk.

Of course I said yes and we headed to our bedroom.


Here’s part 2!! If anyone wants me to write about something specific just let me know! Also this story is just and idea I had, I do not support any type of domestic violence!!

I wore my Springtrap costume to work today because they were having a costume contest (though I was really the only one who dressed up at all from what I saw), and during my dinner break I ended up doodling the entire break… Resulting in Springtrap-the intern.

An Awful Boyfriend and a Hard Manly Man

After playing The Mark Of Oxin, Dan’s an emotional mess and very proud of Phil and very much wants to have sex right about now.

This oneshot features Dan being sappy and also stubborn, bants in and out of bed, and two guys being heavily in love.

tags: smut, sexual humour, established relationship, top!dan, the world needs more versatility in dnp stories

word count: 3.9 k

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Student Council Prez [6.5]

Back to Episode 6
Words: 1010

“I’m home!” Jimin calls out, the door slamming behind him. He slips off his shoes and hands the housekeeper his jacket for her to hang for him. He mumbles a quick thank you.

“Come eat dinner with us.” His mother shouts back and he makes his way into the dining room.

When he spots his father, he bows his head. “I’m home.” He repeats in a quieter tone.

His father only hums in acknowledgement as Jimin takes a seat beside his younger brother. “Hey.”

“Hey.” His brother smiles sheepishly back.

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When I was really young, I bought a plastic model kit of a human skull (I guess my mother must have bought it for me now that I think about it). Made by the Skillcraft Company, it was pretty detailed and complex, some of the teeth were in two pieces and required assembly. The end result was a neat anatomically correct human skull, and the coup de grâce - it was made from glow-in-the-dark plastic. Anything that glows green in the dark is an instant obsession to a boy. I spent way too much time studying it in the dark… seeing how bright I could get it to glow by leaving it on the top of a lamp for a really long time, or making dark hand prints on it by keeping my hand on it while bathing it in light.

One night after turning off the lights and going to bed, my brother and I heard a noise from the closet. It was one of those moments where you freeze and attempt to process what’s happening. Then we heard the closet door slowly begin to open. Out floated a glowing green skull in a pitch black room. It was a combination of horrified screams and uncontrollable laughter as it floated towards us and dove at us. It made figure-8’s in the air before it came back for another attack. You could hear my dad stifling his laughter at the end of the assault as the skull opened our bedroom door and floated out and away.

Satin Ribbons - Jimin AU - Weak

(A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon - Napoleon)

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“Have you ever seen something so vile?” The strange woman, standing beside you in the crowd, whispered with a disgusted tone, you gave her no answer. The people around you were all looking at the same thing, the thing they were circled around. There was quiet sobbing coming from the middle, coming from the boy your eyes had glued themselves onto. The small man, kneeled down in the glimmering snow, shivering as he was only dressed in a simple button-up shirt with scattered tears and a pair of old distressed jeans, not even shoes clad his damaged feet to keep him from the shattered glass streets. His own panther tail wrapped around his thigh, his ears peaking back in extreme fear and distress, yet no one made a move to help the mutated boy.


The boy’s abnormally small hands reached out for something in the snow, his vision probably blurry from his salty tears. He was panting as he sobbed, making quick hand prints in the frozen water. In the frost in front of you, there was something tiny and glimmering, a silver ring with crowns engraved in it. Slowly you bent down and removed your satin glove, your fingers scanning over the metal before you picked it up, it was beautifully made, it must’ve cost a fortune. The hybrid was still patting the ground around him, frantically searching for what you were holding in your slowly freezing hand. Small hulks were heard, accompanied with the whispering of disgust coming from the crowd. “Hybrid-” you spoke slowly and clearly, his head jerked up at you, his irises tiny and his face full of fear. You held up the ring in front of you, “-is this what you’re looking for?” you asked and looked at him softly. His eyes widened at you, but he didn’t dare reach for it.

His lips were bruised and plump, they were purple from the cold, they contrasted beautifully to his blushed cheek and blonde hair.

