making gifs is fun though


~ #5DaysofSchneeple - Day 4! ~

the last gifset before schneep’s birthday! D: (i don’t have a gifset planned for tomorrow, by the way - it’s something different. ;D)

i know i didn’t really include any gifs of it here, but can i just say the editing in this video was fucking stellar? seriously. robin. holy fuck dude.

plus it’s schneep being schneep! he deserved better tbh. I KNEW HE WAS INNOCENT. ;A;

(taken from: KILL JA̶CKSEPTICEYE - Bio IN̵̛c Redemp T̨I̶̢on)


Leave it to me to bring in some Dippica.

When your friend listens to Hamilton and they love it even though they used to make fun of it


I loved Mags - but unfortunately she wasn’t in this one. I’ll be honest, I don’t know where this one was going at all. It just sort of… happened. And it ended up really fluffy. Meh, you guys will let me know what you think! This second part was requested by @the-satanic-nebula. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Have you plan a sequel for A soldier, a ghost? It was a really good one, loved the OC Mags too. She sounds like a fun girl :)

“A Soldier, A Ghost” (Part 2)

Part 1

When Bucky Barnes wasn’t messing up his words, he could be a real sweetheart. Smooth, charming, and funny. The whole package.

After dinner, you’d been left completely frazzled by the information he had relayed to you. Sensing your bewilderment, he’d kept his arm linked with yours as he walked you home.

He asked to see you again as he leaned against your doorframe. Completely calm. Cool. Collected. It seemed to be Bucky Barnes in a nutshell, though no history textbook would tell you that. You handed him your phone and told him to put his number in though immediately after doing so, it struck you that he might not have a mobile phone. However, your fears were extinguished when he handed the phone back to you with a contact saved under “Hot Guy”. You rolled your eyes, smiled, and shut your door.

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some of my isometric and pixel practice a couple weeks ago

try to make it looks like a game mockup jrpg-ish just for fun, though it’s really not a bad idea to try make a real game from this :) Since dragon age inquisition, I really love anything about elf, so I make the girl into elf with halla deer antlers :P
hope you like it ~