He nodded quickly and pursed his lips. “Follow me and you can have it back” you whispered and put the ring on your middle finger before sliding on your glove again. The boy looked at you with his mouth slightly agape, and his small and warm eyes as big as they could get, before slowly standing up on his sore feet, gritting his teeth at the freezing cold and wrapping his tail tighter around his muscle-less thighs. The crowd turned and looked at you instead, you felt their burning gazes causing blisters on your skin as you stood up. The mutant slightly backed off and looked down in shame as you turned to the mass of people, a hallway formed in front of you. “Come with me” you whispered and glanced at him before starting to walk out of the circled formed around him. The snow under his calloused feet crunched as he followed in your steps out of the talking gathering of rich business women and powerful men.

The ring you were wearing on your finger, instead of in your pocket as the hybrids were known for being good pocket-pickers, must’ve meant a lot to the boy as he followed you all the way to your expensive apartment in the high-security part of your city. There were signs everywhere stating that “NO Runaway Hybrids Are Allowed”, therefor you had a bit of a rush getting home, as you hoped no one would catch you breaking one of the laws. Quickly you entered your password and waited for the door to open. “Are you okay with going in here?” You asked carefully and looked at the skinny boy, his eyes not meeting yours, he slightly nodded before biting down on his already abused and bruised lip, his ears were wet and damaged like his sandy-blonde hair. “Stop biting your lip, it’ll bleed” you told him sternly and walked inside of the apartment building, your heels clicking against the marble floor, a small whimper came from the mutant as his teeth let go of the flesh before he quickly followed you. His steps might have been larger and faster than yours, but he constantly paced himself to not run into you, his feet barely made any noise against the cold floor.

The bulky hallway guard looked at you suspiciously as you passed him by, no one ever brought back a dirty hybrid, especially not to one of the most expensive buildings in the city, that would be madness and it would be against the law. You nodded towards the tall man, in hope he would understand that the mutant was of no-threat. The guard nodded back and walked into another hall. Now you felt glad for killing that spider for him.

You took out your light blue apartment card and let it get scanned by the automatic lock on your door, it quietly clicked open. The hybrid looked at you scared as you motioned for him to walk inside, your living room was way too beautifully decorated for him. He shook his head and backed off slightly, with a small sigh you softly grabbed his wrist and walked into the home, he squeaked in surprise. Your fingers easily wrapped around his bone, you felt sad for the treatment of his kind. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you” you stated comfortingly and let go of his abnormally thin wrist. “I want to save you” you smiled at the boy and closed the door. The hybrid was completely lost in his own mind, he was swinging his head around, staring at everything. Lightly you giggled at his shocked expression as he stared at the ceiling, slowly losing his balance, therefor stumbling back into the wall with a thud. You walked into the bedroom and looked into your maybe-not-so-clean-closet for something the boy could wear, something that could fit his tail at least.

“Hybrid!” you called out and took a pair of old sweatpants and a simple t-shirt with you before walking out of your bedroom. The hybrid was kneeled down on the floor, like he was in the pit of people, he was sobbing and clutching his shirt in a pathetic attempt to rip it off him. “Hybrid!” you exclaimed shocked and kneeled down next to him, he quickly shot away from you with his damaged feet and hit one of your marble walls harshly., his head hitting it, his sobs grew louder as he tried clawing at his own skin, he looked insane. “I-I’m no-not going to hurt you!” you stuttered out in panic as you didn’t know what to do, you reached out for one of his hands and clutched it firmly, he was too weak to force his hand away from your grip.

He swung his head down in defeat, his hair falling in front of his face. “I don’t believe you” he forced out, his voice raspy, but high, he had the cutest of lisps.

- Masse


Yes I know it’s a cliché title but what can I say I’m a sucker for tradition and anyway it’s a fairytale so deal.

Available as cryptic teaser prints and t-shirts if you’re mad enough to buy stuff for a thing that hasn’t happened yet but hopefully will in the next few weeks!